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Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Premiere

2 April 1956

Teal Ames ... Sarah Lane
Sarah Burton ... Cora Lane
Betty Garde ... Mattie Lane
Lauren Gilbert ... Harry Lane
Walter Greaza ... Winston Grimsley
Don Hastings ... Jack Lane
John Larkin ... Mike Karr
Mary Moor ... Betty Jean Lane
Mary Alice Moore ... Marilyn Bollon

Maxine Stuart ... Grace O'Keefe

Season 1, Episode 240: Episode #1.240

1 March 1957
Harry told Marilyn to start a fight with Cora at an appointed time, but later Marilyn didn't want to keep the meeting. Cora continued drinking heavily. Louise thought it was strange when Harry wanted to take a cab to their meeting and then said he needed to go back home to retrieve his speech. Marilyn confronted Cora, who passed out. Harry returned home with murder in mind.

Season 1, Episode 241: Episode #1.241

4 March 1957
Before he killed her with Cora's whiskey bottle, Harry explained to Marilyn how he planned to get rid of her and frame his wife so that he could be with Louise. Sara found Marilyn's bludgeoned body in Cora's bedroom closet. Mike called the police. Sara begged Cora to recall the events leading to Marilyn's murder, but in her alcoholic blackout, she couldn't remember anything.

Season 1, Episode 242: Episode #1.242

5 March 1957
The police zeroed in on Cora as the only suspect in the murder. Charlie was sent to find Jack who might be able to verify Cora's story. Cora neglected to mention to Mike that she had previously threatened Marilyn in front of witnesses. Jack and Betty Jean went against the wishes of her parents and made a date to meet one another secretly.

Season 1, Episode 243: Episode #1.243

6 March 1957
Betty Jean's father Wyn Battle learned from Charlie that Jack and Betty Jean are still involved. Jack made a serious suggestion to Betty Jean. Mike feared that Marilyn's death will be ruled first degree murder. Mike questioned Jack, but his answers did not make things look any better for Cora.

Season 1, Episode 244: Episode #1.244

7 March 1957
The arrival of Louise's ex-husband Phil Capice surprised her. Phil told Louise that he can't get her out of his head. Louise worried that someone will find out that she and Harry were at the Lane house the night Marilyn was murdered, but Harry warned her to keep her trap shut. Mike spoke with district attorney Ed Parmalee who has already decided Cora's guilt.

Season 1, Episode 245: Episode #1.245

8 March 1957
Harry avoided Duke's calls. Fearing an imminent charge of murder, Mike fed Assistant DA Parmalee a tip and advised Cora to play sick in order to delay Cora's arrest. Duke told Mike that no one wanted Marilyn dead. Certain of Harry's guilt, Duke confronted Harry and made serious blackmail threats.

Season 1, Episode 246: Episode #1.246

11 March 1957
Duke demanded money in exchange for his silence about Harry's crimes. Mike had Duke tailed. Charlie became passionate with Grace. Duke changed his story about Marilyn, and Mike suspected a payoff from Harry. Grace had an admission for Sara about which man she prefers, Charlie or Paul. Mike theorized Marilyn's killer re-set the time on her watch to trick police detectives.

Season 1, Episode 247: Episode #1.247

12 March 1957
Winston verified part of Harry's alibi but also remembered something else important about Harry's activities the night of the murder. Cora couldn't be sure of her own innocence and considered skipping town until everything blows over. Mike questioned Grace for details about the relationship between Harry and Marilyn. Grace couldn't quite recall everything about an odd incident between the two.

Season 1, Episode 248: Episode #1.248

13 March 1957
Winston remembered being tipped off by an anonymous dame about being cheated by Harry, but wasn't sure if Marilyn had been the caller. Paul pressured Grace to answer his marriage proposal. Grace finally recalled an incident that made her sure that Harry and Marilyn were involved. Mike suspected that Marilyn was blackmailing Harry. Parmalee gave Mike a short deadline to gather evidence before he charges Cora.

Season 1, Episode 249: Episode #1.249

14 March 1957
Jack's statement to the cops angered Harry. Sgt. Killbourn interviewed a new witness, a cab driver parked outside the auditorium where Harry gave his speech the night of the murder. Harry confessed to Mike that he and Marilyn had more than a professional relationship. Later, Mike doubted the veracity of the cab driver, who insisted that no one left the auditorium during the period when Marilyn was being killed.

Season 1, Episode 250: Episode #1.250

15 March 1957
The taxi driver altered his story but not enough for Mike's satisfaction. Phil confided to Winston that he and Louise can't reconcile while she's in love with someone else. Phil and Winston made a pact to uncover Louise's secrets. Louise was afraid that Harry made her an accessory to murder. Mike vowed to lean on Harry until he snaps.

Season 1, Episode 251: Episode #1.251

18 March 1957
A newspaper story suggesting that Mike was covering up Cora's guilt annoyed Sara. Cora promised to stop drinking. Asst. DA Parmalee pressured Mike to close the murder case. Mike's hopes were dashed with an airtight alibi. Betty Jean's mother admitted she's afraid that her daughter and Jack will marry too soon. Sara visited neighbor Billy Harper, a young boy who's hospitalized. Mike tricked Harry by implying there are witnesses who saw him leave the auditorium before the murder.

Season 1, Episode 252: Episode #1.252

19 March 1957
Phil made a discovery about Louise's secret lover. Louise begged Harry to take her away on a world cruise before the cops start closing in on them for Marilyn's murder. Mike and the police increased the pressure on Harry with more innuendos and scenarios about his guilt. Later, Harry began to crack and phoned for Louise to secretly meet him at his private lodge.

Season 1, Episode 253: Episode #1.253

20 March 1957
Al Ford, who wrote the article filled with innuendo about Mike, attempted to goad Sara into making an incriminating statement against Cora. Sara asked Ford to leave her home. Mike made a case to Asst. DA Parmalee that Harry could be guilty of killing Marilyn. The police tailed Harry to the lodge. Louise flatly refused Harry's demands that she lie about their whereabouts the night of the murder. Harry threatened to reveal that Louise was the perpetrator of a hit and run in Nevada.

Season 1, Episode 254: Episode #1.254

21 March 1957
Under duress and afraid of Harry's threats, Louise gave a deposition to the cops. Mike coerced Louise into admitting that she was the informant who tipped off Harry with insider information that helped him cheat Winston out of the Brody and Clark real estate deal. After reading Louise's deposition, Winston was devastated to learn that he was betrayed by his own daughter.

Season 1, Episode 255: Episode #1.255

22 March 1957
Winston begged Louise to tell him the truth about the Brody and Clark deal. Breaking down, Louise was on the verge of admitting to her father what happened in Nevada. With the DA presenting Cora's case to the grand jury in three days, Mike was ordered to stop pursuing a case against Harry. Mike promised Sara that he wouldn't stop looking for the truth and vowed to nail the real killer.

Season 1, Episode 256: Episode #1.256

25 March 1957
Harry hired lawyer Bernard Ehlers to defend Cora. Mike questioned Phil about whether or not Louise and Harry are intimate, but Phil responded that Louise hates Harry. Mike was suspicious why a woman would betray her own father for a man she despises. Grace admitted to Mike that Louise leaked the Brody and Clark deal to Harry in October. Mike realized that Louise betrayed Winston only two months after starting to see Harry.

Season 1, Episode 257: Episode #1.257

26 March 1957
Harry groused at Paramlee that Mike is continuing to question him when Cora is the one going before the grand jury. Parmalee told that Mike that he should quit the police force if he wants to keep playing detective. Winston took great offense when Mike's comments suggested that Louise might be Harry's accomplice in murder. Little Billy Harper returned the hero's medal that Mike gave him in the hospital. Mike made Billy see that his bravery in the face of a serious operation deserved the medal.

Season 1, Episode 258: Episode #1.258

27 March 1957
Parmalee conceded a grudging respect for Mike's dogged determination. Sara confessed to Mike that she once heard Cora threaten to bludgeon Marilyn with a vase, but Marilyn wasn't afraid. Mike argued to DA Bruce Thompson that Marilyn wasn't afraid of Cora, but Marilyn feared the person who killed her, because she was hiding in Cora's closet when the killer struck. Mike suggested a pre-trial hearing rather than a trial. Parmalee cautioned Mike that if Cora is actually brought to trial, it could crush Mike's future as an attorney.

Season 1, Episode 259: Episode #1.259

28 March 1957
Ehlers turned to Grace for information about Cora's drinking and her close association with the Martin Spode family. Sara tipped off Ehlers that someone sent the Spodes an anonymous letter that exposed Cora's alcoholism, and that in turn made Hester take young Bebe away from Cora. Ehlers contacted Hester, now living in Florida, but she couldn't identify the person who tried to sabotage Cora. Cora was told that she'll probably go to trial for murder, and fearing jail, planned to skip town.

Season 1, Episode 260: Episode #1.260

29 March 1957
Helen tailed Cora, who went to the train station and planned to leave for Springfield. Helen arrested Cora to stop her from fleeing, but the DA's office had her tailed, too! And made the charge stick. At the bail hearing, Mike pleaded Cora's case, then the judge found her a flight risk and ordered her jailed until trial. Mike told Cora to face her fears and find strength in her solitude, but Cora collapsed sobbing in her cell and begged God to her help her.

Season 1, Episode 261: Episode #1.261

1 April 1957
Mattie had doubts about Cora's innocence. Betty Jean's mother argued that she and Jack should be able to date, but Betty Jean's father Wyn reiterated that Jack's aunt is a drunk and murder suspect. Wyn forbade Betty Jean to ever see Jack again. Jack made Betty Jean choose between him and her parents. Cora was forbidden from accepting Sara's gift of a vanity mirror because the jail matron feared Cora might break it and use the sharp edges to slit her wrists.

Season 1, Episode 262: Episode #1.262

2 April 1957
Mike told Captain Marceau that the lab found an uncommon sedative in Cora's blood the night of the murder, and theorized that Harry had drugged Cora, murdered Marilyn, and framed his wife. At the jail, Cora admitted to Mike that her maid Marie had given her vitamin capsules shortly before Marilyn's murder. Mike questioned Marie who told him that Cora once mistook a sedative for her vitamins and was comatose for over an hour. Mike called Harry in for routine questioning, then showed Harry how easy it would be to grind up tablet and place it in an empty capsule. Harry started to unravel.

Season 1, Episode 263: Episode #1.263

3 April 1957
Seeing Harry's panic, Marceau gave Mike a free hand to continue the investigation. Later, Mike learned that Louise has a history of speeding and reckless driving. Sara counseled Betty-Jean on how to win back Jack. Betty-Jean took Sara's advice and made time with a boy named Allen to make Jack jealous. After a furious Jack saw Betty-Jean and Allen together at the soda shop, the two reconciled. Sara mentioned to Mike that the feud between Harry and Winston dates back to Harry's love for Winston's late wife, also named Louise.

Season 1, Episode 264: Episode #1.264

4 April 1957
Mike instructed Charlie to find out why Louise's personal habits changed suddenly a year ago. Sara visited Cora in jail and was unnerved to hear that Cora has accepted her fate and wants to give up. Cora admitted that she's considering a confession just to put an end to the trial and all the publicity. Phil informed Mike that Louise suddenly changed last year after a trip to Reno to get their divorce. Mike hustled to stop Cora's confession, warning that if Cora confesses, her only alternative to jail is permanent confinement to an asylum. Phil lied to Harry that he's going to re-marry Louise. Mike was delighted by Harry's jealous reaction to the news, since it gives Harry a motive for framing Cora.

Season 1, Episode 265: Episode #1.265

5 April 1957
Mike theorized that Harry solved two problems at once by killing a blackmailer, Marilyn, and framing his drunken wife Cora for the crime. Winston followed Mike's advice to undermine Harry's confidence by turning up the pressure on his business. Harry handed over blackmail money to Duke, but argued he can't afford any more because of heat from the cops and sudden cash flow problems. Duke suggested that Harry play it cool because the cops are using the old squeeze-play maneuver to make him crack.

Season 1, Episode 266: Episode #1.266

8 April 1957
Mike hinted to Louise that he knows about her past in Nevada, but just as she was about to confess, Harry arrived. Harry warned Louise about Mike's tricks and tried to persuade her to betray her father again. Lane Trucking continued to suffer as Winston pulled strings to get another company to cancel its contracts with Harry. Harry descended into madness, espousing his power and screaming that no one can destroy him.

Season 1, Episode 267: Episode #1.267

9 April 1957
Mary Harper admitted to her husband Roger that she's overdrawn at the bank again and needs money to balance the account. After giving Mary more money, Roger suggested that they meet Mike and Sara Karr, who befriended their son Billy while he was in the hospital. Later, Mary visited Sara and made ominous statements about not wanting to live if she should ever lose her son. When Sara casually mentioned the date, April 9th, Mary panicked and fled the Karr home. Mike met with Roger and learned that Marilyn wasn't insured at the time of her death. Mary kept an appointment with the mysterious Clayton Pike, who is blackmailing her. Pike revealed that he must raise his fee for "standing as a protective factor" between Mary and "unpleasant circumstances". When Mary insisted that she can't pay any more money, Pike suggested telling Roger the truth. Later, Mary lied to Roger that the money he gave her to cover the bank overdraft had been stolen from her purse. Sara told Mike about the strange incident with Mary and said that she saw "terror" in Mary's eyes.

Season 1, Episode 268: Episode #1.268

10 April 1957
Sara shivered when Mike informed her that Cora's judge is the same one who sent Martin Spode to prison and seldom shows mercy. The judge's wife is a former acquaintance of Cora and asked her husband to be nice. Judge Neuman guessed that Mike will be an ace attorney some day, but Mike joked that he should save his compliments until the bar exam scores are in. Cora's pre-trial hearing got underway,

Season 1, Episode 269: Episode #1.269

11 April 1957
As the hearing got underway, Mike testified about Marilyn fearing her killer but not being afraid of a drunken Cora. Under oath, Mike swore that he believed Cora innocent of the crime. Judge Neuman ordered a recess when an upset Cora became hysterical. Sergeant Fisk testified that Cora's fingerprints were found on the neck of the whiskey bottle, indicating that she grasped it to use as a weapon rather than to pick it up to pour a drink. Fisk's testimony caused Cora to lose her cool again.

Season 1, Episode 270: Episode #1.270

12 April 1957
Mike warned Sara that they had to find a way to stop Cora's outbursts in court, which made her look even more prone to sudden violence. Sara attempted to reason with Cora, but it was to no avail. Phil recalled seeing Louise and Duke together in a Reno hotel when she went to Nevada to finalize their divorce. Mike theorized that Duke spilled the beans about Louise's troubles to Harry, who used the information to blackmail her. Later, Mike paid a surprise visit to Duke, but he pretended not to know Louise.

Season 1, Episode 292: Episode #1.292

14 May 1957
Mike received a lucrative job offer from a prestigious private law practice . Later he told Sara that he rejected DA Bruce Thompson's offer to work in the DA's office, but Sara urged him to reconsider Thompson's offer. Mike and Sara's disagreement over the jobs turned into a terrible argument. Young Billy Harper advised Mike to apologize whether he was actually remorseful or not. Mike brought Sara candy, flowers and an apology, with a joke about a mink coat coming later. Mary became upset after Clayton Pike called her at home and talked with Roger.

Season 1, Episode 293: Episode #1.293

15 May 1957
Roger admitted to Mary that the doctor has him on a new exercise regime which will place some strain on his heart, so Roger needs complete emotional tranquility. Alarmed about Roger's health, Mary confronted Pike and begged for more time to pay the protection money. A reluctant Pike agreed to Mary's demands when his wife Liz arrived unexpectedly. Liz correctly sensed that Clayton is involved in another shady deal. Sara wanted to help Mary, but Mary insisted that no one can help her now. Later, Mary wondered how she'd ever be able to tell Roger that Billy isn't really his son.

Season 1, Episode 294: Episode #1.294

16 May 1957
Mike resigned from the Monticello police department and accepted Asst. DA Parmalee's job offer. Mike's first case will be the prosecution of a black-market baby ring. Mary saw a story in the newspaper about Winston's desire to end the illegal sale of babies in Monticello. Roger blamed the victims for paying for children. Mary fantasized about telling Roger that she bought Billy on the black market after their own child died while Roger was undergoing dangerous heart surgery. Roger died of a heart attack in Mary's fantasy.

Season 1, Episode 295: Episode #1.295

17 May 1957
Jack wanted an answer from Betty Jean to his marriage proposal. Charlie received the bad news that Grace moved to San Francisco. Sara confirmed for Charlie that Grace sent her a letter from California, but there wasn't a return address because Grace doesn't want Charlie or Paul to contact her. Charlie said that he planned to find Grace even if she doesn't want to see him. Rosemarie Bremen paid a visit to Winston and agreed to help him because she was victimized by the black market ring.

Season 1, Episode 296: Episode #1.296

20 May 1957
Rose Marie told Winston that she sold her baby to a man named Thomas McMahon after her young husband died of polio and left her penniless. Rose Marie had met McMahon at a charity clinic, and he offered to pay her expenses if she'd give him the baby after it was born. Rose Marie had written a letter to her husband's parents asking for help, but McMahon promised to mail the letter and apparently didn't. When her in-laws didn't respond, Rose Marie agreed to McMahon's plan. Jack told Winston that he wants to assume Harry's position at Lane Trucking, but Winston informed Jack that the company is being liquidated to pay Harry's debts. Winston offered Jack a job at Grimsley, but a belligerent Jack refused. Winston convinced Jack to accept a temporary two-week job over the state line in Hillsdale. Later, Jack told Betty-Jean that the Hillsdale job is a perfect opportunity for them to elope. Betty Jean was reticent about running away. Jack warned Betty Jean that if she didn't meet him after graduation to runaway, she'd never see him again.

Season 1, Episode 297: Episode #1.297

21 May 1957
Betty Jean penned a letter to her parents, left it where they could find it, and drove off with Jack just before her high school graduation. After she left, Betty Jean's note blew away in the wind. Betty Jean's father worried when she didn't come with her date Duly Masterson. Later an angry Wyn discovered from Duly's parents that Betty Jean was spotted leaving Monticello with Jack. Wyn phoned Mike to ask that an APB be issued to find the young lovers.

Season 1, Episode 298: Episode #1.298

22 May 1957
Mike and Sara quarreled about the situation with Jack and Betty Jean. Mike met with Rosemarie and Winston who told him that Jack went to Hillsdale. Sara heard from Jack. Wyn found Betty Jean's note and went to the Karr home. Later, Betty Jean and Jack arrived to announce that they're married. Wyn wanted to have the marriage annulled but was upset to learn it had already been consummated. Jack nixed Sara's idea that he and Betty Jean move in with Mattie.

Season 1, Episode 299: Episode #1.299

23 May 1957
Mike and Louise had a heart-to-heart and reconciled their differences. Mike was pleased to learn that Louise and Phil plan to remarry. Rosemarie requested immunity from prosecution in exchange for information to break the black market baby ring, but Mike couldn't make any promises. However, Mike vowed to Rosemarie that he would do his very best to track down Thomas McMahon and return her baby girl to her.

Season 1, Episode 300: Episode #1.300

24 May 1957
Mike asked Willie for help on the black market baby ring, but Willie was apprehensive because of his last investigation. Mike informed Willie that Thomas McMahon is actually Leo Sekuler, a man Willie once investigated. Rose Marie spotted Sekuler at the charity clinic and called Mike, who told her to leave immediately. Sekuler caught Rose Marie and intimidated her into remaining silent about their association. Willie confronted Sekuler, who denied knowing Thomas McMahon. Rose Marie lied to Mike that she didn't recognize Sekuler's mug shot as being the man she knew as Thomas McMahon. Later, Rose Marie wouldn't finger Sekuler in a police lineup. Willie scolded Rose Marie for protecting Sekuler. Sara noticed a bruise on Rose Marie's face. Mike realized that Sekuler "gave her a small example of what would happen to her if she identified him". Mike told Willy that they must "wrap up Sekuler".

Season 1, Episode 301: Episode #1.301

27 May 1957
Rosemarie told Sekuler that she wants back the baby she gave away. Sekuler indicated that a payoff might be necessary to secure the child who was adopted over a year ago. Sekuler called Clayton Pike and warned him that there's trouble brewing. Pike was afraid to deal with Sekuler again because Rosemarie already talked to the cops. Rosemarie debated whether or not to squeal on Sekuler.

Season 1, Episode 302: Episode #1.302

28 May 1957
Sara thought Roger looked upset when he came searching for Mary. Mary met with Pike, and he got angry and began to blackmail her when she only gave him part of a payment to keep quiet about Billy being adopted from the black market. Mary argued that Roger would have a heart attack and die if he ever finds out the truth about Billy. Sara brooded about Mike not letting her go back to work. Mary was nervous with Roger after the meeting with Pike, who gave her until the end of the week to give him more money.

Season 1, Episode 303: Episode #1.303

29 May 1957
Jack worried that he won't be able to find a job that can support himself and Betty Jean. When Betty Jean needed money to buy groceries and pay the rent, Jack went to Sara for help. Mary became edgy over Roger reading another newspaper article about Mike's investigation into the black market baby operation. Betty Jean smelled perfume on the money Jack gave her and became jealous, but later she realized that Sara had lent him the money.

Season 1, Episode 304: Episode #1.304

30 May 1957
Mike had Willy tail Rosemarie to her meeting with Sekuler, and he figured that Rosemarie is trying get her baby back. Sekuler convinced former lawyer Eddie Holland to draft papers indicating that Rosemarie gave up rights to her daughter. Mike decided to pick up Sekuler and keep him on ice until he can persuade Rosemarie to squeal. Sekuler warned Rosemarie that only he can get her kid back and made her sign papers first.

Season 1, Episode 305: Episode #1.305

31 May 1957
Rosemarie begged Winston to drop the investigation, arguing that if the story is picked up by the papers, her in-laws might find out her secret. Sara and Mike visited the Harpers, and Mary became unnerved when Roger started showing off Billy's baby photos. Winston demanded to an angry Mike that he leave Rosemarie and Sekuler alone. Mike's conversation about adopted babies struck a nerve with Mary. After she and Mike got into a quarrel, Mary ran out.

Season 1, Episode 306: Episode #1.306

3 June 1957
Roger enlisted Sara's help to find out why Mary has been so edgy lately. Winston and Mike disagreed over the governor's decision to not keep pressuring Rosemarie. Mike asked for the help of Pat Sherman who runs the Ho Hi Ho club. Sherman talked to some cohorts in the rackets to get information on Sekuler. Mike wanted more information than the preliminaries that Sherman offered him.

Season 1, Episode 307: Episode #1.307

4 June 1957
Sara admired Mary's expensive broach. Later Mary hocked it to get more blackmail money for Clayton Pike. Roger learned that he might get a work transfer and considered a change for the family a good thing. During a tea party, Mattie and Betty Jean got off to a bad start when Mattie acted coldly toward her, and Betty Jean lost her temper. Mary's hopes were raised after Roger told her that they might be leaving Monticello for good.

Season 1, Episode 308: Episode #1.308

5 June 1957
Jack worried that he's being blackballed in his job search because of his association with Harry, but he finally got a break with Jake Golick's trucking company, even though Harry had cheated him. Mattie considered selling her house now that Jack and Sara are gone. Jack lied about getting a supervisor's job at Jake's trucking company and was called on the carpet for taking money from Sara. Mattie lectured Jack about where he's going in life.

Season 1, Episode 309: Episode #1.309

6 June 1957
Mike raced against time to arrest Sekuler over orders otherwise. Eddie Holland completed the papers that verify Rosemarie gave up all rights to her daughter. Sekuler pressured Rosemarie to sign his document by saying that she could have her kid back within 24 hours of signing it. Winston confessed to Mike that he was responsible for the DA and governor pulling him off Sekuler's back. Pat Sherman's informant linked Sekuler and Holland, prompting Mike to order an arrest.

Season 1, Episode 310: Episode #1.310

7 June 1957
Mike and Winston crossed swords over Mike's orders for Willy to take Sekuler into custody. Rosemarie finally cracked and decided to squeal on Sekuler. Holland advised Sekuler to blow town because word's out that Rosemarie's going to squeal to the DA. Sekuler swore that he'd get at Rosemarie. Later Rosemarie went into hysterics when it was discovered that Sekuler skipped town without revealing the whereabouts of her baby.

Season 1, Episode 311: Episode #1.311

10 June 1957
A furious Rosemarie blamed Mike for blowing her chances of getting her daughter back. Parmalee said that Mike's reckless behavior ruined the investigation, so he's being dismissed. Mary admitted to Sara that she's in trouble and moving away will solve her problems. Mike tracked down Rosemarie and made her see reason. Parmalee told Mike that he's being taken off the crime commission. After Rosemarie mentioned her daughter having a rare medical condition, Mike had an idea about how they can find her without Sekuler's help.

Season 1, Episode 312: Episode #1.312

11 June 1957
Mike raised Rosemarie's spirits with the news that her clue might help them uncover her daughter's whereabouts. Parmalee told Mike that he's making a report of Mike's insubordination and dismissal from the crime commission, and warned that DA Thompson could fire Mike from the DA's office. Mike wouldn't give Parmalee his new clue in the case. Willy agreed to help track down Rosemarie's baby. Parmalee's wife Mildred attempted to comfort him about the unpleasant incident with Mike.

Season 1, Episode 313: Episode #1.313

12 June 1957
Mattie told Sara that Uncle Harry's prison psychiatrist wants to meet with Cora. Mildred and Sara agreed to combine their efforts to resolve the tension between Mike and Parmalee. Parmalee asked for help from DA Thompson's secretary Joyce, who told him that he should dictate a memo describing Mike's actions. Later, Mildred told her husband that he made a terrible mistake. Parmalee attempted to get the memo back from Joyce, but she lied that she had already sent it. After Parmalee left, Joyce took the memo and mailed it.

