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Season: 1 | 2
Year: 1957 | 1958 | 1959

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Duel at Lockwood

23 September 1957
While visiting the town of Lockwood, Vint Bonner is forced into a standoff with Wes Singer, an emerging gunfighter aiming to add another name to his list of victims.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner

Vic Morrow ... Wes Singer
Olive Carey ... Grandma Singer
Walter Coy ... Sheriff Ben Hansen

Frank Gorshin ... Cowboy with Singer
Paul E. Burns ... Pete Drum (as Paul Burns)
Jack Tornek ... Townsman (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 2: Trail to Sunset

30 September 1957
After promising a seriously wounded outlaw that he will get him to town alive to stand trial, Bonner meets five men, including a doctor, who want to bring the man in. But then Bonner learns that the five have just taken part in a lynching, and he becomes concerned that they will do the same with this prisoner.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner

Roy Roberts ... Doc

Claude Akins ... Wes Flagler

Jack Elam ... Link Jerrod
Robert Benevides ... Evan Case (as Robert Beneveds)
William Phipps ... Heber Grant

Malcolm Atterbury ... Gopher Martin

Season 1, Episode 3: Revenge at Harness Creek

7 October 1957
When the man's hotheaded younger brother is killed in self defense, Vint fears that his sheriff friend is too bent on revenge to bring the man who killed him back alive.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner

Kenneth Tobey ... Sheriff Cash Harcourt
Sally Brophy ... Polly Robie (as Sallie Brophy)
May Wynn ... Bess Harcourt
Tom Pittman ... Lex Harcourt

Paul Langton ... Adam Robie
Ted Mapes ... Cowboy

Guy Teague
George Bell ... Cowboy (uncredited)
Bill Clark ... Cowboy (uncredited)
Whitey Hughes ... Jim (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 4: Rink

14 October 1957
On the trail, Bonner meets a young boy who is looking to join his father. Bonner brings the boy to town, where the bank is robbed, and the sheriff kills one of the robbers---the boy's father.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner
Peter J. Votrian ... Rink Larkin (as Peter Votrian)

Denver Pyle ... Sheriff Jay
George Keymas ... Trager
Fred Kruger ... Bank Clerk
Charles Anthony Hughes ... Hotel Clerk (as Tony Hughes)

Season 1, Episode 5: Jenny

21 October 1957
Bonner finds a wounded man on the road, and brings him to the house of a an embittered woman who lives alone. He promises her he won't tell about the man at her place, but he later learns that the man is a wanted outlaw.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner
Veda Ann Borg ... Jenny Garver
Walter Reed ... Ned Landy
Stuart Randall ... Sheriff Jim York
John Harmon ... Tom Jackson
Frank Richards ... Harry Potter
Robert Anderson ... Sam Norville

Season 1, Episode 6: The Shooting of Jett King

28 October 1957
Everybody in the town of Copper Springs is eager to credit Bonner with the shooting of legendary gunman Jett King - including King himself, who doesn't want his reputation destroyed by letting it be known that the real shooter was a mild-mannered bank teller.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner
John Larch ... Jett King

Whit Bissell ... Jonas Pilgrim
Connie Gilchrist ... Mrs. Tolliver

Leon Askin ... Ollie Rowan

Nesdon Booth ... Mack Hawkins
Stuart Randall ... Sheriff

Season 1, Episode 7: Jody

4 November 1957
The hotheaded son of an old friend of Bonner's doesn't realize how much trouble he's in for after he kills the son of a powerful rancher in a gunfight.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner

Rip Torn ... Jody Gilman

Paul Fix ... Jake Burnett
Martin Garralaga ... Porfirio

Dan Blocker ... Ike Burnett
Jeanne Bates ... Millie Gilman

Luana Anders ... Lucy Anne

Season 1, Episode 8: General Gilford's Widow

11 November 1957
The widow of a general insists her husband is still alive, though Bonner and everyone else knows that no one survived the massacre at the fort he commanded. Believing her to be delusional, a local rancher wants to have her sent to the state hospital so he can claim her land.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner

Lurene Tuttle ... Hannah Gilford
Paul Birch ... Gen. William Gilford
Harry Shannon ... Joe Kennedy
Hal K. Dawson ... Dan Trayfor
Paul Hogan ... Bob Price
Howard Negley ... Sheriff Bert Jessup

Season 1, Episode 9: The New Sheriff

18 November 1957
Stopping in the town of Harmony to visit his old friend Doc Cross, Bonner learns that the ruthless Cotten brothers and an infamous gunfighter plan to take control of the town and intimidate anyone planning to vote against them in the coming election. Reluctantly, thanks to the Doc, Bonner is put in the position of acting as Sheriff himself.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner
Lloyd Corrigan ... Doc Cross
Stacy Harris ... Roy Cotten
William Fawcett ... Tom

Henry Brandon ... Tracer Givens
Gregg Martell ... Gus Cotten
John Frederick ... Ernie Schroeder (as John Merrick)
Frank Marlowe
Henry Faber

