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Season 5

30 Sep. 1961
Wally Goes Steady
When Wally and his girlfriend, Evelyn, frequently double date with Evelyn's older sister, Judy, and her husband, Tom, Ward and June worry that spending so much time with the happy couple will make Wally forgo college for marriage ... especially after Ward's chance encounter with the girls' father reveals that Wally and Evelyn may be secretly going steady.
7 Oct. 1961
No Time for Babysitters
Beaver tries to hide from his friends the fact that he still has to have a babysitter when Wally and his parents are gone.
14 Oct. 1961
Wally's Car
Wally buys his first car, a non-running jalopy which becomes a blight on the neighborhood.
21 Oct. 1961
Beaver's Birthday
At breakfast, Ward and June convince Beaver to bank his birthday money instead of buying the model race car he really wants; but when Uncle Billy's ten dollar cash gift arrives in the mail later in the day, sneaky friend Gilbert urges Beaver to keep the money a secret and use it to buy the car.
4 Nov. 1961
Beaver's Cat Problem
When Beaver feeds a neighbor's wandering cat and the cat keeps coming back for more, the Cleavers think of a creative way to make the cat stay in his own yard.
11 Nov. 1961
Wally's Weekend Job
After seeing all the girls swoon over Wally at his new job at a soda fountain, jealous Lumpy and Eddie plan revenge on Wally.
18 Nov. 1961
Beaver Takes a Drive
When Ward and June are away, Beaver and Gilbert play in the car and it ends up rolling down the driveway into the middle of the street. A cop comes by just as Wally is moving it back into the driveway and gives him a ticket for driving without a license and has to go to traffic court.
25 Nov. 1961
Wally's Big Date
Eddie tricks Wally into taking a tall girl to a school dance.
2 Dec. 1961
Beaver's Ice Skates
Beaver is too embarrassed to admit to his parents that a store salesman has taken advantage of him by convincing the gullible boy to buy ice skates three sizes too big.
9 Dec. 1961
Weekend Invitation
Wally must decide whether or not to tell his parents when he learns that a week-end party with friends at a lakeside cabin will be unchaperoned.
16 Dec. 1961
Beaver's English Test
Beaver and schoolmate Gilbert don't know if they should tell their English teacher that they scored highly on a pop quiz because the questions were the same as the ones they had memorized the night before from one of Wally's old tests.
23 Dec. 1961
Wally's Chauffeur
Wally is embarrassed to be seen by his friends arriving at a fancy country club dance in a car driven by his date.
30 Dec. 1961
Beaver's First Date
Beaver's dread turns to relief when he learns Wally is picked to chaperon his first dance...with a girl!...and knows he can depend on his savvy older brother for much needed advice.
6 Jan. 1962
Ward's Golf Clubs
Beaver scurries to replace his dad's driver after a swing at a golf ball results in a headless club, unaware that Ward had broken it himself earlier that morning.
13 Jan. 1962
Farewell to Penny
Beaver learns a girl he fights with is moving out of town.
20 Jan. 1962
Beaver, the Bunny
Embarrassed Beaver not only has to play the part of a cute bunny rabbit in the school pageant but ends up having to walk to the performance in the cuddly costume.
27 Jan. 1962
Beaver's Electric Trains
After agreeing to let June give his old electric train set to neighbor boy Johnny Battson, Beaver decides to pretend the trains are broken and keep them for himself; but Beaver's sneaky plan doesn't account for big brother Wally falling under the spell of little Johnny's pretty, teen-aged sister!
3 Feb. 1962
Beaver's Long Night
Spooked by a cops-and-robbers movie and absent parents, Beaver calls the police when Lumpy Rutherford comes to the Cleaver house in a "suspicious car" and a gangster costume to pick Wally up for a masquerade party.
10 Feb. 1962
Beaver's Jacket
Ward finds out first hand why his youngest son's middle name is trouble just by giving his permission for the Beaver to buy an expensive leather jacket just like the one he admired on his friend Richard.
17 Feb. 1962
Nobody Loves Me
Feeling picked-on and ignored, Beaver believes his buddy, Richard, who tells him he's reached the age when his parents have stopped loving him because he's awkward and ugly.
24 Feb. 1962
Beaver's Fear
Beaver is reluctant to go to the amusement park with Wally and the older boys after Richard and Whitey tell him how scary the roller coaster ride is.
