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2 Jan. 1960
The Prophet
A U.S. general is teaching Apaches European military tactics, so Paladin is hired by military intelligence to capture or kill the deserter. The general's Apache wife was raped by his own troops, so now General Nunez's combined forces with her tribe near Alamogordo to start a war against the U.S. Cavalry. Paladin served with the General in the Union Army, and is skeptical about the fierce, All Army ex-Indian fighter.
9 Jan. 1960
The Day of the Bad Man
C. Palmer sends for Paladin to clean up Cedar Wells - a place where folks lose at faro, lose their lives and the cattle she tries to sell there. With the help of Laredo Perkins, Paladin hatches an idea of how exactly he can earn his fee.
16 Jan. 1960
The Pledge
Ike Brennan's wife Maureen is being held hostage by Indians. He hires Paladin to escort him to where the Indians will exchange Maureen for food and blankets. Before Paladin can get Maureen back, he must contend with a nosy cavalry patrol and a dangerous secret which just might get everyone killed.
23 Jan. 1960
Paladin intercedes to delay a stalker until his prey Jenny has left San Francisco, but another man, who's eerily calm, KOs Paladin from behind. On horseback, Paladin catches up with her stagecoach, and forces the stalker off, but the silent partner quietly remains on-board, undetected. While all the men on the trip clear a landslide blocking the stagecoach's path, someone else entirely, kidnaps Jenny! Again, Paladin saddles up to go after Jenny.
30 Jan. 1960
Return to Fort Benjamin
An Indian chief asks Paladin for help. His son has been convicted of murder by the army and sentenced to be executed. The chief wants Paladin to help make sure that the boy will be buried according to tribal customs, which he doesn't believe the army will do. Paladin agrees and travels to the fort where the son is being held. However, the more he finds out about the case, the more he becomes convinced that the young man was actually framed for the murder for which he's to be executed.
6 Feb. 1960
The Night the Town Died
Paladin is hired to protect Aaron Bell from the townspeople who all may want to kill the just released convict. He was sentenced for treason, protecting his fugitive brother Paul from the army. Who does he need to worry about? The townspeople or Aaron?
13 Feb. 1960
The Ledge
Paladin rides upon a group of men heading to Mercerville. When they see a stranger on the cliff side swept away by an avalanche, it's soon revealed why each of them has their reasons why they can't or won't see if he is still alive even though one is a doctor.
20 Feb. 1960
The Lady on the Wall
Paladin is accused by Bonanza's citizenry of swiping the treasured painting behind the bar of the hamlet's last remaining saloon. The portrait of a vibrant and gorgeous former woman resident, sustains the spirits of elderly townsmen, remembering her and the area's halcyon Gold Rush days.
27 Feb. 1960
The Misguided Father
Paladin finds his friend Charlie Blackburn dead on his davenport. When he returns him to his hometown of Alimo for burial, he finds that neither he nor Charlie is very welcome.
5 Mar. 1960
The Hatchet Man
Paladin is hired by the San Francisco Police to watch over its first Asian officer, who's had a bounty placed on his head by the tongs but has refused protection for fear of losing face.
12 Mar. 1960
Fight at Adobe Wells
A wealthy financier, Commodore Guilder, hires Paladin to protect him from Quanah Parker, a half-Indian, half-white warrior. Arriving at Adobe Wells, Paladin discovers that Guilder did not tell him the full story.
19 Mar. 1960
The Gladiators
Vain old gasbag challenges a young fop to a duel, so Paladin is hired to go to New Orleans to stop it. Complicating Paladin's assignment are his attraction to the older combatant's luscious daughter, and that the younger man imports feared Texas gunslinger Sledge as his second.
26 Mar. 1960
Love of a Bad Woman
Paladin drops his current seduction, to instead kill a husband and marry the rich widow. That's his cover for the assignment from husband Haskel, who reads a chilling message between the lines in his drop-dead wife's personals ad: she's had it with being a trophy. She wants Haskel's head over the mantle now. When Paladin arrives at the couple's ranch, there's a long line of willing applicants already.
2 Apr. 1960
An International Affair
Princess Mapuana pays Paladin to keep safe a gift - a signet ring from her royal family to our president. But someone is killing off those involved.
9 Apr. 1960
Lady with a Gun
A man is shot at by a woman because he killed her little brother during the Civil War. He has been running from her since then. Paladin offers to contact the police but when that is refused, he offers his card and services.
16 Apr. 1960
Never Help the Devil
When Doggie's shooting arm is injured winning a gunfight, the impoverished citizens dig deep to rabidly bet on who will finish off their local menace (and when). Passerby Paladin wants nothing to do with it, but decides even the despicable gunslinger deserves some justice, so he agrees to get him out of town so he can stand trial.
23 Apr. 1960
Several travelers are held by gunpoint at a ferry crossing, including Paladin and his prisoner. What fate awaits them soon appears in the form of a blind father seeking vengeance for his son's killer which he believes to be one of them.
30 Apr. 1960
Black Sheep
Paladin is hired to bring back from Mexico an heir to a sizable fortune. One catch -- the heir may have to spend several years in jail for crimes he committed. But is it jail Paladin is leading him to or something else?
14 May 1960
Full Circle
Paladin receives word from someone out of his past that he needs help. Only issue -- this is not a friend but someone he trusted who ran out leaving him to face a vengeful brother's bullet.
21 May 1960
The Twins
Adam Marakian hires Paladin to find his twin brother Sam, someone he's always admired. The only person who can tell them apart is his wife, who seems helpful but only at first.
