Westward Ho, the Wagons! (1956) Poster


Final film of George Reeves. Several episodes from his Adventures of Superman (1952) TV series were edited together and released to theaters as features, but they were from episodes that were shot before this film.
Darlene Gillespie originally played Bobo Stephen, but she caught pneumonia shortly after filming began and had to drop out. She was replaced by Doreen Tracey.
The script called for an Indian attack on a wagon train, but producer Walt Disney told second-unit director Yakima Canutt that he didn't want it to be a typical Indian attack, as children would be watching the film and he didn't want them to see anyone killed or injured. Canutt objected, saying that in real life people were killed during Indian attacks and one in which no one gets hurt was so unrealistic that it shouldn't be filmed at all. Disney overruled his objection and told Canutt to shoot the attack as ordered. After screening the finished sequence, however, Disney told Canutt that he had been right and the attack looked too phony and unrealistic and ordered it to be reshot in a more realistic manner. Canutt said that it would add at least a week's extra time and several hundred thousand dollars to the budget, but Disney told him to re-shoot for as long as he needed in order to get it right.
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