Season 1, Episode 10: Man and Boy

25 November 1957
A young killer robs the telegraph office and guns down the clerks. Why is Sheriff Lawson reluctant to get up a posse or even to interview the surviving clerk? Vint Bonner comes into town and prods the sheriff into upholding the law.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner
Emile Meyer ... Sheriff Wade Lawson
Martin Braddock ... Ted Lawson
Irene Tedrow ... Mrs. Deremus

Dan Blocker ... Fred Burgermen
Tom Greenway ... Amos
Olan Soule ... Express Office Clerk
Jack Finch ... Doc Evans

Season 1, Episode 11: Cheyenne Express

2 December 1957
Vint Bonner reluctantly befriends Wilbur English, a sniveling coward who betrayed his outlaw gang in return for a reward and pardon. Wilbur is fearful of deadly retaliation and looks to Bonner for protection.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner

Royal Dano ... Wilbur English
Dan Riss ... Deputy Phil Waterman
Harry Fleer ... Floyd Winters
Anthony Ray ... Tough
Chris Randall ... Tough
Tim Graham ... Hotel Clerk

Season 1, Episode 12: Thicker Than Water

9 December 1957
Bonner intercedes in a delicate family situation when a wandering gambler returns to reconcile with the young son he abandoned eight years earlier. The boy believes his daddy is dead, and Bonner believes it's best to keep it that way.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner

Claude Akins ... Rafe Marlowe

Penny Edwards ... Amy Neilsen

Ted de Corsia ... Cal Jason
Lars Henderson ... Ted Marlowe
Frank Richards ... Sam Goss
Jack Lomas ... Poker Player

Season 1, Episode 13: Silver Threads

16 December 1957
Bonner begins to suspect that the likable guitar-strumming man he met on the trail may be the same man who shot and robbed a farmer. His clue is the song "Silver Threads Among The Gold".

Season 1, Episode 14: The Child

23 December 1957
On Christmas Eve Bonner and the Marshal capture "El Bruto," a super-strong but mute giant of a man accused of murder. The three men seek refuge for the night in a Spanish Mission where the resident orphans are reenacting the miracle of Christmas.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner

James Gleason ... Padre Terrence

Dan Blocker ... John 'El Bruto'
Trevor Bardette ... Marshal Jason
Carlos Arévalo ... Jesus (as Carlos Arevalo)

Anthony Caruso ... Padre Basilico
Grant Withers ... Dutcher
John L. Cason ... Waller (as John Cason)
David Armstrong ... Zack
Elizabeth Garcia ... Elena

Season 1, Episode 15: The Gold Buckle

30 December 1957
Bonner meets two brothers on the trail, one of whom he worked with in the past. The two claim to be with a posse that is searching for the robbers who held up a stage and killed an elderly deaf passenger. Actually, they are the ones who committed the act.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner

Roy Roberts ... Kit Springer

Claude Akins ... Lex Springer
Clem Bevans ... Clay Davis
Madge Blake ... Emily Davis
Fred Graham ... Sheriff Barclay
Terry Frost ... Doc
Jerry Brown ... Stage Driver

Season 1, Episode 16: The Coward

6 January 1958
Offered a job by powerful rancher George Temple, Bonner turns the man down when he learns that he is trying to force Will Fetter to sell his small homestead. Temple and his hands regard Fetter as a coward who won't fight back, but Bonner, who knew Fetter before under another name, knows there is another reason why he refuses to fight back.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner
Gene Evans ... Will Fetter

John Dehner ... George Temple
Marilyn Saris ... Sarah Fetter
John Mitchum ... Red
Lane Bradford ... Howie
Carol Henry ... Chavez

Season 1, Episode 17: Friend in Need

13 January 1958
Art Hemper and George Willis, two former friends until George married Art's girl, accuse each other of the murder of Art's brother. Bonner tries to determine which of them actually did it.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner

Corey Allen ... Art Hemper
Mark Dana ... George Willis
Harry Fleer ... Clyde Hemper
Jean Howell ... Nadine Willis
Emile Meyer ... Sheriff Vail
Arthur Space ... Sam Ditley
Pat O'Hara ... Judge Tom Yancy

Season 1, Episode 18: Strange Family in Town

20 January 1958
A Quaker family encounters prejudice, hostility, and harassment from the residents of the closest town, who mistake their pacifism for cowardice. They also encounter it from the rancher Bonner has come to do business with, though the man's wife feels differently.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner

Jacques Aubuchon ... Johann Hoffman
Patrick McVey ... John Durant
Virginia Christine ... Amy Durant
Kim Charney ... Chris Durant
Jeanne Bates ... Greta Hoffman
Ricky Klein ... Peter Hoffman
John Frederick
Ken Christy
Joe Yrigoyen

Season 1, Episode 19: Hang and Be Damned

27 January 1958
Bonner must travel through renegade Apache territory to escort a ruthless killer to another town for his hanging. Before he leaves, however, he realizes that he will face yet another danger---the man's girlfriend, who is determined to free him.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner
Joe Maross ... Ransom Kaleel
Gloria Talbott ... Valya