Season 1, Episode 314: Episode #1.314

13 June 1957
Totally out of touch with reality, Harry dictated a letter to Marilyn, asking the governor for help with all of the people who are persecuting him. Cora paid a visit to Jack and Betty Jean, and when Jack told her about his important new job, she warned him not to fall into the same trap as his Uncle Harry. At the prison hospital, Harry's psychiatrist told Cora that Harry's going to be confined to a ward for the criminally insane and will never recover. Cora wished Harry heartfelt luck and said her goodbye.

Season 1, Episode 315: Episode #1.315

14 June 1957
Willy warned Mike not to trust Parmalee and Joyce. Joyce told Mike that DA Thompson wants a meeting with him. Mike and Sara quarreled about Sara wanting to work, and the situation grew worse when Cora spilled the beans about Sara giving money to Jack. Joyce hinted to DA Thompson that Mike's angling for his job. Willy found a promising lead on Rosemarie's baby but insisted that Mike has to be the one to actually recover the kid.

Season 1, Episode 316: Episode #1.316

17 June 1957
Teresa and Louie Baccoli, who adopted Rosemarie's baby, planned to skip the country before the cops closed. Mike tracked down the Baccoli's pharmacist who told him that the couple was too old to have their own child. Teresa went to collect the baby's prescription, just missing Mike. Later, she and Louie packed the car for their drive to Canada.

Season 1, Episode 317: Episode #1.317

18 June 1957
Mildred suspected that Parmalee's vendetta against Mike originates from Mike being right in the Cora Lane trial. DA Thompson was annoyed to discover that Mike swore out a warrant for the Baccolis. Mike managed to stop the Baccolis who confessed that Sekuler sold them their baby and claimed that the mother was dead. Thompson thawed toward Mike after hearing he'd found Rosemarie's baby, but Parmalee said he'd get Mike next time.

Season 1, Episode 318: Episode #1.318

19 June 1957
Joyce manipulated Parmalee's jealousy of Mike. Mike didn't fall for Joyce's offer of congratulations in getting Rosemarie's baby back. Mattie insisted that she hasn't forgiven Wyn and Ella Battle for treating Jack badly. Mike broke the good news to Rosemarie and suggested that she finally tell her family the truth. Parmalee didn't accept Mike's offer to call a truce.

Season 1, Episode 319: Episode #1.319

20 June 1957
Teresa Baccoli refused to give up the baby and accused Rosemarie of being an unfit mother. Mike tried to referee the two women. A welfare agent told Willy that neither Rosemarie nor Teresa should have the baby in the current situation. Mike learned that Sekuler has been traced to nearby Springfield. Teresa considered hiring an attorney to fight for the baby.

Season 1, Episode 320: Episode #1.320

21 June 1957
Louie Baccoli took action by inviting Rosemarie to his home. Parmalee's jealousy of Mike grew. Teresa agreed to let Rosemarie see her daughter. After watching Rosemarie's interaction with the child Teresa realized the most obvious solution. Parmalee ordered Mildred to stop being friends with Sara Karr. Teresa gave everyone her decision about what to do with Rosemarie's child.

Season 1, Episode 321: Episode #1.321

24 June 1957
Sara and Mattie came up with a plan to convince Mike that Sara should be allowed to work. Betty Jean told Sara about Jack's latest plan to go into business with Johnny Phillips, whose father JH Phillips is an influential Monticello businessman. Betty Jean confided that Jack needs money, and she's afraid of how far he'll go to get it. Rosemarie's former mother-in-law Mrs. Tupper came to Monticello to see the baby.

Season 1, Episode 322: Episode #1.322

25 June 1957
Rosemarie convinced Mrs. Tupper to go to the Baccolis' to see the baby, though Mrs. Tupper doubts the child's paternity. Willy convinced Rosemarie, Teresa, and Louie to testify against Sekuler. Willy used the Baccolis' typed birth certificate to compare against Eddie Holland's typewriter. Holland began to crumble when Willy suggested the connection. Mrs. Tupper realized that the Baccoli baby is he late son's child.

Season 1, Episode 323: Episode #1.323

23 June 1957
Willy tailed Sekuler, who was back in Monticello. At the Harper house, Sara realized that Mary was lying when she told Roger that she hadn't seen her expensive brooch in a while. Mary made Sara promise to not tell Roger the truth about the brooch. Roger reported Mary's missing jewelry to the insurance company for an investigation. Willy confronted Sekuler.

Season 1, Episode 324: Episode #1.324

27 June 1957
Sekuler gave a statement to the cops denying any involvement with Rosemarie's baby being stolen. Mike was suspicious of Joyce, who wanted to act as stenographer for Sekuler's statement. Mike had another talk with Parmalee and realized that Joyce is trying to sabotage him. Cora said her final goodbyes before moving back to New England. Mildred consoled Parmalee who admitted that he isn't half the man that Mike is.

Season 1, Episode 325: Episode #1.325

28 June 1957
During their coffee klatsch, Mildred confessed to Sara that Parmalee fears Mike will take his job. A stunned Roger learned from the insurance adjuster that Mary sold the missing brooch. After the adjuster showed him undeniable proof, Roger angrily demanded that Mary return home to talk. Roger confronted Mary, who stuck to her story, until Roger showed her the proof he has of her duplicity.

Season 1, Episode 326: Episode #1.326

1 July 1957
Mary was unable to continue lying and confessed about selling the brooch. After Roger decided that their marriage is a farce, a tearful Mary ran out, and Roger suffered an attack. Sara wasn't thrilled with Jack's talk of going into business with Johnny Phillips. Mary went back home and found a sick Roger, who had another attack and passed out. Sara and Billy arrived at the Harper home along with a doctor, and Mary claimed that she killed Roger.

Season 1, Episode 327: Episode #1.327

2 July 1957
Roger's condition stabilized. Mary tried to phone Clayton Pike, but she got his wife Liz, who thought Mary was one of Clayton's rotten dames. Liz told Clayton about Sekuler being picked up by the cops and warned him that his activities must not hurt their current schemes. Clayton lied that he has no business with Sekuler. The doctor cautioned Mary that another attack might kill Roger. Clayton told Mary that if she can't keep paying him, he can't continue to keep her secret.

Season 1, Episode 328: Episode #1.328

3 July 1957
Johnny Phillips talked Jack into going to Mattie to get the money they need to start their business. Winston asked Mike to smooth over some ruffled feathers by giving Parmalee some of the credit in the black market baby investigation. Mattie told a dejected Jack that she turned over her financial administration to Winston, who won't give Jack the money. Jack began to sound like Uncle Harry when he wailed to Betty Jean that his mother has turned against him.

Season 1, Episode 329: Episode #1.329

4 July 1957
Rosemarie learned that Sekuler is out on bail. Sekuler went to Clayton Pike for help, but Clayton told him to stay away. Later, Sekuler talked to Liz Pike and told her that Clayton is two timing her with a blonde, and he'll help her get back at him. Liz subtly fished for information with Clayton. Mike received word from Willy that Sekuler and Clayton Pike were seen together.

Season 1, Episode 330: Episode #1.330

5 July 1957
Mary sharply instructed Clayton to never contact her again, but he convinced her to meet him. Roger clued Mary in that he knows she runs off to secret meetings with a man after getting mysterious phone calls. Liz followed Clayton to his meeting with Mary, who Liz mistook for the mistress Sekuler told her about. Roger informed Mary that he wants out of their marriage, and defeated, she didn't object. Clayton arrived home to find an infuriated Liz, who threatened to destroy him and Mary.

Season 1, Episode 391: Episode #1.391

30 September 1957
Sybil warned Ollie that Mike suspects someone is spying in the district attorney's office. Ollie refused to reveal to Sybil the identity of their "Mr. Big". Later, he confirmed that Mr. Big wants to replace Thompson with someone more easily manipulated. Sybil compiled dossiers on Mike, Ed Parmalee, and Peter Dalton for Mr. Big. Bebe Spode faced harassment at school over her dad Martin being a convict. John Phillips examined Sybil's dossiers, and chose Peter Dalton to oust DA Thompson. Sara told Bebe's school principal that Martin has applied for an early release from prison.

Season 1, Episode 392: Episode #1.392

1 October 1957
Sybil theorized that Peter Dalton's wife Virginia is his Achilles heel. Dalton rejected Ollie's overtures of providing him with an influential backer to get him into the DA's position. Winston talked with Mattie about her husband George, who remains missing after disappearing years ago. Just as Sybil thought, Virginia Dalton encouraged Peter seize Ollie's offer. Dalton agreed to at least discuss the deal with Ollie's mysterious investor. Ollie and Sybil laughed about getting Dalton on the hook.

Season 1, Episode 393: Episode #1.393

2 October 1957
Mike disappointed Sara by refusing to endorse Martin Spode's bid for an early release from prison. Liz locked up Mary's brooch in a strong box and cautioned Clayton that she can send him to the pen. Clayton managed to get a key to Liz's strongbox. Lt. Harrison and Mike went over the details of a car crash involving Clayton Pike fifteen years ago in which another man was killed and burned beyond recognition. Mike speculated that Clayton switched identities with his passenger and is an impostor. Photos of Clayton Pike from Arizona don't match the man now residing in Monticello. Mike received a letter from Martin Spode and decided to reconsider his endorsement.

Season 1, Episode 394: Episode #1.394

3 October 1957
Jack groused about working so hard for such little money. Jack's boss Jake Golick realized that someone wants to run him out of business. Jack worried about losing his job. Jake offered to give Jack a glowing work recommendation. Betty Jean applauded Jack for his unselfish attitude about Jake's problems. Peter Dalton waited on pins and needles for Ollie's call. Sybil said that Dalton is ready to jump and urged Ollie to give him a call. Dalton reacted nervously to Ollie's call.

Season 1, Episode 395: Episode #1.395

4 October 1957
Sara wrote to inform Cora of Bebe's problems. Ollie nixed a meeting between Dalton and the private sponsor since Dalton's not interested in taking Thompson's job. Mike and Sara quarreled over Mike's reticence to help Martin Spode. Later, Mike witnessed a quarrel between friends and made up with Sara. Ollie and Phillips decided to let Dalton meet his potential benefactor. Dalton considered going for the plan after he was assured that he won't owe Phillips anything for his patronage. Ollie and Phillips privately chuckled at Dalton's naiveté. Dalton fantasized going from the DA's office to a governorship.

Season 1, Episode 396: Episode #1.396

7 October 1957
Bebe was tormented by nightmares of her father. Sara reassured Bebe that she'll see Martin again. Mike's apology to Sara dissolved into another argument about Martin Spode. Virginia Dalton wondered if Winston is the benefactor supporting Peter, but he wouldn't give up JH Phillips's identity. Peter was torn between his ambition and his loyalty to DA Thompson. After Sara told him about Bebe's turmoil, Mike moved closer to approving Spode's release. Virginia and Peter celebrated his future as Monticello's DA.

Season 1, Episode 397: Episode #1.397

8 October 1957
Clayton Pike schemed to use Mary Harper's brooch against Liz. Pike and his mistress planned to knock off Billy Harper and steal his inheritance. Dalton maneuvered to get the Leo Sekuker/Eddie Holland case away from Mike. Phillips was pleased when Dalton finally agreed to take over the DA's office, but Dalton stressed again that he won't be told how to do his job. Liz slapped Clayton and commented she would like to give him up to the cops, but he deserves to suffer a bit longer. Dalton decided he'd have to get rid of Mike if Mike gets in his way.

Season 1, Episode 398: Episode #1.398

9 October 1957
Winston and Mike spoke of getting the support of Monticello's most influential citizens behind DA Thompson's re-election. Mike told Winston that he's not familiar with JH Phillips, who's on Winston's list. Ollie threatened Sybil when she joked that he's not paying enough attention to her, and she might double cross him with Thompson. Winston encouraged Mattie to file George's life insurance policy since he's obviously dead. Ollie told Phillips that he's worried about Sybil. Sybil lied to her husband Joe so that she could two-time him with Ollie.

Season 1, Episode 399: Episode #1.399

10 October 1957
Peter learned that the Holland/Sekuler case is going to trial in a week. Sara received word that Hester Spode is returning to Monticello. Mike feared Martin's release is hopeless since he was involved in a prison fight. The Pike maid told Liz that she saw Clayton with Liz's strongbox right before Liz's brooch disappeared. Peter hoped that Mike could collar Clayton Pike so that Peter can get all the press. Clayton sneered that he can frame Liz for the black market baby scam, then she gave him one day to return her brooch, or she'll nail him for the murder back in Arizona.

Season 1, Episode 400: Episode #1.400

11 October 1957
Peter and Virginia had DA Thompson over for dinner to fish out details of his election strategy. When Peter had an attack of guilt, Virginia reminded him that he owes a lot more to his mystery benefactor. Just before Hester was due back in Monticello, Bebe told Sara that she wants to stay with her and Mike. Hester was distraught to learn that Martin's prison fight might cost him parole. Mike promised Hester to help free Martin for little Bebe's sake. The Daltons plied Thompson with liquor. Later, Peter persuaded him to take Mike off the Holland/Sekuler case and give it to Peter.

Season 1, Episode 401: Episode #1.401

14 October 1957
With Bebe gone, Sara hinted to Mike that their home is empty without kids. Mike refused to take DA Thompson's reassignment. Sybil's husband caught her having lunch with Ollie, but she passed Ollie off as DA Thompson's campaign manager. Sara comforted Mike about being reassigned. Mike agreed to talk to Martin Spode while visiting the prison for his new case. Mike told Thompson he'll take the new assignment. Joe admitted to Sybil that he was jealous to see her with another man.

Season 1, Episode 402: Episode #1.402

15 October 1957
Hester wanted Mike to do whatever he can to get Martin released from prison. Phillips and Ollie planned to promote Dalton by getting organizer Katherine Guthrie to announce his candidacy at a community fund raiser. Mrs. Guthrie gave Phillips his money back when he asked her to announce support of Dalton. Phillips argued that Monticello is being besieged with crime, and asked that Guthrie produce a better candidate. Mrs. Phillps agreed to consider Dalton and present him to her committee.

Season 1, Episode 403: Episode #1.403

16 October 1957
Irene and Clayton were ready to put their scheme into motion. Bebe confided in Sara about being harassed at school. Sara advised Bebe to avoid her mean schoolmate Kitty. Kitty continue to bully Bebe, so she befriended another Kitty's friend Polly. Liz gave Clayton another chance to return the brooch. Clayton asked Irene to wear the brooch. Later they planned to kill Liz and Billy and have Irene pose as Billy's mother to collect the child's inheritance.

Season 1, Episode 404: Episode #1.404

17 October 1957
Clayton lied to Liz that he stole her brooch and sold it to pay off a debt. Later he sent Irene to the beauty parlor where Liz was having her hair done. Liz spotted Irene wearing the brooch and was angered by Irene's coy responses. Mike met with his client at the prison and believed his story. Just as Clayton planned, Liz followed Irene back to her apartment. Clayton wouldn't let Irene keep the brooch since he needs it to continue his plan. Liz barged into Irene's apartment and found her kissing Clayton.

Season 1, Episode 405: Episode #1.405

18 October 1957
Liz stormed out after seeing Irene and Clayton together. Clayton and Irene tailed Liz to the bank. Irene and Clayton were both armed with guns. Martin Spode explained to Mike that he was defending Hester's honor when he fought with his cell mate. Liz got into a taxi to go to the police station, but it was being driven by a disguised Clayton. Irene got into the cab and pulled a gun on Liz. Irene stopped Liz from escaping and snatched an envelope she had picked up at the bank. After opening the envelope, Clayton burned it. Liz told Clayton that she still knows he murdered the real Pike in Arizona and stole his identity. Clayton happily gloated to Liz that she'll soon know her fate.

Season 1, Episode 406: Episode #1.406

21 October 1957
Clayton showed Liz copies of documents that implicate her as an accessory after the fact to the murder he committed in Arizona. Willy informed Rosemarie that she won't have to testify in the Holland/Sekuker trial since Sekuker pleaded guilty. Dalton strong-armed Rosemarie into giving a TV interview praising him for the victory in the case. Liz handed Clayton a check for $10,000, and he let her go. Later, Clayton decided to let Bill Harper live, but he's going to kill someone else.

Season 1, Episode 407: Episode #1.407

22 October 1957
Mike interviewed Martin's cell mate Tom. Tom admitted to Mike that he made a crack to Martin insinuating that Hester was making time with other men while Martin has been incarcerated. Sympathetic to Martin's situation, Mike plead his case to the prison warden, urging him to not let the incident ruin Spode's chance at early parole. Jack told Betty Jean about his boss Jake losing his business. Betty Jean speculated that Jack might be in a position to help, if he can convince Winston to invest in the failing business. Jack decided to follow his wife's advice.

Season 1, Episode 408: Episode #1.408

23 October 1957
Phillips used the Holland/Sekuler case to persuade Mrs. Guthrie into giving Peter Dalton her endorsement. Willy suggested that Rosemarie try to get a job in Monticello when she admitted that she doesn't want to go upstate with her mother-in-law. Attorney Russell O'Brien visited Mike from England and told him that he's searching for the heirs to the Ambrose Heller estate. O'Brien piqued Mike's interest with news that a pregnant Dorothy Haller, the heir, had entered Clayton Pike's nursing home, and Pike claimed to have forwarded O'Brien's letter to Dorothy. Mike agreed to help O'Brien locate Dorothy and her child.

Season 1, Episode 409: Episode #1.409

24 October 1957
Mike informed Sara and Hester of his talk with the warden. Mike theorized that Martin Spode now has a better chance of early parole. Jack kept his word and spoke to Winston about offering his financial support to Jake. Winston agreed to a meeting with Jake. Clayton realized that he can't hurt Billy Harper without raising police suspicion. Later, Clayton and Irene planned to find a treacherous road with a flimsy guard rail in order to murder Mary and cover it up as an accidental car crash.

Season 1, Episode 410: Episode #1.410

25 October 1957
Willy couldn't help Mike begin his investigation into Dorothy Haller's disappearance. An anxious Peter awaited the initiation of his campaign for the DA's office. Mrs. Guthrie went on television and endorsed Dalton for office. Later, Peter demonstrated just the right amount of surprise and modesty over his "unexpected" nomination. Virginia was pleased at Peter's élan with the press. Willy talked with Rosemarie about a way to help become employed and stay in Monticello.

Season 1, Episode 411: Episode #1.411

28 October 1957
Peter was encouraged to give a televised response to Mrs. Guthrie. A suspicious Mike wondered who was responsible for Dalton's endorsement. On air, Dalton coyly played to the audience. Everyone doubted that Dalton was really surprised by his nomination. When Virginia celebrated the latest turn of events, Dalton cautioned her that he desperately needs Mike's support. Peter phoned Mike, who couldn't be dissuaded away from loyalty to DA Thompson.

Season 1, Episode 412: Episode #1.412

29 October 1957
Mike and DA Thompson speculated that someone is attempting to plant Dalton in the district attorney's office to interfere with Monticello crime enforcement. An infuriated Thompson vowed to fire Dalton, but Dalton came in to quit. Thompson tossed Dalton out of his office. Phillips hired campaign organizer Faith Fleming to ensure Dalton's election. Mike advised Thompson that making a response to Dalton's nomination would give Peter even more publicity. Faith met Virginia Dalton and afterward agreed with Phillips that Peter is a shoe-in for the election.

Season 1, Episode 413: Episode #1.413

30 October 1957
Clayton lured Mary with the hint of frightening news about Billy. Phillips and Ollie planned to get shills for Peter's television rally. Clayton terrified Mary with the lie that Billy's real mother has returned to Monticello and wants the child back. Ollie attempted to cheat Fitzsimmons in a deal for shills. Afraid he'd get in trouble with Phillips, Ollie had to make up the difference when Fitzsimmons wanted $2000 more than Ollie offered. Phillips caught on to Ollie's predicament.

Season 1, Episode 414: Episode #1.414

31 October 1957
As she prepped Peter's campaign rally, Faith Fleming laughed that the whole thing had been rigged without Dalton's knowledge. Peter began to feel like a puppet, but Virginia calmed his fears. Mike declined to attend the campaign rally because some people might mistake it as an endorsement. Fleming's TV audience went crazy on camera for Dalton, who gave in to their insistence he run for office. An incredulous Mike watched Dalton's rally on TV. Later, Peter called to give Mike a final chance to stand with him, but Mike refused. Faith commented that no one will knock Dalton off his high horse, but there's one man in town who can easily take him off it.

Season 1, Episode 415: Episode #1.415

1 November 1957
Clayton filled Irene in on his Harper plan, and asked her to hand over her pistol. Mildred and Sara annoyed two women at lunch by attempting to expose Dalton as undeserving of the DA's office. Clayton and Irene rented an apartment posing as Mr. and Mrs. Throckmorton. Irene pretended to be Mary and reserved a table at a tavern on dangerous Route 43, giving Mary a reason to be on the road where the fatal car crash happens. Mary appeared to foil Clayton's perfect murder plans by not being at home when he called to lure her to the tavern.

Season 1, Episode 416: Episode #1.416

4 November 1957
Clayton cursed not getting a chance to kill Mary the day before. Later, he phoned her with the bad news that Billy's mother Dorothy Haller is trying to contact him. Bebe and Billy met on the playground, and he asked her over for a visit. Irene pretended to be Mary's friend and tricked Bebe and Billy into going to the movies with her. When Billy failed to come home from school, Clayton told her that Billy had been taken by Mrs. Haller. Mary begged Clayton to help her get Billy back, and Clayton realized that he has Mary just where he wants her.

Season 1, Episode 417: Episode #1.417

5 November 1957
Mike received definitive proof that the man known as Clayton Pike is an impostor. Liz tried but couldn't dissuade Clayton from continuing his plot against Mary. Clayton met Mary and forced her to drive in a storm to the place where Mrs. Haller allegedly has Billy. Mike went to confront Pike and found him gone. Mary nearly crashed her car in the storm. Clayton feared his plans were going to be foiled again when the car stalled in the rain. Mike enlisted Willy to watch Pike's apartment. Captain Marceau sent officers to back up Willy.

Season 1, Episode 418: Episode #1.418

6 November 1957
Clayton made Mary go to a mechanic for help with the car. Mike worked with Captain Marceau to stakeout Clayton's place as well as Irene's. Roger went to the Karr house after he realized that Mary and Billy are missing. Roger let it slip to Mike that Billy was born in Pike's nursing home. Clayton forced Mary to walk to the apartment that he and Irene rented as the Throckmortons. Mary started to grow suspicious of Clayton, who bolted the door behind them.

Season 1, Episode 419: Episode #1.419

7 November 1957
Mary wanted to phone the police. Clayton stalled Mary by promising to help her get Billy back. Mary was horrified when Clayton suggested they use murder to stop Dorothy Haller. Hester tried to find Bebe at the Harper house. Irene returned the kids to their respective homes. Irene told Roger that Mary went to the country to buy an antique. Roger noticed that Irene was wearing Mary's brooch. Roger called Mike with his fears that Mary is in trouble. Mary ran for the door, but Clayton caught her. Irene arrived, and Mary sensed imminent danger.

Season 1, Episode 420: Episode #1.420

8 November 1957
Clayton stashed Mary in a locked bedroom. Mike told a panicked Roger that state troopers are searching for Mary. Bebe talked about her afternoon with Irene, but Mike was too distracted to make the connection. Captain Marceau and Mike speculated that if they can nail Pike, it will help DA Thompson's campaign for re-election. Clayton sent Irene to get Mary's car at the garage. After Irene dressed in Mary's coat, Clayton instructed her to be seen by the doorman, who will be his witness verifying that Mary left alive. Mary overheard Clayton's comments and realized she's going to be murdered soon.

Season 1, Episode 421: Episode #1.421

11 November 1957
Clayton and Irene feared their plans would be foiled again since their car won't be ready for another hour. Mike fumed that he could nail Pike if only he could track him down. Sara realized that Mary's "friend" was actually Pike's girlfriend Irene. Mike wondered if Irene could lead him to Pike. Bebe identified a photograph of Irene as being the lady who took her and Billy to the movies. Mike speculated that Billy might be adopted from the black market. Mike and Sara went to the hospital and gained access to Billy's medical records. After learning that Billy couldn't possibly be Mary's or Roger's child, Mike realized that Mary's in terrible danger.

Season 1, Episode 422: Episode #1.422

12 November 1957
Mike alerted Chief Marceau to the potential threat against Mary. Marceau issued an APB for everyone involved in Pike's scheme. Pike went over his plan to fly to London with Billy and Irene, and have Irene pose as Dorothy Haller to collect Billy's inheritance. Mary attempted to escape from the locked bedroom. Pike spiked Mary's coffee with sleeping pills to keep her under control. Later, he pretended that he wants to double-cross Irene and promised Mary that he'll save her. Mike devised a plan to get Irene to lead him to Clayton Pike.

Season 1, Episode 423: Episode #1.423

13 November 1957
Pike attempted to trick Mary into signing an innocent note that taken out of context made it sound like she was running off with a lover. Sgt. Helen Killbourn pretended to be a prostitute and told Mary that the cops are about to get Pike. A panicked Irene fled back to Pike's apartment hideout to warn him. Mike and the cops tailed Irene to the apartment house. Later, Irene was taken into custody by Helen. Mary signed Clayton's note, but managed to lock herself in the bedroom. Pike tried to break down the door, while Mary started to escape via a barricaded window.

