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1 Jan. 1961
A State of Siege
Finding himself delayed in New Mexico, Bart decides to visit a recent acquaintance at a nearby hacienda. However, the hospitality he expected quickly turns dangerous when the hacienda is placed under siege by a group of other landowners who claim they have been double-crossed in a treasonous plot.
8 Jan. 1961
Family Pride
To his chagrin, Beau repeatedly gets out-conned. First, on a bet on a stagecoach. Then, in a series of land deals. Trouble is, Beau isn't just losing his own money, but also that of his friend Jerry O'Brien. Even when he wins, Beau ends up losing and he fears that he has lost that special Maverick touch. Finally at the end, the reason becomes all too clear.
15 Jan. 1961
The Cactus Switch
After falling prey to a con game involving a diamond necklace, Bart ends up in a jail cell with an old but treacherous outlaw. With the help of his son, the cell mate breaks out but leaves Bart behind. After being released, Bart plots to recover his loss from the con with help from the outlaw's son and friends. Bart plans to split the recovery with the son, but the elder outlaw has other plans.
22 Jan. 1961
Dutchman's Gold
Looking for a way to break even after winning half of a worthless saloon, Beau provides a stake for a miner to return to his hidden goldmine with Beau and his female saloon partner. But the gold is cursed! A notorious outlaw wants to the goldmine for himself. And Indians want the gold located in their sacred burial grounds left alone.
29 Jan. 1961
The Ice Man
Bart Maverick finds a body encased in ice, but the body raises more troubles than just the usual who-dunit.
5 Feb. 1961
Diamond Flush
By convincing him he is doing exactly the opposite, Beau is used in an elaborate scheme to steal a valuable Kashmir diamond from a French count and his niece, and replace it with an imitation.
12 Feb. 1961
Last Stop: Oblivion
After being run out of town, Bart finds himself on a stagecoach with a group of passengers headed to Oblivion, a transfer station and inn run by the Lyme family. While waiting for the next stagecoach to Denver, Bart discovers that some visitors (especially those carrying large sums of money) check in but they don't necessarily check out.
19 Feb. 1961
Flood's Folly
On his way to Denver in an impassable snowstorm, Beau's only retreat seems to be a closed hotel. When the owner and her niece exhibit suspicious behavior, their past, present and future become very much entwined in his.
26 Feb. 1961
Maverick at Law
Bart was just playing poker in a sleepy town when the bank was robbed. The bandits got away with $10,000, half of which wound up in his saddlebags - and they're coming back to look for it.
5 Mar. 1961
Red Dog
Also during a discussion they talk about Jess being gunned down by Dan Troop who was also in another series at the time called "The Lawman".
12 Mar. 1961
The Deadly Image
On his way to Cheyenne, Bart happens upon a man who was just in a gun battle and helps him and buries another. When the Army shows up, he's arrested and mistaken for a wanted man -- someone who the man he just befriended knows very well.
19 Mar. 1961
Triple Indemnity
The czar of a frontier town has Bart thrashed to steal back his gambling losses, which angers even the boss' mother. Mom and Bart conspire to get Bart's money back, and teach the arrogant boss humility. As the scheme pressures the despot, he prays "Lord, give me patience, but give it to me now !" Bart enlists his dying pal, the gunfighting dentist from Philadelphia, Doc Holiday as insurance.
26 Mar. 1961
The Forbidden City
Brent is arrested for gambling while passing through Sunburst on the stage. When a cell mate is murdered while escaping by three masked men, he is asked to leave on the next stage before his value as an eyewitness proves useful.
2 Apr. 1961
Substitute Gun
A sheriff who once saved Bart's life asks Bart to pay him back by taking a job as a dealer in the local saloon and stopping the owner's scheme to kill his rival for a girl's affections.
9 Apr. 1961
Benefit of the Doubt
Brent and his friends happen to witness an attempted robbery of the post office, which the sheriff stopped by shooting the thieves. They also happened to witness the sheriff helping himself to the loot.
16 Apr. 1961
The Devil's Necklace: Part 1
At a remote army post, a troop of soldiers find Bart to be the only survivor of a massacre. Bart tells them the story: how he sensed he could make some money by purchasing a wagonload of merchandise from a peddler who was anxious to sell. After Bart checked inside the wagon, he understand why the man was so quick to sell--it included a shipment of illegal liquor and a kidnapped Indian girl.
23 Apr. 1961
The Devil's Necklace: Part 2
Bart relates to the soldiers how, after he and the peddler were later captured by the tribe, the man tricked the Indian chief into believing that he had a magic necklace, and traded it for his freedom. The chief, now believing himself to be impervious to harm, orders his warriors to attack the fort.
18 Sep. 1961
Dade City Dodge
Bart tracks oily swindler Pearly Gates to recoup his winnings, so does the doll-face who helped Pearly dupe Bart. Bart just lost his puffy shirt, Marla lost her icy heart - when Gates jumped the altar with the ring SHE bought. Bart plans to sting Gates back in oh-so-crooked Dade City. Will Bart get honey-voiced Marla on the rebound or will she fleece him, and Pearly Gates too ?
1 Oct. 1961
The Art Lovers
Mona Lisa rescues Bart from being an indentured servant, after Bart loses a high stakes poker game between nouveau riche art collectors. Oily backer Roger (Jack Cassidy) brought Bart into the game as a "Colonel," but when Bart loses, Roger denies the scheme, so Bart must work off the debt to the winner, a railroad tycoon. The other art collectors are big investors in the tycoon's latest rail project, and they are squeezing him dry, though the tycoon has a priceless ace he's reluctant to take out of the hole: he's acquired the recently-stolen Mona Lisa ! The miffed ...
8 Oct. 1961
The Golden Fleecing
Bart has to try to bluff wealthy Loftus Jaggers--and Jaggers' beautiful daughter when Bart gives up the poker table and tries his hand at being a stockbroker when he agrees to help a local farmer start a gold-mining company
12 Nov. 1961
Three Queens Full
Moose and Small Paul Wheelwright? The Subrosa Ranch? Hilarious "Bonanza" parody with Bart squirming in the middle between 3 naive, Pa whipped brothers and their worldly mail-order brides from the Barbary Coast, after matchmaker Whittleseed (Willard Waterman) is murdered. Episode also has fine performances by Kasey Rogers, Jake Sheffield as the amorous Moose, and Jim Backus as the blustery pa of the Wheelwrights, who always stick together - and we even find out why they have to! "Three Queens Full" is adorned with splendidly over-the-top music too.
26 Nov. 1961
A Technical Error
Bart way-too-easily wins a bank in a poker game, because it's mysteriously missing a pile of money. The relieved loser advises Bart not to worry because "in banking, a little dignity can cover up a lot of ignorance." When the ex-owner instigates the small town's depositors into a bank run, the Sheriff (who resembles a dimwitted Marshal Matt Dillon) and his deputy (a Hoss Cartwright lookalike) can't wait to get their mitts on ignorant stranger Bart Maverick. Bart begs his gunslinging pal Doc Holiday to help him get flush any way possible, but the gallant dentist's very...

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