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7 Jan. 1960
Cousin Naomi
George's conniving cousin Naomi is nothing but trouble for the McCoys.
28 Jan. 1960
The Bowling Champ
Kate becomes upset when she learns that Luke is teaching an attractive (and unattached) young woman how to bowl, but at Grandpa's urging she turns the tables by convincing a handsome younger man to provide her with bowling lessons of her own.
4 Feb. 1960
The Talk of the Town
Little Luke writes an essay revealing a secret about Grampa.
11 Feb. 1960
Once There Was a Man
Luke's recently married henpecked cousin Charlie and his wife come to visit.
18 Feb. 1960
Weekend in Los Angeles
Grampa, Luke, and Kate spend the weekend at a posh hotel in Los Angeles, while there to attend the Sons of the Mystic Nile convention.
3 Mar. 1960
First Date
Little Luke is highly resistant to the idea of taking tall and awkward Agnes Maypole to a school party, but when Grandpa finds the girl to be kind and considerate he becomes equally determined to compel the boy to honor his commitment to go ahead with the date.
10 Mar. 1960
How to Discover Oil
Troubles flow when Grampa and George think they've struck oil on plots of land they've recently agreed to trade to each other.
17 Mar. 1960
A House Divided
Granpa causes problems when he questions the way Kate disciplines the younger McCoys.
3 Aug. 1960
Foreman of the Jury
Grampa sues the electric company for leaving a gate open on the property, causing the death of his bull. The company wants to settle, but of course Grampa is sure he will win once he discovers that George is on the jury.
10 Aug. 1960
One for the Money
12-year-old Little Luke gets his first job as a paperboy, but when it comes time to deposit his earnings in the family cookie jar general fund, he chooses to spend the money on himself, instead.
17 Aug. 1960
That Was No Lady
Kate's newfound determination to wear a strapless dress to a church dance causes a rift in the McCoy family.
23 Aug. 1960
The Tycoon
Grampa refuses to join the Grange co-op, so he strikes out on his own to make his fortune in the egg business.
30 Aug. 1960
Where There's a Will
Grampa inherits some antique furniture from his recently deceased 94-year-old Uncle Willie.
6 Sep. 1960
The Jinx
Harm befalls members of the McCoy clan when sharing a task with Cousin Orval so, when Orval visits the McCoy farm, Grandpa and Luke hastily develop excuses to avoid chores involving Orval despite Kate's fragile skepticism.
13 Sep. 1960
The Delegates
Both Amos and George stoop to dirty politics, while campaigning for a trip to San Francisco as a delegate representing the Ancient and Loyal Order of the Sons of the Mystic Nile.
27 Sep. 1960
The Gigolo
In hopes of staving off foreclosure, Amos courts the elderly spinster holding the mortgage on the McCoy farm.
3 Oct. 1960
Teenage Wedding
When 16-year-old Hassie and her boyfriend Jerry impetuously announce their engagement, Grandpa's apparent approval causes considerable consternation among Luke, Kate, and Jerry's fastidious grandfather, J. Luther Medwick.
7 Oct. 1960
McCoys, Ahoy
Amos struggles against conflicting state government and military timetables to save a destroyer named after a West Virginian patriot when the ship is docked in Long Beach where it is to be scrapped.
6 Dec. 1960
Beware a Smart Woman
Luke and Kate attend night school. Luke accuses Kate of thinking she is smarter than him. The two have an argument, and stop speaking to each other. In order to save their marriage, Grandpa tries to get Kate to quit studying.
20 Oct. 1960
Executive Wife
Kate is headed for fame and fortune, after a food company offers to patent her pickled preserve recipe.
27 Oct. 1960
Pepino McCoy
The McCoys are struggling financially, so Pepino secretly gets a job moonlighting as a singer at the El Tippi-Tin.
10 Nov. 1960
Father and Son Day
Little Luke's hopes of having his brother as his relay-race partner are dashed when Grampa steps in to take Luke's place.
17 Nov. 1960
Farmer or Scientist
Grampa is upset to learn that Little Luke wants to grow up to be a scientist, rather than continuing farming in the MCcoy tradition.
24 Nov. 1960
The New Librarian
Both Grampa and his best friend, George, have their caps set on the new librarian.
1 Dec. 1960
Smothered in Love
The entire family begins to pamper Grampa - much to his displeasure.
8 Dec. 1960
When Luke fears that he may be losing his hair, Grandpa employs an unusual tactic to remind Luke that appearances aren't as important as he thinks.
15 Dec. 1960
The Hermit
An eccentric area hermit furtively exchanges miscellaneous items for his subsistence but, when he trades for McCoy assets, Amos has him arrested for theft but is regretful when a hearing to put the man under state supervision ensues.
22 Dec. 1960
The Legacy
When the gossip-monger postman , who has witnessed George McMichael's will, lets it slip that Luke's family benefits substantially, Luke, Kate and the children engage in excessively fawning behavior toward George to the disgust of Amos.

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