Season 1, Episode 424: Episode #1.424

14 November 1957
A frantic Mary clawed at the grating over the bedroom window, while Clayton Pike tried to force the locked door open. Just as Pike busted through, Mary managed to slip out the window and ran to a neighboring roof. Pike pursued Mary, realizing that she was headed straight for the garage. Mike arrived at Pike's apartment and called for police backup. In the garage, Pike caught up with Mary, who was beginning to feel the effects of the sleeping pills. Irene confessed Pike's plan to Mike. Pike forced Mary into the car, but Mike and the cops converged outside.

Season 1, Episode 425: Episode #1.425

15 November 1957
Pike KO'ed Mary's mechanic, but before he could get away, Mike and the cops surrounded the building. Pike opened fire on the police. Captain Marceau sneaked into the building but almost got shot by Pike. Pike dragged Mary behind the car to use her as a human shield against the police. While Marceau distracted Pike, Mike attacked him from behind. A struggle ensued between Pike, Marceau, Mike, and Mary. Mary fell and hit her head in the struggle. Mike and Marceau subdued Pike, until he pulled another gun and escaped. Sgt. Helen Killbourn examined an unconscious Mary. Mike and Marceau chased Pike through the garage and captured him following a lengthy shootout. When Mike and Marceau returned to Mary and Helen, a concerned Helen told them that Mary is near death from her head injury.

Season 1, Episode 426: Episode #1.426

18 November 1957
Text: The police arrested Liz Pike who was trying to leave town with a suitcase stuffed with cash. Jack tried to appease a very touchy Betty Jean. Betty Jean repeatedly asked Jack if he would still love her no matter what happens. As Mary continued to hover near death in the hospital, doctors were mystified by her worsening condition. Mike put the screws to Irene, and when he threatened to send her to the electric chair if Mary dies, Irene confessed that Pike drugged Mary with sleeping pills. With Irene's confession, doctors treated Mary for an overdose. An upset Betty Jean went to see Sara with important news, but Sara figured it out first.

Season 1, Episode 427: Episode #1.427

19 November 1957
Mike persuaded DA Thompson to withhold the story of Mary's involvement with Clayton Pike until she can reconcile with her family. After taking Thompson's dictation about the case, Sybil told Ollie all of the details. Ollie and Virginia Dalton decided to leak Thompson's notes to the newspaper. Mary came out of her coma. Mike reasoned with Roger to understand how much courage it took for Mary to protect him and their son. Mary refused to tell Roger that Billy's not their child.

Season 1, Episode 428: Episode #1.428

20 November 1957
Aggressive newspaper reporter Gillian Brill hounded Mike after she was given a scoop on Pike and the Harper family from Ollie. Roger tried to comfort Billy who wondered if Mary was running off with Pike. Mike warned Mary that she's got to tell Roger and Billy the truth before the newspapers print it. Peter allowed Brill to interview him and lied that Thompson delayed prosecuting Pike until closer to the election. Mike convinced Mary to tell Roger the truth. Before Mary could confess, Brill told Roger that Billy isn't his son.

Season 1, Episode 429: Episode #1.429

21 November 1957
Gillian realized Roger didn't already know that Billy had been adopted from the black market. Sara suspected that Betty Jean is pregnant. An eavesdropping Billy overheard Mary explain to Roger how she came to acquire Billy from Clayton Pike. A devastated Roger screamed that he wants nothing to do with Mary and Billy. Mary pleaded with Roger for forgiveness, but he walked out on her. Sara attempted to console Mary who wished that she'd been killed by Pike because she's lost everything.

Season 1, Episode 430: Episode #1.430

22 November 1957
Roger phoned to say that he moved into a hotel and will be sending for his clothes. Sara urged Mike to intercede in the Harper marriage. Mike argued that by interceding, he may have already cost DA Thompson the election. Billy couldn't be consoled by Bebe. Bebe confided to Billy that her father might get out of prison soon. Since Mike refused to help, Sara went to Roger and gave an impassioned appeal to forgive Mary. Roger submitted to Sara's pleas. Roger returned home to a grateful Mary. Bebe phoned the Harpers to say that Billy ran away.

Season 1, Episode 451: Episode #1.451

December 1957

Season 1, Episode 457: Episode #1.457

31 December 1957
Hank Muller offered Hester a way to make money, and although she refused at first, she later agreed when he told her to tell Martin that the money was from old commissions. Phillips concocted a scheme to have newsman McGinnis arrested and then involve Dalton. When Jim Mitchell queried Phillips about an ex-con to work in his automotive garage, Phillips suggested Martin Spode. Mike enjoyed watching Dalton squirm at a photo of the man at the election rally. Phillips continued to play Dalton like a fiddle. Martin caught Hester having a grand time with Hank and stormed out. An upset Hester told Hank to never come back. Dalton jumped with greed when Phillips called. Jim Mitchell dropped by to see Martin, who hadn't returned. Mitchell encouraged Hester to talk Martin into accepting his generous job offer.

Season 1, Episode 458: Episode #1.458

1 January 1958

Season 1, Episode 459: Episode #1.459

2 January 1958
Jack shows Mattie the little apartment he rented for himself and Betty Jean. Later, at the Golick garage, Jack and Martin Spode clash with one another when Jack orders him around. Attempting to hang drapes in the new apartment, Betty Jean slips from a chair and falls to the floor. Mattie phones for help after finding an unconscious Betty Jean. Martin grouses to his wife about being a flunky to Jack Lane. Hester reminds Martin that he had a job offer from Jim Mitchell, but Martin reiterates that he can't get involved with an ex-con set up. Later, the couple quarrels again about Hank Muller. Jack arrives home to find that a pregnant Betty Jean has had an accident.

Season 1, Episode 460: Episode #1.460

3 January 1958
Jack learns from the doctor that Betty Jean's situation is critical. Hester warns Martin that the day she thinks he no longer loves her is the day she leaves him. After Bebe overhears the argument, and Martin leaves in anger, Hester attempts to explain things to her daughter. Martin returns and overhears Bebe say that she saw Hester and Hank kissing. Martin almost loses his temper, but then begins to see his wife in a different light. The doctor tells Jack that Betty Jean is all right, but she could still lose the baby. Martin finally grows closer to Hester.

Season 1, Episode 461: Episode #1.461

6 January 1958
Sara learned about Betty Jean's accident and rushed over to tend to her sister in law. Winston and Mike attempted to identify a person seen in one of Dalton's election photos. Betty Jean apologized to Jack for the accident that could cause her to miscarry their baby. Shopping for Jack and Betty Jean, Sara and Mattie spotted another patron, who Sara recognized as the man in Dalton's photo. Sara followed the stranger to a bar and planned to call Mike, but she was caught spying. The stranger asked Sara to sit down with him for a drink.

Season 1, Episode 462: Episode #1.462

7 January 1958
Sara phoned Mike, who ordered her to leave the bar. Sara ignored Mike's advice and had another drink with the stranger to stall for time. JH Phillips congratulated Fitzsimmons for helping him get Dalton elected DA. Phillips reassured Fitzsimmons that he will return the favor by expanding his operations in Monticello as they have Dalton in their pocket, but cautioned him that he would be eliminated if he ever thinks Fitzsimmons is untrustworthy. Mike arrived at the bar and pretended to be Sara's boyfriend, prompting the stranger to leave. Willy tailed the stranger to Fitzsimmons' office. Fitzsimmons and the stranger, Roy Benson, planned to open an illegal gambling parlor. Willy reported back to Mike about Fitzsimmons and Benson.

Season 1, Episode 463: Episode #1.463

8 January 1958
Martin worries about working with a substitute manager at work. JH Phillips receives a call from Allen Ford, who has been sent to him by Ollie. Phillips meets with Ford, who resembles Monticello newsman Mac MacGinnis. Phillips explains to Ford that he wants him to impersonate MacGinnis and get him out of his hair. At the garage, manager Clarence harasses Martin. The situation escalates with Martin decking him. Clarence calls the cops on Martin. Ford has doubts that Phillips' plan will work. Ford sees a photo of MacGinnis and decides to study his voice and mannerisms. After hearing about the incident with Clarence, Hester suggests that Martin call Jim Mitchell about his job offer.

Season 1, Episode 464: Episode #1.464

9 January 1958
Dalton worried that Mike hasn't thawed toward him yet. Virginia admired another home in a more upscale neighborhood. Phillips offered Dalton an advancement on his investment. While dining with Sara, Virginia was annoyed to see her husband lunching with Sybil. Peter instructed Sybil to investigate property in wealthy Oakhaven Estates. Phillips received word that Ford agreed to impersonate MacGinnis. Later, Phillips made an anonymous call to the police. Virginia met Phillips at Dalton's club and identified him as the mysterious Mr. X. Phillips was intrigued by Virginia. Sybil informed Dalton that no homes were for sale in the Oakhaven Estates neighborhood, and it would take at least $60,000 to build.

Season 1, Episode 465: Episode #1.465

10 January 1958
Phillips gave instructions to Ford on the first part of his plan to impersonate MacGinnis. Martin and Hester debated Martin accepting the job with Jim Mitchell. Martin received a call from Paul Sims, his parole officer. Ford pretended to be MacGinnis and accused Commissioner Nicholson of embezzlement. Ford tricked Nicholson into meeting him in an hour with bribe money. Martin learned from Sims that if he isn't employed in a week, he'll have to go back to prison. Martin considered accepting Mitchell's offer. Nicholson gave Ford, disguised as MacGinnis, the bribe. Ford phoned Phillips who told Ford to remove the MacGinnis disguise, because a car is waiting to take him to the airport.

Season 1, Episode 466: Episode #1.466

13 January 1958
Captain Marceau and Sgt. Killbourn examine a police photo of Commissioner Nicholson giving money to MacGinnis. An auditor phones to tell Marceau that Nicholson's books are $35000 short. Marceau goes to pick up Nicholson and MacGinnis. Mike reminds Killbourn that a picture isn't proof of anything. Marceau takes MacGinnis back to headquarters for questioning. Later, Nicholson is stunned to learn his books are being audited. Sgt. Killbourn tells Mike that the background report on Roy Benson was clean. Under questioning Nicholson cracks about the bribe, stunning MacGinnis, who claims he isn't the man in the photo and is being framed. Marceau admits to Sgt. Killbourn that the whole scenario played too neatly, and they wonder about the identity of the person who tipped off cops to MacGinnis and Nicholson's bribe exchange.

Season 1, Episode 467: Episode #1.467

14 January 1958
Dalton decides to prosecute Nicholson, leaving Mike to prosecute MacGinnis. Marceau admits to Mike that he isn't convinced of MacGinnis' guilt and asks Mike to stall the legal proceedings while he investigates further. A sad Bebe visits Sara and admits that she's lonely. Phillips tells someone on the other end of his phone that MacGinnis is as good as prosecuted. Dalton and Phillips examined Dalton's investment, and Dalton reveals he needs money to build his new house in Oakhaven Estates. Phillips suggests that Dalton go easy on prosecuting MacGinnis. Dalton refuses at first but then realizes that he needs to stay in Phillips' good graces. Later, Dalton informs Mike that he's switching the prosecution cases. Mike tells him about Marceau's visit and doubts. Dalton insists, then phones Phillips to say that he intends to prosecute MacGinnis as vigorously as possible. Phillips takes great satisfaction that his reverse psychology worked.

Season 1, Episode 468: Episode #1.468

15 January 1958
Kitty continues to harass Bebe at school. Sara tells Mattie that she has been invited to Grace's wedding in San Francisco but feels she shouldn't go because of Bebe's depression. Kitty accuses Bebe of attacking her when a lunch tray is dropped.Polly sides with Bebe against Kitty. Bebe is excused from classes by the principal and goes to tell Sara about the incident with Kitty. Bebe confides that she wishes her father had stayed in prison. The principal wants to arrange a meeting between Kitty, her parents, Bebe, and the Spodes.

Season 1, Episode 469: Episode #1.469

16 January 1958
Winston received a call from a woman named Toni Fescina who said that she had information for him and wanted to know what it was worth. Kitty's mother Mrs. DeMarco met Martin and became condescending when she realized that he was Bebe's jailbird father. Mrs. Kerwin, the principal, sympathized with Martin and Bebe. Mrs. DeMarco expanded her rudeness to Mrs Kerwin, who quickly demanded that Kitty apologize to Bebe or not return to school. Toni fed Winston and Mike bits of information but held out for a cash exchange. Mike warned Toni about overplaying her hand. Winston told Toni that he would call her back tomorrow. Mike and Winston wondered if they were being set up by Toni, who is a former employee of Roy Benson.

Season 1, Episode 470: Episode #1.470

17 January 1958
Willy verified for Mike information fed to him by Toni. Mike wondered if Toni would try to gouge money from both Winston and Benson, and decided to see if she would sell to the highest bidder. Martin questioned Jack about an opening at Golick's garage. Toni suggested that Mike join the bidding for her information, but he countered by offering her advice. Toni wouldn't agree to giving a deposition. Jack told Martin that he called Jake, who doesn't have a job opening. Mike feared Toni would be murdered and had Willy put two men on her tail. Toni phoned for Roy Benson and demanded he get in touch with her before it's too late.

Season 1, Episode 471: Episode #1.471

20 January 1958
Hester annoyed Martin about calling Jim Mitchell, and he told her to quit bugging him. When Benson resisted negotiating with her, Toni threatened him. After Hester considered going back to work with Hank Muller, Martin conceded to talk with Mitchell. Toni demanded $5000 from Benson to keep quiet, and when he intimated she would be killed, she revealed that she has a letter in safe-keeping that will expose everything if she dies. Jim Mitchell offered Martin a job and an advance on his salary. Later, Mitchell instructed his flunky to give Martin legitimate work because if he knew what they really had in mind for him, he'd go to the cops. Benson called Fitzsimmons with a plan to keep Toni quiet.

Season 1, Episode 472: Episode #1.472

21 January 1958
Harris introduces Martin to the garage and says he can start work tomorrow. Later, at home, Harris and his wife Doll quarrel about taking a vacation to Florida. She decides to take a plane that night, better off that she's far away if the cops bust him and that other crook Jim Mitchell for their illegal activities. Hester sighs with relief when she learns Martin has a legitimate job with Mitchell. On the way to the airport, Doll demands that her husband give her a cut of his money to spend in Florida. They get into another argument, causing Harris to accidentally veer into oncoming traffic. Harris misses hitting a car head on, but the other car crashes. Harris wants to flee the scene until he realizes that the other car also ran down a pedestrian. Ann Shea, the other driver, is advised by Captain Marceau to get an attorney, then they learn the pedestrian has died. Harris receives word that he'll be called to testify before the grand jury at an inquest into the accident.

Season 1, Episode 473: Episode #1.473

22 January 1958
Dalton instructs Mike to take Harris' deposition. Willy reports to Mike that Toni met with Benson at Fitzsimmons' club, and speculates she's playing both sides. With Toni in serious danger, Mike wants her tailed closely. Sara tells Hester that she still hasn't committed to attending Grace's wedding in San Francisco. Martin spots Harris speaking a man Martin recognizes as a fence from the Lane hijacking caper, but Harris denies having any knowledge of it. Willy disturbs Mike with news that Toni's cab driver managed to ditch the tail, and now she's missing. She got into a cab that managed to shake the man tailing it. Harris attempts to convince Martin that he's mistaken about his friend being a fence. Mike learns that the cab carrying Toni had been stolen before she got into it, and theorizes that she's been kidnapped by Fitzsimmons. Mike orders the real cab driver brought in immediately for questioning.

Season 1, Episode 474: Episode #1.474

23 January 1958
Winston fears Toni has been murdered and speculates that Monticello is being controlled by Dalton, with Benson and Fitzsimmons. Mike counters that Dalton was probably duped into winning the election. He has no idea what's really going on. At the garage, Martin meets a fellow ex-con washing windows and suggests he find a new job since Mitchell is probably running a crooked business. Martin's comments are overheard by someone eavesdropping on the conversation. Mike receives word from Winston that he had a call from Toni. Martin's fellow con warns him to get out while he has a chance and to pretend to not notice anything. Martin mulls over what he's heard. Toni claims that she wasn't kidnapped but merely spending the night with a friend. She refuses to implicate anyone in Dalton's campaign, insisting she knows nothing. Mike orders Helen to follow Toni, whom he doesn't believe is being truthful. After she leaves, Mike tells Helen to put Toni under surveillance. Mike explains to Winston that Toni was allowed to visit them and deny everything, because killing her would've drawn too much attention. However, now that she's finished her job, she could end up in the Monticello River.

Season 1, Episode 475: Episode #1.475

24 January 1958
Phillips requests a meeting with Dalton. Later, Dalton breaks his lunch date with Virginia, but tells her that she can have a nice house in Oakhaven Estates. Virginia wonders if he'll pay for it with Phillips' money. Sybil intimates to Ollie that Phillips has Dalton on string. Phillips cautions Dalton that he could lose everything thanks to Mike Karr influencing Toni to rat them out. When Dalton counters that he'll fire him, Phillips offers another solution: have him prosecute the Ann Shea case. Virginia accidentally meets Phillips at his club and wants to know his plans for her husband. Phillips mentions the governor's office and coyly says that he is looking to expand his business interest into politics. Peter composes a memo to Mike about the Shea case, but privately thinks about other ways to get rid of him.

Season 1, Episode 476: Episode #1.476

27 January 1958
Bebe and Polly decide that Kitty is sorry for the trouble she caused earlier. Martin pretends to be sick to avoid working at Mitchell's garage and starts to look for another job. After Polly cancels their plans to go out with Kitty and her friends, a jealous Bebe tries to buy their friendship by offering to take them all to a movie. Martin is dejected to learn from Jack that Jake has just filled an open position. Later, Bebe wants money to take the girls to the movies, but Martin refuses to give it to her as they'll need every penny until he finds another job. Bebe goes to cry on Sara's shoulder. While Sara has her back turned to pay the paperboy, Bebe lifts five dollars from Sara's purse.

Season 1, Episode 477: Episode #1.477

28 January 1958
A guilty Bebe helps Sara make supper, but unable to look Sara in the eye, she runs home. Captain Marceau stops by to request Mike's patience and assistance with the Shea case. Mike admits that he feels sorry for Shea and wants to help her, not prosecute her. Back at home, Martin apologizes to Bebe for not being able to afford the movie. Overcome with guilt, Bebe admits that she stole money from Sara. Martin and Hester forgive Bebe and insist that they understand why she did it. Sara notices money missing from her purse and realizes that Bebe took it. Martin arrives with Sara's money and an explanation for Bebe's behavior, but afterward, Mike tells Sara that Bebe deserved to be punished. When Martin gets home, he decides to go back to Mitchell's garage for his family's sake.

Season 1, Episode 478: Episode #1.478

29 January 1958
Martin gives Bebe the money to take her friends to the movies, but he doesn't tell her that he pawned his watch to get it. Later, at the garage, Martin talks with Harris about making some big money and offers ideas. Harris cautions Martin that he hasn't been there long enough to be giving them ideas. Sara stops by the Spode apartment to talk to Hester about Bebe, but Hester shares that something's not right at Mitchell's business. Harris discovers that Martin has been nosing around the taxi operation and angrily puts Martin in his place. Martin lays it on the line. He wants in on game, and suggests that he could change a hot car into a taxi cab. Harris feigns innocence. Sara meets with Bebe, who is too ashamed to face her, but Sara reassures her that she understands. Sara invites all the girls to her house for ice cream after the movies. Martin learns about Sara's gesture but gloats that they won't need help from Mike or Sara Karr now that he's going to be moving up again.

Season 1, Episode 479: Episode #1.479

30 January 1958
Dalton vows to Phillips that he'll fix Mike Karr immediately. Later, he insists to Mike and Captain Marceau that Mike is going to come down hard on Shea for running down and killing a man. Despite Mike and Marceau's pleas, Dalton refuses to consider mitigating circumstances. Harris and Doll argue about the accident, which she blames on her husband. Harris threatens her. Mike and Marceau interrogate Ann Shea, but she insists that she isn't guilty because it was an accident. Afterward, Mike and Dalton quarrel when Mike wants to investigate the accident further. Dalton orders Mike to take the case to the grand jury immediately or tender his resignation. Mike appears to concede to Dalton's demands. Harris bribes Doll into leaving town to avoid having her testify, but she gloats that he still might not get away with it.

Season 1, Episode 480: Episode #1.480

31 January 1958
Harris meets with Martin and continues to play ignorant about any wrongdoings at the garage. When Martin swears that he'll do anything to give his family a good life, Harris realizes that he's on the level, but cautions Martin that once he's in, he'll be in too deep to ever get out. Martin agrees. After explaining Mitchell's set-up, Harris warns Martin to make sure he keeps quiet about what he knows, because if he doesn't, Bebe might not ever grow up. Just after his meeting with Harris, Martin is visited by Jack who tells him that Jake does have a job for him now. Martin contacts Harris and attempts to back out of the deal to take an honest job with Jake, but Harris threatens him and his family. Realizing it's too late and there's no way out, a defeated Martin says he'll start work on Monday.

Season 1, Episode 481: Episode #1.481

3 February 1958
Fitzsimmons demands to meet with Phillips. A frustrated Mike arrives home and grouses about Dalton, who wants to nail the wrong people to the wall. Sara advises him that his frustration stems from wanting to defend people instead of prosecute them. Sara shares with Mike that she's still unsure about going to Grace's wedding, but Mike encourages her to go. Martin's parole officer Paul Simms wants to set up an appointment, and a worried Martin talks to Hester about leaving Monticello. Phillips tells Fitzsimmons that Mike Karr is the reason his new club hasn't opened, explaining that Mike suspects it's somehow tied to Dalton's election. Fitzsimmons decides that he'll take care of Karr, but Phillips doesn't want anything that obvious when they've got a scheme going to discredit him. An angry Fitzsimmons still wants to kill Karr. Paul visits Martin and discourages him from leaving town. Sara agrees to go to the wedding, but she fears Mike's investigation into Dalton's election.

Season 1, Episode 482: Episode #1.482

4 February 1958
Mike has a meeting with Ann, whose attorney is having her plead not guilty. Ann continues to maintain that she doesn't remember how she could've hit the man who was killed. Ann's attorney Irma Schneider warns Mike that prosecuting a woman like Ann will be political suicide. Harris tells Martin about being called to testify in the Shea accident case. Martin recalls that Harris was angry at Doll and very tired that night. Martin's comments annoy Harris, who warns him again about keeping his mouth shut. Martin wonders if Harris is covering something up. Harris informs Mike that Doll has gone away on a vacation, but Mike says she might be called back. Harris lies that he felt fine the night of the crash, but he saw Shea driving erratically just before it happened. Sara pays a visit to Rosemarie Bremen. Rosemarie laments that she seldom sees Willy these days. Sara offers to sit for the baby when Rosemarie gets a call from another man. Irma wonders if coming down so hard on Ann Shea was actually Dalton's idea, and theorizes that he could be using this case to sabotage Mike.

Season 1, Episode 483: Episode #1.483

5 February 1958
Harris is delighted with Martin's work on the stolen cars, but he wants to have a chat after work. While Sara sits for Rosemarie, Mattie stops by for a visit. Sara confides that she would like her own baby. Harris gives Martin two hundred dollars for a job well done and comments that Martin could be moving up soon. Hester is afraid when Martin arrives home to show her the money he made. Jack fears tending to Rosemarie's baby, but Sara reminds him that he needs the practice since Betty Jean will give birth in the spring. Martin lies to Hester that he received an advance on overtime work. The lie becomes true when Harris interrupts his plans to take Hester out, insisting that he come back to work immediately to makeover some new stolen cars that just arrived.

Season 1, Episode 484: Episode #1.484

6 February 1958
After Mike sees Sara caring for Rosemarie's baby, he decides that an infant is just what their home needs. Virginia's mother worries about the cost of their new home. Peter arrives and exchanges catty comments with his mother-in-law, whom he clearly doesn't revere. When the women leave, Dalton quickly phones Phillips to arrange a meeting. Willy stops by the Karr house to tell Mike that Toni and Benson have both gone underground. Willy is upset over Sara sitting for the baby while Rosemarie is out with another man. Dalton signs a loan note from Phillips for the house. Sara offers Willy womanly advice about Rosemarie. Virginia gleams when Dalton returns from his meeting with Phillips and shows them a check for their house.

