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Season 1

5 Oct. 1956
You Only Run Once
When horses begin to turn up missing, the county forms a vigilante committee. Rancher Matt Jessop has the bad luck to innocently hire two shady characters to work on his ranch. Will the two drag Matt and his family down with them?
12 Oct. 1956
Fearful Courage
Ranchers have hired a gunfighter to run farmers off the land. He kills a man and then goes after the wife. The wife flees to a shack nearby. Soon she and the stranger in the shack are pinned down and try to find a way out.
19 Oct. 1956
The Long Road Home
Sam Gracie returns to Texas from his law practice in Kansas. He is determined to bring an end to a feud involving his family to an end without the use of guns.
26 Oct. 1956
The Unrelenting Sky
There is drought in the land. One rancher has diverted water onto his land and is not of a mind to share with his neighbors.
2 Nov. 1956
Dan Morgan accidentally kills a man and spends five years in jail. He returns to exact revenge against the judge who sent him up. The judge offers him a job which he refuses...until he meets the judges beautiful daughter.
9 Nov. 1956
Death Watch
Three soldiers and a scout try to cope while a band of Comanche warriors surround their strong hold and begin a death watch for the men.
16 Nov. 1956
Stage for Tucson
Five people are on a stagecoach stopover. One of them is a bank robber and s sheriff must discretely try to determine who it is.
23 Nov. 1956
A Quiet Sunday in San Ardo
The marshal of San Ardo is murdered. The town is concerned it may be a part of a plot to rob the bank. There is only one able bodied man in town to serve as marshal but he doesn't want to serve.
30 Nov. 1956
Vengeance Canyon
Clint Harding is on a mission to kill his father when he falls in with a group of bandits. One of the bandits is an old man who tries to convince him that vengeance is not fruitful.
5 Apr. 1957
A Time to Live
Steve is the lone survivor of an armed robbery. He recovers from his injuries but is told because the location of the bullet in his body he will be lucky to live 6 months. Realizing time is short he goes on a desperate bid to live life to the fullest and extract revenge on those who tried to kill him
12 Apr. 1957
Black Is for Grief
Tom Andrews comes home after a long absence because of the war to find his wife Barbara has been murdered. He begins to try and unravel the circumstances of her death and discovers Barbara was not as pure as he'd hoped.

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