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Season 9

12 Sep. 1965
The Case of the Laughing Lady
While watching a gala event on TV, prison inmate Carla Chaney sees the woman who she is certain committed the crime she's being held for. She also hears the distinct and high pitched laugh she heard the night of the murder. Carla is being held pending her trial for murdering Gerald Havens but maintains she is innocent. The woman she saw at Havens' house is Leona Devore, the very rich owner of the Devore galleries. Leona claims to have been out of the country when Havens was killed. When shown photographs of people at the event however, Carla initially picks out ...
19 Sep. 1965
The Case of the Fatal Fortune
While visiting a fortune teller, Pat Keane is told that she will get married but it will end tragically. She later marries her boss Max Armstead, a client and good friend of Mason's. However, a few weeks later Max dies from an apparent case of poisoning. With his dying breath, with Mason and Drumm as witnesses, he accuses Pat of being his murderess. Now Mason must try to defend Pat, as well as prove that the prediction was part of a well thought out plot by someone who wanted to see Max dead and Pat in jail and out of the way.
26 Sep. 1965
The Case of the Candy Queen
Claire Armstrong is a successful businesswoman who has created her business on a candy recipe her grandmother had given to her. Something is amiss however when her cousin Wanda Buren is almost killed with poisoned candy and resort owner and gambler Harry Arnold is found dead in his office. Claire's fiancé Mark Chester had given Arnold the candy recipe as collateral against his gambling debts and had tried to retrieve it when he heard Claire might notice it missing. After the police confirm that Arnold was killed with Claire's gun, she is charged with his murder and ...
3 Oct. 1965
The Case of the Cheating Chancellor
Perry Mason visits his old alma mater to attend a fund-raiser and becomes involved in a case of murder. Dr. Stuart Logan has his hopes on becoming the school's Chancellor but has made many enemies along the way. His research assistant, Van Fowler, feels cheated when he sees that Logan has published his latest book without giving him the co-authorship he had promised. When Fowler complains, Logan threatens to block his PhD. He also creates a furor on campus when he accuses some of the students of cheating and threatens to expel those who have. Finally, Logan has been ...
10 Oct. 1965
The Case of the Impetuous Imp
Out on his boat late one evening, Perry rescues an attractive young blond, Diane Carter, who he sees fleeing a German Shepherd dog pursuing her. She was running from the home of Addison Powell who was once married to her aunt Elvira Simmons and is believed by some in her family, especially her Uncle Henry Simmons, to have killed her. Diana thinks she now has the proof that will lead to Powell's conviction but when Perry reads in the newspapers the next day that $50,000 worth of jewelry was taken from Addison Powell's home, he realizes he may be the accomplice ...
17 Oct. 1965
The Case of the Carefree Coronary
Perry Mason is called in by the Lifeline insurance company when they face a flood of questionable disability claims from men who have suffered heart attacks. What intrigues Perry is that the mortality rate among the victims is far lower than the actuarial tables would suggest. Paul Drake sets out to check on some of the claimants and finds one, Jack David, to be in very good physical condition. He dies before he can tell anyone what was really going though it's clear in Perry's mind that insurance fraud has been committed. Paul Drake goes under cover on a construction...
24 Oct. 1965
The Case of the Hasty Honeymooner
Lucas Tolliver uses the services of a matrimonial service to find himself the perfect bride. Alice and Guy Munford use computers to find the perfect mate for their clients and they've introduced Tolliver to ranch owner Millicent Barton. From all appearances, Tolliver is something of a charlatan who inherited considerable wealth from a previous wife to the exclusion of his stepson Larry Dunlap who received nothing. When Tolliver asks Perry Mason to draw up a will for his wife that will make Tolliver the only beneficiary of her estate, Perry is quite concerned. Alice ...
31 Oct. 1965
The Case of the 12th Wildcat
Burt Payne, owner of the Los Angeles Wildcats professional football team, is a drunkard who takes pleasure taking down his employees or his wife a peg or two. On a return trip by train from a road game, Payne tells one employee that he will fire him on return to LA and refuses a potential buyer from buying a stake in the team. Payne's wife Ellen is desperate to contact Perry Mason about something but by the time he arrives at the train station to meet her, there has been a fire in one of the train cars and Burt Payne is dead. Ellen is charged with her husband's murder...
