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23 Apr. 1957
It's a Small World
Sneaky Frankie Bennett tells Beaver that he can win a new bicycle by entering a popular television show's Franklin Milk bottle cap contest; but Beaver and big brother, Wally, cause quite a commotion at the milk company's office when no one there seems to know anything about a contest after the boys show up to claim their prize pulling a wagon loaded with a thousand bottle caps.
4 Oct. 1957
Beaver Gets 'Spelled'
Beaver expects the worst when teacher Miss Canfield sends him home with a sealed note for his parents.
11 Oct. 1957
Captain Jack
Wally and Beaver secretly order a Florida alligator from a comic book ad, planning to keep the creature in their bathtub. But when a tiny, baby alligator shows up in a shoebox instead of the full grown, 8-footer shown in the ad, the boys enlist the help of crusty alligator expert, Captain Jack, to raise their new pet.
18 Oct. 1957
The Black Eye
Violet Rutherford gives Beaver a black eye.
25 Oct. 1957
The Haircut
Beaver loses the money he was given for a haircut. In order to conceal his carelessness from his parents, he gives himself a haircut - with disastrous results.
1 Nov. 1957
New Neighbors
June sends Beaver with a welcome-to-the-neighborhood bouquet to new next-door neighbor Mrs. Donaldson; but when the little boy is rewarded with a kiss on his cheek, rascally Eddie Haskell warns that a jealous Mr. Donaldson will soon show up at Beaver's door.
8 Nov. 1957
Brotherly Love
June makes Wally and Beaver sign a friendship pact to stop them from fighting and do more things together. But when each boy is offered a Saturday activity that doesn't include the other, they find the pact is not so easy to keep.
15 Nov. 1957
Water Anyone?
Beaver is left out when Ward and the other neighborhood dads offer to pay Wally and his friends for doing outdoor chores to help them buy uniforms. But, after Beaver finds out that the main water line will be shut off on a very hot day, he loads up his wagon with full water buckets and makes his own money ... at five cents a cup!
22 Nov. 1957
Beaver's Crush
Beaver's crush on his teacher Miss Canfield and teasing by the other kids leads him to put a spring snake in her desk drawer. When his conscience starts acting up, he does his best to make sure the snake stays in the desk.
29 Nov. 1957
The Clubhouse
A rainy day indoors prompts Wally and his friends to build a clubhouse across the street. When Beaver can only join if he comes up with $3, he decides to hit the streets with a newfound entrepreneurial spirit.
6 Dec. 1957
Wally's Girl Trouble
Although he can't understand why any boy would give up fishing to spend time with a girl, Beaver still tries to help brother Wally make up after a fight with pretty Penny.
13 Dec. 1957
Beaver's Short Pants
Beaver suffers the consequences when June's beloved Aunt Martha comes to stay at the Cleavers and sends him to school dressed in her idea of what a young boy should wear to school...an old-fashioned suit with short pants and cap.
27 Dec. 1957
The Perfume Salesmen
Wally and Beaver send for a supply of "Flower of the Orient" perfume to sell door-to-door, planning make enough money to buy a movie projector. But selling the perfume turns out to be harder than they think, especially when everyone agrees that it smells like an old catcher's mitt!
3 Jan. 1958
Voodoo Magic
Eddie Haskell thinks it's funny when Wally and Beaver are grounded after he tricks them into going to the movie "Voodoo Curse" even though they promised June that they wouldn't ... until Beaver gets even by using a little "voodoo magic" on Eddie!
10 Jan. 1958
Part-Time Genius
After having to listen to colleague "Corny" Cornelius brag about his children's academic excellence, Ward is thrilled to return the favor when principal Mrs. Rayburn calls to say that Beaver's score on an intelligence test is the highest in the school; but one of Beaver's classmates has a secret and Ward may have to eat his words.
17 Jan. 1958
Party Invitation
Beaver finds himself where no self-respecting second grade boy would ever want to be: the only boy invited to little Linda Dennison's otherwise all-girl party.
24 Jan. 1958
Lumpy Rutherford
The Cleaver boys' plan to get even with bully Lumpy Rutherford for picking on them backfires when Lumpy's dad, Fred, suffers the consequences instead.
31 Jan. 1958
The Paper Route
Ward and June find it hard not to interfere after mean Mr. Merkel threatens to fire Wally and Beaver from the after-school paper route the boys took on to earn money for a new bicycle.
7 Feb. 1958
Child Care
Wally and Beaver get more excitement than they expect when give up their Saturday visit with Gus the fireman to babysit mischievous little "Puddin'" while her parents go with Ward and June to a wedding.
14 Feb. 1958
The Bank Account
A package delivered to the Cleaver house from a high-end sports store seems to confirm Ward's suspicions that Wally and Beaver skipped school to buy expensive baseball mitts with piggy bank money they promised to deposit into their school bank account.