Ray Teal ... Sheriff
Charles Wagenheim ... Prospector
Edmund Hashim ... Renegade Leader

Season 1, Episode 20: Quiet City

3 February 1958
Bonner rides into Quiet City, a town that was once wild but is now peaceful. The sheriff of more than thirty years, an old friend of Bonner's, feels as if he's no longer needed and misses the wild old days when he had more to do. When the first killing in two years occurs the sheriff brings the killer in, but then imagines a lynch mob forming in the streets though no such mob exists.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner

John Dehner ... Sheriff Heck Partridge
William Joyce ... Buzz Partridge
Reed Howes ... Joe Clamper
Austin Green ... Abe Norton

Lyle Talbot ... Doc Upton
Frank J. Scannell ... 1st Drunk (as Frank Scannell)
Martin Mason ... 2nd Drunk (as Marty Mason)
Scott Engel ... Boy
Bill Clark ... Townsman (uncredited)
Cecil Combs ... Townsman (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 21: Hornitas Town

10 February 1958
Bonner has been sent to check on conditions in Hornitas, a gold mining camp which supposedly has none of the violence common to such towns. He finds that it is not so different after all, and that the sheriff is crooked and demands protection money from his citizens. Complicating matters, Bonner's only ally in town is a devout pacifist who insists that he check his gun with her and not use it as long as he's in town.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner

Peggie Castle ... Amity Hobbs
John Larch ... Sheriff Riker

Jack Elam ... Tony Molinor
Milicent Patrick ... Rosita
Glenn Strange ... Deputy Chuck
Fred Graham ... Second Deputy
Craig Duncan
Charles Wagenheim ... Old Timer (as Charles Wagonheim)
Jack Kenny ... Barfly (uncredited)
Ethan Laidlaw ... Barfly (uncredited)
Ted Smile ... Barfly (uncredited)
Jack Tornek ... Townsman (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 22: Imposter for a Day

17 February 1958
Stopping in a small town, Bonner learns that someone there using his name gunned down a harmless drunk for money. To clear his reputation, he must try to find out who the killer really was and who was really behind it.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner
Kent Taylor ... Elston Deiblery

Angie Dickinson ... Evelyn Niemack
Lou Krugman ... Pat Kellway
Gene Roth ... Olaf Ledbetter
Harry Hines ... Willy Beebe
Vince Barnett ... Barber
Lane Chandler ... Sheriff Croft
Robert Roark ... Man

Season 1, Episode 23: A Pressing Engagement

24 February 1958
To Bonner's astonishment, everyone in the town he is in believes he is about to be married to Helen Rockwood, including the friend of his that he thought was in love with Helen.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner

Fay Spain ... Helen Rockwood

Peter Hansen ... Quent Todd (as Peter Hanson)
Edith Evanson ... Minnie Rockwood
Larry J. Blake ... Cattle Auctioneer (as Larry Blake)

Burt Mustin ... Old Timer
Hank Patterson ... Jonah
Forrest Taylor ... Doc

Iron Eyes Cody ... George Washington Smith
Bill Clark ... Man at Auction (uncredited)
Ted Smile ... Man at Auction (uncredited)
Jack Tornek ... Man at Auction (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 24: The Woman from Sacramento

3 March 1958
Bonner is suspicious of the motives of the daughter of a dying old friend when she comes to visit him, especially since she is in the company of a known outlaw. On top of this, after talking to her, the father, who hasn't seen his daughter since she was a child, insists she is not her.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner
Kathleen Crowley ... Mary Blackwell

Will Wright ... Jim Blackwell

H.M. Wynant ... Steve Colby
Rosa Turich ... Rosarin
Gregg Barton ... Sheriff Collins
Herman Hack ... Man on Horse (uncredited)
Jack Tornek ... Man Getting off Stage (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 25: Sheriff Billy

10 March 1958
The drunken escaped convict Bonner met on the trail may just be the long-lost father that the young sheriff in the nearby town is looking for.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner

Tom Tryon ... Sheriff Bill Riddle

Harold J. Stone ... Ben Reed
Joyce Meadows ... Annie White
Hank Patterson ... Milt Hatten

Season 1, Episode 26: The Hand Is Quicker

17 March 1958
Bonner agrees to teach young Henry Wilson how to be faster with a gun so that he can defend himself against the man he says is gunning for him. But is Wilson telling the real truth about what he intends to do with his newly acquired skill?

