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Sex & Nudity

  • Commander Adams finds Altaira swimming in a pond naked, but nothing is visible in the swirling water. (Close examination shows the actress is actually wearing a flesh-coloured bodysuit.) She invites him to join her, but he explains "I didn't bring a bathing suit." She replies "What's a bathing suit?" upon which he chivalrously averts his eyes as she gets out and dresses behind a bush.
  • Altaira has grown to adulthood never seeing a male other than her father and shows great curiosity about the "fine young specimens" who have arrived, resulting in some mildly flirtatious scenes. In one, played for laughs, a spaceman offers to teach her about the "stimulative" benefits of kissing and plants a couple heavy smooches on her that comically leave her cold. Later, she and the Commander (her real interest) spar flirtatiously over the differences between the theoretical and practical study of "biology". She immediately falls for him and they kiss and hug quite chastely.
  • Altaira wears some short dresses revealing most of her legs.

Violence & Gore

  • Offscreen, a man screams, and we later learn that his body parts were found all over a room.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Cookie (the ship's cook) makes several remarks about beer and women. Later, he asks Robby the robot to synthesize 60 gallons of "Kansas City" Bourbon, which he starts to drink.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The "Monster of the Id" that is created by Dr. Morbius's subconscious can be quite intimidating, even though it is invisible for most of its appearances. First, invisible footsteps are seen approacing the C-57D ship, walking up the stairs into the ship. The invisible monster sneaks into sleeping quarters and steals government documents. Later, it sneaks in again and kills a man violently. The third time it attacks, the crew members of the C-57D start shooting at it while it is being zapped by the electric fence they have set up. It briefly becomes visible, appearing like a large bear/boar creature, faintly outlined. Later, when it attacks Dr. Morbius's lab, it destroys (melts) an indestructable series of doors. Meanwhile, during both of these scenes, the combination of strange electronic music and sound effects adds to the frightening qualities of the beast's appearances.

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