28 Feb. 1958
Lonesome Beaver
Beaver faces a lonely week-end when his neighborhood pals can't come out to play and older brother Wally's scout troop leaves on a camping trip.
7 Mar. 1958
Cleaning Up Beaver
When Ward and Wally pressure messy Beaver to be neater, Beaver takes buddy Larry's advice and asks for his own room.
14 Mar. 1958
The Perfect Father
Busy Ward thinks his boys spend all their time over at the Dennisons' because they can play basketball there with their friends. But when Wally and Beaver still prefer the Dennison driveway, even after Ward puts up his own backboard, it takes a frank conversation with neighbor Chuck Dennison to reveal the secret that will bring the Cleaver boys back home.
21 Mar. 1958
Beaver and Poncho
Beaver gets attached to a runaway chihuahua named Poncho and sneaks the little dog to school under his coat on the morning the owner comes to claim it.
26 Mar. 1958
The State Versus Beaver
Beaver gets a ticket and winds up in front of a tough traffic court judge after he and pal Larry are pulled over while taking a quick spin down the street without a license in a home-built race car powered by a lawnmower engine.
2 Apr. 1958
The Broken Window
The boys accidentally break the car window.
9 Apr. 1958
Train Trip
Traveling home from a visit to Aunt Martha, Wally and Beaver spend too much of their money on food in the train station and don't have enough left to buy their tickets.
16 Apr. 1958
My Brother's Girl
Mary Ellen Rogers schemes to get unsuspecting Wally to ask her to the school dance, using her friendship with Beaver to get closer to his big brother.
23 Apr. 1958
Next Door Indians
To impress the older boys, Beaver makes up a story about a real, live Indian fight that occurred across the street from the Cleaver house a hundred years ago and bets Eddie Haskell a dollar fifty that it really happened. But Beaver knows he's in trouble when Eddie and the boys show up with shovels to prove him wrong ... until they find what they think are valuable gems.
30 Apr. 1958
Tenting Tonight
Concerned that Wally and Beaver are spending too much time at the movies on the week-ends, Ward plans a camping trip and the excited boys tell all their friends. But when Eddie Haskell's dire prediction that Ward never really intended to go camping seems to come true after unexpected office work forces the busy dad to cancel the trip, the disappointed Cleaver boys pitch a tent and spend a rainy night in their back yard to avoid giving Eddie the satisfaction of thinking he was right.
7 May 1958
Music Lesson
Cut during the first day of tryouts, Beaver tells his parents that he made it into the school band and carries his clarinet to school for weeks, thinking that he has plenty of time to tell them the truth; but time runs out when June finds a concert announcement in Beaver's pocket and the whole family plans to go.
14 May 1958
New Doctor
Impressed by all the attention Wally receives while in bed with a sore throat, Beaver decides to get some for himself by pretending to be sick.
21 May 1958
Beaver's Old Friend
Memories of companionship and comfort prevent Beaver from letting go of his well-worn teddy bear, Billy, and prompt the little boy to rescue his furry friend from the garbage truck even though Ward and Wally tease that he's "too old" to play with dolls.
28 May 1958
Wally's Job
Wally hedges after making a deal with his dad to paint the trashcans for fifty cents each, convinced by Eddie Haskell to hold out for more money. But when Beaver takes the job at the original price, causing hard feelings between the brothers, Ward looks for a compromise to satisfy everyone and finds, in the end, that boys will be boys and moms are full of surprises.
4 Jun. 1958
Beaver's Bad Day
The whole Cleaver family learns a lesson in truthfulness after Eddie Haskell intimidates Beaver into lying about how his good suit pants were torn.
11 Jun. 1958
Boarding School
Initially impressed by Johnny Franklin's military academy uniform and good manners when Wally's former schoolmate comes to visit, June becomes alarmed when, as a result, Wally wants to attend the academy instead of Mayfield High with the rest of his friends.
18 Jun. 1958
Beaver and Henry
Capturing a white rabbit in a home-made gopher trap is only one surprise that awaits the Cleavers when their new pet "Henry" turns out to be expectant-mother "Henrietta".
25 Jun. 1958
Beaver Runs Away
Beaver decides to run away from home when he thinks he is unfairly reprimanded for allowing his friend Larry to accidentally drill holes in the Cleaver garage wall with Ward's electric drill.
2 Jul. 1958
Beaver's Guest
Typical boyish shenanigans result in an eventful stay when Larry Mondello comes to spend the night with Beaver.
16 Jul. 1958
Cat Out of the Bag
In spite of Ward's misgivings, all goes well when Wally and Beaver volunteer to feed the neighbor's prize-winning cat, Puff Puff, until Wally breaks a promise, Beaver leaves a gate open and Eddie Haskell's dog chases Puff Puff up a tree.

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