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The Den of Geek Christmas 2017 UK TV and radio guide

Louisa Mellor Dec 13, 2017

We’ve taken a highlighter to this year’s Christmas and New Year TV schedules and circled what we’ll be watching this festive season…

Amid the cosy repeats and cranberry-stuffed cookery shows on TV over the next few weeks are a few gems. There’s no Sherlock or Charlie Brooker’s TV Wipe this year, but there are plenty of treats, not least the return of The League Of Gentlemen for a three-part anniversary series and Peter Capaldi’s last hurrah in the Tardis in the Doctor Who Christmas episode.

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Over on Netflix, six new episodes of Black Mirror are coming to usher in the New Year, two days into which we welcome the return of Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton’s genius anthology Inside No. 9.

Not to gloss over a spooky M.R. James night on BBC Four,
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Is John Cena Teasing That He’ll Play Dr. Manhattan In HBO’s Watchmen Series?

Back in the 1990s and mid-2000s, Watchmen was stuck in development hell. Director Terry Gilliam made many attempts to get his take off the ground but just couldn’t make it work, eventually trying to pitch his project as a five episode miniseries. At the time, the TV production landscape was drastically different and, understandably, no studio was willing to risk a big budget superhero miniseries full of expensive special effects. Then Zack Snyder came along and the rest is history.

Snyder’s take on Watchmen just didn’t seem to understand what Alan Moore was trying to say in his comic, though. Instead, it inserted distractingly gory action and one of the most ludicrous sex scenes ever committed to celluloid. I’ll give it some kudos, though, as Jackie Earle Haley was an excellent Rorschach and the Koyaanisqatsi soundtracked Dr. Manhattan origin scene was brilliant.

But now, against the odds,
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Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones Together Again for Amazon’s ‘The Aeronauts’

  • The Wrap
Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones Together Again for Amazon’s ‘The Aeronauts’
Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones, who starred together in the Oscar-winning Stephen Hawking biopic “The Theory of Everything,” are in talks to reunite in the Amazon Studios period piece, “The Aeronauts,” reps for the actors told TheWrap. The film will be directed by Tom Harper, who has worked on BBC series like “War and Peace” and “Peaky Blinders.” The film follows two 19th century hot air balloon pilots who perform risky experiments in their open-air craft. Jones will play balloon pilot Amelia Wren and Redmayne will play scientist James Glaisher, as the two struggle to survive as they reach parts.
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‘Dunkirk’ Actor Aneurin Barnard Lands Key Role in ‘Goldfinch’ Adaptation (Exclusive)

‘Dunkirk’ Actor Aneurin Barnard Lands Key Role in ‘Goldfinch’ Adaptation (Exclusive)
Aneurin Barnard, who recently broke out in Warner Bros.’ “Dunkirk,” has landed the key role of Boris in the studio’s highly anticipated adaptation of “The Goldfinch.”

Ansel Elgort recently landed the role of Theo. John Crowley is on board to direct.

Warner and RatPac had picked up rights to Donna Tartt’s Pulitzer-winning book back in 2014. RatPac is also an investor on the film as well as a producer. “Goldfinch” tells the story of a young man named Theodore Decker who survives a terrorist bombing at an art museum — an attack that kills his mother. From there, he tumbles through a series of adventures that finds him living in Las Vegas with his deadbeat father and, later, involved in art forgeries.

Earlier this year, Amazon Studios agreed to co-finance the film, which will go into production at the start of 2018. As part of the pact, Amazon will invest more than a third of the movie’s budget
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Jessie Buckley on playing outcasts – and hitting the big time

The star of new BBC1 drama The Last Post talks about luck, love and landing roles in a series of notable film and TV projects

She first came to public attention as an effervescent 17-year-old with a big voice and a brilliant smile in I’d Do Anything, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s search for a musical star, finishing an emotional runner-up after the public vote, despite the judges’ support for her raw talent.

