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9 Aug. 1957
Your Money or Your Wife
Kramer contacts Charlie to get his assistance against a perceived murder plot. The situation suddenly becomes complicated when Kramer's wife is kidnapped and later found murdered. The police are convinced the two events are linked, but Charlie has other idea.
The Secret of the Sea
Charlie Chan is asked to investigate the death of a young man on a ship bound for Hawaii. Charlie realizes the mystery is a lot deeper when acts of sabotage begin to occur and some of the crew's life may be in danger.
The Lost Face
Charlie Chan is on special assignment to investigate Dan Randolph on behalf of a grand jury. Charlie becomes directly involved in the case when one of the police officers he is working with gets word his wife has been attacked.
Blind Man's Bluff
A blind man is killed and his seeing eye dog badly injured. Charlie quickly realizes there is far more to the case than anyone considers. His only problem is trying to work out why circumstances are as they are.
The Great Salvos
Charlie gets involved in trying to break an espionage ring after plans for a new jet engine are stolen. Suspicion centers around a cabaret performance involving a brother and sister mind reading act from Hungary.
The Counterfeiters
Charlie is called to France when the Bank of England reports that printing plates for currency have been stole. Chan must rely on connections that go all the way back to WW2 to bring the case to a successful concussion.
The Death of a Don
A student friend of Charlie's son is accused of murder after being involved in a serious argument with a music professor. Charlie needs to prove who the murder was and and untangle the greater mystery
Charlie's Highland Fling
While on holiday in Scotland, Charlie gets caught up in an investigation when the wife of the estate owner is found dead.
The Patient in Room 21
Charlie has to unravel the mystery of a man working as a doctor in London. Information is received suggesting he may have been a doctor in Canada convicted of murder. Charlie has to discover truth and then decide who had the motivation to make such claims in the first place.
The Rajput Ruby
Charlie while on holiday in England is asked to investigate the theft of jewelry from an Indian Prince. In doing so he uncovers a far wider web of intrigue involving the Prince's wife.
The Final Curtain
Charlie, still in England is contacted by an actor, who believes his daughter is in a relationship with a swindler. Charlie begins to discover the real truth of the situation when an unexpected turn of events changes everything.
Death at High Tide
Charlie is asked to help track down a Nazi war criminal who has recently escaped from custody. It is believed he is headed for France to uncover a stash of wartime gold lost at sea.
An Exhibit in Wax
An attack on a wax work exhibit of a murder convicted 30 years previously sets of a series of events that lead Charlie to consider the possibility the wrong man was convicted and hanged for the crime.
Charlie becomes involved in a strange case of deception when an old woman seeks to re-establish contact with her daughter. What he discovers is a complex series of switches and double crosses creating an almost unsolvable crime.
Patron of the Arts
In Brussels Charlie becomes entangled in a three sided scheme that will see a struggling artist's paintings dramatically increase in value almost overnight.
A Hamlet in Flames
An extremely rare manuscript comes up for sale and Charlie becomes involved after repeated attempts to steal the document fail. It becomes obvious the ownership of the book is in doubt and many parties have a vested interest in owning it.
Dateline - Execution
A man is awaiting execution when the local Pastor approaches Charlie with concerns the man may be innocent. Charlie is struck by how cut and dried the case seems to be, and begins the long process of finding the truth.
The Sweater
A famous designer accidentally sells a made to order sweater to the wrong person. Chan becomes involved when the owner of the sweater is found dead. Charlie discovers the dead girl had other skeletons in her closet.
11 Feb. 1958
The Noble Art of Murder
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Three Men on a Raft
An author releases a best seller about his survival on board a raft with two other men. Charlie has doubt about the account written and sets about flushing out the truth.
No Future for Frederick
Charlie is back in London and is soon called to help investigate the death of a famous actor. At first it is thought a simple heart attack is the cause, but Charlie suspects otherwise.
Safe Deposit
Charlie gets involved in an investigation when his son accidentally gets caught up in a well planned bank robbery.
Voodoo Death
Charlie is at a dinner party when the host dies. Everyone seems to think a black servant proficient in the art of black magic is behind the death, but Charlie thinks a far more mundane explanation is on offer.
The Expatriate
Charlie is staying at a hotel in England when a man is badly injured in a shooting. Unlike most attempted murder cases, Charlie has the problem of multiple people confessing to the murder.
The Airport Murder Case
Charlie is visiting Rome, when he is asked by local authorities to help investigate a young woman's death.
The Hand of Hera Dass
Charlie is in Nice, France when he is engaged in a job to retrieve an artifact thats been stolen in Cairo Egypt.
The Invalid
Charlie is the technical adviser on a film when the leading lady in the show disappears.
The Man in the Wall
Charlie is in London when a demolition team come across a skeleton. From what he can discover he is dealing with a 17 year old mystery.
Something Old, Something New
A woman is found murdered and a person break and entering the house at the time. Charlie is employed by the small time criminal to solve who really did the murder.
The Man with a 100 Faces
When you usually read about this series in guidebooks the reviewer ultimately states that J. Carrol Naish was badly miscast. But if you compare this with the serial 'Batman' (1943), then you will notice that even though the two parts of Charlie Chan and Dr. Tito Darka are different, in that one is good and the other bad, for some strange reason Naish played them the same. Maybe this is why the reviewers say this or maybe it was the reason he was cast as Charlie Chan in the first place? This episode opens in Venice, Italy. Where someone has sold a vast amount of ...
The Point of No Return
In Venice Charlie becomes involved in a case when a woman is accused of murder. The police think they have an open and shut case. But Charlie is not so sure the answer is so obvious.
A Bowl by Cellini
A tourist in Rome unwittingly purchases an extremely valuable antique. Charlie Chan must sort out the mix up before people start getting hurt or even killed as various parties try to retrieve the item.
Without Fear
A girl, Anne Meadows, appears at a travel agents with no memory of the previous 7 years. Charlie begins unraveling the girls past and what lead to her loss of memory.
A young woman checks into a hotel with her father. A few hours later she can not locate the man or find any evidence he ever checked into the hotel. She asks Charlie to try and find her father who Charlie thinks has been kidnapped.
Rhyme or Treason
The daughter of man convicted of treason in 1942 approaches Charlie to try and prove the original conviction of her father was wrong.
Three for One
A series of random attacks in an antique store cause damages to a number of valuable pieces. The manager of the store is puzzled because he considers each of the attackers as friends. The manager of the store engages Charlie to try and find out what is happening.

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