Season 1, Episode 660: Episode #1.660

10 October 1958

Season 1, Episode 661: Episode #1.661

13 October 1958

Season 1, Episode 662: Episode #1.662

14 October 1958

Season 1, Episode 663: Episode #1.663

15 October 1958

Season 1, Episode 664: Episode #1.664

16 October 1958

Season 1, Episode 665: Episode #1.665

17 October 1958

Season 1, Episode 714: Episode #1.714

December 1958

Season 1, Episode 723: Episode #1.723

January 1959

Season 1, Episode 963: Episode #1.963

December 1959

Season 1, Episode 980: Episode #1.980

1 January 1960

Season 1, Episode 983: Episode #1.983

January 1960

Season 1, Episode 1210: Episode #1.1210

13 November 1960

Season 1, Episode 1223: Episode #1.1223

December 1960

Season 1, Episode 1243: Episode #1.1243

January 1961

Season 1, Episode 1257: Episode #1.1257

24 January 1961

Season 1, Episode 1263: Episode #1.1263

1 February 1961

Season 1, Episode 1309: Episode #1.1309

6 April 1961

Season 1, Episode 1353: Episode #1.1353

7 June 1961

Season 1, Episode 1398: Episode #1.1398

9 August 1961

Season 1, Episode 1404: Episode #1.1404

17 August 1961

Season 1, Episode 1437: Episode #1.1437

3 October 1961

Season 1, Episode 1438: Episode #1.1438

4 October 1961

Season 1, Episode 1478: Episode #1.1478

29 November 1961

Season 1, Episode 1479: Episode #1.1479

30 November 1961

Season 1, Episode 1483: Episode #1.1483

December 1961

Season 1, Episode 1500: Episode #1.1500

29 December 1961

Season 1, Episode 1501: Episode #1.1501

1 January 1962

Season 1, Episode 1503: Episode #1.1503

January 1962

Season 1, Episode 1521: Episode #1.1521

29 January 1962

Season 1, Episode 1566: Episode #1.1566

2 April 1962

Season 1, Episode 1582: Episode #1.1582

24 April 1962

Season 1, Episode 1586: Episode #1.1586

30 April 1962

Season 1, Episode 1590: Episode #1.1590

4 May 1962

Season 1, Episode 1610: Episode #1.1610

1 June 1962

Season 1, Episode 1611: Episode #1.1611

4 June 1962

Season 1, Episode 1630: Episode #1.1630

29 June 1962

Season 1, Episode 1654: Episode #1.1654

2 August 1962

Season 1, Episode 1655: Episode #1.1655

3 August 1962

Season 1, Episode 1695: Episode #1.1695

28 September 1962

Season 1, Episode 1696: Episode #1.1696

1 October 1962

Season 1, Episode 1738: Episode #1.1738

28 November 1962

Season 1, Episode 1743: Episode #1.1743

December 1962

Season 1, Episode 1760: Episode #1.1760

28 December 1962

Season 1, Episode 1763: Episode #1.1763

January 1963

Season 1, Episode 1821: Episode #1.1821

25 March 1963

Season 1, Episode 1859: Episode #1.1859

16 May 1963

Season 1, Episode 1860: Episode #1.1860

17 May 1963

Season 1, Episode 1900: Episode #1.1900

12 July 1963

Season 1, Episode 1901: Episode #1.1901

15 July 1963

Season 1, Episode 1940: Episode #1.1940

6 September 1963

Season 1, Episode 1941: Episode #1.1941

9 September 1963

Season 1, Episode 1980: Episode #1.1980

1 November 1963

Season 1, Episode 1994: Episode #1.1994

21 November 1963

Season 1, Episode 2003: Episode #1.2003

December 1963

Season 1, Episode 2023: Episode #1.2023

January 1964

Season 1, Episode 2263: Episode #1.2263

December 1964

Season 1, Episode 2283: Episode #1.2283

January 1965

Season 1, Episode 2523: Episode #1.2523

December 1965

Season 1, Episode 2543: Episode #1.2543

January 1966

Season 1, Episode 2783: Episode #1.2783

December 1966

Season 1, Episode 2803: Episode #1.2803

January 1967

Season 1, Episode 3043: Episode #1.3043

December 1967

Season 1, Episode 3063: Episode #1.3063

January 1968

Season 1, Episode 3303: Episode #1.3303

December 1968

Season 1, Episode 3323: Episode #1.3323

January 1969

Season 1, Episode 3351: Episode #1.3351

24 February 1969

Season 1, Episode 3352: Episode #1.3352

25 February 1969

Season 1, Episode 3353: Episode #1.3353

26 February 1969

Season 1, Episode 3354: Episode #1.3354

27 February 1969

Season 1, Episode 3355: Episode #1.3355

28 February 1969

Season 1, Episode 3356: Episode #1.3356

3 March 1969

Season 1, Episode 3357: Episode #1.3357

4 March 1969

Season 1, Episode 3358: Episode #1.3358

5 March 1969

Season 1, Episode 3359: Episode #1.3359

6 March 1969

Season 1, Episode 3360: Episode #1.3360

7 March 1969

Season 1, Episode 3361: Episode #1.3361

10 March 1969

Season 1, Episode 3362: Episode #1.3362

11 March 1969

Season 1, Episode 3363: Episode #1.3363

12 March 1969

Season 1, Episode 3364: Episode #1.3364

13 March 1969

Season 1, Episode 3365: Episode #1.3365

14 March 1969

Season 1, Episode 3366: Episode #1.3366

17 March 1969

Season 1, Episode 3367: Episode #1.3367

18 March 1969

Season 1, Episode 3368: Episode #1.3368

19 March 1969

Season 1, Episode 3369: Episode #1.3369

20 March 1969

Season 1, Episode 3370: Episode #1.3370

21 March 1969

Season 1, Episode 3371: Episode #1.3371

24 March 1969

Season 1, Episode 3372: Episode #1.3372

25 March 1969

Season 1, Episode 3373: Episode #1.3373

26 March 1969

Season 1, Episode 3374: Episode #1.3374

27 March 1969

Season 1, Episode 3375: Episode #1.3375

28 March 1969

Season 1, Episode 3376: Episode #1.3376

1 April 1969

Season 1, Episode 3378: Episode #1.3378

3 April 1969

Season 1, Episode 3379: Episode #1.3379

4 April 1969

Season 1, Episode 3380: Episode #1.3380

7 April 1969

Season 1, Episode 3381: Episode #1.3381

8 April 1969

Season 1, Episode 3382: Episode #1.3382

9 April 1969

Season 1, Episode 3383: Episode #1.3383

10 April 1969

Season 1, Episode 3384: Episode #1.3384

11 April 1969

Season 1, Episode 3385: Episode #1.3385

14 April 1969

Season 1, Episode 3563: Episode #1.3563

December 1969

Season 1, Episode 3583: Episode #1.3583

January 1970

Season 1, Episode 3823: Episode #1.3823

December 1970

Season 1, Episode 3843: Episode #1.3843

January 1971

Season 1, Episode 3998: Episode #1.3998

19 August 1969

Season 1, Episode 3999: Episode #1.3999

19 August 1971
After Tango and Max were arrested for possession of marijuana, Laurie and Tango got into a quarrel, and Laurie slapped her. Adam confided in Nicole that the Whitneys are attempting to suppress an embezzlement scheme by Geraldine's brother Charles. Adam teased Vic about Laurie, which prompted Vic to phone her. Adam believes that Charles accidentally murdered Rosella Gray instead of his intended target, Jim Fields. Tango blackmailed Jonah over his real identity of Keith Whitney. Jonah laced Tango's drink with a hallucinogen.

Season 1, Episode 4000: Episode #1.4000

20 August 1971
Jonah smirked as his blackmailer Tango began to feel the effects of the hallucinogen he slipped her. Nancy admitted to Martha that Tango is a bad influence on Laurie, and Nancy detests her. Vic met with Laurie to convince her that Tango had set him up for a fight with Jonah. Nancy resolved to force Laurie into getting rid of Tango as a roommate or risk losing support from her parents. Laurie went home to confront Tango. A vicious Jonah led Tango to the window and told her about the bad fall she would take. Nancy showed up at Laurie and Tango's apartment, and as she knocked on the door, Jonah shoved a drugged Tango out the window.

Season 1, Episode 4001: Episode #1.4001

23 August 1971
Jonah shoved Tango to her death out the window and closed it before admitting Nancy to the apartment, but one of Tango's shoes fell off. Colin recalled Keith's sadism to animals and questioned his brother's sanity. Tiffany wanted to arrange a memorial service for Keith since he's been dead for a year now. Lt. Anderson told Adam that two witnesses in the key maker's shop seem to support Jim's claim that Rosella had access to his apartment the night she was murdered. Jonah reassured Nancy that he respects Laurie and isn't involved in the counterculture drug scene. Nancy wanted to know if Jonah and Laurie are engaged, but before Jonah could answer, Nancy spotted Tango's single shoe.

Season 1, Episode 4002: Episode #1.4002

24 August 1971
Jonah kicked himself for not seeing Tango's shoe and for closing the window, which he should have left opened. Laurie begged a reluctant Vic to help her convince her parents that Jonah isn't the type of person they believe him to be. Jonah lied to Nancy that he has been encouraging Laurie to move back home with them. Adam and Nicole advised Laurie not to be too hasty after graduating college and hold off on marriage. Laurie arrived home to an empty apartment. When she went to the window, she spotted Tango's dead body in the alley below and let out a bloodcurdling scream.

Season 1, Episode 4003: Episode #1.4003

25 August 1971
Bill Marceau and Lt. Anderson arrived to investigate Tango's death. Bill asked Laurie if Tango used drugs. Mike and Nancy returned to Laurie's apartment after hearing about Tango's accident. Nancy admitted that she had talked with Jonah at Laurie's apartment after 1 o'clock, and Tango wasn't there. Bill realized that a shoe on Laurie's dresser matched the one on Tango's foot. After Vic commented to Adam that Laurie fears Jonah sometimes, Adam learned of Tango's death. Lt. Anderson questioned Jonah about the last time he saw Tango alive. Jonah stated that Tango fantasized about having wings, and she had left to buy some LSD. Jonah feared that Nancy's version of events might contradict his story.

Season 1, Episode 4004: Episode #1.4004

26 August 1971
Bill's investigation uncovered Tango's real name, but he was saddened that Tango's parents didn't care whether she lived or died. Bill informed Mike that it's too early in the investigation to rule out the possibility that Tango's death wasn't an accident. Geraldine declined to attend Keith's memorial service and bristled over Colin's comments that Keith suspected Charles of embezzling from Geraldine's trust account. Tango's cause of death appeared to be accidental when the coroner's report verified that she was under the influence of psychedelic drugs when she fell.

Season 1, Episode 4005: Episode #1.4005

27 August 1971
Uncomfortable with being in the apartment alone after Tango's death, Laurie agreed to move back home. Nancy questioned Laurie about her relationship with Jonah. Laurie admitted that she and Jonah are "engaged to be engaged." Geraldine secretly phoned Keith and advised him to get back across the border to Mexico, but he shocked her by suggesting that he wants to come back to life. Following the memorial service for Keith, Gordon admitted to Colin and Tiffany that he thought Keith was insane. Nancy paid a surprise visit to Jonah to ask him to stop influencing Laurie. Jonah served Nancy a glass of sherry that he spiked with the same hallucinogen he used on Tango.

Season 1, Episode 4006: Episode #1.4006

30 August 1971
Gordon admitted to Colin and Tiffany that as a child, Keith tried to smother a playmate with pillow to stop her from telling them that he had stolen something. Just as Nancy was about to have the spiked drink, Laurie arrived and interrupted her. Jonah suggested to Laurie that she should listen to her parents and declared that he's thinking of going back home to Georgia himself. However, after a satisfied Nancy left, Jonah laughed that he just said what he thought Nancy wanted to hear, because she's as smart as his own mother. Laurie picked up Nancy's sherry and was about to drink it, but Jonah knocked it out of her hand.

Season 1, Episode 4007: Episode #1.4007

31 August 1971
Jim and Liz were relieved to hear Adam say that Lt. Anderson believes Jim is innocent of stabbing Rosella to death. Lt. Anderson requested permission to grill Jonah again, because Anderson's certain that Jonah knows who Tango's drug pusher is. Bill confided to Martha that he's afraid Kate Sloane will do more than steal blood from the hospital once she's released from the county jail. District attorney Pete Quinn decided to drop all of the charges against Jim. Lt. Anderson confronted Jonah. Jonah subtly threatened Anderson by insisting that his future father-in-law Mike Karr wouldn't be pleased about Anderson's insinuations.

Season 1, Episode 4008: Episode #1.4008

1 September 1971
Mike was delighted to learn that Jim no longer faces a trial for the murder of Rosella. Liz encouraged Jim to set a date for their wedding now that they're free to have a future with one another. Jonah boiled with suppressed anger when Nancy told Laurie about Jim being cleared of murder. Nancy was pleased that Jonah is soon leaving to go back to Atlanta. A vindictive Jonah gave Laurie a lingering, passionate kiss in front of a shocked Nancy, and then behind Laurie's back, he flashed Nancy a malevolent smirk.

Season 1, Episode 4009: Episode #1.4009

2 September 1971
At Greenhaven Sanitarium, doctors Reed and Warner were at loggerheads over Cookie's mental condition. Reed diagnosed Cookie as psychotic, but Warner insisted that she's a rational person who has been pushed too far by her husband's infidelity. Ron was distressed to learn from Dr. Reed that his tape recorder accidentally recorded Ron's confession to an affair with Tiffany, and Cookie despises him for it. Geraldine became incensed when Colin and Gordon discussed Keith's sadism. Colin recalled for his parents that Keith once locked him inside the tower at their summer estate, and left him to die so that Keith could take his place. Ron visited Cookie, who swore that she'll never forgive him. Geraldine called Dr. Warner and insisted that Cookie receive an immediate discharge from the sanitarium, otherwise, Geraldine will withdraw all of her financial contributions to them.

Season 1, Episode 4010: Episode #1.4010

3 September 1971
Laurie's 21st birthday arrived with a party, but Jonah couldn't celebrate with her out of fear that Jim might recognize him as Keith Whitney. Geraldine and Gordon had an argument about Keith's sanity, and Geraldine accidentally referred to Keith in the present tense. Geraldine misconstrued Gordon's comments about Keith's joy at killing, not realizing that he was talking about harming animals. When Gordon wouldn't stop comparing Keith to a monster, Geraldine screamed that Keith is still alive, which left Gordon speechless.

Season 1, Episode 4011: Episode #1.4011

6 September 1971
When Gordon was unable to accept her revelation about Keith being alive, Geraldine phoned him and let Gordon speak to his son. Keith apologized to Gordon for his indiscretions. Geraldine recalled for Gordon how Charles helped her fake Keith's death by placing the body of a John Doe in Keith's wrecked car before it burned up. Gordon understood when she explained that Keith's death would close any investigation into the death of Suella Duval's suicide, which might have harmed Colin's political success. Colin and Tiffany shuddered at the idea of what a terrible person Keith might be today had he lived. Before Dr. Warner could release her at Geraldine's request, Cookie turned up missing at Greenhaven.

Season 1, Episode 4012: Episode #1.4012

7 September 1971
Geraldine told Nancy that Cookie will soon leave Greenhaven, but Nancy shared with Laurie that she thinks it's a bad idea since Dr. Reed appears more realistic about Cookie's progress than Dr. Warner. Dr. Reed feared what might happen after he learned that Cookie has left the hospital. Laurie admitted to Nancy that Jonah's absence from her birthday party was a disappointment. Gordon wondered aloud about the possibility that Keith might have killed Suella and made it look like a suicide. A stunned Nancy learned from Dr. Reed that Cookie ran away from Greenhaven.

Season 1, Episode 4013: Episode #1.4013

8 September 1971
Dr. Reed and Dr. Warner realized that Cookie escaped through an open kitchen door at Greenhaven. Dr. Reed annoyed Dr. Warner with the suggestion that Cookie interpreted Dr. Warner's release as a rejection, and that's why she ran away. Ron and the Karrs arrived at Greenhaven wanting an explanation for Cookie's disappearance. Liz and Jim asked Adam and Nicole to stand for them at their wedding tomorrow. Adam dismissed all of Jim's legal fees as a wedding present to the couple. Ron feared that Cookie would take her own life, but then learned that she bought an airline ticket to Paris. Nancy theorized that Cookie is going to Joe and Rose in France because she needs parental figures.

Season 1, Episode 4014: Episode #1.4014

9 September 1971
Nancy notified Rose and Joe about Cookie's latest behavior and told them that she could be on her way to them. Nancy spotted Tango's shoe in Lt. Anderson's bag of the girl's personal effects and recognized it as the same one she saw on the floor the day Tango died. After getting an early release from jail, Kate Sloane visited Martha and attempted to convince her that the house is really haunted, and Kate tried to scare the Marceaus away for their own good. Nancy offered her home to Liz and Jim for their wedding ceremony. Bill found Kate lurking around the Marceau house. Kate appeared to faint, but when she came to, she spoke as if she were in a trance and possessed by a spirit.

Season 1, Episode 4015: Episode #1.4015

10 September 1971
At the risk of being recognized as Keith, Jonah refused Laurie's request that he escort her to Liz and Jim's wedding. Jonah slipped up and referred to Jim by his old military nickname, Crazylegs. Laurie became upset when Jonah told her that he's going back to Atlanta, and it could be a permanent move. Martha was unable to attend the wedding because the doctor sedated Kate following her weird trance-like state. Family and friends gathered to witness the wedding of an ecstatic Jim and Liz. Laurie dropped by the Karr home after the wedding with Jonah. Nancy confronted Jonah about the fact that Tango's shoe was inside the apartment when he alleges that she was out buying LSD from her pusher.

Season 1, Episode 4016: Episode #1.4016

13 September 1971
Jonah seethed with rage at Nancy's questions about Tango's shoe and countered that she's trying to get rid of him because she never liked him. When Nancy reminded him that his account of Tango being out buying drugs contradicts evidence about the shoe, he threatened to discredit her by insisting to Laurie that her mother is lying to break them up. Nancy kept Jonah's threats to herself after Mike and Laurie came into the room. Kate pretended to be asleep while Martha and Bill disagreed about her. When Bill left the room, Kate pretended to wake up, and she warned Martha that a spirit is attempting to possess her soul. Bill phoned the Karrs with news that Cookie arrived safely in Paris and is with her parents. Jonah lied to Laurie that Nancy is railroading him into a murder rap to stop them from marrying.

Season 1, Episode 4017: Episode #1.4017

14 September 1971
Vic's heart broke over Mike's comments that Laurie is engaged to Jonah. Nancy received word from her parents that Cookie is all right. Lt. Anderson and Bill lamented the fact that they have no suspects in Rosella's murder now that Jim is cleared. Bill confided to Adam and Nicole that he's worried Martha might start to believe Kate's wild stories about ghosts and the supernatural. Kate cautioned Martha that the ghosts of a woman and her lover are walking the Marceau home. Kate went into another trance and started to grab Martha from behind.

Season 1, Episode 4018: Episode #1.4018

15 September 1971
Kate clutched Martha's neck and began to strangle her. Just in the nick of time, Kate appeared to come out of the trance, allowing Martha to escape. Later, Kate insisted that she had been possessed by the spirit of the woman who haunts the house. Bill persuaded Adam to help him prove that Kate is faking the supernatural occurrences. Nancy went to Bill with her story about Tango's shoe, but Bill argued that her memory could be faulty, and the one she saw was probably different than the one Tango actually wore. Martha told Adam and Nicole that as a child, she was exposed to séances by a strange aunt who believed that the dead could return. Before leaving their house, Kate warned Bill and Martha they should leave before it's too late.

Season 1, Episode 4019: Episode #1.4019

16 September 1971
Nancy told Dr. Reed that Cookie is safe with her parents in Paris. Reed and Dr. Warner squabbled again with Reed insisting that Cookie isn't totally cured and could still be dangerous. Dr. Reed wondered what was going on when Dr. Warner suggested that he keep quiet and could get a nice promotion, even in the face of budget cuts. The situation became clearer when Reed took a call from Geraldine, and she confessed that she's providing significant financial backing. Gordon wanted to see Keith, but Geraldine said that she's going to get him back to Mexico as soon as possible. Jonah learned from Laurie that Nancy went to see the cops. Worried that she might have told them her theory about Tango's shoe, Jonah went to confront Nancy and found her alone and vulnerable.

Season 1, Episode 4020: Episode #1.4020

17 September 1971
Jonah confronted Nancy about her report to the police. Nancy assured Jonah that she wasn't trying to get him in trouble, but she was concerned about the discrepancy over the shoe. Jonah told another lie to explain how Tango could have come back to the apartment while he was out doing laundry, but Nancy rejected that theory because the window was closed after Tango fell. Jonah drugged Nancy's drink to buy time. Mike invited Laurie to supper to help take Nancy's mind off the trouble with Cookie. Mike called Nancy, interrupting Jonah, who was about to kill an unconscious Nancy. Jonah took Nancy to the garage and placed her in the car, where he tied her hands to the steering wheel. Jonah started the engine, locked Nancy in the garage, and left her to die from the exhaust fumes.

Season 1, Episode 4021: Episode #1.4021

20 September 1971
Nancy continued to suffocate in the garage. Jonah started shaving and cleaning himself up to look like Keith Whitney again. Laurie suggested going home to get Nancy for dinner, but Mike countered that they could phone her from the restaurant. Laurie told her father that she thinks Nancy would do anything to keep her from marrying Jonah. Geraldine and Gordon discussed publicly acknowledging that Keith is alive, but first they have to make sure that Nancy won't report anything about Suella's suicide. Mike grew worried when Nancy wouldn't answer the phone. The Whitneys arrived at the Karr home. The Whitney chauffeur reported that he heard the car running in Nancy's garage. After breaking down the garage door and pulling Nancy out, everyone feared that she was dead.

Season 1, Episode 4022: Episode #1.4022

21 September 1971
Nancy needed CPR to start breathing again. The Whitneys wondered if Nancy had attempted suicide, but their chauffeur said that he found Nancy with her hands bound. Mike phoned and learned from Gordon what happened to Nancy. Mike asked Gordon to hold off on informing the police. Martha insisted to Bill that Kate must be on the level because if she wanted their house back, she couldn't make the mortgage payments. Mike phoned Bill about Nancy's situation. The doctor reassured the Karrs that Nancy will recover. Mike and Bill speculated that Nancy was attacked by a burglar. Nancy regained consciousness and was ready to identify her assailant.

Season 1, Episode 4023: Episode #1.4023

22 September 1971
Nancy told everyone that Jonah tried to kill her. Laurie flatly refused to believe that Jonah' is capable of murder. Geraldine argued that Nancy must have been disoriented by the fumes she inhaled. Colin reassured Tiffany and Ron that he has forgiven them for their affair and doesn't hold any grudges. Tiffany told Ron that she's certain Cookie will come back to him. Dr. Reed took drastic action after learning that Geraldine is using her money to pull strings at Greenhaven. Laurie attempted to clear Jonah's name by telling Bill that Jonah couldn't be responsible for Nancy's attack because he was flying back to Georgia at the time. Bill tried to verify Laurie's story but discovered that Jonah actually bought a one-way ticket to Mexico.

Season 1, Episode 4024: Episode #1.4024

23 September 1971
Bill and Lt. Anderson went over Jonah's apartment with a fine tooth comb. The airline confirmed that Jonah was not on his scheduled flight to Mexico. Nicole and Adam were mortified to hear that someone attempted to kill Nancy. Bill and Lt. Anderson couldn't find any evidence of Jonah, including a fingerprint to help identify him. Bill speculated about how a student without a job could afford the expensive apartment where Jonah resided. While Bill was out investigating Jonah, Martha heard the mysterious laughing in her house. Convinced it was a tape recording, Martha followed the laughing to a closet. When she opened the closet door, Martha saw the face of a man peering at her from the darkness, and she began to scream hysterically.

Season 1, Episode 4025: Episode #1.4025

24 September 1971
Adam learned that Jonah was the person who attacked Nancy. Geraldine aroused Gordon's suspicions when she steadfastly declared that Jonah Lockwood couldn't have been responsible for the attempted murder of Nancy. Adam theorized that Nancy's attack had to be related to her intention to expose Keith Whitney's marriage to Suella Duval and Suella's subsequent suicide. Nancy awoke again and assured Laurie that it was Jonah who attacked her. Geraldine told Gordon that Keith went into hiding in Mexico. Geraldine and Gordon were stunned when Keith casually walked through the front door and pretended that nothing had ever happened.

Season 1, Episode 4026: Episode #1.4026

27 September 1971
Geraldine and Gordon were alternately furious and joyous about Keith's return. Keith told his parents about his relationship with Suella, but he didn't reveal that he actually killed her. Adam continued to insist that the attack on Nancy in Monticello was related to her attack on the island of St. Elenora. Speculation centered on Jonah remaining in Monticello to make sure he finished off Nancy. Gordon and Geraldine decided to tell Colin that Keith is alive, but Keith cautioned them to not reveal how Geraldine and Charles helped him fake his death. Geraldine confronted Keith about Suella and Nancy.

Season 1, Episode 4027: Episode #1.4027

28 September 1971
Keith swore to Geraldine that he wasn't involved in the attack on Nancy, and he admitted that he met Laurie Karr a year ago at Colin's campaign rally. Gordon asked Colin and Tiffany to return to Monticello from Washington, but he didn't tell them the real reason. Nancy recounted her story about Jonah for Adam and Bill. Adam took the glass that Jonah had used to drug Nancy's drink. An eavesdropping Laurie heard Nancy claim that Jonah tried to kill her because she was getting close to uncovering his murder of Tango. Laurie became enraged and accused Nancy of being a liar.

Season 1, Episode 4028: Episode #1.4028

29 September 1971
Vic speculated that he had been drugged by Jonah the night he passed out at Adam's. Martha shared with Adam and Nicole her experience of seeing a man's face hidden in the back of her closet. After screaming at Nancy, Laurie refused to go home. Vic joined Laurie but left after objecting to her attitude toward her parents. Adam and Nicole went over Martha's house with a fine tooth comb and couldn't locate a hidden tape recorder. Alone in the house, Martha screamed in terror when the lights went out and a loud demonic laugh began to echo throughout the darkness.

Season 1, Episode 4029: Episode #1.4029

30 September 1971
A concerned Ron joined Colin and Tiffany in their return to Monticello. Ron was upset to receive word of the attack on Nancy's life and wasn't pleased with Geraldine's role in securing Cookie's early release from Greenhaven. Laurie finally went back to the Karr home and apologized to Nancy for behaving so immaturely. When someone spotted a man resembling Jonah in Georgia, Bill left to pursue the lead. Geraldine and Gordon stunned Colin and Tiffany with the news that reports of Keith's death a year ago were premature.