28 May 1960
The Campaign of Billy Banjo
Billy Banjo Jones is running for state senate, supported by his rich and domineering wife, Elise. But he hires Paladin to give protection to his opponent, Jansen, because he fears that Elise may do murder to ensure his successful election.
4 Jun. 1960
Paladin searches for a man who once served the emperor of Mexico, but he's not the only one after him.
11 Jun. 1960
The Trial
Morgan Gibbs hires Paladin to bring his son in alive for the murder of his fiancee. He tries to but a bounty hunter is there first and shoots him in the back. Now Morgan wants Paladin to have a kangaroo style trial for his son's murder.
18 Jun. 1960
The Search
Lane Kilmer brings Paladin to the bedside of his dying mother, who wishes to hire Paladin to find her son Martin, lost for 20 years. Paladin decides to follow the lead of Mr. Edwards, another person engaged by Mrs. Kilmer to find Martin.
10 Sep. 1960
The Fatalist
Rivka Shotness seeks the help of Paladin in the hopes he will protect her father who is about to testify against a local outlaw he saw kill a man. Usually witnesses don't make it to trial or suffer some other malady before they do.
17 Sep. 1960
Love's Young Dream
Pelt scavenger Monk returns to plague Paladin when Monk inherits 50% of the Barbary Coast's swankest nightclub. Paladin has to Pygmalion the odoriferous Monk just to stay the disco's bouncers from repeatedly flinging buckskin-clad Monk into a nice, cleansing gutter. To hyena-like Monk, the club's peacock-feathered co-owner Augusta is even more attractive than a freshly killed gazelle. Can even Paladin the sophisticate spruce up Monk enough to keep him atop Nob Hill?
24 Sep. 1960
A Head of Hair
A newspaper article reports that the Nez Perce Indians have kidnapped a white woman. Paladin rides to a nearby Army post hoping to get some help in finding her. His Sioux guide soon proves he has ulterior motives.
1 Oct. 1960
Out at the Old Ball Park
Paladin is summoned to ump when warring baseball clubs besiege Whiskey Slide. Almost everyone in the cattle town bets heavily on their local cowpokes versus a barnstorming pro 9, so gunshots outnumber home run shots. Paladin's resume includes serving under Gen. Abner Doubleday in the Civil War, and witnessing the first openly pro team, the Cincinnati Red Stockings play in 1869, so Mayor Whiteside, Sheriff Fix, and Chicago Bears manager Marcus Goodbaby ink the expensive free agent ump.
8 Oct. 1960
Saturday Night
Paladin is suspected of murder after taking the wrong road East in a gale, stranding him in a wild town under the gun of a corrupt sheriff. The lawman doesn't mind bar fights, as long as he can take advantage of the combatants, so weary, sodden Paladin is swept into jail with 4 surly locals: including a thief, a barnyard philosopher, and 2 romantic rivals.
15 Oct. 1960
The Calf
A fence has two sides. On one is a landowner who won't give up anything he finds on his side. On the other is an old man and his adopted son, content to keep to themselves. Paladin decides to help keep the landowner on his side, no matter the cost.
22 Oct. 1960
The Tender Gun
Paladin gets a letter from the sheriff of Arroyo asking him to come help remove a covey of gunslinging water moccasins. The sheriff's nephew referred him and says he is just the man. His reward will be pretty interesting too.
29 Oct. 1960
The Shooting of Jessie May
After reading an article in a local newspaper, Paladin rides to Wyoming to see Joe Ergo. Seems that Jessie May Turnbow is seeking revenge against the jury that convicted his father ten years earlier. What he's using is a handmade automatic shotgun that cuts a wide and bloody path.
12 Nov. 1960
The Poker Fiend
Mrs. Neal will pay Paladin his biggest payday yet if he can return her husband before he loses all his money in a poker game he has been at for several months. Only two people and a sickness stand in his way.
19 Nov. 1960
Paladin is hired to find an old prospector who's looking for an Indian silver mine.
26 Nov. 1960
The Marshal's Boy
Marshal Lamport wires Paladin. His son, accused of killing Burt Gulley, is on the run. He needs his help making sure he is brought to trial instead of killed by Burt's father, a member of the posse.
3 Dec. 1960
Fogg Bound
Phileas Fogg, trying to travel around the world in 80 days, employs Paladin as an armed escort for a segment of the journey. Paladin quickly learns he has more than he bargained for; Fogg is traveling with both a manservant and an Indian princess. Also, the journey will prove to be treacherous.
10 Dec. 1960
The Legacy
Paladin joins a posse determined to capture Sam Tarnitzer. When he finds and shoots him, Sam writes a deathbed will leaving his considerable holdings to him -- unless one of the posse should kill him first.
17 Dec. 1960
The Prisoner
Paladin is approached about a justified killing he was involved in over a decade ago. A then 13 year old is now to be hanged for his alleged involvement with one brother who was killed by Paladin and two others that were hung. The town seems ready to mete out their version of justice unless Paladin and a Boston judge can bring their own.
24 Dec. 1960
The Puppeteer
On the trail, Paladin has to kill his fallen horse. He is soon picked up by a mountebank heading for Fort Pawnee. He soon learns that his benefactor has ulterior motives for coming here and reveals them during a puppet show.
31 Dec. 1960
The Sanctuary
Paladin is on his way to Monterey. He stops for the night at a mission and finds it surrounded by gunmen who want someone inside who has been granted sanctuary. Now Paladin must decide to continue on his journey or how he can help.

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