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The following scenes have been cut from some TV prints:

When this cartoon aired on ABC, the following cuts were made: 1) Bugs posing as Liberace hands Elmer a candelabra with lit dynamite instead of candles (this scene is retained, but only cut the explosion that followed); 2) Elmer repeatedly trying to fire his gun at Bugs, only to hit the wall behind him, leaving behind rabbit-shaped outlines made with the bullet holes; and 3) Elmer blundering onto the set of "Custer's Last Stand."

The cartoon was shown uncut on pre-2001 airings on Cartoon Network, but post-2001 airings edited the scene where Bugs (posing as Groucho Marx) interviews Elmer on a show called "You Beat Your Wife" (which parodies on Groucho's "You Bet Your Life") so that all references to the show's title were gone. The title printed on the podium was digitally removed.

On the defunct WB station, as on Cartoon Network, all references to "You Beat Your Wife" were deleted. However, whereas the sign displaying the show's title was digitally removed on Cartoon Network, on the WB, it was merely obscured by a brown square (which was removed for a single frame). Also, as on ABC, the scene with Elmer running afoul of a shooting of "Custer's Last Stand" was removed. However, whereas ABC would only delete the shot of him emerging from the set with arrows sticking out of his rear, this scene on the WB was deleted altogether.

Source: The Censored Cartoons Page


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