John Payne ... Vint Bonner
John Ericson ... Henry Wilson
Gregg Palmer ... Joe Kruger

Ray Teal ... Sheriff Lander
Tyler McVey ... Foreman
Henry Faber ... Sam
Robert Bice ... Ranch Hand (as Bob Bice)
Jack Tornek ... Townsman (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 27: The Suffragette

24 March 1958
Emma Birch has organized the women of the town into a determined suffragette group; the men rebel and attempt to put the women in their place. Bonner becomes the reluctant mediator between the two groups.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner

Ellen Corby ... Emma Birch

Charles Lane ... Mayor Peter Mercer

Don Beddoe ... Henry Peabody
John Dierkes ... Sheriff John Dratton
Helen Spring ... Mrs. Mercer
Sheila Bromley ... Mrs. Peabody
Carol Kelly ... Annie
Tracey Roberts ... Saloon Girl
Gail Bonney ... Amy Dratton
Tom McKee ... Ralph
Chick Hannan ... Townsman (uncredited)
Kermit Maynard ... Townsman (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 28: The Whip

31 March 1958
A woman is shunned by everyone in her home town, including her own father, because she married a man who later turned outlaw and killed the town's leading citizen. Bonner tries to prevent the shunning from escalating into violence.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner
Diane Brewster ... Helen Bricker
Harvey Stephens ... Strad Bricker
John Stephenson ... Joel Fletcher
Mike Ragan ... Cal Thornch
Herb Vigran ... Jim Pincher
William Fawcett ... Seth
Ralph Reed ... Tommy
Bill Clark ... Townsman (uncredited)
Cecil Combs ... Townsman (uncredited)
Leonard P. Geer ... Townsman (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 29: The Crisis at Easter Creek

7 April 1958
The citizens of a town persuade (well, not exactly just persuade) Bonner into the job of collecting money for a new church organ. Sounds too simple and safe compared to what Bonner's done before? Anything but, as he soon learns.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner
John Larch ... Red-eye Kirk

Frank Wilcox ... Sheriff Abner
Marshall Bradford ... Reverend Broome

Ellen Corby ... Amy Morgan
Nestor Paiva ... Jack Denton
Walter Barnes ... Wisconsin Billy

Henry Corden ... Mike Morgan
Amzie Strickland ... Elvira Peebles
Gail Bonney ... Mrs. Fickett

Season 1, Episode 30: Aunt Emma

14 April 1958
Bonner is wounded during a bank holdup and all his money (and only his money) is taken by the robbers. His Aunt Emma comes to take care of him during his recovery, but she refuses to let him go after the robbers, who plan to hit the bank again as they learn most of the money is still in the bank.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner

Edgar Buchanan ... Ethan Greenfield
Connie Gilchrist ... Emma Bancroft
Stuart Randall ... Sheriff Tinsley
William Fawcett ... Doctor
Lane Bradford ... Jesse Drake
Paul Grant ... Link Drake
Mauritz Hugo ... Jed Baker

Season 1, Episode 31: The Outlander

21 April 1958
A band of former Confederates led by Colonel Bromley have taken over a Kansas town. But an idealistic foreign soldier who fought for the Union arrives and is immediately humiliated by Bromley's men, whereupon he challenges Bromley to a duel. Bonner hopes to prevent the duel.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner
Gloria Talbott ... Sophie Wilmer
George Dolenz ... Count Peter Von Gilsa
Reed Hadley ... Colonel Bromley
George Keymas ... Clague
Stanley Farrar ... Vespers
Paul Sorensen ... Zack Driscoll
Mitchell Kowall ... Waco (as Mitchell Kowal)

Season 1, Episode 32: The Battle of Tower Rock

28 April 1958
The two partners in Tower Rock's bank have split and formed two rival banks across the street, both men blaming the feud on each others' wives and their rivalry over the annual strawberry jam contest. The two bankers have in turn caused the entire town to form rival sides, and officials want Bonner to mediate the feud.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner

Irene Ryan ... Thelma Taylor
Lloyd Corrigan ... Kermit Taylor
Lillian Bronson ... Bessie Madden

Don Beddoe ... Rome Madden
Dan Riss ... Otis Speers
James Stone ... Cal Curtis (as James F. Stone)
Tim Graham ... Harry Turner
Britt Wood ... Gravy Gus

Season 1, Episode 33: The Torn Flag

5 May 1958
Bonner and a gun salesman come across the body of a man on the trail. The main clue they find is a torn half of a Confederate flag. After bringing the dead man to town, Bonner notices the mayor's reaction upon seeing the flag. The mayor opens up to Bonner and tells him that he was part of a group that planned to resurrect the Confederacy---and that others in the group are looking for him and the gold he has hidden.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner
Alan Baxter ... George Frazier
Kristine Miller ... Florence Wheeler
Paul Birch ... Sam Wheeler
Fred Kohler Jr. ... Sheriff Townsend (as Fred Kohler)

Season 1, Episode 34: Hiram Grover's Strike

12 May 1958
Near Clay City, Bonner stops two bullies who are trying to force an old prospector to reveal the location of the gold he believes he has found. The old man has a history of claiming to have found gold that turned out not to be, and Bonner knows that the gold once abundant around Clay City is believed to now be all gone. But the assayer thinks this time the claim might be for real.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner

Will Wright ... Hiram Grover
Trevor Bardette ... Enoch Wilson
Lane Bradford ... Thad
John Mitchum ... Len
Pierre Watkin ... Doc Nibble

Season 1, Episode 35: The Gold Star

19 May 1958
On the very day that Sheriff Jeb Barnes retires after 40 years as sheriff and is awarded a gold star by his citizens, the town bank is robbed. As Bonner goes looking for the robbers, he wonders if it was just a coincidence.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner

