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Season 2

4 Nov. 1958
The Last Rebellion
When an Apache inadvertently kills an elderly chief, the Rangers set out to defend him against his Apache accusers.
11 Nov. 1958
Brief Glory
A meek, hen-pecked bank teller is accused of complicity in a bank hold-up when he is the only employee in the bank when an outlaw gang robs the Bisbee bank. The teller is so taken with the attention and publicity his case is garnering that he refuses to admit that he had nothing to do with the crime. Rynning is convinced of the man's innocence and grants the gang's leader a 24-hour immunity to testify at the man's trial.
16 Dec. 1958
A poker game in Nogales, Arizona turns sour when one of the participants is accused of crooked dealing. After the accused shoots the accuser and makes off with all the cash, the manhunt for the perpetrator quickly leads to an arrest - the real killer's identical twin brother. The rangers desperately search for murderer before a lynch mob hangs an innocent man.
3 Feb. 1959
Ralph Kincaid, a wealthy rancher, catches his son, Juro, stealing money from his desk so he can pay his gambling debts and brutally beats him. The next day, the father is found murdered and the evidence seems to point to his son as the killer. During the trial, Captain Rynning discovers incontrovertible that the young man was incarcerated in another town at the time of the murder after suffering from a blackout. The ranger thinks the explanation is too pat, though, and searches for Juro's murderous accomplice.
3 Mar. 1959
House Divided
A man whose wife was killed during an Indian raid is incensed when his brother takes an Apache woman to be his wife and encourages other Indians to settle in the town of which he is one of the founders. The man takes his racial prejudice so far as to hire a gang of gunslingers to drive the Indians from the town and his brother's wife along with them.
31 Mar. 1959
The Unwanted
The economic recession afflicting Arizona after the Spanish-American War hits the young veterans returning to civilian life the hardest. A young veteran, his sister and three friends try to make a go of farming by squatting on land claimed by other homesteaders resulting in bloodshed. The sister decides to become a dance hall girl to raise enough money for the group to eat with only to find out that the hall's owner is interested in more than her ability to dance the Can-Can.
21 Apr. 1959
Ben Haddock, a recently hired trail boss is fired by Red Emerson for dating his daughter. The two men have argument over the money owed to the foreman resulting in the Ben shooting Red and the trail boss taking the money he fees is properly his. Travis rides out to arrest Haddock but is bitten by a scorpion and cowhand flees leaving the ranger to die.
16 Jun. 1959
One of Kelton's riders reports that his son has been abducted by a group of Apaches lead by Cochise himself. Rynning quickly organizes a posse to pursue the renegades, but their rescue mission is dogged by misfortune and, eventually, murder. The rangers begin to suspect that a member of their posse is in cahoots with the abductors, who may not be Indians after all.

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