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Bugs Bunny: [referring to Elmer] Gee, what a sorehead. I've hoid about professional jealousy among actors, but that dope has got it real bad.

Elmer Fudd: [chasing Bugs] Hey, you come back here!

Bugs Bunny: Oh, no. You huwt my feelings.

[Bugs had been asked by the QTTV producer to climb to the top of a ladder and sit down on the cushion on the very top of it]

Bugs Bunny: What's sitting up here on this cushion got to do with my television career?

QTTV Producer: Well, you see, most people have to start at the bottom of the ladder. But we're starting you at the top. We like you.

Bugs Bunny: [as Liberace] George!

[giant piano-keys smile]

Bugs Bunny: that's my brother george.

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