Since then, Jessie Buckley has slowly built a reputation as one of acting’s rising stars, with a series of eye-catching performances in productions including The Winter’s Tale and War and Peace. Now she’s set for her most stellar period yet with leading roles in two major BBC series: Peter Moffat’s military period piece The Last Post, which startson Sunday on BBC1, and an upcoming adaptation of The Woman in White, as well as
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Amazon Snaps Up BBC, AMC Crime Drama ‘McMafia’

Amazon Snaps Up BBC, AMC Crime Drama ‘McMafia’
Amazon has taken upcoming BBC crime drama “McMafia” and will launch the series on its Prime Video streaming service in 200 territories.

The deal, with series distributor BBC Worldwide, excludes the U.K., where the show will air on BBC One, and the U.S. and Canada, where it will be on AMC. The global agreement also cuts out China, where Amazon does not have a streaming service and where separate discussions are underway.

McMafia” is about organized crime in modern-day Europe, and is based upon the bestselling nonfiction book by Misha Glenny. The TV drama was created created by Hossein Amini (“Drive”) and James Watkins, who directed all eight installments.

James Norton (“War and Peace”) stars as Alex Goodman, an English-raised son of Russian exiles with a mafia history. He has spent his life trying to escape the shadow of that criminal past, which comes back to haunt him and his girlfriend, Rebecca
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Knightfall: new trailer released and air date confirmed

Kirsten Howard Michael Ahr Sep 26, 2017

A new crusades-era drama on the History Channel is ready to roll out, and we've now got a big trailer and a confirmed air date for the show.

Following in the tradition of its highly successful period drama, Vikings, the History Channel is all set to introduce another historical fiction series to the world. Entitled Knightfall, it aims to capture the political intrigue of the Crusades and the Knights Templar, who sought the holy grail during the Middle Ages.

We now have a proper, full trailer for the series. It gives viewers a good idea of how broadly Knightfall intends to explore the world of 1306....

The first trailer gave us a glimpse of the mystery surrounding the location of the holy grail and how the warriors of the Templar Order sought it against all enemies.

Knightfall air date

Knightfall will make its debut on the History Channel on December 6,
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HBO Moving Forward With Watchmen TV Series

After having to endure months of speculation after the first whispers hinted at a Watchmen TV series being developed by HBO, it’s great to finally receive confirmation that the project is moving forward – and with Damon Lindelof (Lost) at the helm, no less.

Right now, not much is known about the project, but Lindelof himself revealed on Instagram that the writers room is open for business, so brainstorming is now in session. When it comes to plot, though, it’s implied that this’ll indeed adapt Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ highly acclaimed graphic novel from the 1980’s, something previously done on the big screen in 2009, courtesy of director Zack Snyder.

On the one hand, this is a very exciting prospect because there’s so much material to adapt from the original book itself. After all, there’s a reason why it’s often referred to as being “the
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Frederick Wiseman on ‘Ex Libris,’ the Democracy of Libraries, and Why His Films Would Never Work as a TV Series

The Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, also known as the “Main Branch” of the New York Public Library, is located at 42nd Street and 5th Avenue, next to Bryant Park. Almost 150 years ago that was the setting of the Murray Hill Reservoir, which supplied drinking water for most of the city through the end of the 19th century. It’s perhaps no coincide that the Nypl’s headquarters are located there, since they have taken on the duty of supplying the city with knowledge and culture, elements which are as essential to New Yorkers as water. The iconic building is at the center of Frederick Wiseman’s Ex Libris, an enthralling documentary that chronicles the work the Nypl continues to do since its inception in 1911.

Wiseman’s enlightening, often quite moving film, explores the Nypl’s reach beyond 42nd Street, through its almost 90 branches, which provide courses, talks and, of course,
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30West Harbors a Murderer with Tiff Thriller ‘Beast’

30West Harbors a Murderer with Tiff Thriller ‘Beast’
30West has acquired North American distribution rights to Michael Pearce’s Beast starring Jessie Buckley (Taboo, War and Peace), Johnny Flynn (Clouds of Sils Maria, Song One) and Geraldine James (45 Years, Calendar Girls). The Protagonist Pictures repped psychological thriller is the first feature-length project from writer/director Pearce and received strong reviews after its world premiere […]
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Toronto: Psychological Thriller 'Beast' Sells to Upstart 30West

Toronto: Psychological Thriller 'Beast' Sells to Upstart 30West
Marking its third deal of the Toronto International Film Festival, upstart 30West has acquired North American distribution rights to Michael Pearce’s Beast.