7 Nov. 1965
The Case of the Wrathful Wraith
Having successfully defended Louise Selff at a preliminary hearing where she was accused of murdering her missing husband, Perry Mason is now worried about her mental condition. She maintains that her dead husband's spirit visits her and makes phone calls to her. She has even made used of a spiritualist where she insists her husband has spoken to her during a séance. When Perry and Paul find her husband in her garden, apparently just shot a short time before, Louise once again finds herself in court. Determining why her husband disappeared in the first place and what ...
14 Nov. 1965
The Case of the Runaway Racer
Perry Mason has some bad news for his friend and client Pete Griston. The deal he's signed with a new partner, Harvey Rettig, is considerably one-sided in Rettig's favor. That isn't the only problem. An old hand in the car racing business, Pappy Ryan has developed a new gear assembly that he says will make his car the fastest on the track but Rettig has arranged to have his car disqualified due to safety concerns. Pete takes Pappy's side in the dispute but in his attempt to prove the car is safe takes it onto the track where it fails and puts another driver, Blake ...
21 Nov. 1965
The Case of the Silent Six
Susan Wolfe is beaten within an inch of her life while her neighbors sit around and do nothing. Her older, overprotective brother Dave, an L.A. police detective and close friend of Steve's, runs to the apartment to check on his sister and is knocked unconscious. However, as Dave is checking on Susan he is knocked out and while he is unconscious Joe Oliver, a man who had earlier made a pass at Susan, is shot and killed with Dave's gun. Steve asks Perry to defend Dave while he investigates what happened. Eventually, Perry narrows down the suspect list to the six ...
28 Nov. 1965
The Case of the Fugitive Fraulein
In Los Angeles, Perry Mason is hired by Prof. Hans Ritter and his wife Emma who had recently tried to smuggle, with the help of his assistant Gerta, their granddaughter Elke from East Germany. The attempt to smuggle her out fails and the East Germans offer to release the girl if the Professor voluntarily returns to the East. Perry travels to Berlin in the hopes of arranging a transfer but soon finds himself in an East German court defending Emma Ritter, who has been charged with murdering an East German middleman. Perry finds the court proceedings to be somewhat ...
12 Dec. 1965
The Case of the Baffling Bug
At Perry Mason's suggestion, Paul Drake is hired to screen employees at Tryon Industries when the owners think their industrial process for desalinization has been stolen and brought to market by a competitor, Coleridge Associates. The obvious suspect is Dr. Todd Meade a former employee at Coleridge and who may at one time have been - and still be - involved with their CEO Rhonda Coleridge. When a counterspy hired by Tryon and working undercover is found dead in the lab, it's Meade who is arrested and charged with murder. When Paul finds that Perry's office has been ...
19 Dec. 1965
The Case of the Golden Girls
When the majority owner of the Golden Bear Club Stacey Garnett is found shot to death, his partner Victor Montalvo is charged with murder and he turns to Perry Mason to defend him. There is no doubt that Montalvo disliked Garnett who took over the club and it's magazine, which focused on outdoor activities, and turned into a men's club and girlie magazine. Montalvo was known to have detested what Garnett did but the forensic evidence also shows that he was killed with a odd-caliber gun, which Montalvo happens to own. Perry is certain of his client's innocence but ...
9 Jan. 1966
The Case of the Bogus Buccaneers
At the request of a parole officer, Perry Mason takes on the case of Tony Polk who is accused of murdering Grace Knapp. It doesn't help the case that Knapp's neighbor was standing only a few feet away when the killing occurred. Polk was out promoting a popular TV show about a handsome buccaneer and dressed as a pirate was supposedly seen killing the woman with his pirate's hook. It turns out that the actor who plays the Buccaneer, Martin Eldridge, was once married to Grace Knapp and that she may have been blackmailing him. There were several men out that night dressed...