Season 1, Episode 4030: Episode #1.4030

1 October 1971

Season 1, Episode 4031: Episode #1.4031

4 October 1971

Season 1, Episode 4032: Episode #1.4032

5 October 1971

Season 1, Episode 4033: Episode #1.4033

6 October 1971

Season 1, Episode 4034: Episode #1.4034

7 October 1971

Season 1, Episode 4035: Episode #1.4035

8 October 1971

Season 1, Episode 4036: Episode #1.4036

11 October 1971

Season 1, Episode 4037: Episode #1.4037

12 October 1971

Season 1, Episode 4038: Episode #1.4038

13 October 1971

Season 1, Episode 4039: Episode #1.4039

14 October 1971

Season 1, Episode 4040: Episode #1.4040

15 October 1971

Season 1, Episode 4041: Episode #1.4041

18 October 1971

Season 1, Episode 4042: Episode #1.4042

19 October 1971

Season 1, Episode 4043: Episode #1.4043

20 October 1971

Season 1, Episode 4044: Episode #1.4044

21 October 1971

Season 1, Episode 4045: Episode #1.4045

22 October 1971

Season 1, Episode 4046: Episode #1.4046

25 October 1971

Season 1, Episode 4047: Episode #1.4047

26 October 1971

Season 1, Episode 4048: Episode #1.4048

27 October 1971

Season 1, Episode 4049: Episode #1.4049

28 October 1971

Season 1, Episode 4050: Episode #1.4050

29 October 1971

Season 1, Episode 4051: Episode #1.4051

1 November 1971

Season 1, Episode 4052: Episode #1.4052

2 November 1971

Season 1, Episode 4053: Episode #1.4053

3 November 1971

Season 1, Episode 4054: Episode #1.4054

4 November 1971

Season 1, Episode 4055: Episode #1.4055

5 November 1971

Season 1, Episode 4056: Episode #1.4056

8 November 1971

Season 1, Episode 4057: Episode #1.4057

9 November 1971

Season 1, Episode 4058: Episode #1.4058

10 November 1971

Season 1, Episode 4059: Episode #1.4059

11 November 1971

Season 1, Episode 4060: Episode #1.4060

12 November 1971

Season 1, Episode 4061: Episode #1.4061

15 November 1971

Season 1, Episode 4062: Episode #1.4062

16 November 1971

Season 1, Episode 4063: Episode #1.4063

17 November 1971

Season 1, Episode 4064: Episode #1.4064

18 November 1971

Season 1, Episode 4065: Episode #1.4065

19 November 1971

Season 1, Episode 4066: Episode #1.4066

22 November 1971

Season 1, Episode 4067: Episode #1.4067

23 November 1971

Season 1, Episode 4068: Episode #1.4068

24 November 1971

Season 1, Episode 4069: Episode #1.4069

25 November 1971

Season 1, Episode 4070: Episode #1.4070

26 November 1971

Season 1, Episode 4071: Episode #1.4071

29 November 1971

Season 1, Episode 4072: Episode #1.4072

30 November 1971

Season 1, Episode 4073: Episode #1.4073

1 December 1971

Season 1, Episode 4074: Episode #1.4074

2 December 1971

Season 1, Episode 4075: Episode #1.4075

3 December 1971

Season 1, Episode 4076: Episode #1.4076

6 December 1971

Season 1, Episode 4077: Episode #1.4077

7 December 1971

Season 1, Episode 4078: Episode #1.4078

8 December 1971

Season 1, Episode 4079: Episode #1.4079

9 December 1971

Season 1, Episode 4080: Episode #1.4080

10 December 1971

Season 1, Episode 4081: Episode #1.4081

13 December 1971

Season 1, Episode 4082: Episode #1.4082

14 December 1971

Season 1, Episode 4083: Episode #1.4083

15 December 1971

Season 1, Episode 4084: Episode #1.4084

16 December 1971

Season 1, Episode 4085: Episode #1.4085

17 December 1971

Season 1, Episode 4086: Episode #1.4086

20 December 1971

Season 1, Episode 4087: Episode #1.4087

21 December 1971

Season 1, Episode 4088: Episode #1.4088

22 December 1971

Season 1, Episode 4089: Episode #1.4089

23 December 1971

Season 1, Episode 4090: Episode #1.4090

24 December 1971

Season 1, Episode 4091: Episode #1.4091

27 December 1971

Season 1, Episode 4092: Episode #1.4092

28 December 1971

Season 1, Episode 4093: Episode #1.4093

29 December 1971

Season 1, Episode 4094: Episode #1.4094

30 December 1971

Season 1, Episode 4095: Episode #1.4095

31 December 1971

Season 1, Episode 4096: Episode #1.4096

3 January 1972

Season 1, Episode 4097: Episode #1.4097

4 January 1972

Season 1, Episode 4098: Episode #1.4098

5 January 1972

Season 1, Episode 4099: Episode #1.4099

6 January 1972

Season 1, Episode 4100: Episode #1.4100

7 January 1972

Season 1, Episode 4101: Episode #1.4101

10 January 1972

Season 1, Episode 4102: Episode #1.4102

11 January 1972

Season 1, Episode 4103: Episode #1.4103

12 January 1972

Season 1, Episode 4104: Episode #1.4104

13 January 1972

Season 1, Episode 4105: Episode #1.4105

14 January 1972

Season 1, Episode 4106: Episode #1.4106

17 January 1972

Season 1, Episode 4107: Episode #1.4107

18 January 1972

Season 1, Episode 4108: Episode #1.4108

19 January 1972

Season 1, Episode 4109: Episode #1.4109

20 January 1972

Season 1, Episode 4110: Episode #1.4110

21 January 1972

Season 1, Episode 4111: Episode #1.4111

24 January 1972

Season 1, Episode 4112: Episode #1.4112

25 January 1972

Season 1, Episode 4113: Episode #1.4113

26 January 1972

Season 1, Episode 4114: Episode #1.4114

27 January 1972

Season 1, Episode 4115: Episode #1.4115

28 January 1972

Season 1, Episode 4116: Episode #1.4116

31 January 1972

Season 1, Episode 4343: Episode #1.4343

December 1972

Season 1, Episode 4363: Episode #1.4363

January 1973

Season 1, Episode 4603: Episode #1.4603

December 1973

Season 1, Episode 4623: Episode #1.4623

January 1974

Season 1, Episode 4863: Episode #1.4863

December 1974

Season 1, Episode 4883: Episode #1.4883

January 1975

Season 1, Episode 4916: Episode #1.4916

24 February 1975

Season 1, Episode 5066: Episode #1.5066

22 September 1975

Season 1, Episode 5112: Episode #1.5112

25 November 1975

Season 1, Episode 5115: Episode #1.5115

28 November 1975

Season 1, Episode 5123: Episode #1.5123

December 1975

Season 1, Episode 5143: Episode #1.5143

January 1976

Season 1, Episode 5383: Episode #1.5383

December 1976

Season 1, Episode 5403: Episode #1.5403

January 1977

Season 1, Episode 5417: Episode #1.5417

25 January 1977

Season 1, Episode 5447: Episode #1.5447

8 March 1977

Season 1, Episode 5469: Episode #1.5469

7 April 1977

Season 1, Episode 5609: Episode #1.5609

20 October 1977

Season 1, Episode 5610: Episode #1.5610

21 October 1977

Season 1, Episode 5632: Episode #1.5632

24 November 1977

Season 1, Episode 5643: Episode #1.5643

December 1977

Season 1, Episode 5666: Episode #1.5666

January 1978

Season 1, Episode 5903: Episode #1.5903

December 1978

Season 1, Episode 5921: Episode #1.5921

January 1979

Michelle La Mothe ... Anne Riley, R.N.

Season 1, Episode 5922: Episode #1.5922


Season 1, Episode 6051: Episode #1.6051

17 July 1979
D.A. Logan Swift and attorney Draper Scott confront heiress Paige Madison about her relationship with the assassin who tried to kill her at the disco and wonder if she still thinks her fellow gang members are good guys. Fearing another assassination attempt, ex-cop Steve Guthrie agrees to be Paige's hired bodyguard. Paige promises to cooperate with the police if Logan won't prosecute her. Jed calls Paige to tell her that he doesn't want her hurt, but he has a gun and secretly plans to kill her at his first opportunity.

Season 1, Episode 6052: Episode #1.6052

18 July 1979
Attorney Mike Karr receives a job offer from the renowned New York law firm Seward, Paxton, and Whiteside, but content in Monticello, he refuses the offer. Later, Philip Seward requests a meeting with Mike's partner Draper Scott.

Margaret Colin ... Paige Madison
Forrest Compton ... Mike Karr
Tony Craig ... Draper Scott

Frances Fisher ... Deborah Saxon
Tom Keena ... Philip Seward

Season 1, Episode 6053: Episode #1.6053

19 July 1979
Phillip Seward meets Draper and offers him a junior partnership in the New York law firm. Naughty Raven Swift, married to D.A. Logan Swift, arranges to have an affair with sexy Frenchman Eliot Dorn at Palace Park, where Raven, Logan, and Eliot will be vacationing.

Season 1, Episode 6054: Episode #1.6054

20 July 1979
Draper's wife April is very upset when he reveals that he's been offered a lucrative job in New York. Jed calls Paige, and she promises to ditch her bodyguard Steve for a secret meeting. Tobias, the leader of Paige's terrorist gang, orders Jed to kill Paige.
Denny Albee ... Steve Guthrie

Margaret Colin ... Paige Madison

Lisa Dalton ... Police recruit

Frances Fisher ... Deborah Saxon

Bruce Gray ... Owen Madison

Kim Hunter ... Nola Madison
Mandel Kramer ... Bill Marceau
Philip Kraus ... Jed Smith
Irving Allen Lee ... Det. Calvin Stoner

Season 1, Episode 6055: Episode #1.6055

23 July 1979
After Steve confirms their dinner plans at a local restaurant, Paige lets Jed know where they'll be so he can meet with her. At the restaurant, Steve reveals that he tricked Paige by taking her to another restaurant. Steve's police partners Deborah and Calvin wait for Jed at the real restaurant. Jed arrives and then gunshots pierce the air. Steve learns that Jed shot Calvin and escaped capture.

Season 1, Episode 6056: Episode #1.6056

24 July 1979
An angry Brian blames Steve for nearly getting Paige killed in Jed's assassination attempt. At the hospital, Steve and Deborah anxiously await news of Calvin's condition. Miles & Nicole and Logan & Raven check in at Palace Park. Raven and Eliot connive to have an assignation in Eliot's hotel room while Logan is out of the way enjoying himself on the golf course.

Season 1, Episode 6057: Episode #1.6057

25 July 1979
On holiday at the Palace Park couples resort, Raven manages to get rid of Logan. Later, she meets Eliot in his room for a sexual trust. Miles accidentally spots Raven emerging from Eliot's hotel room and realizes that she is having an affair behind Logan's back.

Season 1, Episode 6058: Episode #1.6058

26 July 1979
Owen demonstrates a strong interest in Deborah. Nola, noting Owen's attraction to the attractive, young officer, warns Deborah to stay away. April and Draper invite Mike and Nancy to their home for dinner, but the elder couple must intercede when the younger couple begin to argue over Draper's job offer in New York.

Season 1, Episode 6059: Episode #1.6059

27 July 1979
Owen and Nola decide to show old home movies of their life in California. Steve notices that Paige leaves the room after she and Brian are shown kissing one a little too long for comfort in a shot of Paige's birthday party. The Madisons unknowingly have another assassin very close to home, and she's hiding a large knife.

Season 1, Episode 6060: Episode #1.6060

30 July 1979
Cliff makes a pest of himself by annoying Deborah, and she continues to dodge his advances. April and Draper have another conversation about New York, and she agrees to join him on the trip. The knife wielding assassin approaches a sleeping and vulnerable Paige with murderous intent.

Season 1, Episode 6061: Episode #1.6061

31 July 1979
Brian is Paige's unexpected savior as the assassin prepares to strike. Miles keeps the secret about Raven and Eliot to himself. Logan confronts Raven about her flirtation at Palace Park, but his anger turns to passion with Raven's explanation. Eliot and Mickey plan Antoine's demise. Paige and Brian get a little too close for comfort.

Season 1, Episode 6062: Episode #1.6062

1 August 1979
April confides to her wealthy mother Margo, Eliot's wife, that Draper has received a job offer from Seward, Paxton, and Whiteside, and they might move to New York. Margo panics at the idea of losing April, but April says he has to get the job first. Philip Seward reassures Mike that Draper is a shoe-in for the position, with only one partner left to approve him.

Margaret Colin ... Paige Madison
Forrest Compton ... Dist. Atty. Mike Karr #3
Tony Craig ... Asst. Dist. Atty. Draper Scott

Terry Davis ... April Cavanaugh Scott
Tom Keena ... Philip Seward
Ann Williams ... Nurse / Margo Huntington Dorn

Season 1, Episode 6063: Episode #1.6063

2 August 1979
Nola meets with Margo and asks her to hire Brian with Nola secretly underwriting his salary. Margo objects to Nola's deception until she realizes the situation parallels her own with April and Draper. Steve gets a call from the hospital telling him that Calvin has taken a turn for the worse, but the caller is actually the maid Louise, disguising her voice. Louise vows that Paige will get her just desserts.

Kim Hunter ... Nola Madison (aka Martha Cory)
Denny Albee ... Detective Steve Guthrie

Margaret Colin ... Paige Madison
Tony Craig ... Asst. Dist. Atty. Draper Scott

Lisa Dalton ... Police recruit
Tom Keena ... Philip Seward
Ann Williams ... Nurse / Margo Huntington Dorn

Season 1, Episode 6064: Episode #1.6064

3 August 1979
In New York, Philip Seward tells Draper that he all but has the job, though silent partner David Henson, currently in hospital, has to agree to make the decision unanimous. At the hospital, Steve learns that Calvin is well and recuperating. They realize the phone call was a ruse to lure Steve away from the Madison house. Steve phones Paige and orders her to lock her door and wait for him to get back. Louise, armed with a large knife, breaks open the door and promises to kill Paige.

Season 1, Episode 6065: Episode #1.6065

6 August 1979
Knife in hand, Louise charges Paige. They struggle behind a closed door and then a gunshot is fired. Steve arrives at the Madison home. He can't find Paige but discovers a blood trail.

Season 1, Episode 6066: Episode #1.6066

7 August 1979
Margo learns from April that the final decision in Draper's job offer lies with David Henson, coincidentally an old friend of Margo. Margo phones David to remind him of their extramarital affair years ago and uses it to blackmail him into blackballing Draper from the law firm.

Season 1, Episode 6067: Episode #1.6067

8 August 1979
Draper is devastated when he is told that he was rejected for the junior partnership at Seward, Paxton, and Whiteside.

Margaret Colin ... Paige Madison
Tony Craig ... Draper Scott

Terry Davis ... April Scott

Frances Fisher ... Deborah Saxon
Tom Keena ... Philip Seward

Season 1, Episode 6068: Episode #1.6068

9 August 1979
Draper is inconsolable over losing the New York partnership. Steve and Paige visit Calvin in the hospital. Armed with a gun, Jed steals a hospital orderly uniform and positions himself outside Calvin's room.

Season 1, Episode 6069: Episode #1.6069

10 August 1979
Jed follows Steve and Paige after they leave Calvin's room. In the hospital parking garage, Jed fires shots at Steve and Paige. Steve returns fire and has Jed to dead to right, but he freezes when he remembers shooting teenager Joey Dials. Jed uses Steve's hesitation to flee the scene. Paige tries to comfort Steve over being gun shy. At the Unicorn, bartender Mickey Dials flashes back to the day brother Joey died. Mickey remembers substituting Joey's real gun for a cap pistol, thereby framing Steve for shooting an "innocent" teenager.

Season 1, Episode 6070: Episode #1.6070

11 August 1979
With Logan working late hours at the office, Raven and Eliot plan another extramarital tryst. Eliot lies to wife Margo that he has to help a former student who's threatening suicide. Raven can't get a babysitter for her infant son Jamey and just leaves him alone in the apartment. Miles is kidnapped from his office by a masked gunman.

Season 1, Episode 6071: Episode #1.6071

14 August 1979
The masked gunman takes Miles to a warehouse where he's forced to treat a gunshot victim who turns out to be Louise, shot in the struggle with Paige. Nicole becomes very worried when husband Miles doesn't call or come home. Raven admits to a disgusted Eliot that she left her baby all alone when she couldn't find a sitter.

Season 1, Episode 6072: Episode #1.6072

15 August 1979
Miles hears a scream and runs into Louise's sick room only to find her dead. With Tobias temporarily distracted by Louise's body, Miles makes his escape from the warehouse. Tobias fires shots at Miles.

Season 1, Episode 6073: Episode #1.6073

16 August 1979
Nola apologizes to Paige. Nicole phones the police. Cliff laments to Deborah that he should've had the nomination instead of Logan. Miles hears a scream and runs into Louise's sick room only to find her dead. With Tobias temporarily distracted by Louise's body, Miles makes his escape from the warehouse. Tobias fires shots at Miles.

Season 1, Episode 6074: Episode #1.6074

17 August 1979
Miles tells the police about his kidnapping and that the perpetrator was Tobias. Paige looks out her window and spots a ski masked Tobias lurking in the Madison's garden.

Season 1, Episode 6075: Episode #1.6075

20 August 1979
Miles is questioned about his ordeal with Tobias. Draper apologizes to April for overreacting to his job loss. Paige dreams of Nola and Brian. Later, Paige lies to Steve and goes to the terrace alone to meet Tobias. Tobias aims his gun at Paige and prepares to fire.

Season 1, Episode 6076: Episode #1.6076

21 August 1979
Tobias aims his gun at Paige who screams at the sound of a gunshot, but Tobias falls to the ground, having been shot by Steve. When Tobias's mask is pulled off, Paige realizes that the shooter was a disguised Jed.

Season 1, Episode 6077: Episode #1.6077

22 August 1979
Eddie Vaughn, a producer who once romanced Nola, arrives in Monticello with a script for Mansion of the Damned, a horror movie. Draper is at home alone when real estate agent Mrs. Fenner stops by to persuade him to put the house back on the market. Draper is shocked when Mrs. Fenner reveals that the home's value is much higher than the amount he and April paid for it.

Season 1, Episode 6078: Episode #1.6078

23 August 1979
Draper confronts April about the discrepancy between their home's value and the price they paid. April reluctantly admits that she and Margo lied about the price with Margo paying the difference. Nola overhears Owen decline Eddie's suggestion that they produce Mansion of the Damned, with Owen arguing that Nola's a has-been. Nola goes to the Unicorn and gets roaring drunk. Sarah, Margo's maid, catches Eliot locked in an embrace with Raven.

Season 1, Episode 6079: Episode #1.6079

24 August 1979
Befriended by Mickey, Nola rests in Eliot's office and meets him for the first time. Raven and Sarah fight over Eliot, and Raven slaps her face. Brian and Paige arrive at the Unicorn to get Nola. Paige follows Mickey outside, kisses him, and calls him Tobias.

Season 1, Episode 6080: Episode #1.6080

27 August 1979
Mickey promises Paige that he never wanted her harmed and that one poses a threat to her except their old gang friend Zack who is acting alone.

Season 1, Episode 6081: Episode #1.6081

28 August 1979
Upset over Nola's latest battle with the bottle, Owen agrees to at least consider Eddie's idea of producing Mansion of the Damned as a comeback vehicle for Nola. Paige convinces Steve to stay as her bodyguard and admits that Zack still wants her dead. Mickey meets with Zack and orders him to kill Paige.

Season 1, Episode 6082: Episode #1.6082

29 August 1979
Logan urges Draper to speed up Logan's legal adoption of Jamey. Calvin recuperates enough to stand alone and take his first steps. Mickey schemes to have Zack kill Paige, while Mickey will shoot Steve to avenge Joey's death.

Season 1, Episode 6083: Episode #1.6083

30 August 1979
After reading the script, Owen tells everyone that he'll produce Mansion of the Damned. Zack arrives at the Unicorn, and on cue from Mickey, draws his gun to shoot Paige.

Season 1, Episode 6084: Episode #1.6084

31 August 1979
Just as Zack is about to murder Paige, Mickey pulls his gun from behind the bar and shoots Zack. Steve is stunned that Mickey saved his life. Nola wants Brian to direct Mansion of the Damned. During a quarrel with Nola, Owen reminds her that Brian is his natural son, which makes Brian and Paige blood siblings.

Season 1, Episode 6085: Episode #1.6085

3 September 1979
Nola coerces Paige into accepting the ingénue role of Patience Revere to ensure that Brian will direct Mansion of the Damned. Steve thinks there's something familiar about Mickey's gun. Bill tells Mickey that there's going to be an investigation into the shooting at the Unicorn even though Mickey saved Steve and Paige. Eliot decides to close the Unicorn for a few days and secretly plots another tryst with Raven.

Season 1, Episode 6086: Episode #1.6086

4 September 1979
As Logan packs to leave on a campaign tour, Raven fakes being sick so she can stay home and continue her affair with Eliot. Steve recalls the day he shot Joey and suddenly recognizes Mickey's gun as the one Joey aimed at him.

Season 1, Episode 6087: Episode #1.6087

5 September 1979
Logan asks Geraldine to check up on a sick Raven while he's out of town. Mickey denies Steve's accusation that Mickey switched his real gun for a cap pistol after Joey was shot. Geraldine lets herself in Logan's apartment while Raven and Eliot are in the bedroom together.

Season 1, Episode 6088: Episode #1.6088

6 September 1979
Raven almost keeps Geraldine from learning of her affair, but Geraldine finds Eliot smoking a cigarette in Logan's bed. Raven blackmails Geraldine into keeping quiet by threatening to keep Jamey away from her forever. Mike gets a letter from Seward who wants to discuss Draper's rejection from the firm. Worried about Raven, Logan decides to cut short his trip.

Season 1, Episode 6089: Episode #1.6089

7 September 1979
Steve uncovers evidence that ties Joey to Mickey's gun. Chief of Police Bill Marceau tells Calvin that he'll be deputy chief while Bill vacations. The Madisons joke about Mansion of the Damned being cursed, and when Nola mentions Satan, a tree limb suddenly crashes through the glass doors during a storm. Logan arrives home and catches Raven and Eliot together.

Season 1, Episode 6090: Episode #1.6090

10 September 1979
Logan and Raven have a terrible argument about her infidelity. Seward tells the Karrs that he suspects Margo was the reason Draper lost the junior partnership in New York. Mickey confides to Eliot that he's leaving town. A vengeful Raven swears that Logan will never get custody of their son.

Vasili Bogazianos ... Mickey Dials

Margaret Colin ... Paige Madison
Forrest Compton ... Mike Karr

Frances Fisher ... Deborah Saxon
Ann Flood ... Nancy Karr
Sharon Gabet ... Raven Swift

Lee Godart ... Eliot Dorn
Tom Keena ... Philip Seward
Joe Lambie ... Logan Swift

Season 1, Episode 6091: Episode #1.6091

11 September 1979
Steve returns to the police force. Owen and Eddie find an old studio where they can cheaply produce Mansion of the Damned. When he and Paige grow too close, Brian's forced to admit that he's her blood brother.

Season 1, Episode 6092: Episode #1.6092

12 September 1979
Draper advises Logan about his legal rights regarding Jamey. Raven taunts Geraldine that she's got plans to make Logan regret leaving her. Feeling betrayed by her family, an upset Paige turns to Mickey, who convinces her to flee Monticello with him.

Season 1, Episode 6093: Episode #1.6093

13 September 1979
Nola sees a vision of Satan laughing at her from the flames of the fireplace. April confides to Margo that she enjoys having Jamey around and longs to be a mother herself. Logan tells Raven he's moving out of their apartment. Paige accidentally finds Mickey's briefcase full of money from the illegal arms he sold.

Season 1, Episode 6094: Episode #1.6094

14 September 1979
Paige sees her name on a list with assassins and realizes that Mickey planned to kill her. Mickey knocks Paige out and turns on the gas stove. Raven stuns Logan with the news that she's taking a midnight flight to England with their son. Bill approves of Steve confronting Mickey again. Raven gives Jamey to April and Draper along with a letter granting them adoption rights. Steve confronts Mickey, who smashes through a window and tries to jump to the adjacent roof, but he falls.

Season 1, Episode 6095: Episode #1.6095

17 September 1979
Mickey falls to his death. Steve and Deborah discover an unconscious Paige in Mickey's gas filled apartment. April wants to delay meeting with Logan to give him Jamey. Paige is resuscitated at the hospital. Nola sees Owen and Deborah embracing.

Season 1, Episode 6096: Episode #1.6096

18 September 1979
April vows to keep Jamey since Raven gave her and Draper legal rights to him. In view of Mickey's death, Logan drops all charges against Paige. Paige and Owen resolve their differences about Brian's paternity. April pays a professional visit to Mike to clarify her adoption rights.

Season 1, Episode 6097: Episode #1.6097

19 September 1979
April involves Margo in the battle for Jamey's guardianship. Mike informs Draper of his visit from April and her determination to keep Jamey. As Nola reads one of her character's incantations from the Mansion of the Damned script, a large key light suddenly explodes. Eliot spurns Sarah who goes to tell Margo that Eliot is sleeping with the district attorney's wife.

Season 1, Episode 6098: Episode #1.6098

20 September 1979
Margo is skeptical of Sarah's motives for making accusations against Eliot. Actor Trent Archer, who's playing the role of Satan opposite Nola, arrives in Monticello. Cliff snitches to Steve that he caught Deborah and Owen having a romantic supper. Nola recites a scripted love incantation, and it seemingly draws Owen and Deborah together.

Season 1, Episode 6099: Episode #1.6099

21 September 1979
April begs Draper to reconsider keeping Jamey as their own child. Meanwhile, Geraldine suggests that that Logan and Jamey move in with her to form a family of sorts. Miles and Nicole listen to April's side of the adoption story. When April returns home, she finds Jamey's crib empty.