Edgar Buchanan ... Sheriff Jeb Barnes
Dick Elliott ... Mayor Hancock

I. Stanford Jolley ... Sam Baggott
James Anderson ... Bill Coughan
Craig Duncan ... Wingo Jenner
Sandy Sanders ... Charlie Craig
Rankin Mansfield ... Fred
Frank Sully ... Man

Season 1, Episode 36: More Than Kin

26 May 1958
Two friends of Bonner's, a rancher and his wife, have now become Shakespearean actors on tour. When they learn that P.T. Barnum is in town, they decide to change their plans of moving on so that the famed showman can see them perform. Bonner tries to help out.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner

John Carradine ... Archibald Plunkette
Veda Ann Borg ... Maggie Plunkette
Robert Carson ... P.T. Barnum
Roscoe Ates

Max Hartman ... Sid
Ken Hooker ... Fred
Emmett Lynn ... Town Drunk

Season 1, Episode 37: The Manhunters

2 June 1958
Bonner is in the saloon in a lawless town when he sees a young drifter forced into killing one of three brothers in self defense after they had been goading him. The other brothers lead a posse to find the young man, and Bonner knows they have no plans to bring him in alive. But the closest thing to a lawman the town had is so discouraged after the killing of his own son that he has lost interest in even trying to keep the peace or law.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner
Tom Pittman ... Jason Leaf
Kay Stewart ... Laura Bascomb
Carlyle Mitchell ... Newt Bascomb

Morgan Woodward ... Ben Cotterman
Robert Swan ... Cyril Cotterman
Dennis Moore ... Adam Paxton
Harry Hines ... Sam Henneberry
John L. Cason ... Todd Cotterman (as John Cason)

Season 1, Episode 38: The Peddler

9 June 1958
An old widow friend of Bonner's hires him to protect an itinerant peddler who has been harassed by thugs working for a rancher, but the man insists on going through the rancher's land alone.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner

Eduard Franz ... David Marcus
Olive Carey ... Osa Carpenter
Bob Morgan ... Duke Ballinger
Burt Nelson ... Jeff Jackson
Bob LaVarre ... Spook Sanford (as Robert LaVarre)

Season 1, Episode 39: Gratitude

16 June 1958
Bonner leads a surveying team to lay out the boundary between Colorado and New Mexico, but he has to deal with the opposition of both a powerful rancher and a widowed homesteader and her young son.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner

John Litel ... McClelland Burke

Johnny Crawford ... Ned Timberlake
Jeanne Bates ... Nancy Timberlake
Ewing Mitchell ... Dawson
Robert Anderson ... Joker (as Bob Anderson)
Jeff Baker ... Surveyor

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: Jebediah Bonner

22 September 1958
To explain to a young boy why he tries not to kill in gunfights, Vint relates to him the story of his grandfather, and how he dealt with a young hoodlum bent on revenge.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner / Jebediah Bonner

James Best ... Jim Kenyon

Jean Allison ... Beth
Read Morgan ... Bob Kenyon
Carlyle Mitchell ... Dr. Ken Ludlow
Dennis Holmes ... Robby / Young Vint Bonner
Edith Evanson ... Mrs. Martha Ludlow
Don C. Harvey ... Sheriff (as Don Harvey)

Season 2, Episode 2: Dragon for a Day

29 September 1958
After a minister and his wife are killed by Yaqui renegades, their young son vows to avenge their deaths by killing 200 of the tribe. Vint hopes to talk some sense into the boy before it's too late.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner
Al Breneman ... John Fletcher (as Allen Breneman)

Frank DeKova ... Lupo Lazaro
Leslie Bradley ... Rev. Daniel Fletcher
Juney Ellis ... Elisabeth Fletcher
Felipe Turich ... Tio Paco
Alan Reynolds ... Dr. Kincade
Joel Ashley ... Sheriff Berryman
Harry Fleer ... El Alecran

Season 2, Episode 3: Mercyday

6 October 1958
At the dying request of an old buffalo hunter friend, Vint brings the man's uneducated, unkempt, and poorly mannered daughter to town with him in the hopes of transforming her into a lady.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner
Gloria Talbott ... Mercyday Giffen

Dan Blocker ... Jub Buckstar
Veda Ann Borg ... Rollie Akins
Earle Hodgins ... Jess Giffen
John Dierkes ... Sheriff
Robert Keys
Hal K. Dawson ... Stableman
Juney Ellis
Betty Utey ... Saloon Girl

Season 2, Episode 4: Thunder Alley

13 October 1958
Vint and a sheriff locate two Mexicans they have been pursuing for horse stealing. One escapes, but Vint is shocked to witness the sheriff shoot down the other one while he has his hands up. Vint decides to continue the pursuit of the other thief, if only to make sure he is brought in alive. When he locates the man, along with his beautiful sister, he learns the sheriff has been lying to him about many things.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner
John Larch ... Anse Newton
Marya Stevens ... Elena Sandoval

Robert Blake ... Lupe Sandoval
Sergio Virel ... Miguel Garcia (as Sergio Virell)

