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7 Jan. 1960
Miss Jenny
Jenny Breckenridge is unhappy with her life. She would much rather be back in the city, where she comes from. than out west with her husband, a lazy drunk. A good-looking young cowboy who stops by sparks her interest, but then the man announces that he has a plan--he's going to take Jenny as his own, and to show that he means business he shoots her husband.
14 Jan. 1960
The Reckoning
Two cattle ranching brothers decide to move a sheep herder out of the valley. However, the younger brother's sympathies start to turn.
21 Jan. 1960
A young pregnant lady arrives in town looking for her husband. She soon learns he is dead and finds herself all alone in the town.
28 Jan. 1960
Picture of Sal
Sal, the owner of the Rue Royale gambling house, is a hard-hearted young woman who seems to have a chip on her shoulder. One day, Jed Harper rides into town carrying a picture of a girl who looks very much like Sal.
4 Feb. 1960
Never Too Late
Ginger Rogers plays a land-hungry woman who hires a gunman to help her.
11 Feb. 1960
The Man in the Middle
Marshall Locke Gardner is an Indian agent who goes after an Indian boy missing from the reservation. He finds the boy shot and a dead cow nearby Locke seeks to mete out justice despite pressure from the Indians and local ranchers.
18 Feb. 1960
Guns for Garibaldi
Guns for Garibaldi aired Februrary 18, 1960 marking the 100th anniversary of the Unification of Italy 1860, and is among the only American shows that demonstrated the affairs of Italians in pre Civil War 19th century America. It takes place in a small Western gold mining town of Indian Creek. Giulio Mandati comes to Indian Creek to take over his brother's gold claim. The townspeople had hoped that the gold would be used to pay for a much needed dam. Giulio plans to use the riches to finance Garibaldi's Italian Reunification. General Giuseppe Garibaldi did ask for ...
25 Feb. 1960
The Sunday Man
A young deputy is determined to enforce the law even when it means going up against one of the most powerful ranchers in the territory.
3 Mar. 1960
Mike Bagley is a young man who is forced to marry a woman at gun point and then run off his farm. Years later he returns to claim what is his.
10 Mar. 1960
A Small Town That Died
Dave Cameron comes to town looking for a friend. He finds that his friend was hung after shooting a beloved man of the town. Dave knows his friend would never shoot a man in the back and sets out to clear his name.
17 Mar. 1960
Killer Instinct
Marshal Bigger has a reputation for being soft on a town ruffian - Wade Migil. But when Wade kills a man, the sheriff is forced to go after him - but can he be trusted to do the right thing?
24 Mar. 1960
Sundown Smith
Sundown Smith is enjoying a meal on the trail when he crosses paths with a murderer who takes his horse and forces him to change shoes. Now, the bloodhounds are after Sundown.
31 Mar. 1960
Calico Bait
A deputy on the trail of a bandit uses the outlaw's girlfriend as bait to capture him. However, before he realizes it a bond begins to form between him and the woman.
7 Apr. 1960
Seed of Evil
Malachi West lives to see Sam Brady - the man responsible for the death of his son - dead. Then he learns Sam Brady is coming to town to set up a detective agency.
14 Apr. 1960
In an effort to thwart thieving outlaws that rob their stagecoaches, the stage-line's main operators come up with a plan that is not only unorthodox but risky as well.
5 May 1960
Stagecoach to Yuma
When a lawless female and company stir up trouble . - Arizona territory Marshal Dave Harmon boards a stage coach bound for Yuma. Where he hopes to restore order and run her out or take her in, one way or another.
6 Oct. 1960
A Gun for Willie
Willie McKinley is down on his luck. The town people don't see him when he walks by. He kills a man trying to steal his horse, he becomes the biggest man in town.
13 Oct. 1960
Desert Flight
Mike Brenner is a wily bank robber. In an effort to lose a posse, he leads his cohorts into the desert.
20 Oct. 1960
Cry Hope! Cry Hate!
A young woman has nowhere to go to raise her son so she returns home to her father. Her reputation has preceded her and she wants to convince the town she has changed.
3 Nov. 1960
The Ox
Jonathan Dwyer is a large man. He is given the cruel nickname of "the ox." He moves to town and wants revenge against the man responsible for sending him to prison.
20 Nov. 1960
So Young the Savage Land
Jim Braydon beats a man for cutting his fence to get to water. This puts him at odds with his wife who believes the country has changed him. She sets out to leave him when a wounded boy shows up at her door.
17 Nov. 1960
Comanche Indians raid sheep-herders, killing all but sparing the life of a loner cowboy, that goes by the name Dundee. Who wonders what reason or fate they have planned, in keeping him alive.
24 Nov. 1960
The Last Bugle
Charles Gatewood is determined to meet with Geronimo to convince him to surrender.
1 Dec. 1960
The Black Wagon
A pioneer woman (Esther Williams) risks her life to aid a group of cholera victims.
8 Dec. 1960
Knife of Hate
Jack Hoyt wants to marry Susan Pittman but her father - Dr. Pittman is determined not to let that happen.
15 Dec. 1960
The Mormons
Matt Rowland is determined to prevent Mormons from entering into Joshua City after he hears there is cholera aboard the wagon train. His son Tod begins to question his father's motives after he meets a young lady from the train.
22 Dec. 1960
The Man from Yesterday
Adam Mapes returns to town after serving a prison sentence and is set on revenge against the man who wronged him 20 years earlier.
29 Dec. 1960
Morning Incident
Laurie Pritchard is a farm girl engaged to a farm boy but the farm life isn't consistent with her dreams. Then she meets a man who might be able to make her dreams come true.

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