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4 Jan. 1957
Dagwood's Ego
Blondie, driven by gossip from her girl friends decides that Dagwood needs to push his boss for a better job and more pay. Dagwood is hesitant because he lacks confidence in his ability, but Blondie cooks up a scheme to help get Dagwood the promotion he deserves.
11 Jan. 1957
Mr. Dithers Is Hospitalized
Dagwood is put in charge of the construction of a new factory when Mr Dithers is suddenly hospitalized with an ulcer. On the first day on the job a bird's nest is found in a tree due to be chopped down and Dagwood's roll as a boss may soon come to an end.
18 Jan. 1957
Mr. Dithers Moves in
To save money Mr Dithers moves in to the Blondie and Dagwood home while his own home is being re-decorated. The relationships sours quickly as the Dithers see the Bumstead's more as servants than people with a kind heart.
25 Jan. 1957
The Other Woman
Dagwood meets a pretty librarian at lunch and has such a enjoyable time it becomes a regular occurence. Blondie finds out and is jealous not knowing all her husband talks about is her.
1 Feb. 1957
Home Sweet Home
After Blondie makes a joke about their house Dagwood thinks she wants to move. He almost has their home sold before he finds out differently and must figure out how to get out of the deal.
8 Feb. 1957
Get That Gun
Mr Dithers wants to purchase a gun for his collection. He knows his wife will be extremely angry if she finds out. A dither organizes for Bumstead to purchase the weapon then give it to Mr Dithers as a gift to an appreciative boss.
15 Feb. 1957
The Feud
Herb and Dagwood get into a big argument about politics, and vow never to speak to one another again. However, they soon find that each has tools that belong to the other.
22 Feb. 1957
The Quiz Show
Dagwood bemoans the fact he is not famous for anything. A chance encounter leads him to appear on a quiz show where his mathematical skills soon lead him to gain more fame and attention than he ever desired or expected.
1 Mar. 1957
Husbands Once Removed
A random conversation leads Blondie to be concerned about her marriage license. Repeated efforts to locate a replacement copy prove futile. She decides to work this to her advantage and tell Dagwood they are not married and he is going to have woo her heart all over again.
8 Mar. 1957
The Payoff Money
Blondie and Mrs. Woodle go downtown shopping, and leave some packages in a locker, planning to pick them up later. However, when Blondie gets home she discovers that her package doesn't contain the pound of liver she thought it did--it's full of cash, $50,000 to be exact, and two gangsters soon show up at her door looking for it.
15 Mar. 1957
The Idol
Blondie and Dagwood are given an Oriental idol as a gift, but it has a reputation as a jinx. Soon the Bumstead family finds itself plagued by one accident after another.
22 Mar. 1957
Oil for the Lamps of Blondie
It is Blondie and Dagwood's anniversary. The Dithers give them an extraordinary ugly lamp to celebrate the occasion. The couple hates the lamp and decides to return the gift and get a refund so they can purchase something they actually need.
29 Mar. 1957
Blondie the Breadwinner
Dagwood is concerned about how much he is getting paid and with Blondie's coaching confronts Mr Dithers about a pay rise. The encounter does not go well and Dagwood suddenly discovers himself unemployed.
12 Apr. 1957
The Rummage Sale
When Mr. Dithers finds a closet full of lamps, clothes and various gadgets in a closet in his house, he concludes that his wife Cora is a kleptomaniac.
19 Apr. 1957
Dagood finds himself in a fix when Mr. Dithers mails his employees a picture of an important female client, but mistakenly identifies Dagwood as the company president.
26 Apr. 1957
Puppy Love
Blondie and Dagwood are concerned over Alexander who appears to be dealing with a bad case of puppy love. Mr Dithers is a friend of the girl's father, and offers to intercede on Alexander's behalf to see if the romance came be kick started.
3 May 1957
Made to Fire
Blondie takes a job to get money to buy a new washing machine, so she hires a maid to take care of the house while she's gone. However, the woman's bizarre actions arouse the Bumsteads' suspicions that she is actually a jewel thief.
10 May 1957
Blondie Redecorates
Dagwood decides that the living room isn't "manly" enough, so he insists that it be refurnished. Much to Dagwood's dismay, Blondie promptly gets an interior decorator to give her an estimate on what it would cost to redecorate the entire house.
24 May 1957
The Spy
International spies pick Dagwood's hat as the hiding place for a role of secret microfilm. When Dagwood takes his hat back before they can retrieve the film, they sent out a beautiful secret agent to get it back.
31 May 1957
Cupid's Question Column
Blondie and Dagwood have an argument over Blondie's buying a new hat. Afterwards a friend of Blondie's asks her if she wants to write the local newspaper's advice column for a week, and Blondie sees a chance for a little payback to Dagwood.
7 Jun. 1957
The Tramp
To repay Dagwood's kindness to him, a tramp agrees to help Dagwood get back at Mr. Dithers for going back on his promise to give Dagwood some stock in the company. The tramp will pose as a wealthy businessman who wants Dagwood to leave J.C. Dithers Co. and start his own business.
14 Jun. 1957
Follow That Man
Mr. Dithers sees Blondie in a store buying dresses and expensive jewelry, and comes to the conclusion that Dagwood must be embezzling from the company.
21 Jun. 1957
The Party
The Bumsteads and the Woodleys plan a big shindig for Alexander's 16th birthday party, but their plans go on hold when Alexander announces that he doesn't want one.
28 Jul. 1957
Howdy, Neighbor
New neighbors move into the area and tension begins to build immediately when it is realized that the neighbor is a very attractive housewife.

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