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1 Jan. 1959
Wally's Present
Feeling slighted for not being included in Wally's birthday party plans, Beaver takes buddy Larry Mondello's advice, buys himself an expensive bow and arrow set and gives his big brother a cheap gift.
8 Jan. 1959
The Grass Is Always Greener
Overhearing a frustrated Ward muttering about ending up in "the poor house", Beaver wonders what it means to be poor and begins a quest for poor people, making new friends and teaching the whole Cleaver family an important lesson.
15 Jan. 1959
The Boat Builders
Wally's homemade boat capsizes with Beaver on board.
22 Jan. 1959
Beaver Plays Hooky
Distracted by a construction company digging holes, Beaver and buddy Larry Mondello are late for school and decide to skip classes altogether to avoid getting yelled at by the principal. But when the hungry boys head for the nearest supermarket for lunch they find themselves on a live, promotional television program, unaware that Wally and June are watching them from the television in Wally's bedroom.
29 Jan. 1959
The Garage Painters
When the television breaks down over a week-end, Ward encourages Wally and Beaver to read Mark Twain's classic book, "Tom Sawyer". But things don't turn out quite as they planned after the boys try to use fictional Tom's technique to paint the Cleaver garage doors.
5 Feb. 1959
Wally's Pug Nose
Self-conscious Wally resorts to a mail-order remedy to change his appearance after dream-girl Gloria tells him he has a "pug" nose.
12 Feb. 1959
Beaver's Pigeons
When Beaver gets sick with the chicken pox, Wally takes care of his new pigeons. Then he ends up having to take care of Larry's, too.
19 Feb. 1959
The Tooth
While Beaver and his small toothache wait for the results of a dental X-ray, he's convinced that he will soon have a painful experience after mean-spirited Lumpy Rutherford tells him that, to make more money, the dentist will drill a deep hole no matter how tiny the cavity may be.
26 Feb. 1959
Beaver Gets Adopted
Beaver believes he's been unfairly reprimanded for accidentally breaking Wally's track trophy, takes his Dad's offhand comment to find new parents literally, and with pal Larry Mondello's encouragement, heads for an adoption agency to see if he can do better.
5 Mar. 1959
The Haunted House
June lines up a dog-walking job for Beaver unaware that he and his friends believe that the owner of the dog is a witch who lives in a haunted house.
12 Mar. 1959
The Bus Ride
A mix-up during a stop at the Elmhurst bus station while on a trip to visit his friend, Billy, in Crystal Falls puts Beaver and his brother, Wally, on separate buses...going in different directions.
19 Mar. 1959
Beaver and Gilbert
Beaver meets the new kid in town, Gilbert Gates, who likes to tell tall tales.
26 Mar. 1959
Price of Fame
Beaver gets in trouble twice. Once by looking for the principal's "spanking machine", then by getting his head stuck in an iron fence.
2 Apr. 1959
A Horse Named Nick
The boys help out at a traveling carnival for a couple of days. Instead of getting paid the $20 they were promised, they are given a run-down old horse.
9 Apr. 1959
Beaver's Hero
Beaver tells his class that Ward was a big hero in the Second World War, but the boys find out his wartime experience wasn't that exciting.
16 Apr. 1959
Beaver Says Good-bye
Excited about possibly moving to a bigger house in a new neighborhood, Beaver tells his whole third grade class. But when the house sale falls through, embarrassed Beaver doesn't know how to break the news to his friends, especially after they throw him a surprise farewell party...with presents!
23 Apr. 1959
Beaver's Newspaper
Beaver rescues Wally's broken typewriter from the trash, gets reliable Gus the Fireman to fix it with his "special oil" and starts a newspaper with his pal Larry. But Wally soon regrets tossing the now smoothly working machine and demands the newsboys return "his" typewriter.
30 Apr. 1959
Beaver's Sweater
Beaver uses his own $13 to buy a wild Eskimo-style sweater, but regrets it when Judy Hensler has the same one.
7 May 1959
Drawing from a classic story of true friendship, Ward helps Beaver make up with his pal Larry after the two boys have a big fight.
