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7 Jan. 1958
Trail of Darkness
Rynning and Travis investigate when a number of women are murdered in a small Arizona town. Since the circumstances surrounding each murder are identical, the rangers fear that they are trying to capture a psychopathic misogynist. When Travis finds a footprint with a distinctive heel mark near the body, the lawmen search the surrounding area for the owner of such a boot.
4 Feb. 1958
Panic at Bisbee
Unemployed miners threaten to burn down the Bisbee bank unless they can withdraw money from their accounts. Unfortunately, the local office doesn't have enough money to meet their demands, so they must pull cash from other locations to survive. Travis is ordered to guard the shipment and must deal with corrupt businessmen and crooks with itchy trigger fingers to get the money through on time.
11 Feb. 1958
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18 Feb. 1958
Slaughter Trail
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25 Feb. 1958
Gun Hand
An Arizona Ranger is shot in the arm while attempting to thwart a hold-up. He convinces the doctor not to inform Captain Rynning of the seriousness of his injury until he can at least try to regain his shooting form. His fiancée fears that he will be no match for the outlaws who are hijacking gold shipments near his station.
4 Mar. 1958
Cattle Embargo
While trying to enforce the embargo placed on Mexican cattle, an Arizona ranger is shot and left for dead by a trio of cowboys. One of the cowmen takes pity on the wounded lawman and takes him to a nearby ranch for medical assistance. Rynning is determined to bring the shooter to justice and break up the cross-border cattle trade to an end.
11 Mar. 1958
Badge to Kill
After a shipment of gold guarded by the Arizona Rangers is stolen, the U.S. Marshals assigned to the region accuse Ranger Ben Thorpe of complicity in the theft.
18 Mar. 1958
Montezuma's Cave
Rynning and Travis assist the Mexican Rurales hunt down the remnants of an army of bandits who sought to overthrow the government. During the chase, one of the outlaws is killed by the border patrol and incorrectly identified as the movement's commander, Romero. Meanwhile, the erstwhile leader assumes the identity of a poor peon and goes in search of the loot from a train robbery hidden nearly ten years earlier.
25 Mar. 1958
Sundown Decision
Kevin Hardy, a rancher who is about to be released from prison gets a visit from his crippled brother, Arron, who goads him into taking revenge against the former sheriff who arrested him for manslaughter. Meanwhile Arron has hired an outlaw to kill his brother and frame the ex-lawman for the crime.
1 Apr. 1958
The Parrish Gang
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8 Apr. 1958
Hoax at Globe
During an election campaign for the office of Sheriff of Globe, Arizona, a crooked drifter plots to embarrass the incumbent by bringing in an "escaped" prisoner he took from Ranger Clint Travis' custody the day before the election. To make his election more likely, his gang robs the town's express office and shooting the Sheriff's leading advocate while Harding is out of town helping the Rangers locate their escaped prisoner.
15 Apr. 1958
The Bounty Hunter
After a rancher is convicted of robbery based upon flimsy circumstantial evidence, his young brother in law appeals to Captain Rynning to find the real criminals.
22 Apr. 1958
Apache Water
The Rangers try to convince a group of settlers illegally homesteading on the Apache reservation to leave before violence occurs.
29 Apr. 1958
Legacy of Death
Tom Rynning learns that Bart Evans' will includes a clause that requires Betty Evans to give $10,000 to the man the rancher hired to killer the Ranger captain - and his daughter is willing to pay the bounty.
6 May 1958
Chain Gang
Arizona's territorial governor orders Rynning to investigate reports of abuses by prison guards of convicts working on chain gangs.
13 May 1958
The Bells of St. Thomas
Captain Rynning and several of his Rangers join a posse to smoke out the remnants of Luke Baxter's gang. The outlaws momentarily give the posse the slip and double back to take refuge in a mission school run for the reservation's Indian children and hold the priests and the youngsters as hostages.
20 May 1958
Hondo Man
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27 May 1958
The Vanquisher
Ranger Andrew Shoreham requests a leave of absence after receiving a plea from his wife to return to his home and help her move. When his request is denied, Shoreham resigns, but Rynning has a change of heart and orders the ranger to Kelso to drive out the outlaws who have taken over the town.
