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Season 3

17 Sep. 1959
Peter Meets His Match
Bentley coaches Peter in winning the heart of the woman he loves.
24 Sep. 1959
Bentley and the Dog Trainer
Jasper has been stealing and hiding items around the house, and after Bentley is sued for a neighbor's garden damage, he sends Jasper to dog obedience training school.
8 Oct. 1959
Bentley and the Gullible Guitarist
Kelly manipulates Uncle Bentley, Peter, and Howard into providing money, food, and entertainment for a party she's planning. She soon learns what goes around comes around.
15 Oct. 1959
Kelly's Idol
Kelly tries to mold her new flame in the form of her beloved Uncle Bentley.
22 Oct. 1959
East Meets West
Peter is addicted to his favorite TV western show starring Rock Randall, a client of Mr. Gregg. Peter threatens to quit unless Mr. Gregg buys a TV that he can watch in the kitchen while he cooks.
29 Oct. 1959
Bentley and Grandpa Ling
Peter introduces Kelly and Uncle Bentley to the inimitable Grandpa Ling. If he sees something he likes, he takes it and leaves an item that he thinks is of equal value in its place.
5 Nov. 1959
Kelly: The Golddigger
Kelly starts dating a rich boy, and all she cares about is his money. Uncle Bentley plots to set her straight.
12 Nov. 1959
The Rescue of Rufus
Bentley Gregg takes the case of a canine client named Rufus, after a little boy's dog is accused of biting a man, who demands that Rufus be destroyed.
19 Nov. 1959
A Key for Kelly
Kelly pleads with Uncle Bentley that she's almost sixteen and now old enough to have her own house key.
26 Nov. 1959
Bentley's Double Play
Uncle Bentley unwillingly becomes involved with directing two plays: one featuring Kelly and the other featuring Peter.
3 Dec. 1959
Bentley and the Brainy Beauty
Tired of dating dumb blondes, Bentley starts going out with a smart attractive female attorney.
10 Dec. 1959
Bentley Plays Cupid
Bentley tries to trick his bachelor friend, Chuck, into marrying his lovelorn secretary, Kitty.
17 Dec. 1959
Kelly's Secret
Bentley Gregg goes on a detective mission to find out the identity of the person in Kelly's class who is getting married. He assumes it's a student, but what Kelly won't tell him is that it's actually her teacher.
24 Dec. 1959
Bentley Goes to Washington
Bentley is being lured to join a prestigious law firm in Washington, DC. Of course, none of his friends and family want him to move.
31 Dec. 1959
Kelly, the Politician
It's rough and tumble politics, as Kelly campaigns to be elected president of the student council.
7 Jan. 1960
Bentley: The Gentleman Farmer
Bentley decides to take harsh measures against a gopher that is stealing his backyard grown tomatoes.
14 Jan. 1960
Bentley and the Combo
Bentley suffers the trials and tribulations of helping a small jazz combo from Kelly's high school rehearse for a Battle Of The Bands contest. Their new pushy young sax player becomes the bane of everyone's existence - especially Bentley's.
21 Jan. 1960
Bentley and the Bartered Bride
Peter barters for a lovely young bride set up by 'Cousin' Charlie.
28 Jan. 1960
The Blonde Issue
After Uncle Bentley says absolutely not to Kelly's request to dye her hair blonde, she makes a bet with him that if there's evidence that his redheaded girlfriend dyes her hair, then Kelly can dye hers, too.
4 Feb. 1960
Bentley and the Majorette
Bentley encourages one of Kelly's friends to enter a majorette contest.
18 Feb. 1960
Bentley, the Model Citizen
Bentley is a member of the City Planning Committee, and as such, it has put him at odds with a couple neighbors. Whether or not to install a new traffic light is the problem.
25 Feb. 1960
The Fishing Trip
Kelly thinks that Uncle Bentley wishes he had a son, so she offers to go on a camping trip with him and his friends and their cute teenage sons.
3 Mar. 1960
The Fortune Cookie Caper
Against Mr. Gregg's advice, Peter, with the help of Kelly, Ginger, and Howard, goes into business making and selling homemade fortune cookies. The bureaucratic red tape that Peter encounters takes up so much of Mr. Gregg's time that it jeopardizes a million-dollar deal at his law office.
10 Mar. 1960
Kelly and the College Man
16-year-old Kelly gets in over her head after lying about her age to a 22-year-old college man because she wants to date him. She tells him that she's 19, and surprisingly, she gets Uncle Bentley to back up her lie.
17 Mar. 1960
Kelly: The Career Woman
There's disorder in the court when Kelly becomes Uncle Bentley's "junior partner".
24 Mar. 1960
Bentley's New House
Bentley Gregg reminisces about the ups and downs of moving into his family's new house.
7 Apr. 1960
Bentley, the Stage Mother
Kelly wants to break into acting, and Uncle Bentley gets a little bit too involved.
14 Apr. 1960
The Woman's Angle
Kelly is tired of being excluded from adult matters, so Uncle Bentley allows her to substitute for his secretary on her day off. Kelly quickly becomes overwhelmed by the tasks at hand.
21 Apr. 1960
Bentley Meets the Perfect Woman
Bentley begins dating an efficiency expert.
28 Apr. 1960
Bentley and the Travel Agent
Bentley's latest attraction is a lovely young lady working at her father's travel agency. In order to ingratiate himself with them, he drums up business.
5 May 1960
The Very Friendly Witness
Uncle Bentley and Kelly both decide to go steady at the same time. It's not easy for either of them.
12 May 1960
Bentley and the Blood Bank
Frank Curtis tells a phony story about Bentley being a World War II hero, and a pretty young nurse at the Red Cross agrees to go out with him, only because she believes it.
19 May 1960
A Man of Importance
After several ego-shattering blows, Peter's feeling of self-importance is at an all-time low. He threatens to quit and move to San Francisco - and this time he means it.
26 May 1960
Bentley and the Beach Bum
Kelly has fallen for a beach bum, and Uncle Bentley intends to do something about it.
2 Jun. 1960
Where There's a Will
Mystery and intrigue abound when Bentley Gregg assembles an odd cast of characters to attend the reading of the last will and testament of a rich relative.
9 Jun. 1960
Bentley's Birthday Gift
Kelly plans to surprise her Uncle Bentley on his birthday, but her scheme goes awry.

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