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Brilliant, Unusual daytime serial
devalier9 January 2000
"The Edge of Night" was without a doubt one of the best daytime soaps ever. Unlike other soaps, Edge focused on intelligent, complex mysteries fraught with irony, suspense, and edge-of-your seat action. The show's ensemble cast was probably the best in daytime history, supporting Edge's reputation a classy, well-written, and terrifically acted program. Sadly, after 28 years of superior programming, Edge was dropped in favor of higher-budget, more popular soaps, all of which in effect plagiarized Edge's plots, action, and individuality. Accept no susbstitutes: Edge was The Best!
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The Emmy-Winning Seventies
cpears9 September 2001
`The Edge of Night' was the consequential daytime drama of mystery, suspense, police detection and crime. For anyone who loved a good murder mystery, this was indeed the afternoon drama to watch. In most instances, you worried every week if lead attorney and crime stopper Mike Karr, his wife Nancy Pollock Karr, or daughter Laurie Ann, would vanish off the face of the earth or be murdered by a larger than life villain who was as well causing grief for Bill Marceau, the chief of police, and the very good citizens of Monticello. The romance between attorney Adam Drake, and socialite and often stalked Nicole Travis Stewart, started `The Edge of Night's' first real super couple and the dynamic twosome simply took our breaths away when they finally wedded in a handsome ceremony in the Karrs garden. It wasn't often that fans of `The Edge of Night' got treated to afternoon romance, bed-hopping and hen-peck husbandry similar to the scenery on most of the other daytime dramas...since `Edge's' important characters were simply too busy scheming about other relevant matters or solving `whodunnit' if `whodunnit' didn't kill them first.

The murder of fan favorite Adam Drake in 1977, was perhaps the show's biggest shocker.
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The Best Mystery Soap Ever Created!
Carrigon7 December 1999
Sadly, they do not make Soaps like this one anymore. I was literally sick when it was cancelled. Edge of Night had it all, wonderfully written mysteries and suspense stories. Great characters and wonderful actors. This soap will be sorely missed for a long time. Edge of Night was special. It just had a rare combination of the right writers, actors, directors, even the right sets. The soap may be gone, but its memories will last a lifetime.
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One Of my Favorite Past Soaps
desilu190714 November 2005
Edge of Night was awesome...I use to run home after-school and watch the last twenty minutes of General Hospital (got out at three each day) and then watch the day's episode of Edge of Night before starting on my homework...Must have been around twelve or thirteen at the time but even back then I knew that the actors were awesome. I was crushed when they announced that the show was going off the air, because it was the only show other than General Hospital that had interesting teenagers and sexy young looking older people on it...I loved RAVEN...she was my favorite and when her husband revealed that he was living a lie the whole time and she remained his wife well they had me at hello... this was one of the shows that could keep people watching with only a half an hour of programming when TRUE serials (I use to call them Cereals...because I didn't know any better at the time) were an hour long. the others were Search for Tomorrow (another fave), Ryan's hope and Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman (Yeah that is OLD SCHOOL) Hoping the series comes to Soap Net...I'd so watch...
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Did anyone else get freaked out by this plot line?
redsemaphore10 November 2005
I remember watching this show when I got home from school in the late 70's and early 80's. What stands out most in my mind was a storyline involving the character April Scott. If I recall correctly, she was pregnant and having hallucinations for weeks involving the sound of a train whistle and a shadowy man. When her hallucinations finally ended, there was a really spooky finale scene where Satan (sinister laughter, horns, and all!!!!!) appeared in a cloud of smoke on the balcony of the apartment she shared with Draper. I was terrified for days! You weren't sure whether it meant that Satan had caused her hallucinations, or was just following her around for Halloween, or what, but the fact that a soap opera would use horror movie imagery like this will always make The Edge Of Night something I look back on REALLY fondly! :-)
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An Interesting Fact
Diosprometheus31 May 2004
An interesting fact about this show is that it had its origins in the Perry Mason radio show before it was a TV show.

The radio show ran from 1943 to 1955, five days a week, on the CBS radio network.

It was part soap opera and part detective story.

When the radio show moved, with most of the cast and the production staff, to TV, it was renamed Edge of Night.

The cast members were given new character names.