Season 2, Episode 5: The Nowhere Kid

20 October 1958
A cocky and cynical young man who just came into town looking for a saloon woman is the main suspect when a robbery takes place, but is released as there are no witnesses to identify him. The teenage daughter of Vint's rancher friend is smitten with the young man, much to her father's chagrin. Vint tries to see if he can change the hotheaded youth or else discourage the girl from him.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner
Luana Patten ... Celia Austin
Steven Terrell ... Johnny Smith
Rusty Lane ... Josiah Austin
Ralph Sanford ... Gallagher
Tyler McVey ... Sheriff Jackson
Leonard P. Geer ... Jeb (as Lenny Geer)
Paul Marcum ... Stagecoach Driver

Season 2, Episode 6: Bonner's Squaw

3 November 1958
Just after Vint manages to avert war between the Indians and a white town, a new situation arises: he finds the chief's daughter sleeping in his room, wishing to become his wife. The chief says that according to custom Vint must marry her by the evening or war will be declared on the town again.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner
Daria Massey ... Running Fawn
Joseph Vitale ... Chief Tashuca
Ewing Mitchell ... Sheriff Frank Kemper
Paul Keast ... Sam Tapley
Frances Morris ... Edna Tapley
Frank J. Scannell ... Shorty (as Frank Scannell)
Charlie Briggs ... Meacham (as Charles F. Briggs)
Pierre Watkin
Chick Hannan ... Townsman (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 7: Tomboy

10 November 1958
While riding in an area where road agents have recently held up a stage and killed three men, Vint is himself held up by a rather inept would-be road agent, who happens to be a young woman, and who manages to save his life.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner
Judi Meredith ... Lettie Belknap
Don C. Harvey ... Jim Belknap
Jack Grinnage ... Lonnie Hawkins
Leon Tyler ... George Belknap
Gene Roth ... Sheriff Rayburn
Charles Tanner
Ken Hooker
Fred Sherman (as Fred E. Sherman)
Boyd 'Red' Morgan (as Red Morgan)
Robert Tetrick (as Bob Tetrick)

Season 2, Episode 8: Remember the Dead

17 November 1958
Vint comes to the town of Dobie with evidence clearing a resident of murder, only to find that the man has already been convicted and hanged. Though the town's residents want him to leave because he reminds them of their mistake, Vint is determined to stay until he finds the real killer.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner
Frank Ferguson ... Sheriff Cullen
Bartlett Robinson ... George Mason

Joe Flynn ... Bert Rossett
Sandra Wright ... Mrs. Delaney (as Sanda Wright)
Rickie Sorensen ... Jackie Delaney (as Rickie Jon Sorensen)
Selmer Jackson ... Judge Wayne
John Dennis ... Jed Baldwin

Season 2, Episode 9: No Way to Kill

24 November 1958
Vint joins with a sheriff and posse in tracking an escaped killer who is avenging his maiming by shooting his victims repeatedly in the arm and leg before killing them.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner

Ben Johnson ... Sheriff Tim Malachy
Jeanne Bates ... Mary Jepson
Ronnie Sorensen ... Kyle Jepson (as Ronnie Paul)

Don Grady ... Donny Betts

Henry Corden ... Will Gerrard
Don Kennedy ... Wade Calley
Austin Green ... Doc Seton
Guy Kingsford ... Nat Betts

Season 2, Episode 10: Take Me Home

1 December 1958
Vint learns that a gambling house worker he knows is the daughter of a Quaker couple who believe she is dead. The girl is in an abusive relationship with the owner of the gambling house, who will not let her leave him.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner

Mala Powers ... Lee Laney

Peter Breck ... Brett Dixon
Jeff Daley ... Marsh Lomer
Sheldon Allman ... Jeremy Thomas
Jean Harvey ... Anna Thomas
Bill Giorgio

Season 2, Episode 11: Multiply One Boy

8 December 1958
Vint brings an orphaned Southern boy to live with his Northern uncle's family. But the boy still has resentments toward the North, and is angry that his uncle fought on a different side from his father, who was killed in the war.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner
Jimmy Baird ... Dudley Higgins
Jim Reppert ... Tom Higgins
Kay Stewart ... Gloria Higgins
Ricky Klein ... Michael Higgins
Clark Howat ... Arthur Stuart
Alan Reynolds
John Hensley

Season 2, Episode 12: Peligroso

15 December 1958
After being forced to kill a young hood in self defense, Vint rides to the man's sister's ranch, only to find she has already put out a bounty on him for shooting her brother in the back. Since she does not know who he is, Vint works for her under a different name, until he can convince her the killing did not happen in the way she was told.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner
Marcia Henderson ... Lorry Bardeen
Trevor Bardette ... Grant Fisher

Robert Fuller ... Bud Bardeen
Ashley Cowan ... Craig
Ted Markland ... Collie Smith

Dabbs Greer ... Roy Stanton

Season 2, Episode 13: A Bell for Santo Domingo

22 December 1958
A priest asks Vint to accompany him, along with two nuns, to check on the status of a mission in the midst of hostile Indian territory. Vint agrees, even though he knows that whites are forbidden in the area and are not known to have ever returned alive.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner

John Litel ... Father Luke

Arlene Martel ... Sister Theresa (as Arline Sax)
Sarah Selby ... Sister Marquette
Hal John Norman ... Indian Chief (as Hal Jon Norman)
Ronny Mann ... Indian Boy

Season 2, Episode 14: The Way Back

29 December 1958
Vint's friend Olaf Burland plans to take his newly earned money back to his farm in native Minnesota, but Vint fears that the gullible Olaf will be easy prey for some who want to separate him from the money and will use any trick to do it. A crooked trail hand and a saloon owner plan to do just that, with the help of a saloon hostess who actually has desires similar to Olaf's.