16 Jan. 1966
The Case of the Midnight Howler
Perry Mason takes on the case of Holly Andrews who is accused of killing her ex-husband, the wealthy Kevin Steele who owns a local radio station. Late night radio shock jock Barney Austin calls him during his show and incredibly the man is heard to be shot during the live broadcast. Holly doesn't deny being there - in fact she almost ran Perry off the road driving away from Steele's house - but there were many who might have wanted him dead. An unpaid art dealer, a rival radio station station owner who was about to lose his star personality and Holly's boyfriend all ...
23 Jan. 1966
The Case of the Vanishing Victim
Stacey Fielding is a renowned pharmaceutical chemist who is apparently killed when the private airplane he was piloting crashed and burned. Prior to his departure, he had been drinking from a flask of whiskey his wife prepared for him and made an offhand remark that she would like nothing better than to see him dead. After the crash, the dead man's wife, Miriam Fielding, is arrested and charged with murder. She hires Perry Mason to defend her but the forensic evidence doesn't support the charge he and manages to get her released only to have D.A. Hamilton Burger ...
30 Jan. 1966
The Case of the Golfer's Gambit
Chick Farley is the pro at the local Pine Hills golf club. A onetime touring pro, Farley has made a lot of enemies. He's a boozer and a carouser, much to his wife Alma's regret and he owes money to several members. The more junior pro at the club, Jim Harrell, finds that $3000 worth of equipment is missing from the pro shop and he's sure it's a case of Farley pocketing the proceeds. The club chairman would like nothing better than to see him fired and club member Irwin Brandt is tired of the constant passes he makes at his beautiful wife Dina Brandt. It's no surprise ...
13 Feb. 1966
The Case of the Sausalito Sunrise
This is based on the same book as one of season 1's episodes, The Case of The Moth-Eaten Mink. A cop discovers that an art dealer is selling a stolen painting named Sausalito Sunrise. When the cop is found dead in the gallery, Perry has to defend the dealer and an employee against murder. Paul Drake must pose as a semi truck driver to uncover the real fencing operation. Perry and Drake both face criminal charges.
20 Feb. 1966
The Case of the Scarlet Scandal
On his way to a few days of fishing with Paul Drake, Perry Mason stops off to get his client Richard Bayler to sign some legal papers. They arrive to learn that Bayler's wife Elaine was shot while she was sitting in her car. Baylor has already decided who the guilty party is: Donald Hobart, an aspiring songwriter whom Elaine was supporting financially. There more than just a hint of jealousy on Bayler's part but according to Hobart's girlfriend Cynthia Perkins, there was nothing going on between them. When Cynthia is accused of the murder, Perry agrees to defend her.
27 Feb. 1966
The Case of the Twice Told Twist
After stopping to drop off some papers for a client's signature, Perry and Della return to find that his car has been stripped for parts. They were gone for no more than 10 minutes but the gang that stripped his car were expert at their job. The LAPD have had a rash of these thefts and they arrest a juvenile, Lennie Beale, who was trying to sell the radio from Perry's car. Perry refuses to press charges. The gang is run by Bill Sikes but Paul gets information on someone behind the scenes, Ben Huggins, and a Mexican connection buying the car parts. When Sikes and his ...
13 Mar. 1966
The Case of the Avenging Angel
Perry Mason has been asked by his wealthy client, Cameron Burgess, to act as a go-between in making arrangements for a young man, Sandy Chester, to become a pop star. He's given Perry $5000 to hire an agent, Clete Hawley, but has instructed Perry that he wishes to remain anonymous. Hawley is a wheeler-dealer in the music industry claiming he can turn anyone into a star. He also takes advantage of his clients and has a reputation of ruining the careers of anyone who crosses him. He's also used blackmail and forced a talented song writer, Riff Lawler, to give him ...
