Plot Keywords

sister boy school
student roommate
reunion mountain climbing
tennis gardening
alumnus husband wife relationship
flashback boarding school
teenage boy ice cream sundae
rain adultery
preparatory school waitress
greeting card golf
maid bullying
music room walking
raincoat memory
homosexual necktie
polo coat mirror
bonfire baseball
coffee gossip
taunting dance
12 year old garden
sewing reflection
defloration 18 year old
self doubt introvert
wind reference to candida the stage play
unfaithfulness bully
pipe smoking costume
war widow song
sexual awakening honeymoon
beach rough house
boston massachusetts teaching someone to dance
barber shop whistling
soda fountain learning to dance
amateur actor peer pressure
rumor haircut
divorce golf course
punched in the face school expulsion
binoculars listening to a radio
cooking masculinity
football birthday
wrapped in a towel unrequited love
hazing school play
singer divorced parents
radio anniversary
infidelity prostitute
novelist pay phone
marital problem kiss
reference to school for scandal the play bare chested male
locker room character says thank you
surrogate mother flower
widow male virgin
homophobia school police
knitting bench
guitar player forget me not the flower
letterman sweater tolerance
flash forward coming of age
virginity tea
crying overheard conversation
horseplay guitar
letter book
nickname compassion
prejudice virgin
forest coach
voice over letter sex
bicycle knife
overgrown garden gay
dance committee pity
telephone call throwing a necktie
suspected homosexual climbing out a window
loss of virginity ex actress
forbidden love listening to music
singing cigarette smoking
love tearing off someone's pajamas
drinking lost in war
arm wrestling name calling
teacher word game
suicide attempt machismo
convertible corsage
father son relationship crewcut
recording record player
college athlete author
writer bloody nose
college coach loneliness
swimsuit folk singer
first sexual experience conformity
extramarital affair tearing up a book
woods telephone
drunkenness school life
courage apology
disappointment pajamas
older woman younger man relationship male camaraderie
college dean looking out a window
window seat stairway
17 year old spraying shaving lotion on a photoograph
drink mother son relationship
search photograph
looking at self in mirror band
loss of husband humiliation
based on play title spoken by character

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