Season 1, Episode 6100: Episode #1.6100

24 September 1979
Draper confesses to April that he gave Jamey back to Logan. April slaps Draper and runs from the house. Margo is delighted when April shows up at the penthouse and announces that she's left her husband.

Season 1, Episode 6101: Episode #1.6101

25 September 1979
Eddie convinces Margo to host a launch party for Mansion of the Damned at her penthouse. Draper calls April to convince her to come back home, but she refuses. Sarah offers to sell Eliot the jewelry they previously stole from Margo when they faked a robbery to send Margo's gun to the police.

Margaret Colin ... Paige Madison
Tony Craig ... Draper Scott

Terry Davis ... April Scott

Frances Fisher ... Deborah Saxon

Lee Godart ... Eliot Dorn
Jenny Lyons ... Sarah Albright
Ann Williams ... Margo Huntington Dorn

Season 1, Episode 6102: Episode #1.6102

26 September 1979
April's psychic abilities pique Eddie's interest. Deborah receives a special invitation from Nola. Draper encourages Miles and Nicole to persuade April that she's being unreasonable. After learning that Draper intends to act as Logan's attorney, April threatens to divorce him.

Season 1, Episode 6103: Episode #1.6103

27 September 1979
At the launch party, Eliot learns that Nola is independently wealthy. Sarah and Eliot have a secret meeting to arrange the transfer of jewels. April refuses to listen when Miles and Nicole resist choosing sides against Draper. Nola and Trent read a scene from the script with Nola as witch Hester Atherton and Trent playing Satan. During the scene, Nicole spots a demonic specter on the terrace.

Kim Hunter ... Nola Madison
Ann Flood ... Nancy Karr
Forrest Compton ... Mike Karr
Denny Albee ... Steve Guthrie
Jayne Bentzen ... Nicole Cavanaugh

Margaret Colin ... Paige Madison
Joel Crothers ... Dr. Miles Cavanaugh

Terry Davis ... April Scott

Frances Fisher ... Deborah Saxon

Lee Godart ... Eliot Dorn

Farley Granger ... Trent Archer

Bruce Gray ... Owen Madison
Stephen McNaughton ... Brian Madison
Ann Williams ... Margo Huntington Dorn
Harry Goz ... Jason Reinhart

Season 1, Episode 6104: Episode #1.6104

28 September 1979
Margo offers to buy Jamey from Logan for $150,000. Nicole swears she saw a terrifying apparition on Margo's terrace, but Miles argues it was merely an illusion. April discovers Eliot and Sarah together in the penthouse, and after Eliot threatens to pitch her over the terrace in an apparent suicide, April tries to run but falls and hits her head.

Season 1, Episode 6105: Episode #1.6105

1 October 1979
Eliot flees the penthouse leaving April unconscious. Margo and Geraldine argue when Margo refuses to convince April that Jamey belongs with Logan. The Madisons receive a letter that claims the scripted spells in Mansion of the Damned are real. Draper's enraged to learn about Margo trying to buy Jamey. Margo returns to the penthouse and finds April's body on the floor.

Season 1, Episode 6106: Episode #1.6106

2 October 1979
Weird lights are spotted coming from inside the Mansion of the Damned studio. Margo blames herself for April's accident. Draper and Logan confront Margo about her attempt to buy Jamey. April has a mild concussion, but Dr. Wallace stuns Draper with the news that April is a couple of months pregnant.

Season 1, Episode 6107: Episode #1.6107

3 October 1979
Draper gives April the good news that they're having a baby, and they apologize for their quarrel. Margo insists that April tell them what led to the accident and is mortified to realize that Eliot left her to possibly die.

Season 1, Episode 6108: Episode #1.6108

4 October 1979
Nola watches Owen and Deborah kissing in a restaurant. April refuses to press assault charges against Eliot. Margo throws Eliot out. Paige and Brian find the Satanic Bible and Hester Atherton's life story in the movie studio. Owen and Nola argue about him seeing Deborah. While Nola's screaming one of Hester's vengeance spells at Owen, a wall at the movie studio falls and nearly crushes Paige.

Season 1, Episode 6109: Episode #1.6109

5 October 1979
Logan visits April, and they become friends again. Brian tells Owen that he knows about Deborah. Rehearsing a scene with Nola, Trent complains about it being hot as hell on the Mansion of the Damned set and suddenly collapses.

Season 1, Episode 6110: Episode #1.6110

8 October 1979
Trent recovers from his collapse. Paige meets Deborah to talk about her relationship with Owen, and they're secretly followed by a jealous Nola. Owen asks Trent to get a physical from Miles. April tells Miles and Nicole that Eddie's interested in her history of psychic experiences. A ghost appears on the Mansion of the Damned set.

Season 1, Episode 6111: Episode #1.6111

10 October 1979
Calvin and Star have a happy announcement for Deborah and Steve. Nola meets a stranger outside Deborah's apartment building and is fascinated with her face. Margo has an admission for April. Miles concludes that Trent is suffering from a case of superstition. While reading Hester Atherton's manuscript, Trent receives a shock.

Season 1, Episode 6112: Episode #1.6112

11 October 1979
Trent is terrified at the sight of the wrinkled, bony old crone touching his shoulder until he realizes that she's Nola in disguise. Nola has based Hester Atherton's withered appearance on Rachel Barnes and perfected her makeup to resemble the woman.

Season 1, Episode 6113: Episode #1.6113

12 October 1979
Margo tells Nicole that she hates Eliot. Nola wonders if she could develop the powers of a witch. Rehearsing with Nola and Chris Rafferty, a paranoid Trent is frightened out of his wits, and he warns Owen that everyone will die if they try to film Mansion of the Damned.

Kim Hunter ... Nola Madison (aka Martha Cory)
Jayne Bentzen ... Nicole Travis Stewart Drake Cavanaugh #2

Margaret Colin ... Paige Madison
Harry Goz ... Jason Reinhart

Farley Granger ... Trent Archer
Ann Williams ... Nurse / Margo Huntington Dorn

Season 1, Episode 6114: Episode #1.6114

15 October 1979
Owen says a frightened Trent quit the movie and went back to Hollywood. Nola decides Eliot would make a perfect devil and suggests he replace Trent. Draper okays April's decision to conduct a psychic reading on the Mansion of the Damned set, which she's doing for the money. Walking around the spooky soundstage, April sees the eerie apparition of a woman on the balcony and screams in horror.

Season 1, Episode 6115: Episode #1.6115

16 October 1979
April and Eddie's account of a haunted set is doubted. Owen concedes to Nola's request by screen testing Eliot for the role of the Devil. Mike plans to meet David Henson and force him to admit why he rejected Draper. April describes what she saw on the movie set, and Nicole says it sounds like the ghostly figure she witnessed on Margo's terrace the night of the Mansion of the Damned launch party.

Season 1, Episode 6116: Episode #1.6116

17 October 1979
Paige cautions Deborah that Nola's dangerous and might hurt them. Nola almost strangles Paige while playing a scene. Steve grouses to Calvin about Deborah and Owen's romance. Deborah discovers her apartment door ajar, but Mr. Bailey, the apartment super, says he did some work in her apartment and probably didn't close it completely. Inside, Deborah discovers it's been trashed.

Season 1, Episode 6117: Episode #1.6117

18 October 1979
On a short business trip to New York, Mike arranges a meeting with David Henson. Placed on the spot by Mike, Henson agrees to tell him why he had to reject Draper's partnership.

Season 1, Episode 6118: Episode #1.6118

19 October 1979
David Henson confesses to Mike that Margo blackmailed him into making sure Draper stayed in Monticello. Deborah busts drug dealer Benny Hayes. Margo encourages April to go with her on an extended European vacation. Deborah receives crank phone calls from someone who plays creepy Gregorian chants.

Margaret Colin ... Paige Madison
Forrest Compton ... Mike Karr

Terry Davis ... April Scott

Frances Fisher ... Deborah Saxon
Ann Flood ... Nancy Karr
Arnold Moss ... David Henson
Ann Williams ... Margo Huntington Dorn

Season 1, Episode 6119: Episode #1.6119

22 October 1979
Nicole goes to the Mansion of the Damned set for a WMON feature story. Eddie assures Nicole that Mansion of Damned isn't cursed. Deborah tells Steve and Calvin about her crank calls. The Gregorian chant from Deborah's calls is a music cue from Mansion of the Damned soundtrack. During the filming of a scene, a large light becomes unhitched from the lighting grid and smashes to the floor, nearly hitting Paige and Nola. Brian discovers Jason Reinhart's dead body, the victim of an apparent onset heart attack.

Kim Hunter ... Nola Madison
Denny Albee ... Steve Guthrie
Jayne Bentzen ... Nicole Cavanaugh

Margaret Colin ... Paige Madison

Frances Fisher ... Deborah Saxon
Harry Goz ... Jason Reinhart

Bruce Gray ... Owen Madison
Irving Allen Lee ... Det. Calvin Stoner
Stephen McNaughton ... Brian Madison

Season 1, Episode 6120: Episode #1.6120

23 October 1979
April watches Nicole's TV report of Jason's death and is convinced the movie curse is real. Miles' autopsy of Jason concludes he died from natural causes, not the supernatural. Mike tells Draper that Henson wants to meet him to reconsider the law partnership. Calvin is told that Bill Marceau retired and is being replaced by new chief Derek Mallory. Talking with April, Margo accidentally spills her part in Draper's rejection.

Season 1, Episode 6121: Episode #1.6121

24 October 1979
April fears Draper will be angry enough to kill Margo of he finds out she sabotaged his job prospect. Nola terrorizes Paige on set with a rat. April forces Margo to phone Henson and agree to give Draper another shot at the job. Margo follows April's orders, but she calls Henson back after April leaves and threatens him again.

Kim Hunter ... Nola Madison (aka Martha Cory)

Margaret Colin ... Paige Madison

Terry Davis ... April Cavanaugh Scott

Bruce Gray ... Owen Madison
Stephen McNaughton ... Brian Madison
Arnold Moss ... David Henson
Ann Williams ... Margo Huntington Dorn

Season 1, Episode 6122: Episode #1.6122

25 October 1979
Logan's separation papers arrive in the mail from Raven. Deborah receives another prank call. Brian kisses Paige. Draper and Henson speak with one another by phone, and David delays meeting with him for a month, claiming he'll be hospitalized for tests. Deborah gets a scare on the movie set,

Season 1, Episode 6123: Episode #1.6123

26 October 1979
Owen intends to divorce Nola after they wrap production on the movie. Nola dreams of being shot by Deborah, but the bullets pass through her because she's a real witch. Steve is called to the movie set after hours after a local cop sees movement in the shadows. Nola and Eddie congratulate themselves on setting up the studio haunting as a publicity stunt. While exploring the studio, Steve is struck by a falling chandelier rigged by Eddie and Nola.

Season 1, Episode 6124: Episode #1.6124

29 October 1979
Steve survives being hit by the chandelier. Nola wants to have one last stunt bigger than all the others. Paige spies Nola playing the Gregorian chant on a tape recorder. Chris Rafferty relates the "curse of Macbeth" that plagues theater companies. During a scene with Paige, Nola plunges a dagger into her heart.

Season 1, Episode 6125: Episode #1.6125

30 October 1979
Everyone's relieved that Nola's dagger turns out to be a trick stage knife with a retractable blade. April wonders why David Henson suddenly put off seeing Draper again. No one likes abrasive new police chief Derek Mallory. Deborah suspects Eddie arranged the movie set accidents to hype the film.

Season 1, Episode 6126: Episode #1.6126

31 October 1979
Deborah suggests to Owen that Eddie and Nola planned the set disasters, and he promises to make them stop. Eliot begins flirting with Nola. David Henson decides to the leave the country rather than carry out Margo's plot. Margo realizes that Eliot tried to have her arrested for murder last spring by faking their apartment robbery. Nola and Eddie assure Owen there won't be any more publicity stunts, but Nola thinks about starting a fire.

Season 1, Episode 6127: Episode #1.6127

1 November 1979
Eddie tries to make Nola forget about setting the film studio on fire. Derek wants sweeping unpopular changes in the police department. Brian confides to Eddie that he's leaving after the movie's completed because he can't be in love with his sister. Cliff collapses after answering Deborah's phone and hearing Nola's Gregorian death chant.

Season 1, Episode 6128: Episode #1.6128

2 November 1979
Deborah is annoyed after realizing that Cliff faked collapsing as a joke. Draper's down in the dumps over Henson's departure to Europe. Owen declares his love to Deborah. The Karrs promise Margo they won't tell Draper what she did to him. Paige tells Deborah that Nola's disturbed, and Deborah realizes Nola's the crank caller.

Season 1, Episode 6129: Episode #1.6129

5 November 1979
Nicole meets Derek Mallory. Paige attempts to tell Brian about Nola's pranks, but she's interrupted. April phones New York and finds out that David Henson lied about being sick. Eddie confronts Nola about Brian and Paige not being related since Eddie is Brian's real father.

Season 1, Episode 6130: Episode #1.6130

6 November 1979
Nola swears Eddie to secrecy about Brian being his son, the result of an affair between Nola and Eddie. Paige informs Brian that Nola's disturbed and tormenting Deborah. Nancy encourages Deborah to confront Nola. Nola finds cans of a flammable liquid in the studio.

Season 1, Episode 6131: Episode #1.6131

7 November 1979
Logan wins the election. Margo realizes that April and Draper are on to David's avoidance tactics. Deborah receives a box of candy she thinks is from Owen, but she eats a piece and finds it's been laced with an insecticide.

Season 1, Episode 6132: Episode #1.6132

8 November 1979
Deborah refuses to reveal her suspicions about Nola's guilt to Owen, Steve, Miles, and Derek. Draper suggests that a lonely Logan join the dating scene again. Steve suspects Benny Hayes might have been behind Deborah's poisoning. After promising Eddie that she won't carry out her plan to start a fire on the Mansion of the Damned set, Nola sees a vision of Deborah engulfed in flames.

Season 1, Episode 6133: Episode #1.6133

9 November 1979
Nancy suspects Nola sent Deborah's poisoned chocolates. After Owen says they'll have to write the studio off as a financial loss, Nola considers her fire idea again. Paige wants Brian to run away to Europe with her. Eddie arranges to meet with Brian, intending to reveal his true parentage.

Season 1, Episode 6134: Episode #1.6134

12 November 1979
Evil triumphs over good in the final scene of Mansion of the Damned. Still planning a fiery finale, Nola phones Deborah and asks to meet her alone at the empty studio.

Season 1, Episode 6135: Episode #1.6135

13 November 1979
Eddie notices that Nola is missing from the cast wrap party and learns that Nola stayed behind at the studio. Nola arms herself with a book of matches and douses the set with cans of gasoline.

Season 1, Episode 6136: Episode #1.6136

14 November 1979
Eddie finds Nola at the studio, and she promises she won't go through with the publicity stunt. After Eddie leaves, Nola hears Deborah arriving and starts a fire. Outside the studio, Deborah finds Nola emerging from the burning building. Nola tells Deborah that she thinks Eddie might have still been inside. Firemen pull Eddie from the flames. Eddie tells Brian that there's something he needs to know.

Season 1, Episode 6137: Episode #1.6137

16 November 1979
Nola's relieved when Eddie dies before he can reveal any of her secrets. The Karrs suspect that Margo had something to do with David Henson's sudden trip out of the country. Brian wonders what Eddie wanted to tell him.

Season 1, Episode 6138: Episode #1.6138

17 November 1979
Deborah confesses to Steve that she has feelings for him and Owen. Nicole has an opportunity to interview author Dr. Lennox who has written a book about schizophrenia. Nola arranges to intrude on Owen and Deborah's romantic supper.

Season 1, Episode 6139: Episode #1.6139

20 November 1979
Steve and Calvin tell the Madisons a forensic testing proves that the studio fire was arson, but everyone thinks Eddie was arsonist. Dr. Lennox counsels Nicole that schizophrenia could be an inheritable disease, and she learns that Miles' mother was schizophrenic. Eddie's attorney Lila Ackerman wants to have a meeting with the Madisons. Deborah and Owen are shocked when Nola joins them for their romantic dinner.
Denny Albee ... Steve Guthrie
Jayne Bentzen ... Nicole Cavanaugh

Margaret Colin ... Paige Madison
Joel Crothers ... Dr. Miles Cavanaugh
Sylvia Davis ... Lillian

Frances Fisher ... Deborah Saxon

Bruce Gray ... Owen Madison
Jane House ... Lila Ackerman
Irving Allen Lee ... Det. Calvin Stoner
Stephen McNaughton ... Brian Madison

Season 1, Episode 6140: Episode #1.6140

21 November 1979
Derek saves Deborah after she's taken hostage by a prisoner. Owen reluctantly agrees to give his marriage one more chance. Paige worries Brian will forget her when he goes to Los Angeles. The Madisons meet Lila Ackerman who reveals that Eddie left his estate to a son.

Kim Hunter ... Nola Madison

Margaret Colin ... Paige Madison

Frances Fisher ... Deborah Saxon

Bruce Gray ... Owen Madison
Jane House ... Lila Ackerman
Irving Allen Lee ... Det. Calvin Stoner
Stephen McNaughton ... Brian Madison
Wade Nichols ... Derek Mallory (as Dennis Parker)

Season 1, Episode 6141: Episode #1.6141

22 November 1979
Eddie's will confirms that Brian is his son, and Nola's forced to confess she tricked Owen. A disgusted Owen walks out on Nola. Miles realizes that Nicole is scared that he inherited his mother's schizophrenia. Owen stops Brian from leaving Monticello.

Kim Hunter ... Nola Madison (aka Martha Cory)
Ann Flood ... Nancy Pollock Karr
Forrest Compton ... Dist. Atty. Mike Karr #3
Jayne Bentzen ... Nicole Travis Stewart Drake Cavanaugh #2

Margaret Colin ... Paige Madison
Tony Craig ... Asst. Dist. Atty. Draper Scott
Joel Crothers ... Dr. Miles Cavanaugh

Terry Davis ... April Cavanaugh Scott

Bruce Gray ... Owen Madison
Stephen McNaughton ... Brian Madison
Sylvia Davis ... Lillian
Jane House ... Lila Ackerman

Season 1, Episode 6142: Episode #1.6142

26 November 1979
Owen tells Brian that his real father was Eddie. Derek suspends Deborah from duty because of the hostage situation. Deborah finds Benny pushing drugs in her building. Brian tells Paige that they aren't related by blood. Owen wants Deborah to leave with him for LA.
Denny Albee ... Steve Guthrie

Margaret Colin ... Paige Madison
Bennett Cooperman ... Benny Hayes
Sylvia Davis ... Lillian

Frances Fisher ... Deborah Saxon

Bruce Gray ... Owen Madison
Joe Lambie ... Logan Swift
Stephen McNaughton ... Brian Madison
Wade Nichols ... Derek Mallory (as Dennis Parker)

Season 1, Episode 6143: Episode #1.6143

27 November 1979
Deborah can't decide whether or not she should follow Owen to California. Brian angrily confronts Nola. Owen tells Paige that he's divorcing Nola. Paige invites Deborah and Steve to be witnesses at her wedding to Brian. Nola vanishes, leaving behind a note that says she's gone away to a tropical island.

Season 1, Episode 6144: Episode #1.6144

28 November 1979
Paige and Brian marry. Owen watches a print of Mansion of the Damned that burns inside the projector. Derek tells Miles and Nicole about his ex-wife, a woman he was forced to hit. Deborah wants Steve to tell her not to go with Owen.

Season 1, Episode 6145: Episode #1.6145

29 November 1979
Steve tips off Owen that Deborah doesn't want to go with him. Derek's ex-wife Ivy is the daughter of a senator. Deborah confirms to Owen that she's staying in Monticello. Deborah meets her next door neighbor Mrs. Corey, who's actually Nola in modified Hester Atherton makeup.

Season 1, Episode 6146: Episode #1.6146

30 November 1979
Deborah doesn't recognize Mrs. Corey as being a disguised Nola. Miles talks with Nicole about schizophrenia. Star asks Calvin to select a date for their wedding.

Season 1, Episode 6147: Episode #1.6147

3 December 1979
Mrs. Corey tells Deborah about the fate of women who steal husbands. Nancy meets Benny Hayes. Geraldine confides to Logan that rumors suggest Derek is a wife beater. Benny begs Deborah not to testify against him in his drug case. Mrs. Corey meets Benny and expresses an interest in his merchandise.

Season 1, Episode 6148: Episode #1.6148

4 December 1979
Eliot attempts to find out where Nola has gone. Deborah reconsiders having a marriage and family. Nancy tells Mike she has an unfavorable opinion of Derek. Nola returns to an empty home and accepts a date with Eliot.

Season 1, Episode 6149: Episode #1.6149

5 December 1979
Nola and Eliot share their feelings of loneliness. Draper insists on paying back Margo's house loan, and the two don't fight for a change. Nancy informs Mike that she's interested in an investigative report on Monticello's drug trade. Mrs. Corey meets Benny again and says she can use his services.

Kim Hunter ... Nola Madison (aka Martha Cory)
Ann Flood ... Nancy Pollock Karr
Forrest Compton ... Mike Karr #3
Tony Craig ... Draper Scott

Terry Davis ... April Cavanaugh Scott

Lee Godart ... Eliot Dorn

Bruce Gray ... Owen Madison
Ann Williams ... Margo Huntington Dorn

Season 1, Episode 6150: Episode #1.6150

6 December 1979
Mrs. Corey buys downers from Benny. Later, she laces a pot of homemade soup with the drugs and takes it to Deborah. Steve stops by to see Deborah and worries when can't get her to open the door. Inside the apartment, Deborah lies unconscious.

Kim Hunter ... Nola Madison (aka Martha Cory)
Denny Albee ... Detective Steve Guthrie
Tony Craig ... Asst. Dist. Atty. Draper Scott

Terry Davis ... April Cavanaugh Scott

Bruce Gray ... Owen Madison

Season 1, Episode 6151: Episode #1.6151

7 December 1979
Steve breaks down Deborah's door and finding her unconscious calls Miles. April has the same weird dream about the mysterious man and the train whistle. Eliot appears courtly to Nola, but he's in bed with another woman. Nola is annoyed when Deborah rallies, so Mrs. Corey feeds her more soup.

Kim Hunter ... Nola Madison (aka Martha Cory)
Denny Albee ... Detective Steve Guthrie
Jayne Bentzen ... Nicole Travis Stewart Drake Cavanaugh #2
Tony Craig ... Asst. Dist. Atty. Draper Scott
Joel Crothers ... Dr. Miles Cavanaugh

Terry Davis ... April Cavanaugh Scott

Lee Godart ... Eliot Dorn

Season 1, Episode 6152: Episode #1.6152

10 December 1979
April fears that her recurring nightmare is a warning about the future. Draper's uneasy over the possibility that April may be having prophetic dreams again. Eliot amps up his pursuit of Nola. Deborah eats another bowl of spiked soup.

Season 1, Episode 6153: Episode #1.6153

11 December 1979
Owen calls Deborah and worries when she sounds incoherent. Nicole asks Derek to let Deborah return to the police force. At Owen's urging, Steve goes to Deborah's apartment, but Mr. Bailey tells him that Deborah became ill and was taken to the hospital.

Season 1, Episode 6154: Episode #1.6154

12 December 1979
Deborah begins to recover and insists she's fine. Derek receives a letter from his ex-wife Ivy. Mrs. Corey tells Benny she needs more drugs. Benny and Nola agree that they hate Deborah.

Kim Hunter ... Nola Madison
Denny Albee ... Steve Guthrie
Forrest Compton ... Mike Karr

Frances Fisher ... Deborah Saxon

Lee Godart ... Eliot Dorn
Lois Kibbee ... Geraldine Weldon Whitney Saxon
Joe Lambie ... Logan Swift
Irving Allen Lee ... Det. Calvin Stoner
Wade Nichols ... Derek Mallory (as Dennis Parker)

Season 1, Episode 6155: Episode #1.6155

13 December 1979
Reinstated to the force, Deborah volunteers to be decoy to capture a park rapist whose last victim just died. Draper and Margo share a warm evening together after she offers to use his house loan payment as a trust for the new baby. April experiences the recurring dream again, and the stranger in the dream gives her a silver bracelet. At the park, the rapist knocks out Calvin and goes for Deborah.

Season 1, Episode 6156: Episode #1.6156

14 December 1979
The rapist drives a bound and gagged Deborah deep into the woods. April and Draper try to understand the implications of her dreams. Miles theorizes that the rapist is a psychopath capable of sadistic violence. Derek fears Deborah will be found dead.
Denny Albee ... Detective Steve Guthrie
Jayne Bentzen ... Nicole Cavanaugh
Tony Craig ... Draper Scott
Joel Crothers ... Dr. Miles Cavanaugh

Terry Davis ... April Scott

Frances Fisher ... Deborah Saxon

Sam McMurray ... Phil
Wade Nichols ... Derek Mallory (as Dennis Parker)
Ann Williams ... Margo Huntington Dorn

Season 1, Episode 6157: Episode #1.6157

17 December 1979
The rapist forces Deborah from the car, and as he assaults her, she tells him she's infected with venereal disease. Steve and Calvin search the woods after a witness identifies the car that took Deborah. Mike's upset to learn that Nancy has arranged an interview with a drug dealer. Mrs. Corey and Benny are responsible for Deborah's kidnapping, and Mrs. Corey insists that Deborah be traumatized from the event.
Denny Albee ... Steve Guthrie

Frances Fisher ... Deborah Saxon
Irving Allen Lee ... Det. Calvin Stoner

Sam McMurray ... Phil
Wade Nichols ... Derek Mallory (as Dennis Parker)

Season 1, Episode 6158: Episode #1.6158

18 December 1979
Nancy meets Benny under the pretext of getting drugs but offers to buy his story instead. Steve and Calvin find the rapist's abandoned car. Deborah gets away and runs through the woods. Two hunters spot movement and thinking it's an animal, fire a shot at Deborah.