Starring Jessie Buckley (Taboo, War and Peace), Johnny Flynn (Clouds of Sils Maria, Song One) and Geraldine James (45 Years, Calendar Girls), the film made its world premiere on Sept. 9 at the festival.

Unlike the other two deals inked by 30West on the ground in Toronto (I, Tonya and Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken!), Beast does not yet have a domestic distribution partner in place. I, Tonya will be released by Neon, and Super Size Me...
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‘Beast’: Film Review | Tiff 2017

‘Beast’: Film Review | Tiff 2017
British thriller Beast takes a fistful of tired old tropes — like a hunt for a serial killer, and the ‘ol Joe Eszterhas-style is-he-or-isn’t-he-a-baddie tease — and manages to fashion something fresh, fierce and quite striking from them. A huge portion of the credit should go to Jessie Buckley (who made a vivid impression in the recent BBC adaptation of War and Peace and on the London stage in A Winter’s Tale and Harlequinade), starring here as an intense young woman haunted by her own past. She’s drawn to an enigmatic outsider played by Johnny Flynn (equally a knockout recently...
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Beast review – serial killer mystery offers a masterclass in slow-burn chills

Michael Pearce’s feature debut is a smartly layered thriller that draws haunting drama from a creepy location and an array of plausably shady characters

British TV director Michael Pearce makes a commanding feature debut with this psychological drama-thriller that puts an eerily windswept island location to fine use and features an excellent lead performance from Jessie Buckley, whose open, intelligent face transmits thought and feeling with piercing clarity. Pearce has also written a well-carpentered screenplay; there are some very big scenes and big moments here – sometimes too big – but he gives us a carefully crafted dramatic setup, an intriguingly curated selection of suspects for the crime and all of it building to a fascinating, finely balanced ambiguity in the movie’s climactic stages.

The scene is Jersey, where a serial killer has murdered several young girls; in their tense, clenched way the citizens are carrying on, only rarely acknowledging
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Toronto Film Review: ‘Beast’

Toronto Film Review: ‘Beast’
Isolated misfit Moll Huntford has been obsessed with killer whales since childhood, she informs us in forthright voiceover: “They always seem to be smiling.” The same might be said, of course, of a number of bloodthirsty mammals, a truth that keeps British writer-director Michael Pearce’s prickly, twistily effective first feature “Beast” on a ridge of queasy tension throughout. The title may be in the singular form, but it turns out there are multiple human monsters lurking on Moll’s native island of Jersey, though presumably only one of them is on an escalating killing spree targeting young women just like her — and annoyingly enough, he might just be the rogueishly cute guy she’s really into. Upgrading a sleeping-with-the-enemy premise familiar from countless B-thrillers with a faintly mythic aura and cool psychosexual shading, “Beast” also sustains a fresh, frank feminine perspective through Jessie Buckley’s remarkable lead performance.

Following its premiere in Toronto’s Platform strand
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The Valachi Papers

Charles Bronson plays a real-life Mafiosi in a period picture with a fine script, some good performances and a production so sloppy that the whole thing could be called The Anachronism Papers. Joseph Wiseman and Lino Ventura bring additional tough-guy star-power, and Bronson actually commits himself to the role — quite a change of pace for one of his later pictures.

The Valachi Papers


Twilight Time

1972 / Color / 1:85 widescreen / 125 min. / Street Date June 13, 2017 / Available from the Twilight Time Movies Store 29.95

Starring: Charles Bronson, Lino Ventura, Jill Ireland, Walter Chiari, Joseph Wiseman, Gerald S. O’Loughlin, Amedeo Nazzari, Fausto Tozzi, Pupella Maggio, Angelo Infanti, Guido Leontini.

Cinematography: Aldo Tonti

Film Editor: Johnny Dwyre, Monica Finzi

Original Music: Riz Ortolani, Armando Trovajoli

Written by Stephen Geller from the novel by Peter Maas

Produced by Dino De Laurentiis, Roger Duchet

Directed by Terence Young

In 2001 I received the plum assignment of editing a
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The Moth Diaries – The Review (and a Tribute to Video Watchdog)

As part of my post duty orders here at We Are Movie Geeks I am tasked with reviewing movies on DVD and Blu ray that may not have found an audience. Movies with little or no theatrical release, did not play very long, escaped attention, what have you.