14 May 1959
Dance Contest
Wally is the envy of his friends when pretty Mary Ellen Rogers invites him to her school cotillion. But they don't know what Wally soon finds out...Mary Ellen has entered them in a "cha-cha" contest and Wally doesn't know the steps.
21 May 1959
Wally's Haircomb
Ward and June find it hard to convince Wally that his new "fad" hairstyle makes him look ridiculous, especially when all his friends are combing their hair the same way.
28 May 1959
The Cookie Fund
Cookie chairmen Beaver and Larry find themselves in a bind when they loan three dollars out of the school cookie fund to an older boy with a hard luck story and he refuses to pay them back.
4 Jun. 1959
Forgotten Party
Beaver forgets he's been invited to old friend David Manning's birthday party, is embarrassed to give David what he considers to be a "baby" toy that June bought for him at the last minute, and must think fast to come up with a more appropriate gift.
11 Jun. 1959
Beaver the Athlete
Beaver gets bad grades in physical education when he clowns around to make up for his lack of coordination.
18 Jun. 1959
Found Money
Beaver isn't worried that he doesn't have any money to spend at the carnival after his best friend Larry Mondello promises to pay the way. But conniving Larry has spent all of his allowance too and, sneaking money from his mother's sewing basket, throws it out the window and arranges to have Beaver "find" it.
25 Jun. 1959
Most Interesting Character
Beaver has to write a school paper about the most interesting character he has ever met. He decides to make it about Ward, but has a hard time deciding what to write.
3 Oct. 1959
Blind Date Committee
Wally is chairman of the Blind Date Committee for a dance and has to find dates for people. One girl is especially hard to find a date for.
10 Oct. 1959
Beaver Takes a Bath
When the babysitter cancels at the last minute, Ward and June leave Wally in charge while they are out of town overnight. They have a bathroom mishap in the new house when Beaver takes a bath.
17 Oct. 1959
School Bus
Beaver gets suspended from riding the school bus for acting up.
24 Oct. 1959
Beaver's Prize
Beaver goes to the movies with Larry and wins a prize even though he has been told to stay home for the day.
31 Oct. 1959
Baby Picture
Beaver needs a baby picture for a class project. June comes up with one where he doesn't have any clothes on and mails it to Miss Landers without showing it to him first.
7 Nov. 1959
Beaver Takes a Walk
Impressed by Ward's tales of walking 10 miles each way to school as a boy, Beaver takes his dad's old pedometer to school and bets his friend Whitey that he can walk twenty miles in a day, just like his dad.
14 Nov. 1959
Borrowed Boat
Beaver and his friend Larry Mondello end up at the Mayfield police station after they are tricked by two older boys into using a stolen rowboat while picnicking at Friends lake.
21 Nov. 1959
Beaver's Tree
Inspired after teacher Miss Landers reads a poem to his class about trees, Beaver worries about the tree that Ward planted for him on his birthday in the old neighborhood and decides to bring it to the Cleaver's new yard.
28 Nov. 1959
Teacher Comes to Dinner
Beaver's friends Larry, Whitey and Gilbert climb a tree to secretly spy on their teacher, Miss Landers, when she has dinner at the Cleaver house.
5 Dec. 1959
Beaver's Fortune
Beaver's last penny from his allowance buys him a ticket from a sidewalk weight/fortune telling machine that predicts good luck for him, making him think that, as a result, he can beat up the school bully.
12 Dec. 1959
Beaver Makes a Loan
Beaver is forced to break his promise to bring home the change from the dollar his dad gave him to buy a 25 cent notebook after his unreliable pal, Larry Mondello, takes the money to buy a notebook for each of them and pays off an old debt with the rest.
19 Dec. 1959
Beaver the Magician
Bengie thinks Larry Mondello magically turned Beaver into a rock.
26 Dec. 1959
June's Birthday
Not wanting to hurt Beaver's feelings when he gives her a tacky blouse for her birthday, loving mother June promises Beaver that she will wear the blouse to a mother's club tea. But June wears another outfit instead, unaware that Beaver's grammar school class will also be at the tea to sing a special song.

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