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Season 1

9 Apr. 1957
Road Block
Authorities search for a prisoner who escaped from an honor farm to see his wife and daughter.
23 Apr. 1957
The Guilty Ones
The Milledge family is victimized by a local gang called the Icers, who are planning to start a war with a rival group, the Blue Jackets. Frank Milledge (Lawrence Dobkin) tries to keep his family out of it by refusing to cooperate with the sheriff's office -- he doesn't realize that his brother Tommy (Steve Rowland) is a Blue Jacket and a target, along with his whole family.
11 Jun. 1957
The Bite
A man who committed a murder was bitten by a dog that turned out to be suffering from rabies. The police desperately try to find the man, who is unaware of the danger he is in, and is doing his level best to elude the authorities.
2 Jul. 1957
Suspect Number One
Police investigate the beating death of a small-time hood.
23 Jul. 1957
The Trap
An elderly woman whose house is scheduled to be torn down for construction of a freeway takes a rifle and defends her property.
30 Jul. 1957
The Thief
The police investigate the case of a young woman who shoplifted very expensive jewelry from a high-end jewelry store.
20 Aug. 1957
The Sniper
A sniper has been targeting and shooting women in the Los Angeles area, and so far has racked up seven victims. When the police investigate the sniper's latest shooting, they begin to suspect that it may not be the sniper at all, but a copycat.
27 Aug. 1957
Family on Trial
The police investigate the case of a family being threatened by an extortionist.
17 Sep. 1957
Ashes Will Happen
Barnett and his crew try to find the cause behind a series of recent fires.
24 Sep. 1957
Charged Bottle
Some children find a substance that appears to be an explosive. Barnett and his team investigate to see what exactly it is and how the kids got it.
1 Oct. 1957
You Can't Kill a Marine
Barnett tries to rescue a Marine who, while hitchhiking home, has been picked up by an angry, aggressive driver.
8 Oct. 1957
The Man with Many Faces
The dying daughter of a clerk wants to go to Honolulu before she dies. The clerk, knowing he'd never be able to afford it but wanting to give her what is her dying wish, begins forging checks to get the money for the trip.
22 Oct. 1957
Night of Terror
A man released from a psychiatric hospital tries to prove that he was actually framed by his brother-in-law, a doctor, but he can't get anyone to listen to him. So he decides to take matters into his own hands.
5 Nov. 1957
Bail Out
Barnett tries to find a pilot who radioed a distress signal to the airport control tower that his plane was in trouble and he was bailing out.
19 Nov. 1957
Death in an Alley
Barnett investigates an elderly man's death, trying to find out what he meant by his dying word: "Arkansas".
3 Dec. 1957
24 Dec. 1957
The Benson Case
A female cop goes undercover in a women's jail, and her life is in danger when a hardened killer finds out that there's an undercover cop among the inmates and sets out to find out who she is.

 Season 1 

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