I am proud to direct your attention to a little known film from 2011 called The Moth Diaries. First I have to say that I, like many millions of movie goers, reveled in the new screen incarnation of Wonder Woman, not only starring Gal Gadot as the original female super hero and masterfully directed by a woman, Patty Jenkins, and also starring Robin Wright, Connie Nielsen and a whole crew of the most righteous Amazons ever seen on a movie screen, wonderful!

I have a confession to make, at the age of 10 I was obsessed with the legend of the Amazon Empire. Fully
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Zoe Kazan: ‘There’s so much sexual harassment on set'

Zoe Kazan: ‘There’s so much sexual harassment on set'
Zoe Kazan is no stranger to Hollywood: her parents, boyfriend and late grandfather Elia all found fame in the industry. Now it’s her turn – and she’s doing it differently

Zoe Kazan has been in a lot of movies but, as she tells me on the short walk from a photo studio in Manhattan to an Indian restaurant for lunch, she has been troubled by the paparazzi only once. The actor is in pale dungaree shorts and an embroidered denim jacket, and at 33 is slight and earnest; she could, if she wanted to, still just about carry off bunches. To her bemusement, she is sometimes referred to as “Hollywood royalty”, on account of her famous grandfather, the late Hollywood director Elia Kazan, and also nudges into the demographic of celebrity couple: Paul Dano, Kazan’s boyfriend of 10 years, is the more recognisable of the pair, but neither has been
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Kevin Conroy Says "It's No Fun!" To Record The Batman: Arkham Video Games - Denver Comic Con 2017

Kevin Conroy is Batman legend. Though most would not notice him on the street, Conroy's voice is instantly recognizable as Bruce Wayne / Batman from Batman: The Animated Series, animated films such as Mask of the Phantasm, and the Arkham series of video games. For many, Conroy is the best Batman out there. I consider him the best balance of Bruce Wayne and Batman, at least, as some actors nail one side of the coin but falter on the other. 

Conroy had his own panel at Denver Comic Con this past weekend, and Lrm asked him if he preferred working on the show, movies, or video games. And boy, did Conroy become animated himself, giving the crowd the Bat-Voice and more in his extensive answer:

"What a question! You have no idea! When you're in a booth with other actors, like I said, you're in a playground. It is so much fun.
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‘War and Peace’ Producer Lookout Point Staffs Up

Lookout Point has hired two well-known U.K. drama executives, Francis Hopkinson who joins from ITV, and Lousie Mutter, who comes to the BBC Worldwide-backed producer from Sky.

Hopkinson, who counts “Wallander” among his credits, will be an executive producer at Lookout Point, developing his own slate and working on “A Suitable Boy,” the upcoming adaptation of the Vikram Seth novel for the BBC. He will also be part of the management team at Benchmark, the drama business run by former BBC director of television Danny Cohen, and which was set up by Access Entertainment, BBC Worldwide, and Lookout Point.
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First trailer for 'Goodbye Christopher Robin' starring Domhnall Gleeson

First trailer for 'Goodbye Christopher Robin' starring Domhnall Gleeson
The film co-stars Margot Robbie, and Kelly Macdonald.

The first trailer for Simon CurtisGoodbye Christopher Robin has been released.

Watch the trailer below or Here on mobile device.

The film tells the story of the relationship between beloved children’s author A.A. Milne (Domhnall Gleeson) and his son Christopher Robin (Wil Tilston), whose toys inspired the world and characters of Winnie the Pooh. Margot Robbie and Kelly Macdonald also star as Milne’s wife and Robin’s nanny, respectively.

The film is written by Frank Cottrell-Boyce (Millions) and Simon Vaughan (War And Peace), and is produced by Damian Jones (The Lady In The Van) and Steve Christian (Belle). Curtis and Vaughan also serve as executive producers.

The film will be released in the UK on September 29, 2017. Fox Searchlight Pictures produced and will distribute the film worldwide.
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