The Perry Mason character was dropped. On September 21, 1957, CBS aired a new show, Perry Mason, starring Raymond Burr.
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The Edge of Night
ggillespie13 June 2006
I was fortunate enough to get a double serving of EON during summer break. When EON moved to ABC, the Baltimore affiliate aired the show at 4:00p.m. directly following GH. However, my hometown of Washington, DC would broadcast the same episode the next morning at 10:30 a.m. The quality of the Baltimore channel was clear when it was cloudy but otherwise snowy at best.

Murder mysteries were EON's forte and the one effect they did better than any other daytime drama was the quick fade to black. There was no slow resolve to black. The music would swell, then suddenly the screen goes black. I loved it!!!!!!

The character names were straight out of period pieces

Just to name a few: Adam Drake, Nicole Travis (Drake), April Cavanaugh, Preacher Emerson, Miles Cavanaugh, Margo Huntington Dorn, Elliot Dorn, and two of my favorites villains Molly Sherwood and Winter Austin.

My favorite Friday cliffhanger occurred at the WMON studios. Winter had reached wits end and decided to confront Nicole in the news studio. The mad chase lead to the catwalk and the overhead in the studio. They both wore a white button-up blouse and blue jeans. There hair were a similar honey hue. When the railing broke, one of the two flipped over the railing and fell face first onto the floor below.

It was awesome, but the kicker was, they waited until Tuesday to pick up the story. They sure don't make'em like they used to.
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Edge of Night Forever
wha197212 February 2005
I remember this series when I was a young kid ,my mother used to watch this series when it was on CBS , because when it went to ABC many affiliates stopped carrying it , I would catch it on channel 27, but the picture quality for this station was terrible , but I was lucky enough to buy some episode's from video dealers ,and the last episode was a cliffhanger ,the Edge Of Night was a distinctive soap like Dark Shadows, now this is a series that Soap Net or T.V. Land should rerun ,The reason this show was canceled besides falling viewer ship was that Proctor and Gamble who owned the series dropped their sponsorship, so ABC had no choice but to cancel the series after 28 years and 7,000 episodes I am a fan of the show and i would like to see it in reruns , I do remember seeing it in reruns on USA around 1986 or 1987
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Edge of Night was really one of the best DAYTIME SOAPS~
J Spear7 February 2006
I have been waiting and wandering if this great soap will ever appear in syndication somewhere. I remember watching it in the afternoon when I came home from school..every weekday. I found it compelling and very interesting even for a kid my age. I always loved the mysterious story lines and the actors too were always OUTSTANDING! It amazed me that ABC cancelled the soap in 1984. I don't think that I have been able to watch another soap since. I remember Ann Flood, Forest Compton, Sharon Gabet, and the wonderful Lois Kibbie - all these actors are sorely missed on television these days. The music that opened and closed the show still rings in my mind - such moody and melodic tones sets were used to great effect. Is the "Golden Age" of soaps over? Passions which I have not seen seems to be a cruel joke on the folks who chose it over the other long time soap it replaced but could not surpass? I really wish that the people who "red light" these projects would put on something that was similar to "Edge" with emphasis on Mysteries like the writers did on "Edge"? Does anyone out there know the chances of a "NEW" soap being put into production? Are the chances slim to none? Would just be interested in knowing if any of you know about this stuff. In the mean time how can we petition ABC/Proctor & Gamble to release DVD's of Edge of Night? Kind of like the did for DARK SHADOWS? Seems like these older/cancelled shows would generate great profit for ABC/PROCTOR & GAMBLE?
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More than likely the only soap opera that men would admit watching.
cnbpjb16 January 2005
It is more than likely that most soap operas are watched by housewives, even after all these years and changes in the medium. But for most of it's existence, "The Edge of Night" was an exception to that rule. It was always near the top of the ratings for afternoon shows, from 1956 to 1970, when CBS showed it at 4:30 pm. Sadly, when CBS shuffled their daytime lineup, in the 1970 - 71 season, "The Edge of Night" was shown earlier and lost ground. The show was a murder mystery serial and was great at showing the inner workings of both crime organizations as well as showing the inner workings of both the police and the courtroom. It had some really great names going through it's door, as alumni, including Dixie Carter, Larry Hagman and even John Travolta as a delivery man. The show was edgy, just as the name applied, and had a great ability to show whodunits. Actress Talluhah Bankhead was an early fan of the show and not even a call from President Harry Truman could get her away from the show. It even had the balls to kill off a really popular character, Sara Karr very early on.
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