20 Mar. 1966
The Case of the Tsarina's Tiara
Jeweler and gem expert Gerard Van Ness returns to Los Angeles from South America only to be pulled over by the police as the car he's driving was reported stole. More ominously, they find the dead body of Nils Dorrow, an international jewel thief, in the trunk. Perry Mason, who has acted as Van Ness and his partner Joachim DeVry's lawyer, agrees to defend him. Interestingly, Perry had recently been to their store with another client, Sonya Galinova, where DeVry was astounded to see that she was in possession of a priceless Russian tiara that had been thought lost. The...
27 Mar. 1966
The Case of the Fanciful Frail
Ethel Andrews is a quiet woman, successful in her career at a financial management firm. She's understandably upset when her coworker, Bruce Strickland, leaves her standing at the altar. As if that weren't enough she learns that $50,000 she signed for is missing from the office accounts. By chance she runs into Peggy Sutton, herself on the run when she receives an anonymous phone call telling her the mob has put a contract out on her. Ethel needs time to find out what happened to the money so when Peggy suggests they switch identities for a week, she accepts. Peggy is...
3 Apr. 1966
The Case of the Unwelcome Well
Jerome Klee is a powerful and much disliked businessman. He's made his fortune in the oil industry and his sole goal in life seems to make as much money as he possibly can. He's contracted with Allen Winford to drill test wells on ranch land owned by Jason Rohan. Oil is found there but he decides not to exercise his option having just signed a lucrative deal with the Prince of a Middle East country. That's bad news for Winford, whose small company would have finally made the big time nor for Rohan, who has been spending money he's not yet been paid. At home, Klee has ...
17 Apr. 1966
The Case of the Dead Ringer
Perry Mason finds himself the target of an attempt to discredit him while he is in the middle of a major lawsuit. Perry is representing a young woman, Barbara Kramer, who accuses Otis Swanson of stealing her father's intellectual property. Swanson will stop at nothing to win and endorses his nephew Dan's elaborate plan to discredit the famous attorney in court. Using an investigator Dan has located a British sailor, Grimes, who is the spitting image of Mason. He arranges to have Grimes - dressed and groomed to look like Perry - try and bribe a prospective witness. ...
24 Apr. 1966
The Case of the Misguided Model
Sharon Carmody asks her friend, ex-boxer Duke Maronek to walk her home as someone has been harassing her. When they arrive at her apartment, they hear movement inside and Duke goes in alone only to be jumped by someone inside. After the mêlée, Duke finds his attacker dead behind the sofa. Sharon, a model who is up for a major sponsorship job, begs him to dispose of the body so as not to hurt her chances. He does so but consults Perry Mason the next day. He rejects Perry's advice that he go to the police but when another man is charged with killing the man, Perry is ...
1 May 1966
The Case of the Positive Negative
A committee, which includes Perry Mason, hopes to hire retired General Roger Brandon to lead a law enforcement commission in the city of San Carlos. Brandon is a highly respected leader and troubleshooter and the hope is that he will rid them of mobster George Emory who has made San Carlos his base of operations. Before he's even had a chance to accept or reject the offer, Brandon finds himself being blackmailed into declining. If he doesn't, a compromising photo of his wife Laura and his aide, Warren Cotton, will be sent to the press. When Emory is found dead, ...
15 May 1966
The Case of the Crafty Kidnapper
Alex Tanner and his wife Patricia return to the United States after Patricia's father dies leaving her with a major stake in his global media empire. Alex is to take over while she stays home to raise their 18 month old son Billy. At a party given for him by the staff, a drunk newspaper columnist Danny Shine continuously badgers Alex saying he visited their home that afternoon and will have an interesting article in a few days time. Most people at the party think he's just being obnoxious so his assistant Greg Stanley angrily drives him home only to get there and find...
22 May 1966
The Case of the Final Fade-Out
Producer Jackson Sidemark has a hit TV series. Unfortunately, his star Barry Conrad tells him he won't be doing another season, after Sidemark is already on the hook for numerous contractual obligations. Conrad stabs others in the back too, like the former star who gave him his start, and the writer of Sidemark's show. There's little surprise when a murder occurs, but nothing goes as expected after that. There's perjury, dismissal of charges, and accusations from Burger of Perry's misconduct. After a second murder, Perry has a new client, and must solve both cases to ...

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