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2 Jan. 1958
Grandpa and the Driver's License
Grampa's vanity gets the best of him when he refuses to acknowledge that he needs eyeglasses to pass the vision test for his new California driver's license.
9 Jan. 1958
The Lady's Man
A multi-talented photographer obtains the McCoys' permission to take pictures of their farm, but Luke becomes jealous when he seems to be focusing most of his attention on Kate.
16 Jan. 1958
Luke's Mother-in-Law
Grandpa has Luke prepared for the worst when it is learned that Kate's mother is coming for a visit, but everyone is surprised when she arrives and repeatedly chides Kate for being insufficiently attentive to Luke's needs.
23 Jan. 1958
The Matchmaker
Grandpa trades a date with Flora for a hound dog.
30 Jan. 1958
The Goodys Come to Town
Amos invites their old neighbors to California for a visit including Luke's old girlfriend Elvira. Kate tries to hide her jealousy during the reminiscing of old times.
6 Feb. 1958
Little Luke's Education
When some of Little Luke's classmates tease and bully him about his "hillbilly" roots, Grandpa steps in to teach them about the perniciousness of prejudice.
13 Feb. 1958
Time to Retire
The retirement of the postman convinces Luke and Kate that Grandpa Amos should take it easier. It backfires when Grandpa instead works too hard and ends up bedridden.
20 Feb. 1958
Grampa's Proposal
Grampa breaks up Flora's romance, and is forced to propose to her.
27 Feb. 1958
The Honeymoon
After one full year of marriage, Luke and Kate finally get to go on their honeymoon.
6 Mar. 1958
Once There Was a Traveling Saleswoman
Luke McCoy is tricked into buying a swimming pool.
13 Mar. 1958
My Favorite Uncle
Kate's rich Uncle Dave stays with the McCoys for the weekend.
20 Mar. 1958
Grampa's Birthday
Feeling that he's been forgotten on his birthday, Grampa runs away from home.
27 Mar. 1958
New Doctor in Town
Grampa has a cold, but he doesn't trust the new doctor - or any doctor, for that matter.
3 Apr. 1958
For Love or Money
After Grampa refuses to give him a raise, Pepino quits and goes to work for neighbor George MacMichael.
10 Apr. 1958
Kate's Career
Kate creates a successful dress alteration business at home, much to the consternation of Grampa and the local tailor.
17 Apr. 1958
When a Fellow Needs a Friend
Grampa is in desperate need of character witnesses to testify on his behalf at his parking ticket trial.
24 Apr. 1958
It Pays to Be Poor
The McCoys teach a wealthy couple the joys of simple living.
1 May 1958
The Life of the Party
Grampa thinks he's the life-of-the-party.
8 May 1958
Three Is a Crowd
Grampa tries to stop a marriage-minded widow from chasing George.
15 May 1958
The New Look
Luke wants to modernize the farm, but Grampa is against change.
22 May 1958
The Volunteer Fire Department
Grampa has his heart set on joining the town's volunteer fire department.
5 Jun. 1958
The Homely Boy
Hassie refuses to accept a date with the homeliest boy in class.
12 Jun. 1958
Her Flaming Youth
Scandal erupts when a 30-year-old photo of Flora clad in a scanty swimsuit winds up in a local publication.
19 Jun. 1958
The Corn-Eating Contest
Grampa wagers Kate's prize hen, Jenny, on Little Luke winning a corn-eating contest.
26 Jun. 1958
You're Never Too Old
Grampa secretly joins an over-sixties club known as the "Young Old Timers".
2 Oct. 1958
The New Car
Grandpa reluctantly agrees to let Luke and Kate trade the McCoys' family car (plus $80) for a newer model, but they regret their decision when they realize that he was genuinely attached to the ancient vehicle.
9 Oct. 1958
Grampa Learns About Teenagers
Grandpa and Luke's efforts to help Hassie win the attention of the most popular boy in school backfire, but for unexpected reasons.
16 Oct. 1958
Blow the House Down
Little Luke desperately wants to join the school band as a trumpet player, but he has no talent for the instrument and Grandpa feels compelled to resort to chicanery in order to help him prevail when tryout day arrives.
23 Oct. 1958
The Dancin' Fool
Kate insists that Luke take dancing lessons in order to improve his social graces, but she is unpleasantly surprised to learn that his teacher is an attractive young woman.
30 Oct. 1958
The New Well
When it seems that Grandpa's location of water by divining rod is a failure, Luke employs a geologist and drilling equipment as Amos gloats at the apparent unsuccessful outcome of Luke's chosen methods.
6 Nov. 1958
The New Dog
Grandpa solicits George MacMichael's help in turning the tables on two swindlers who convinced him to pay $35 for a worthless dog, but he begins to have a change of heart when he discovers that Little Luke has become quite attached to the animal.
13 Nov. 1958
Sing for Your Supper
The rest of the McCoys find themselves torn over what to do about musically-challenged Luke's determination to enter an amateur singing contest.
20 Nov. 1958
Do You Kiss Your Wife?
Luke's reluctance to kiss Kate in public causes her to feel unappreciated, especially when she notes how demonstrably affectionate their friends George and Betty Emery act toward one another.
27 Nov. 1958
The Perfect Swine
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4 Dec. 1958
Leave It to the Girls
The stakes escalate as Flora, Kate, and Hassie refuse to go to the annual Grange Dance with Grandpa, Luke, and Tommy unless they receive a proper apology for Grandpa's remarks to Tommy about how a man should "handle" women.
11 Dec. 1958
The Gift
George gets into a dustup with Grampa over a used vacuum cleaner, which George wants to give to Kate as a gift.
18 Dec. 1958
The New Hired Hand
Pepino feels his job is threatened when Grampa takes on another hired hand.
25 Dec. 1958
The New Neighbors
Grampa wants nothing to do with his wealthy new neighbors.

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