Friendly Persuasion (1956) Poster

Plot Keywords

quaker indiana
faith friend
slavery fight
farm religion
rebel two word title
imitating a rifle with a broom holding one's hand over someone's mouth
two on a horse wounded soldier
battlefield pretending to be dead
held at gunpoint gunshot
bullet grazes forehead friendship
dying wound
bushwacking imitating twisting a goose's neck
anger hit with a broom
boom eating
front porch riderless horse
grinding an axe cannon
river battle battle
covered wagon shot in the face
blood confederate flag
rifle sight bayonet
lying in wait river
reference to john hunt morgan rebel yell
eye patch river crossing
son kisses mother character says goodbye
stairway kiss on forehead
promise serving tray
mother tucks son in bed teenage girl
teenage boy thou shalt not kill
murder food
standing tiotoe on someone's boots marriage proposal
character says i love you chase on foot
running runaway slave
jennings county indiana vernon indiana
militia slamming a window shut
bare feet pollywog
bribe bullet
wading in water swing
scythe death
cow calf
reference to obadiah reference to jebediah
reference to malachi reference to david
reference to moses bed
church elder attic
arm wound arm sling
letter stereo photo viewer
tipping one's hat to someone wishing someone god's speed
narragansett pacer flower over ear
mare pocket watch
implied sex comforter
pillow sleeping in a barn
lantern pitchfork
straw calling someone professor
barn bible
musical instrument salesman liar
lie fishing
picture of dead husband dead father
dead husband woman smoking a pipe
pipe smoking harp
accordion trading horses
pushing someone to the ground throwing a hat onto one's boot
chicken jumping out of a hayloft
chopping wood axe
campfire horse and wagon
character says god bless kiss
ohio reference to paris france
dunking someone's head in water punched in the face
kicked in the rear pain
cigar smoking bare chested male
wrestling furlough
candy cane lemonade
photographer camera
drum dancing
dancer banjo
shell game carnival
garter belt quilting
courting hiding under a table
shooting game fire eater
sword swallower temptation
handshake farmer
cornfield fear
prayer husband wife relationship
anti violence anti slavery
major limping man
cane character says god is love
80 year old reference to proverbs
church choir singing
singer hymn
looking out a window love
church bell covered bridge
horse whip character says good luck
imitating a goose bridge
female preacher talking to a horse
church meeting house
church organ methodist church
black american african american
horse riding preacher
reference to stoenwall jackson reference to jefferson davis
talking to one's self umbrella
blackbery pie brother sister relationship
threat to kill a goose bitten by a goose
water well narrated by character
narrated by boy voice over narration
year 1862 bonnet
horse and carriage rifle
gun peace
reference to god pacifism
rural setting horse
u.s. soldier boy
brother brother relationship mother daughter relationship
widow goose
horse race mother son relationship
family relationships patriarch
pacifist home guard
father son relationship crisis of conscience
american civil war county fair
based on novel

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