John Payne ... Vint Bonner

Dan Blocker ... Olaf Burland
Bek Nelson ... Dixie Starr

James Coburn ... Tom Quinn

Morgan Woodward ... Jubal Carney
Stuart Randall ... Marshal Powers
Voorheis J. Ardoin ... Fowler (as Voorhies J. Ardoin)

Season 2, Episode 15: The Painted Beauty

5 January 1959

John Payne ... Vint Bonner
William Hudson ... Stuart Woolsey

Ruta Lee ... Lucy Collins
Charles Cooper ... Boyd Lively
Roscoe Ates ... Juniper Dunlap (as Rosco Ates)
Paul Dubov ... Hopper
Jeff Daley ... Watkins

Season 2, Episode 16: Shadow of a Gunfighter

12 January 1959

John Payne ... Vint Bonner
Mara Corday ... Della

Robert Fuller ... Jim Winfield
John Goddard ... Clay Lawson
Douglas Kennedy ... Cal Winfield
John Milford ... Pete Lawson

Season 2, Episode 17: The Lady and the Gun

19 January 1959

John Payne ... Vint Bonner

Mala Powers ... Myra Barker
Lloyd Corrigan ... Jesse Alden
Evelyn Scott ... Zoe Alden
Charles Irwin ... Lem

Season 2, Episode 18: Blood of Courage

2 February 1959

John Payne ... Vint Bonner
J. Carrol Naish ... Maj. Quint Langley
Alix Talton ... Ann Langley
Lee Farr ... Jack Wilse
Gregg Barton ... Brocky Jake Thomas
Charles Keane ... Cowboy (as Charles R. Keane)

Season 2, Episode 19: Better Than a Cannon

9 February 1959

John Payne ... Vint Bonner
Jeanne Bates ... Ana
Bern Hoffman ... Baron Wilhelm Augustus Von Ritter

Shirley Knight ... Heide
Herbert Lytton ... Marshal Gavin Brandon (as Herbert C. Lytton)

Season 2, Episode 20: The Dead Ringer

16 February 1959

John Payne ... Vint Bonner / Gene Baroda
Richard Artlinger ... Man
Walter Coy ... Nick Dawson
Richard H. Cutting ... Pid (as Richard Cutting)
George Eldredge ... Burt Newcomb
Roy Engel ... Sheriff Willard

Roy Jenson
Michael Lipton ... Arch Tatum
Herbert Lytton

George Selk

Season 2, Episode 21: The Last Grey Man

23 February 1959

John Payne ... Vint Bonner

Henry Hull ... Jesse McKee
Robert Barrat ... General (as Robert H. Barratt)
William Joyce ... Captain Clayton
Jeff DeBenning ... Sheriff Ben Fishman
Cris Roberts ... Corporal Jenks

Season 2, Episode 22: Melany

2 March 1959

John Payne ... Vint Bonner

Claude Akins ... Matt Pierce
Marya Stevens ... Melany Carter
Gregg Palmer ... Jim Carter
Don Hix ... Old Josh
Howard McLeod ... Charlie
Alan Reynolds ... Sheriff John Bronson
Dick Graf ... Man
Kermit Maynard ... Townsman (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 23: Ricochet

9 March 1959

John Payne ... Vint Bonner
Mary Webster ... Abigail Garrick
John Lupton ... Peter Garrick
Robert H. Harris ... Matt Devlon
Abel Fernandez ... Garcia
John Maxwell ... Mr. Loring
Sylvia Stone ... Ethel Loring
Kermit Maynard ... Stage Driver (uncredited)
Chick Sheridan ... Shotgun Rider (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 24: Dead Man's Hand

16 March 1959

John Payne ... Vint Bonner

Henry Hull ... Doc Kemmer
Charles Cooper ... Hode Emory

James Griffith ... Dr. Hallop
David Leland ... Bartender
Charles Keane ... Poker Player (as Charles R. Keane)

Season 2, Episode 25: The Sweet Sisters

23 March 1959

John Payne ... Vint Bonner
John L. Cason
Edith Evanson ... Elizabeth Sweet
Frank Ferguson ... Mr. Keller

Jeanette Nolan ... Abigail Sweet

Frank Wilcox ... Sheriff Conroy

Season 2, Episode 26: Incident at Bluefield

30 March 1959

John Payne ... Vint Bonner

Alan Hale Jr. ... Sheriff Clark (as Alan Hale)