3 Mar. 1962
Three Boys and a Burro
Beaver convinces his parents to let him go in with friends Richard and Gilbert to buy a cute, little burro; but Beaver's promise that "Pepe" will never have to stay in the Cleaver's yard may be impossible to keep.
10 Mar. 1962
Eddie Quits School
All the guys are jealous when Eddie Haskell's dad allows him to drop out of high school, especially when he brags about the money he's making in his new job; but best friend Wally isn't sure that Eddie is as happy as he seems to be with his newfound independence.
17 Mar. 1962
Wally Stays at Lumpy's
Wally and the Beaver arrange each other's overnight plans without telling Ward and June.
24 Mar. 1962
Beaver's Laundry
Wally comes to the rescue after Beaver lets his pal Richard do the Rickover family laundry in the Cleaver washing machine, "bailing" the inexperienced younger boys out when laundry day turns into soapy mayhem.
31 Mar. 1962
Lumpy's Car Trouble
Wally breaks the rules for borrowing the family car.
7 Apr. 1962
Beaver the Babysitter
Beaver is happy to free Wally up for a date by offering to babysit for the Murdock's five-year-old boy, Chuckie, until he finds out that he'll be sitting with Chuckie's ten-year-old sister, Patty, instead.
14 Apr. 1962
The Younger Brother
When Ward urges Beaver to follow in Wally's footsteps and become the next Cleaver basketball star, Beaver tries out for the City Park basketball team. But Beaver finds he lacks his older brother's talent for the sport and, afraid to disappoint his dad, doesn't tell anyone when he is cut on the first day of practice.
21 Apr. 1962
Beaver's Typewriter
Beaver finds that learning to type on his new typewriter is harder than it looks and is once again reminded that accepting help from Eddie Haskell is never...ever...a good idea.
28 Apr. 1962
The Merchant Marine
Angry with his dad for taking his car keys away, Lumpy Rutherford decides to secretly join the Merchant Marine Corp and has the enlistment information sent to the Cleaver's address instead of his own. Trying to be a good friend, Wally hides the Corp literature in his room; but, when June finds it while cleaning, she's sure that a break-up with his girlfriend and a recent reprimand from Ward have made Wally unhappy enough to leave home.
5 May 1962
Brother vs. Brother
Beaver feels betrayed when the first girl he ever wanted to bring home after school falls for big brother Wally as soon as they get there.
12 May 1962
The Yard Birds
Wally and Beaver reluctantly give up their Saturday morning to clean the yard, miss the garbage man's pick-up deadline and go from the frying pan into the fire when they trust Eddie Haskell and Lumpy Rutherford to take the trash to the dump in Lumpy's car.
19 May 1962
Tennis, Anyone
Wally doesn't know that pretty Carole has asked him to be her tennis partner just to make her boyfriend, Don, jealous.
26 May 1962
One of the Boys
Wally and Eddie are excited to be judged 'cool' enough to be invited to join The Barons, a popular school club, especially when the perks seem to include pretty girls and fast sports cars.
2 Jun. 1962
Sweatshirt Monsters
Beaver and his friends buy fad "monster" sweatshirts and agree to wear them to school on the same day but Beaver is the only one who manages to sneak out of his house in the gruesome attire and suffers the consequences of violating the school's dress code...and his parents trust.
9 Jun. 1962
A Night in the Woods
When their week-end dating plans are ruined by Wally's promise to take Beaver and his buddies camping, Lumpy and Eddie connive to free up their pal by trying to scare the young campers into coming home early.
16 Jun. 1962
Long Distance Call
While Ward and June are out for the day, Beaver is convinced by his visiting friends, Gilbert and Alan, to split the cost of a long distance phone call to Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher, Don Drysdale. But the prank costs much more than they expect when the boys are left on hold while the famous baseball player finishes his shower.
23 Jun. 1962
Stocks and Bonds
Ward decides to teach Wally a real-life lesson in economics by helping him and Beaver invest one hundred dollars in the stock market. But when the nice, solid utility stock recommended by their dad doesn't show much activity, the boys decide to take Eddie Haskell's advice and buy risky, but rising, space tech stock.
30 Jun. 1962
June takes it hard when Wally decides he doesn't want to go with the family on the Cleaver's annual summer trip to the lake.

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