Season 1, Episode 6159: Episode #1.6159

19 December 1979
Deborah is found unharmed. Nola catches Nicole's news story about Deborah and calls Benny to say she only wanted Deborah raped, not murdered. Eliot professes his love for Nola. Nancy schedules a meeting with Benny for their interview but Mike insists she tell the police where she'll be. Margo realizes that Eliot's found himself another meal ticket in Nola.

Season 1, Episode 6160: Episode #1.6160

20 December 1979
Deborah recovers from her ordeal. Miles goes to Deborah's apartment to pick up personal items and happens to meet Mrs. Corey. Miles feels that he's seen Mrs. Corey's face somewhere else before.

Season 1, Episode 6161: Episode #1.6161

21 December 1979
Miles tries to place where he's seen Mrs. Corey. Nicole invites Derek to attend April and Draper's Christmas open house. Nola phones Owen and can barely contain her glee over Deborah being raped. Miles realizes that Mrs. Corey could be Nola in movie makeup.

Season 1, Episode 6162: Episode #1.6162

25 December 1979
Draper's annoyed with Margo again when she gives April a car for Christmas. Geraldine thinks Logan needs a wife very much like April. Star and Calvin temporarily postpone their wedding until Deborah's fully recovered from her ordeal. Mrs. Corey leaves Deborah a fruit cake laced with her special ingredient.

Season 1, Episode 6163: Episode #1.6163

26 December 1979
Mrs. Corey visits Deborah and insists they have tea and fruitcake. Miles researches witches and uncovers a woman named Martha Corey who was accused of witchcraft in Salem. A sickened Deborah collapses again. Miles connects the name Martha Corey to Nola's character in the movie.

Season 1, Episode 6164: Episode #1.6164

27 December 1979
Miles pays a house call to Deborah and questions her about Mrs. Corey. Nola decides to buy speed from Benny. Cliff stops by Deborah's apartment, where Mrs. Corey encourages him to reheat Deborah's soup for her. Miles contacts Nola and insists they meet privately.

Season 1, Episode 6165: Episode #1.6165

28 December 1979
Margo plans a New Year's Eve party with the Scotts and Cavanaughs as guests. Deborah admits she's happy that Owen left without her. Mike's interference in the Benny Hayes drug interview annoys Nancy. Nola flatly denies Miles' accusations that she's Martha Corey. Nola surreptitiously dumps a bag of amphetamine into Miles' office water cooler.

Season 1, Episode 6166: Episode #1.6166

31 December 1979
Miles has a headache and takes an aspirin with the drugged water from his cooler. Geraldine and Logan celebrate New Year's Eve together, while Steve and Deborah become romantic. At Margo's penthouse, everyone wonders why Miles is running late, but then Miles arrives and is obviously stoned. Miles' manic behavior terrifies Nicole when he throws her on the ledge and dips her over the penthouse terrace.

Season 1, Episode 6167: Episode #1.6167

2 January 1980
Nicole questions Miles' behavior on New Year's Eve, and Nola tells Eliot she thinks Miles is as crazy as his mother. Miles decides not to expose Nola's masquerade when Deborah tells him that Mrs. Cory has gone away. Mr. Bailey gives Deborah a parting gift from Mrs. Corey.

Season 1, Episode 6168: Episode #1.6168

3 January 1980
Nicole confides her fears about Miles to Nancy. Cliff eats the drugged soup Nola sent Deborah. Owen returns to Monticello to visit Deborah following her ordeal at the hands of the rapist.

Season 1, Episode 6169: Episode #1.6169

4 January 1980
Deborah assures Owen that she wasn't raped by her attacker. Eliot encourages Nola to live with him. Deborah discovers Cliff, who has passed out after eating Nola's soup. Miles threatens to expose Nola if she sends any more food to Deborah. Later, Miles drinks more water from his cooler and goes into a rage when he finds out that Nicole met with Derek.

Season 1, Episode 6170: Episode #1.6170

7 January 1980
In April's recurring dream, she gives birth to a daughter who is named Julia. Mike's upset to learn Nancy has arranged another meeting with Benny Hayes. Under the influence of Nola's drugs, Miles suspects Nicole is cheating on him.

Season 1, Episode 6171: Episode #1.6171

8 January 1980
Margo arranges a TV interview with Derek, who agrees if Nicole will interview him. Nancy meets Benny but the situation turns physical when he tries to snatch her purse. Miles overhears Derek's secretary confirming a meeting with Nicole and imagines it's romantic tryst.

Season 1, Episode 6172: Episode #1.6172

9 January 1980
Nancy confides to Nicole that Benny attempted to take money from her. Nicole relays Nancy's story to Derek, has Benny brought in for police questioning. Miles becomes physical with Nicole in front of Derek.

Season 1, Episode 6173: Episode #1.6173

10 January 1980
Calvin and Star's momentous day arrives. Mrs. Corey resurfaces with more soup for Deborah. Star encourages Steve in his own matrimonial pursuits. Owen is in for shock when he stops by Nola's house to collect his winter clothes. After Owen indicates that he would divorce Nola even if he weren't in love with Deborah, Nola makes a fateful promise to Eliot.

Season 1, Episode 6174: Episode #1.6174

11 January 1980
Steve invites Deborah on a trip to a cabin in the woods. Believing Nancy had him picked up by the cops, Benny vows revenge against her. Nola's relieved when Eliot promises her that Margo will be eager to give him a divorce because she hates him. April learns that Logan's mother's name is Julia. Still stoned, Miles hallucinates his late wife Denise who tells him they're both in hell.

Season 1, Episode 6175: Episode #1.6175

14 January 1980
Worried about visions of Denise, Miles calls his former medical school colleague Allison Perry, a psychiatrist. Nola wants Elliot to accelerate his divorce from Margo since Nola and Owen's divorce will soon be finalized. Derek knows that Deborah and Steve are planning a tryst away from work when they both ask for the same vacation days. Miles meets with Allison but goes into another drug induced rage.

Season 1, Episode 6176: Episode #1.6176

15 January 1980
Nancy has the sensation that she's being followed by someone. Deborah cautions Nancy that Benny might attempt revenge on her for being hauled into the police station for questioning. Geraldine receives an interesting job offer from Nicole. Elliot is stunned by Margo's response when he speaks with her about finalizing their divorce.

Season 1, Episode 6177: Episode #1.6177

16 January 1980
Miles and Nicole host a dinner party in which Miles can barely contain his hostility. Nola understands the reasoning behind Margo's decision regarding her divorce from Elliot. Phillip Seward pays another visit to the Karrs. Draper receives devastating news about David Henson. Miles decides to trick Nicole and Derek.

Kim Hunter ... Nola Madison
Ann Flood ... Nancy Karr
Forrest Compton ... Mike Karr
Francine Beers ... Eileen Goodman
Jayne Bentzen ... Nicole Cavanaugh
Tony Craig ... Draper Scott
Joel Crothers ... Dr. Miles Cavanaugh

Terry Davis ... April Scott

Frances Fisher ... Deborah Saxon

Lee Godart ... Eliot Dorn
Joe Lambie ... Logan Swift
Wade Nichols ... Derek Mallory (as Dennis Parker)
Tom Keena ... Philip Seward

Season 1, Episode 6178: Episode #1.6178

17 January 1980
April experiences her recurring dream and more is revealed. The Karrs decide to remain quiet about Phillip Seward's allegations. April fears Margo's decision about Elliot will cause Margo more harm than Elliot. Draper receives a letter from David Henson's wife that may answer all of his questions about being denied the junior partnership.

Kim Hunter ... Nola Madison
Ann Flood ... Nancy Pollock Karr
Forrest Compton ... Dist. Atty. Mike Karr #3
Tony Craig ... Asst. Dist. Atty. Draper Scott

Terry Davis ... April Cavanaugh Scott

Lee Godart ... Eliot Dorn
Ann Williams ... Margo Huntington Dorn
Lew Resseguie ... Sgt. Sam Dwyer
Arthur Seelen ... Mr. Palmer

Season 1, Episode 6179: Episode #1.6179

18 January 1980
Draper feels that he's finally closer to learning the truth. Miles hallucinates Denise again, and her taunts drive him into another fit of anger and paranoia. Deborah and Steve enjoy their mountain retreat but also find time for an intimate talk. Miles and Nicole have a serious disagreement about Derek, and the altercation culminates in an accident.

Season 1, Episode 6180: Episode #1.6180

21 January 1980
There's blood on the walls in the Cavanaugh cottage, and someone's sent to the hospital. Nancy's meeting with Benny takes a dangerous turn, but unexpected calvary arrives in the nick of time. Nicole confides in April about Miles' extreme mood swings. Miles sinks farther into insanity with a wild hallucination about Derek and Nicole.

Season 1, Episode 6181: Episode #1.6181

22 January 1980
Nola meets with Margo to discuss Elliot's divorce. Nola doesn't agree with Margo's assertion that what she's doing is actually an act of kindness toward Nola since Elliot uses women for their money and then discards them. Draper pays a visit to David Henson's wife. Mrs. Henson promises that she will be forthcoming about what really happened with the law firm offer.

Season 1, Episode 6182: Episode #1.6182

23 January 1980
Mrs. Henson disgusts Draper with all of the details of Margo's deceit. After Mrs. Henson speculates that David's death was the direct result of Margo's blackmail, an enraged Draper is moved to physical anger. Miles tells Nicole about the decision he has reached regarding the safety of her and Adam, and she attempts to change his mind. April's worst fears about Draper's reaction to Margo's betrayal begin to reach fruition.

Season 1, Episode 6183: Episode #1.6183

24 January 1980
News of Draper's visit with Mrs. Henson begins to make the rounds back in Monticello. Steve and Deborah learn of the incident between Nancy and Benny Hayes. Denise reappears in Miles' mind, taunting him about Nicole not really loving him, and Miles trashes his office. Deborah receives an invitation to a sneak preview. Miles mumbles to Steve about Nola Madison and witches.

Season 1, Episode 6184: Episode #1.6184

25 January 1980
Miles imparts some very confidential information to Steve. At the screening of Mansion of the Damned, the picture becomes quite clear to Deborah. Steve sees Nola dressed as Mrs. Corey outside the apartment building and goes after her. Draper phones Margo and demands an appointment with her. Draper leaves in a terrible rage, and the breath is knocked out of April as she experiences a horrific psychic vision.

Season 1, Episode 6185: Episode #1.6185

26 January 1980
Owen is dejected by an admission from Deborah. Steve tells Deborah that Nola revived her masquerade as Mrs. Corey again. April and Nicole have a heart-to-heart talk about Miles' most recent behavior. When Draper arrives at Margo's building, Oscar the doorman notes that Draper looks like the wrath of God. Draper steps off the elevator into the darkened penthouse and makes a horrifying discovery.

Season 1, Episode 6186: Episode #1.6186

29 January 1980
Draper searches the penthouse for a killer and finding none, he phones the police for help. Miles turns up at Steve's apartment fresh from a drug-induced blackout and can't remember anything. Paramedics work to save a life in the penthouse. After seeing Draper, Steve's concerned about how the scene appears. April learns the bad news about Draper.
Denny Albee ... Detective Steve Guthrie
Jayne Bentzen ... Nicole Travis Stewart Drake Cavanaugh #2
Tony Craig ... Asst. Dist. Atty. Draper Scott
Joel Crothers ... Dr. Miles Cavanaugh

Terry Davis ... April Cavanaugh Scott
Scott Jarvis ... Dennis
Kennely Noble ... Oscar Miller
Lew Resseguie ... Sgt. Sam Dwyer
Ann Williams ... Margo Huntington Dorn

Season 1, Episode 6187: Episode #1.6187

28 January 1980
While Draper and April are visiting Margo, Derek arrives with more questions for Draper. Steve admits to Miles that he already knew about Nola's masquerade. Derek grills Nicole about Draper and makes assumptions based on her reluctance to be forthcoming. Miles misinterprets a seemingly intimate moment between Derek and Nicole. Elliot gives the police a weak alibi. Derek warns that Draper will soon face formal questioning about the events of the previous night.

Season 1, Episode 6188: Episode #1.6188

31 January 1980
April asks the most important question in the world, and Margo's response is not what April wanted to hear. Mike represents Draper in the formal questioning by the police. Benny spies on the Karrs, and catching Nancy alone, gives her a sob story along with a request for her forgiveness. Derek's questioning leads to one suspect in his case.

Season 1, Episode 6189: Episode #1.6189

1 February 1980
April and Nicole discuss Margo's shocking answer to April's question. Logan promises April that he has no intention of asking for an indictment against Draper. Draper talks with Margo and apologizes for his behavior over the David Henson incident, which doesn't seem to matter in view of recent events. Steve's assertion that he saw Nola dressed as Mrs. Corey in front of the apartment building is confirmed. Elliot says he heard Draper make an apparent confession. Derek shows Nicole a disturbing arrest warrant.

Season 1, Episode 6190: Episode #1.6190

4 February 1980
Derek isn't convinced by Nicole's assertion that Draper isn't capable of committing a violent act, and Derek parallels the situation with that of Miles' recent violent outbursts. April says goodbye to Margo. Deborah mentions seeing Nicole talking to Derek at police headquarters, which sends Miles into a rage. Logan insists that it's up to Derek to solve the mystery of what happened in the penthouse.

Season 1, Episode 6191: Episode #1.6191

5 February 1980
Derek assigns Calvin to help Deborah solve the penthouse mystery. Elliot pays a very unwelcome visit to April, while Margo makes her farewell TV appearance on WMON. Nicole is dismayed by Miles' comment that she's going to pay for what she did with Derek. Deborah and Calvin receive word that Elliot is ready to make a full confession.

Season 1, Episode 6192: Episode #1.6192

6 February 1980
Elliot admits to Calvin and Deborah that his first statement to the police was a lie, because he was actually with a married woman in her hotel room. Miles reveals that he had a blackout and doesn't recall what he did the night of the murder. Deborah remains skeptical of Elliot's latest story since he won't give police the name of his alleged alibi. Logan doesn't have an answer when Draper asks if he'll be the prosecutor if the grand jury forces an indictment.

Season 1, Episode 6193: Episode #1.6193

7 February 1980
Derek receives a warrant for Draper's arrest on a charge of murder. Dr. Corwin gives a statement to the police about what he overheard between April and Margo. Oscar recalls seeing Miles outside the apartment building the night of the murder. Mike gives April financial advice about her new wealth.

Season 1, Episode 6194: Episode #1.6194

8 February 1980
April dreams of searching for a missing Draper, and then a man arrives with a silver bracelet while a train whistle cries in the distance. Cliff worries that he'll be forced to prosecute Draper in lieu of Logan, and that will make him the most hated man in Monticello. Miles thinks Derek's trying to get rid of him by pinning a murder rap on him. Calvin and Deborah reluctantly arrest Draper. The stress of Draper's predicament results in April's collapse.

Season 1, Episode 6195: Episode #1.6195

11 February 1980
April cries that she might lose her husband and her baby. Draper refuses to even consider accepting a plea bargain because he's innocent. Benny begs Nancy for a final opportunity to tell his story of being a drug dealer. Learning about Draper's arrest, Miles flies into a homicidal rage and attacks Derek.

Season 1, Episode 6196: Episode #1.6196

13 February 1980
Derek throws Miles in jail until he can cool off, but Miles insists to Mike that Derek wants him out of the way so he can have Nicole all to himself. Mike posts bail for Draper. April and the baby are out of danger for the moment. Benny lures Nancy to a bar and later tricks her into going to his father's floral shop, a different place than planned. Locking the door behind him, Benny pulls a switchblade on Nancy and vows she's going to pay.

Season 1, Episode 6197: Episode #1.6197

14 February 1980
Fearing that he's sinking into schizophrenia like his mother, Miles makes a shocking proposal to Nicole. Benny corners Nancy in a back room, intending to rape her. Nancy finds Benny's list of drug buyers, and one name in particular catches her eye. Benny attacks Nancy, but help arrives just in the nick of time. Denise appears and taunts Miles that the only way out of his insanity is suicide. Miles gets a large glass of water from his spiked cooler and starts to take a drug overdose.

Season 1, Episode 6198: Episode #1.6198

15 February 1980
Examining the list of Benny's drug clients, Deborah realizes that Mrs. Corey was slipping her drugs bought from Benny. Miles finds committing suicide difficult. Derek is suspicious that Mrs. Corey always bought barbiturates except for a one-time purchase of amphetamines right before New Year's Eve. Draper learns that he's been indicted for murder and will go to trial. Nicole wants Allison Perry to help Miles. Derek pays a visit to Miles and makes a crucial connection.

Season 1, Episode 6199: Episode #1.6199

18 February 1980
Lab tests confirm the content of Miles' water cooler. Deborah is determined to learn the identity of Elliot's married lover, if she exists. Cliff's worst prosecution fears are realized when Logan assigns him Draper's case. Nicole now understands the reason for Miles' recent erratic behavior. Elliot's access to the penthouse the night of the murder is revealed.

Season 1, Episode 6200: Episode #1.6200

19 February 1980
Draper's murder trial gets underway. Sgt. Sam Dwyer, the senior officer on the scene, gives damaging testimony about Draper's physical appearance. Later, Oscar's testimony about the timing of the crime works against Draper, until Mike's courtroom trick severely discounts Oscar's reliability. Dr. Corwin testifies about the conversation he overheard when April asked Margo about Draper's guilt or innocence.

Season 1, Episode 6201: Episode #1.6201

20 February 1980
Mrs. Henson attempts to help Draper with her testimony, but Cliff twists it so that Draper's guilt seems even more likely. Deborah encourages Logan to have Elliot called to the witness stand so that the defense can point out his motive and opportunity in the case. Nicole pays a visit to Allison Perry to discuss the latest development with Miles. Allison warns Nicole that Miles' suspicions about her and Derek might be more than drug-induced.
Jayne Bentzen ... Nicole Cavanaugh
Ralph Camargo ... Judge Oliveri
Forrest Compton ... Mike Karr
Tony Craig ... Draper Scott
Joel Crothers ... Dr. Miles Cavanaugh

Terry Davis ... April Scott

Frances Fisher ... Deborah Saxon
Ann Flood ... Nancy Karr
Joe Lambie ... Logan Swift
Wade Nichols ... Derek Mallory
Ernie Pysher ... Cliff Nelson (as Ernie Townsend)
Fred Vinroot ... Bailiff

Season 1, Episode 6202: Episode #1.6202

21 February 1980
Deborah gives testimony at Draper's trial. With fantasy flashbacks, Cliff speculates how Draper could have committed the murder. Sam Dwyer's presence at the trial strangely unnerves April. Elliot takes the witness stand. Under cross examination by Mike, Elliot denies the insinuation that he lied about visiting with an unidentified married woman the night the crime was committed.
Jayne Bentzen ... Nicole Cavanaugh
Forrest Compton ... Mike Karr
Tony Craig ... Draper Scott

Terry Davis ... April Scott

Frances Fisher ... Deborah Saxon
Ann Flood ... Nancy Karr
Joe Lambie ... Logan Swift
Ernie Pysher ... Cliff Nelson (as Ernie Townsend)
Lew Resseguie ... Sgt. Sam Dwyer
Ann Williams ... Margo Dorn

Season 1, Episode 6203: Episode #1.6203

22 February 1980
Mike is praised for managing to establish reasonable doubt in Elliot's testimony. Elliot continues to assert his innocence, and backed into a corner, concedes to identifying his alibi. As the trial continues, everyone in the courtroom is stunned when the doors are opened, and Elliot's lover smugly strolls into court and takes her place on the witness stand.

Kim Hunter ... Nola Madison
Ann Flood ... Nancy Karr
Forrest Compton ... Mike Karr
Jayne Bentzen ... Nicole Cavanaugh
Tony Craig ... Draper Scott

Frances Fisher ... Deborah Saxon
Sharon Gabet ... Raven Alexander

Lee Godart ... Eliot Dorn
Lois Kibbee ... Geraldine Saxon
Joe Lambie ... Logan Swift
Ernie Pysher ... Cliff Nelson (as Ernie Townsend)
Ralph Camargo ... Judge Oliveri
Lew Resseguie ... Sgt. Sam Dwyer

Season 1, Episode 6204: Episode #1.6204

25 February 1980
The surprise witness gives testimony and supports Elliot's alibi. A dejected Draper feels that breaking Elliot's alibi was their last chance at establishing any reasonable doubt in the case. Elliot faces more questioning about why he was with a married woman in a hotel room. Logan and Geraldine are told that Raven wants Jamey with her in England.

Kim Hunter ... Nola Madison
Ann Flood ... Nancy Karr
Forrest Compton ... Mike Karr
Jayne Bentzen ... Nicole Cavanaugh
Tony Craig ... Draper Scott

Terry Davis ... April Scott

Frances Fisher ... Deborah Saxon
Lois Kibbee ... Geraldine Saxon
Joe Lambie ... Logan Swift
Ernie Pysher ... Cliff Nelson (as Ernie Townsend)
Lew Resseguie ... Sgt. Sam Dwyer
Fred Vinroot ... Bailiff

Season 1, Episode 6205: Episode #1.6205

26 February 1980
Logan is suspicious of Raven's sudden desire to have Jamey with her. Derek promises to make another arrest in the near future, while Elliot is encouraged to move to California as soon as possible to begin his film career. Allison Perry gives Miles sound advice regarding his family. Nicole decides Geraldine would be perfect for a job at WMON.

Kim Hunter ... Nola Madison
Ann Flood ... Nancy Karr
Forrest Compton ... Mike Karr
Jayne Bentzen ... Nicole Cavanaugh
Tony Craig ... Draper Scott
Joel Crothers ... Dr. Miles Cavanaugh

Terry Davis ... April Scott
Sharon Gabet ... Raven Alexander

Lee Godart ... Eliot Dorn
Lois Kibbee ... Geraldine Whitney
Joe Lambie ... Logan Swift
Wade Nichols ... Derek Mallory (as Dennis Parker)
Ernie Pysher ... Cliff Nelson (as Ernie Townsend)
Ann Williams ... Margo Dorn
Ralph Camargo ... Judge Oliveri
Lew Resseguie ... Sgt. Sam Dwyer
Fred Vinroot ... Bailiff
Donna Wandrey ... Dr. Allison Perry

Season 1, Episode 6206: Episode #1.6206

27 February 1980
Draper takes the stand to offer testimony in his own defense. Under cross examination, Cliff skillfully manages to counter Draper's credibility about the events in the penthouse. Staring at Sgt. Sam Dwyer, April suddenly realizes why he seems so familiar. Later, she doubles over in pain. Fearing that she's in labor, April is rushed to the hospital.

Season 1, Episode 6207: Episode #1.6207

28 February 1980
Mike and Cliff each present compelling closing summations to the jury, who are retired for deliberations. Deborah, Calvin, and Steve are upset that their investigation has apparently ensured Draper's conviction rather than saved him from a crime he didn't commit. Nicole is thrilled by Miles's decision to follow Dr. Perry's advice. Draper learns that April will soon give birth.

Season 1, Episode 6208: Episode #1.6208

29 February 1980
Draper and Mike aren't sure if it's a good sign or a bad one when the jury reaches a very swift verdict. Elliot has no intention of going to California. Deborah bids farewell to Owen, but before he leaves, she sees some production stills from Mansion of the Damned and recognizes another face. April gives birth to the daughter from her dream. Draper faces the jury for his verdict.

Season 1, Episode 6209: Episode #1.6209

3 March 1980
April learns the outcome of Draper's trial. Steve realizes that he jumped to a very wrong conclusion the night of the murder. April and Nancy hold out hope that Draper will receive a suspended sentence from Judge Oliveri. Deborah and Steve make an unofficial visit to confirm what they suspect about Mrs. Corey and Nola. Draper appears before the judge and receives his sentence.

Season 1, Episode 6210: Episode #1.6210

4 March 1980
Miles blames Derek after hearing Draper's prison sentence. Deborah, Calvin, and Steve press Derek to let them continue to pursue the truth about the murder even though his conviction has closed the case. Calvin learns that a witness who could shed light on their theory has skipped town. Elliot pursues Raven, but she gives him the cold shoulder. Geraldine encourages Logan to establish his paternity of Jamey.

Season 1, Episode 6211: Episode #1.6211

5 March 1980
Draper receives reassurance from Logan that he'll take care of April and Julia while Draper's in prison. Later, Draper asks Mike to replace him in the law firm rather than wait for his release. Draper senses Raven moving in on April now that he's going to jail, and he asks the Karrs to keep Raven away from his family. Due to terrible upstate storms, Draper must leave for prison sooner than expected.

Season 1, Episode 6212: Episode #1.6212

6 March 1980
April grants permission to Deborah, Calvin, and Steve to search the penthouse for any clues that they might have missed. Geraldine accepts the WMON job offer. Miles suffers residual anger against Derek. Draper says goodbye to his daughter. April's recurring dream comes true when Sam Dwyer places handcuffs on Draper to escort him to prison.
Denny Albee ... Steve Guthrie
Jayne Bentzen ... Nicole Cavanaugh
Tony Craig ... Draper Scott
Joel Crothers ... Dr. Miles Cavanaugh

Terry Davis ... April Scott

Frances Fisher ... Deborah Saxon
Lois Kibbee ... Geraldine Saxon
Joe Lambie ... Logan Swift
Wade Nichols ... Derek Mallory (as Dennis Parker)
Lew Resseguie ... Sgt. Sam Dwyer

Season 1, Episode 6213: Episode #1.6213

7 March 1980
Combing through the penthouse with Calvin and Steve, Deborah finds a potentially important clue to the murderer's identity. Nola fears that Elliot is reluctant to move to California because he wants to rekindle his former affair with Raven. Sam Dwyer admits to Draper that he believes in Draper's innocence and always thought some last minute evidence might clear him. As Draper and Sam's train speeds through a rainstorm toward a bridge, it derails and crashes into the river.