John Litel ... Tom Cauter

Morgan Woodward ... J.B. Cauter
William Lundmark ... Junior Cauter
William Fawcett ... Moss Blaine
Dan Seymour ... Judge Fresno
Pat O'Malley ... Gavin Hardy
Don Hix ... Saloon Patron
Gary Van Ever ... Judge Clement (as Gary Von Euer)
Jack Carr
Frosty Royce ... Bartender (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 27: The Pawn

6 April 1959

John Payne ... Vint Bonner

James Coburn ... Vestry
Robert Foulk ... Henry Merser
Howard McLeod ... Dan
Tyler McVey ... Sheriff
Julie Payne ... Peggy McGiven

Denver Pyle ... Jeb
Stuart Randall ... Ruby
Onslow Stevens ... Mr. McGiven
Chick Hannan ... Townsman Holding Horses (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 28: Four Lives

13 April 1959

John Payne ... Vint Bonner
John Ericson ... Bud Rainey
Robert Griffin ... Cole Ramsey
Mary Murphy ... Mary Clayton
Gregg Palmer ... Bill Clayton

Season 2, Episode 29: One on the House

20 April 1959

Season 2, Episode 30: Code for a Killer

27 April 1959

John Payne ... Vint Bonner
Floyd Simmons ... Vance Carter
Edgar Stehli ... Pop Sturges
Jean Howell ... Nancy Sturges (as Jean C. Howell)
Lane Bradford ... Ben Webster
Leonard P. Geer ... Ambusher #2 (uncredited)

Hal Needham ... Ambusher #1 (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 31: Mme. Brimstone

4 May 1959

John Payne ... Vint Bonner

Bea Benaderet ... Madame Brimstone
Leslie Bradley ... Cedric Mayberry

Don Grady ... Sylvester Cromwell III
Alan Roberts ... Chico
Nacho Galindo ... Pedro
Don C. Harvey ... Joe Tanner (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 32: Lady by Law

11 May 1959

John Payne ... Vint Bonner

Peggie Castle ... Fern Foster
Douglas Kennedy ... Sheriff
Stewart Bradley ... King Warren
S. John Launer ... Judge
Paul Baxley ... Will
Ronnie Rondell Jr. ... Cowboy with Will
Cecil Combs ... Townsman (uncredited)
Herman Hack ... Townsman (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 33: Ride with the Devil

18 May 1959

John Payne ... Vint Bonner
Rafael Campos ... Carlos Perez
Jan Arvan ... Don Tomas Verdes
Pepe Hern ... Costa
Kathy Robinson ... Peasant Girl
Paul Vera ... Tonio
Sergio Virel ... Ramon Verdes (as Sergio Virell)
John Verros ... Commandant

Season 2, Episode 34: A Trial for Jenny May

25 May 1959

John Payne ... Vint Bonner

Ellen Corby ... Ruth Purcell

Kasey Rogers ... Jenny May
Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams ... Jeff Bonsell

Paul Lukather ... Randolph Clayton
Don Hicks ... Clayton
Voorheis J. Ardoin ... Adam Gray
Juney Ellis ... Townswoman
Barry Brooks ... Mayberry

Scotty Morrow ... Gordon
Nancy DeCarl ... Betty Sue
Helen Spring ... Townswoman
John Collier ... Bruce (uncredited)
Paul Keast ... The Mayor (uncredited)
Jack Tornek ... Juror (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 35: The Cavis Boy

1 June 1959

John Payne ... Vint Bonner
Wilton Graff ... Bob Cavis
Tim Graham ... Doc Martin

Don Grady ... Andy Cavis
Baynes Barron ... Sheriff Hyde
Charles Maxwell ... Pike Duncan

James Westmoreland ... Townsman (as Rad Fulton)
George Bell ... Townsman (uncredited)
Joe Ploski ... Townsman (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 36: The Englishman

8 June 1959

John Payne ... Vint Bonner
Lester Fletcher ... Archibald Jared III

Lyle Talbot ... Mort Askins

Frank Albertson ... Lacey
John Milford ... Shotgun
Dale Johnson ... Sheriff
Jeff Daley ... Ralston
Dane Allen ... Homer
Boyd Stockman ... Stage Driver

Season 2, Episode 37: A Very Special Investigator

15 June 1959

John Payne ... Vint Bonner

Fay Spain ... Serena Love
Reed Hadley ... Mayor Love
Andy Clyde ... Aidrick Newton
Don Kelly ... Blair Weeks
Dick Elliott ... Judge Adams
Herb Vigran ... Sheriff Longhorn
Leonard P. Geer ... Henchman (uncredited)
Carol Henry ... Henchman (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 38: The Hill of Death

22 June 1959

John Payne ... Vint Bonner

John Dehner ... Aaron Dixon

Regis Toomey ... Dr. Lem Shepherd
Dorothea Lord ... Ruth Dixon
Voorheis J. Ardoin
Freeman Lusk ... Mayor Baxter
Richard Jeffries ... Mark Dixon (as Dick Jeffries)
Jerry Brent ... Luke Dixon
Harry Hines ... Edward
Jean Field
E. Holt Jones

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