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5 Oct. 1956
The Mystery of Cadet Layton
When one cadet is fed up with Army discipline and seeks to resign, he gets into a fight with a more dedicated upper class man. He in turn surprises everyone by also tendering a resignation, but he refuses to disclose why.
12 Oct. 1956
The Operator and the Martinet
While one cadet tries earnestly to keep a spotless record, his scheming roommate breaks rules left and right. A Major starts to take notice and compels the two to co-operate.
19 Oct. 1956
Officer's Wife
Marriage is planned by a cadet and his fiancée after graduation; but as the girl observes difficulties experienced by an older married couple at the point, she decides to call it off instead.
26 Oct. 1956
The Honor Code
A Cadet suspects his roommate of cheating on an important exam, but is conflicted whether or not he should tell his superiors.
2 Nov. 1956
Thicker Than Water
A cadet is being considered for a cadet command next year. When his parents come in a surprise visit to West Point, he is embarrassed by their "commonplace" demeanor. His tactical officer is worried about the way he treats his parents and how that reflects on his leadership. On the DVD set, this episode is entitled: Duty, Honor, and Trouble.
9 Nov. 1956
The Right to Choose
The daughter of a family visiting the Point for the week-end falls in love with a Cadet below her on the social scale, and is pressured to end their relationship.
16 Nov. 1956
His Brother's Fist
Cadet Kennedy was a Golden Gloves champion before West Point but he refuses to join the Academy boxing team. His older brother, a champion boxer in his own right, wants him to leave the Academy and return to boxing.
23 Nov. 1956
A cadet who shows great talent is put in a position of choosing if he'll stay in the academy or pursue an art career. He stays too long at his socialite girl friend's house and must race back to West Point to make curfew.
30 Nov. 1956
His Highness and the Halfback
A star Army football player will be sidelined during the big game against Navy for breaking regulations. The only way to get him back in rests in the hands of a visiting prince.
7 Dec. 1956
Man of Action
After several highly disruptive stunts, a cadet must prove himself academically or be dismissed. He works out a scientific demonstration showing the strength of the academy's aged water system-with destructive results.
14 Dec. 1956
Heat of Anger
An uncontrolled temper outburst causes a cadet is confined to quarters for the weekend his girlfriend comes to the Point unannounced. Enlisting his roommate to show her around exposes his jealousy and damages the cadets' friendship.
21 Dec. 1956
Christmas Present
Plebe staying at West Point during Christmas encounters difficulties with an upperclassman about a woman.
28 Dec. 1956
Double Reverse
A group of socialite girls visit the Point to attend a formal dance, but one views the prospect of a blind date with a cadet with snooty disdain.
A plebe has to adjust to having an older brother as his leader, who gives no privileges. Their father's death impacts the plebe's decision to stay at the Academy.

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