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Temujin: I feel this Tartar woman is for me, and my blood says, take her. There are moments for wisdom and moments when I listen to my blood; my blood says, take this Tartar woman.

Bortai: For me, there is no peace while you live, Mongol.

Temujin: You're beautiful in your wrath.

[His bride-to-be tries to escape]

Temujin: I stole you. I will keep you. Before the sun sets you will come willingly to my arms.

Temujin: While I live, while my blood burns hot, your daughter is not safe in her tent.

[Surrounded by his enemies]

Temujin: Come and take me, mongrels - if you dare. While I have fingers to grasp a sword, and eyes to see your cowardly faces, your treacherous heads will not be safe on your shoulders. For I am Temujin, the Conqueror. No prison can hold me, no army defeat me.

Bortai: The Conqueror? Mighty armies cannot stop him. But one touch of my lips... Yes, he captured me - but he cannot tame me.

Hunlun: My son has won the world. Still he must conquer that red-headed Jezebel.

Temujin: Dance for me, Tartar woman.

Temujin: We'll chase them like rats across the tundra.

Hunlun: She will bring woe to you and your people, my son! A woman made wife against her will can be a dangerous foe!

Temujin: For good or ill - she is my destiny.

Kumlek: [to Temujin] Joint by joint from the toe and fingertip upward shall you be cut to pieces, and each carrion piece, hour by hour and day by day, shall be cast to the dogs before your very eyes until they too shall be plucked out as morsels for the vultures.

Temujin: The tartar woman stays with me, Jamuga.

Temujin: She is a woman - much woman. Should her perfidy be less than that of other women?

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