3 Jun. 1958
The Ranger and the Lady
Rynning and Travis are urged to come to Bisbee when trouble arises when women demand the right to vote.
10 Jun. 1958
Idol in the Dust
Captain Rynning sends Travis to Duncan, Arizona to investigate reports that legendary lawman Ben Salem has thrown in with the crooked town boss to keep the residents under his thrall. Travis can't believe the reports since he lived with Salem in his salad days, but soon learns that the his former idol was crippled by a gunshot and was forced to find work as a hired gun.
17 Jun. 1958
Runaway Stage
The attorney general and the local businessman ask that Andy Shoreham be forced to resign from Rangers because of the wild days in his youth. Rynning backs the young ranger, but when he's knocked off the stagecoach he's supposed to be guarding and the stage disappears along with the silver shipment it contained, calls for his dismissal are renewed.
24 Jun. 1958
Wayward Gun
Bud Larch, a short man constantly being teased about his height, turns robber and killer to prove he's as tough as anyone in Arizona.
1 Jul. 1958
Hole Up
While escorting an Apache Indian to prison, Travis stops by a remote railroad station for food and water and learns that Bert Alvord and his partner have just held up the train. While awaiting reinforcement, Alvord returns to the station and abducts the station master's granddaughter in order to obtain food and water.
8 Jul. 1958
Unholy Partners
Rynning and Travis investigate the hijacking of a valuable freight wagon and are aided by the youngest member of the outlaw gang who has second thoughts about a criminal career.
15 Jul. 1958
Killers Trail
When four murderers break out of Yuma Prison, Rynning mobilizes his entire force to capture the escapees.
7 Oct. 1958
Glory Road
A preacher with a past is blackmailed into helping a murderer escape from jail.
14 Oct. 1958
Shadow of Doubt
A green ranger, accused of cowardice by his fellow lawmen, must lead his compatriots in a desperate attack on an Apache camp to rescue a young captive.
21 Oct. 1958
Man in Hiding
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27 Oct. 1958
Cross and Doublecross
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4 Nov. 1958
The Last Rebellion
When an Apache inadvertently kills an elderly chief, the Rangers set out to defend him against his Apache accusers.
11 Nov. 1958
Brief Glory
A meek, hen-pecked bank teller is accused of complicity in a bank hold-up when he is the only employee in the bank when an outlaw gang robs the Bisbee bank. The teller is so taken with the attention and publicity his case is garnering that he refuses to admit that he had nothing to do with the crime. Rynning is convinced of the man's innocence and grants the gang's leader a 24-hour immunity to testify at the man's trial.
18 Nov. 1958
Dog Eat Dog
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25 Nov. 1958
Judge Not
A rancher recently released from a mental hospital avenges himself upon the men who committed him.
2 Dec. 1958
My Brother's Keeper
When two of his sons return from Cuban POW camps after the Spanish-American War, a rancher decides it's time to reopen a feud between his kin and a rancher who purchased most of his land when he failed to pay his real estate taxes.
9 Dec. 1958
Run No More
With only hours left before a hanging, Rynning desperately seeks evidence that might stay the accused's execution. Meanwhile the real murderers threaten the life of the witness whose perjured testimony sent the wrong man to the gallows.
16 Dec. 1958
A poker game in Nogales, Arizona turns sour when one of the participants is accused of crooked dealing. After the accused shoots the accuser and makes off with all the cash, the manhunt for the perpetrator quickly leads to an arrest - the real killer's identical twin brother. The rangers desperately search for murderer before a lynch mob hangs an innocent man.
23 Dec. 1958
The Avenger
A young man joins the Arizona Rangers and dedicates himself to becoming a quick draw artist. Rynning learns that the new lawman forged his letter of introduction and is only interested in avenging himself upon the man who killed his outlaw father - Clint Travis.
30 Dec. 1958
False Witness
When a wealthy land owner accused of murder can't bribe the circuit judge, he turns to witness intimidation to escape conviction. The judge requests Capt. Rynning to protect those called to testify.

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