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23 Jan. 1959
One Man's Life
An innocent man will be executed in 48 hours unless Lieutenant Ballinger can convince a socially prominent woman to recant the false testimony that she gave as a result of a ruthless blackmailer's threats.
27 Mar. 1959
Ghost Town
Lieutenant Ballinger and the FBI have few leads and little time to find a kidnapped socialite with a predilection for visiting jazz clubs. Bound, unattended, and hidden in a condemned building during a cruel Chicago winter, the young woman is in grave danger of dying from injury or exposure before she can be rescued.
24 Apr. 1959
The Terror on Dark Street
Lieutenant Ballinger investigates a possible link between a series of Dark Street purse snatchings and the disappearance of a successful but unhappily married architect.
15 May 1959
Model in the Lake
A swimsuit model is found dead in Lake Michigan, but physical evidence indicates the she may not have drowned while swimming. Lieutenant Ballinger becomes convinced that she was murdered after he learns that she was a strong swimmer and an iniquitous individual with a large number of unexplained bank deposits.
5 Jun. 1959
The Dangerous Game
The M squad is called in after a brutal robbery at the Leslie Fur Salon leaves a man clinging to death. As the investigation progresses, the situation faced by M Squad becomes more and more complex.
12 Jun. 1959
Decoy in White
The M Squad become involved when a bank manager laundering illegal money is killed. The situation becomes tangled when a young lady accompanying the bank manager comes forward.
19 Jun. 1959
Mr. Grim's Rabbits
A seemingly random dockside shooting leads M Squad on a strange investigation involving fur skins and ancient Inca artifacts.
26 Jun. 1959
The Platter Pirates
A D.J threatens to reveal the influence of racketeers in the music industry. Before he can go to air with the information he is gunned down. M squad are brought in to solve the mystery of the death as well as the validity of the information he was going to reveal.
3 Jul. 1959
Death Is a Clock
LT. Frank Ballinger takes a personal interest in a case when the wife of convicted murderer Paul Danzig approaches him for help. Danzig has only 20 hours to live and his wife talks openly of stopping the clock. Ballinger has to figure out what she means, and ensure the right man pays for the crime of murder.
18 Sep. 1959
Ten Minutes to Doomsday
M Squad hunts for a bomb before it blows up a hospital. Jonas Blecker, an embittered bank clerk who went to prison for dipping in the till to loan money to depositors down on their luck, wants to commemorate his 1st anniversary as a free man by killing the judge who gave him the maximum sentence. The judge is in Columbus Hospital for a delicate operation and he can't be moved.
25 Sep. 1959
The European Plan
Mrs Ashton is killed during a house robbery. The M squad are brought in to try and work out what happened. A very open and shut case suddenly becomes exceedingly complex.
2 Oct. 1959
Sunday Punch
When a well-liked retired couple is found brutally murdered, evidence points to their curmudgeonly neighbor. Lieutenant Ballinger is initially skeptical of his story, but thorough investigation reveals that things are not always as they seem.
9 Oct. 1959
Jeopardy by Fire
The M squad is called in after a series of factory fires occur in the Chicago area. The case become complex after the unusual chemical signature of the fire accelerants is identified.
16 Oct. 1959
Murder in C-Sharp Minor
Detective Ballinger is brought in to investigate the murder of night club owner Joe Dalio. The case seems open and cut with a suspect in custody, however Ballinger has just enough doubt to continue the investigation.
23 Oct. 1959
The Human Bond
A bail bondsman's son is kidnapped to force his father to post an $80,000 bond for the release of a murderous extortionist. Lieutenant Ballinger finds himself on a dangerous high-speed boat chase when the culprit attempts to avoid trial (and a likely death sentence) by escaping to Canada.
30 Oct. 1959
Mama's Boy
Detective Ballinger is called in after what seems to be a professional hit on a desk clerk at a hotel. A witness identifies who may have done the killing, but Ballinger is concerned he can not find any connection for why the clerk should have been shot.
6 Nov. 1959
Shred of Doubt
Ballinger is called in to investigate when a burning car is found with the body of a young woman bound with wire inside. The chief suspect, playboy lawyer Paul Crater, seems to have an air tight alibi. Ballinger needs to cast his net wider to solve this mystery.
20 Nov. 1959
Death by Adoption
Used car salesman Larry Colman has argument with Art Brunswick, a man who claims to the be the father of Colman's daughter. Colman unearths evidence Brunswick is not who he claims to be leading to a deadly altercation.
27 Nov. 1959
Another Face, Another Life
Ballinger is part of an ongoing investigation into racketeering in the night club industry. After a fight breaks out in a club, Ballinger thinks he might have the break he has been looking for.
4 Dec. 1959
Voice from the Grave
Harry Conklin is killed while on the way to a secret Senate hearing into stand over tactics in the trucking industry. Suspicion falls heavily on a rival Martin Bodie. It is up to Ballinger to fight through the silence and uncover the truth.
11 Dec. 1959
The Upset
Danny Sutton is arrested. During the interview a rookie detective makes a mistake and Sutton gets access to a gun and Ballinger finds himself caught in a tense hostage situation.
18 Dec. 1959
One of Our Armored Cars Is Missing
An armored car is hijacked during a pickup at a government installation. There are surprisingly fews clues left behind by the criminals and Ballinger needs to try and unravel the mystery.
25 Dec. 1959
The Ivy League Bank Robbers
A woman and her baby are hospitalized after a group of bank robbers run them down during an escape. Ballinger wants the men for the robbery but more importantly he wants them to pay for what happened to the woman and her baby

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