Kim Hunter ... Nola Madison
Denny Albee ... Steve Guthrie
Jayne Bentzen ... Nicole Cavanaugh
Tony Craig ... Draper Scott
Joel Crothers ... Dr. Miles Cavanaugh

Terry Davis ... April Cavanaugh Scott

Frances Fisher ... Deborah Saxon

Lee Godart ... Eliot Dorn
Irving Allen Lee ... Det. Calvin Stoner
Lew Resseguie ... Sgt. Sam Dwyer

Season 1, Episode 6214: Episode #1.6214

10 March 1980
April hears a train whistle that sounds like a scream and wakes up from a nightmare, while Draper's train crashes. Mike and Nancy want April to stay in their home when she comes home from the hospital. The Three Muskateers discuss their theory about the missing wig box with Logan and Derek. As the train sinks into the overflowing river, Sam sets Draper free from his handcuffs so that Draper can go for help. After Draper breaks out a window, Sam re-cuffs himself to a dead passenger. Draper stops to look back at Sam, and then train explodes.

April Adams ... Police officer
Denny Albee ... Steve Guthrie
Jayne Bentzen ... Nicole Cavanaugh
Forrest Compton ... Mike Karr
Tony Craig ... Draper Scott
Joel Crothers ... Dr. Miles Cavanaugh

Terry Davis ... April Scott

Frances Fisher ... Deborah Saxon
Ann Flood ... Nancy Karr
Joe Lambie ... Logan Swift
Irving Allen Lee ... Det. Calvin Stoner
Wade Nichols ... Derek Mallory (as Dennis Parker)
Lew Resseguie ... Sgt. Dam Dwyer

Season 1, Episode 6215: Episode #1.6215

11 March 1980
Raven finds Derek and Logan eating dinner, and she annoys Logan by flirting with Derek. Deborah discovers that Margo's wig was returned to her the week before she was killed. Geraldine and Nicole are rattled when they hear about the train crash and have to report it on air. As Nicole reports that many passengers are confirmed dead, Draper is lying unconscious in the woods after being thrown clear of the wreckage by the explosion.

April Adams ... Police officer
Jayne Bentzen ... Nicole Cavanaugh
Richard Calabrese ... Hairdresser
Tony Craig ... Draper Scott
Joel Crothers ... Dr. Miles Cavanaugh

Frances Fisher ... Deborah Saxon
Sharon Gabet ... Raven Swift
Lois Kibbee ... Geraldine Saxon
Joe Lambie ... Logan Swift
Wade Nichols ... Derek Mallory (as Dennis Parker)
Lew Resseguie ... Sgt. Sam Dwyer

Season 1, Episode 6216: Episode #1.6216

12 March 1980
April doesn't know about Draper's accident, but she fears that she won't see him again. Miles learns about the accident from Nicole. Owen stops by the Madison house to gives= Nola a copy of Mansion of the Damned, and he's disgusted by her and Elliot. Elliot walks out on Nola when she hots the bottle again. Word arrives from the wire service that Draper and Sam Dwyer both died in the train crash.

Season 1, Episode 6217: Episode #1.6217

13 March 1980
Logan and Derek watch Nicole's report of Draper's death on the TV at the restaurant. Derek offers his condolences to a devastated Logan, who is upset that Draper died for no reason at all. Elliot tries to seduce Raven, but she tells him that she has to be a good girl for the time being. Later, Deborah pays a visit to one of the suspects, bringing with her Margo's wig and an accusation of murder.

Season 1, Episode 6218: Episode #1.6218

14 March 1980
Deborah confronts the killer with Margo's wig, prompting a confession and full account of how the murder was committed. Later, the killer makes a final exit from the stage. The Karrs, Miles, and Nicole, go to April's hospital room to tell her about Draper, but before they can reveal what happened, April guesses that her husband is dead. Draper begins to awaken at the crash site and then slips back into unconsciousness.

Season 1, Episode 6219: Episode #1.6219

17 March 1980
April accepts Draper's death with courage and dignity. Deborah tells Derek about the arrest of the real killer, and he joins her and her partners in an unofficial wake for Draper. Mike and Nancy are upset to hear that the killer has been caught, but not in time to save Draper's life. Draper wanders through the woods and finally passes out on a doorstep where he is found by a young woman and an older woman.

Season 1, Episode 6220: Episode #1.6220

18 March 1980
Miles angrily accuses Derek of being responsible for Draper's death. April goes into a rage when she sees a news report of the killer's confession. Raven tries to get Logan to take her back into his life and into his bed, but he refuses. Draper is being cared for by Emily and her housekeeper Molly. Molly insists that they not allow a strange man in the house without Emily's father's approval, but Emily claims that she can't contact her father, who is on a business trip to Chicago.
Jayne Bentzen ... Nicole Cavanaugh
Tony Craig ... Draper Scott
Joel Crothers ... Dr. Miles Cavanaugh

Terry Davis ... April Cavanaugh Scott
Sharon Gabet ... Raven Swift
Jane Hoffman ... Molly Sherwood
Lois Kibbee ... Geraldine Saxon
Joe Lambie ... Logan Swift
Margo McKenna ... Emily Gault Michaels
Lew Resseguie ... Sgt. Sam Dwyer

Season 1, Episode 6221: Episode #1.6221

19 March 1980
Raven continues to put off a confused Elliot's sexual advances toward her. Still unconscious, Draper has nightmares about the train crash. Molly persists in urging Emily to get rid of the stranger as soon as he awakens. Later, Emily looks at an old photo and declares that she knew the stranger years ago, and now he's come back to her.
Tony Craig ... Draper Scott

Terry Davis ... April Cavanaugh Scott
Sharon Gabet ... Raven Swift

Lee Godart ... Eliot Dorn
Jane Hoffman ... Molly Sherwood
Margo McKenna ... Emily Gault Michaels
Lew Resseguie ... Sgt. Sam Dwyer

Season 1, Episode 6222: Episode #1.6222

20 March 1980
Cliff admits to Logan that he feels like the most hated man in Monticello because his prosecution sent Draper to his death. April is ready to be discharged from the hospital, and she and Nicole share their feelings about being young widows. Cliff has a chance encounter with Raven and accidentally advises her that she can take Jamey away from Logan legally since they are both his parents. Draper regains consciousness but says that he doesn't remember his name.

Season 1, Episode 6223: Episode #1.6223

21 March 1980
Emily tells Molly that she and her father knew the stranger a decade ago. In a Chicago doctor's office, Emily's father Leo Gault learns that his heart disease will soon kill him, and he's told to get his affairs in order. Raven uses sex to persuade Elliot into helping her kidnap Jamey back from Logan. Emily tells Draper that his real name is Kirk Michaels.

Season 1, Episode 6224: Episode #1.6224

24 March 1980
Logan is annoyed by Cliff's revelation that Raven wants to take Jamey from him. Emily tells Molly that Kirk lived with the Gault family ten years earlier, but she doesn't want to talk about the reason he left. Elliot warns Raven that April's testimony could keep her from getting custody of Jamey, but Raven thinks April will turn against Logan, blaming him for Draper's death. Molly gets a shotgun and orders Draper to get out of the Gault house.

Season 1, Episode 6225: Episode #1.6225

25 March 1980
Emily orders Molly to put down the gun and let Kirk (Draper) stay. April gives thanks to Deborah for clearing Draper of murder, but Deborah feels guilty that she didn't clear him in time to save him. Raven tries to steal Jamey away from Mrs. Goodman. Dr. Gault arrives home from Chicago and is stunned by Emily's news that Kirk Michaels has returned, but Leo insists that the man in their home couldn't possibly be Kirk.

Season 1, Episode 6226: Episode #1.6226

26 March 1980
Leo reassures Molly that he'll contact the police department about Emily's stranger, but later, Emily swears to her father that if he forces Kirk to leave, she's going with him this time. Geraldine tells Logan about Raven's attempt to kidnap Jamey from Mrs. Goodman. An angry Logan leaves to have it out with her, unaware that she and Elliot are in bed together again.

Season 1, Episode 6227: Episode #1.6227

27 March 1980
Geraldine promises Logan that she'll do anything to help him win Jamey's custody suit, and admits she knows that it means bringing up unpleasant facts about Kevin and Raven's scandalous marriage. Miles shocks Nicole with the idea that they should sleep separately since he still harbors jealous and angry feelings about Derek. Raven hatches a new scheme to kidnap Jamey.

Season 1, Episode 6228: Episode #1.6228

28 March 1980
Draper's funeral service is held. Kirk admits to Emily that he's afraid of the idea of calling the police. Miles and Nicole argue about Derek, and Miles goes to sleep on the sofa. Tension in the Cavanaughs' house makes April feel like she's an inconvenience to them. April tells Miles that Draper is still alive in her dreams. When Leo goes to phone the police about the stranger, Emily reminds him that she and Kirk are married.

Season 1, Episode 6229: Episode #1.6229

31 March 1980
Raven tricks the desk clerk into giving her a key to Geraldine's suite. April decides to take up the Karrs on their offer to stay with them. Mike vows to keep his promise to Draper of protecting April from Raven. Leo tells Molly that ten years ago his late wife Teresa took wayward Kirk into their home, and Emily, who was only 16, fell in love with him. Leo picks up a newspaper with a front page photograph and story about Draper Scott's death in the train crash.

Season 1, Episode 6230: Episode #1.6230

1 April 1980
Draper wonders why he doesn't remember his life as Kirk Michaels. Emily reassures Kirk that he once loved her. Emily flashes back to the day that Leo caught her and Kirk kissing and forbade them to see each other. Logan and Geraldine instruct Mike to start custody proceedings, and Geraldine offers Mike a copy of Kevin's fertility test, which proves he couldn't have fathered Jamey. Leo finally sees the front page of the newspaper and realizes that the stranger is presumed dead attorney Draper Scott.

Season 1, Episode 6231: Episode #1.6231

2 April 1980
Leo tries to tell Emily about the real identity of the stranger, but he collapses from a mild attack. Logan pays April a visit and urges to go on living for her daughter's sake. On Raven's orders, Elliot goes to Geraldine's hotel suite with the intention of seducing Mrs. Goodman to distract her, but he's in for a surprise. Emily has a quiet talk with Leo and begs him not to send Kirk away again because she could never be happy without him. Realizing that Emily will soon lose him, too, Leo tosses the newspaper into the fire, destroying proof of Draper's existence.

Season 1, Episode 6232: Episode #1.6232

3 April 1980
April continues to experience the sensation that Draper is alive. Cliff grouses about receiving the cold shoulder all over Monticello, but Mike and Nancy remind him that he conducted himself professionally as the prosecutor at the trial. Cliff wonders if Mike might consider him as a replacement for Draper at the law practice. Raven finally has Jamey right where she wants him and makes a move to snatch him.

Season 1, Episode 6233: Episode #1.6233

4 April 1980
Raven's plans to get Jamey are thwarted by an unexpected arrival. Emily flashes back to the day that she and Kirk eloped. Emily recalls giving Kirk the combination to Leo's safe, and Kirk stealing $2000 along with her mother's jewelry. After she and Kirk married, a policeman arrived, and Kirk bolted in fear that he was going to be arrested for theft. But, the officer told Emily that her parents had a terrible car crash rushing to stop the wedding, and Teresa was killed. Emily assures Leo that Kirk's return has made her happy again. Later, Leo lies to Draper that he is Kirk Michaels.
Tony Craig ... Draper Scott
Sharon Gabet ... Raven Alexander Swift

Annie Korzen ... Rosalind Bates
Joe Lambie ... Assistant District Attorney Logan 'Swifty' Swift
Phil MacGregor ... Kirk Michaels
Margo McKenna ... Emily Gault Michaels
Vic Noto ... Sergeant Shear

Ed O'Ross ... State Trooper
Maggie Task ... Winifred Newhouse

Charles White ... Judge Herbert Newhouse

Season 1, Episode 6234: Episode #1.6234

7 April 1980
April isn't happy to learn that Cliff is coming to dinner, and Mike might replace Draper with him. Leo gives Draper the same account of Emily and Kirk's elopement all those years ago, which helps Draper believe it as truth. Steve has an idea about getting Jamey a bodyguard against Raven. Leo consults with his psychiatrist friend Dr. Wellman about the chance that Kirk might regain his memory. Leo tells Molly more about the story of Kirk and Emily's relationship, but he also remembers that the real Kirk died in a payroll robbery nine years ago.
Denny Albee ... Steve Guthrie
Forrest Compton ... Mike Karr
Tony Craig ... Draper Scott

Terry Davis ... April Cavanaugh Scott
Ann Flood ... Nancy Pollock Karr
Jane Hoffman ... Molly Sherwood
Joe Lambie ... Logan Swift
Phil MacGregor ... Kirk Michaels
Vic Noto ... Sergeant Shear

Ed O'Ross ... State Trooper

David Pendleton ... Dr. Neil Wellman
Ernie Pysher ... Cliff Nelson (as Ernie Townsend)
Maggie Task ... Winifred Newhouse
George Wallace ... Dr. Leo Gault

Charles White ... Judge Newhouse

Season 1, Episode 6235: Episode #1.6235

8 April 1980
Logan is surprised by the idea The Three Musketeers have for Jamey's bodyguard. Raven gets under Steve and Calvin's skin by implying that Draper's death was their fault. Miles and Derek argue about Nicole, and Miles admits that he won't relax until Derek takes an interest in someone else. Later, Derek decides to accept a date with Raven for Nicole's sake.

Season 1, Episode 6236: Episode #1.6236

9 April 1980
April promises to hide her anger at Cliff during Nancy's dinner, but Cliff manages to ruin it on his own. Leo realizes that his health is deteriorating. Emily confides in Kirk that Leo had a heart attack the year before, but she insists he'll recover because she doesn't have anybody else to look after her. After seeing carousel horses, Draper begins to hear the music from the carousel at his picnic with April when they were dating.

Season 1, Episode 6237: Episode #1.6237

10 April 1980

Season 1, Episode 6238: Episode #1.6238

11 April 1980
Dr. Wellman makes a surprise phone call to Leo, offering to stop by the house and meet with Kirk, but Leo attempts to change his mind. Emily tells Kirk that his memory flashes of the carousel probably come from seeing it in the past when he lived with the Gaults. Mike wants to meet with April about Elliot. April admits to Raven that she has the adoption letter that Raven wrote last summer, giving up her rights to Jamey. Dr. Wellman ignores Leo and goes to see Kirk. He speculates that Kirk might have lost his memory in the train crash, but Leo denies it. Just as Leo forbids Dr. Wellman from meeting Kirk, Draper comes downstairs with Emily, and the men see on another.

Season 1, Episode 6239: Episode #1.6239

14 April 1980
Leo tells Dr. Wellman that the stranger is Emily's husband Kirk Michaels. After Molly suggests Kirk might not want to remain Emily's husband if gets over the amnesia, Emily hopes Kirk won't ever regain his memory. Deborah and Steve babysit Jamey, and she realizes that it's like being married. April plays devil's advocate about Raven, but Logan wins the argument. Dr. Wellman says Kirk may remain an amnesiac and will have to start life over with a blank slate. Later, he suggests putting Kirk under narcosynthesis to unlock his memories, and Draper thinks it's the only solution.

Season 1, Episode 6240: Episode #1.6240

15 April 1980
Mike tells April that a legal oversight has made Elliot the sole, legal owner of The Unicorn. While April is still there, Eliot arrives to take possession of the deed, and he angers April with comments about Margo. Under narcosynthesis, Draper remembers being behind bars. He hears the jury announcing his guilty verdict, and then he hears April calling to him. When he runs to April, her face is that of Emily's. Later, Dr. Wellman tells Leo and Emily that Kirk's amnesia is psychological, not physical. He has experienced a trauma so severe he's blocking it out and might not ever remember it.

Season 1, Episode 6241: Episode #1.6241

16 April 1980
Raven goes to Geraldine's hotel suite and meets the new bodyguards. Deborah warns Derek that Raven has a mean streak, and he shouldn't let his guard down with her. Later, Derek accuses Raven of siding with April against Elliot so that April will help her get custody of Jamey. Elliot taunts Raven with the idea that Derek has no legal authority to help her get Jamey, but Raven laughs coyly that she knows another way he can help her get what she wants.

Season 1, Episode 6242: Episode #1.6242

18 April 1980
Elliot and Derek spar verbally over Raven. April confides to Mike and Nancy that she hopes justice will one day prevail for Elliot. Elliot goes to The Unicorn and finds that it has no customers but a surfeit of debts. Logan questions April about Raven's adoption letter, since it proves her an unfit, negligent mother. Raven's date with Derek turns to passion when she insists she's lonely and needs him.

Season 1, Episode 6243: Episode #1.6243

21 April 1980
Kirk tells Emily he feels tremendous guilt about something so he must be bad, but she says he feels that way because of what he did 10 years ago. Logan tries to convince April that Raven's claims of being a mother lost without her son is just deceptiveness. Eliot discovers that Margo left him with $15,000 of debt at The Unicorn. Emily confides to her father that she and Kirk are going to be man and wife again. Later, Emily gets into bed with Kirk and begins to make love to him.

Season 1, Episode 6244: Episode #1.6244

22 April 1980
Draper resists Emily's advances because he feels like a stranger to her and to himself. April dreams of the carousel she and Draper found on their picnic year earlier before they were married. Back at the Gault home, Draper is entranced by the carousel base on a table lamp in his room. Examining his hands, he realizes that his fingerprints might conclusively prove his identity

Season 1, Episode 6245: Episode #1.6245

23 April 1980
Cliff is relieved that Logan had good things to say about him to Mike. Raven persuades Logan to have dinner with her to talk about the situation with Jamey. Miles and Derek discuss the single women in Monticello. Mike makes Cliff an official offer to take over Draper's old job. Logan and April both visit the hospital to see Julia, and a nurse mistakes them as a happily married couple.

Season 1, Episode 6246: Episode #1.6246

24 April 1980
As Raven hits the dance floor at a disco, Deborah ponders whether or not Raven has changed into a loving mother. Logan rejects Raven, who asks Derek to join her at the disco. Elliot has an idea after hearing that Monticello discos are raking in plenty of money. Deborah and Steve talk about balancing a career and a family. Derek warns Raven that he wants to take their relationship slowly, and then he recognizes that she's just using him. Deborah panics when Jamey begins to run a high fever.

Season 1, Episode 6247: Episode #1.6247

25 April 1980
When Jamey's fever gets worse, Deborah and Steve decide he needs immediate medical assistance. Kirk declares that he should get fingerprints from the police to confirm his identity. Leo considers telling Draper the truth but changes his mind because he doesn't want to hurt Emily. Jamey is taken to Monticello General, where the doctor suggests that Raven be called as the child's condition is deteriorating.

Season 1, Episode 6248: Episode #1.6248

28 April 1980
Elliot and Raven fight at the disco. Miles tells April about Jamey's condition, and she goes to the hospital to comfort Logan. Nancy receives a letter from her younger brother Lee, who tells her that his son Kelly will soon be arriving in Monticello for a visit. Geraldine phones Raven to tell her about Jamey's illness. Raven confesses to Elliot that Jamey is the sole beneficiary of her mother Nadine's will, and if she loses him, she will lose the entire family fortune.

Season 1, Episode 6249: Episode #1.6249

29 April 1980
Raven arrives late to the hospital and quarrels with Logan, who threatens her with the adoption letter she gave to April. Logan offers to help April with Julia, who's ready to be discharged from the hospital. Raven confides to Elliot that Nadine disinherited her and left millions of dollars to Jamey, but he won't receive the money until his 21st birthday. Raven suddenly realizes that she could easily get possession of Jamey by taking him home from the hospital.

Season 1, Episode 6250: Episode #1.6250

30 April 1980
April returns to home with Julia and discovers a letter Draper left before leaving for prison. Leo attempts to stop Draper from getting Kirk Michaels' fingerprints, then offers to call a buddy in the police department for help. Mike informs Cliff that the firm will represent Logan in his custody suit against Raven. Nancy learns that her nephew Kelly will arrive in two days. Logan receives word that Jamey's condition is critical. Leo's buddy Officer Curry tells Leo that the police have Kirk's fingerprint card from his arrest in 1970.

Season 1, Episode 6251: Episode #1.6251

1 May 1980
Raven antagonizes Deborah with insults, and Deborah slaps her. Geraldine reassures Nicole that a young widow like April will certainly rebuild her life without Draper. Nancy learns that Kelly is using his mother Gerri's surname of McGrath. Dr. Santos delivers news that Jamey's fever broke, and he will recover quickly. Later, she tells Raven that Jamey will be ready to go home in another day.

Season 1, Episode 6252: Episode #1.6252

2 May 1980
April spends the night alone in the Oakdale house for the first time since Draper died. Kirk confesses to Emily that he is haunted by carousel music, while April is telling Julia the story of a picnic carousel she rode with Draper years before. Steve proposes marriage to Deborah. Emily worries when Leo informs her that they'll have a copy of Kirk's fingerprints in another day. Leo secretly slips Kirk sleeping pills and says their problems will soon end.

Season 1, Episode 6253: Episode #1.6253

5 May 1980
Kirk Michaels' fingerprints are delivered to the Gaults. Raven demands that Elliot drive the getaway car when she snatches Jamey from the hospital. April admits to Logan that she had a horrible night alone in the house and vows she can't ever live there again. Kirk comes out of his drugged state and after taking a set of his own prints, he wants to compare them to the ones taken ten years earlier.

Season 1, Episode 6254: Episode #1.6254

6 May 1980
Logan gives Mike a copy of Kevin Jamison's fertility test, but Mike reminds him that the adoption letter in Raven's handwriting is the most crucial piece of evidence against her. Nancy's nephew Kelly McGrath arrives. Raven learns that Jamey will be discharged tomorrow. April tells Nicole that she's putting the Oakdale house on the market and moving into Margo's penthouse. After comparing the fingerprint cards in private, Kirk reveals to Leo and Emily that his prints definitely match those of Kirk Michaels.

Season 1, Episode 6255: Episode #1.6255

7 May 1980
Kirk announces that he no longer questions his identity, while Leo flashes back to stealing a blank fingerprint card at the police station. Derek recounts for Logan his dinner date with Raven. Nicole and Miles hope that April will find another man to love her as Draper did. Leo has a second flash back in which he took an unconscious Draper's fingerprints and put them on the allegedly old fingerprint card. Kirk theorizes that since he was arrested in Monticello, someone there might know what he's been doing the last ten years.

Season 1, Episode 6256: Episode #1.6256

8 May 1980
Emily accuses Draper of wanting to run away from her after he insists to her and Leo that he wants to search for clues to his past in Monticello. Derek tempts Deborah with a case that would take her out west for a couple of months. Steve confides to Calvin that he thinks Deborah will soon give him an answer to his marriage proposal. Kelly demonstrates his talent for Mike and Nancy. Miles verifies the murder of a politician named Van Drelen, then Derek admits that he's sending a Monticello cop to Tucson, Arizona, to follow-up on the case. Emily tells Draper that she's going to follow him to Monticello.

Season 1, Episode 6257: Episode #1.6257

9 May 1980
Raven offers to keep April company for her last night in the Oakdale house, but she secretly plans to find and steal the adoption letter. Kelly, a puppeteer, discusses the origin of his Poco puppets with Mike and Nancy. Elliot plans to make The Unicorn a competitive disco by going after a much younger clientèle. Raven eavesdrops on April's phone conversation with Logan and discovers the exact time that Logan will collect Jamey from the hospital the next day.

Season 1, Episode 6258: Episode #1.6258

12 May 1980
While Logan is busying helping April with her move, Raven arrives at the hospital and tries to accelerate Jamey's discharge. Molly warms toward Kirk and thanks him for making the Gault family happy again. After Emily and Draper depart for Monticello, Leo warns Molly that something terrible might happen in the city. At Monticello General, Logan discovers that Raven and Jamey left just seconds before he arrived. Raven takes Jamey to Elliot, who is waiting in the car with the engine running.

Season 1, Episode 6259: Episode #1.6259

13 May 1980
Raven and Elliot make their escape, and Raven is equally cagey about what the future holds for them as a couple. Nicole wonders if April can be happy in the penthouse after the murder, but April insists it's easier than living with memories of Draper in their old home. On the drive to Monticello, Kirk theorizes to Emily that he might have been in prison. Raven adamantly refuses to give Jamey back to Logan, so he calls the police. Kirk and Emily choose a Monticello hotel: coincidentally, the same hotel where Raven has hidden Jamey.

Season 1, Episode 6260: Episode #1.6260

14 May 1980
Kirk and Emily check into the hotel, where Deborah also arrives after receiving Logan's call. Raven admits to Elliot that the adoption letter isn't important because she's taking Jamey back to England before Logan can have his custody trial. Derek learns that his Three Musketeers are helping Logan and orders them to halt. Steve grouses to Derek about Deborah's undercover trip to Arizona, but Derek counters that a male officer is needed, and Steve happens to fit the description. Logan is furious to find Elliot locked in a bedroom with Jamey. As they storm out of the hotel, Deborah and Logan narrowly miss seeing Kirk.

Season 1, Episode 6261: Episode #1.6261

15 May 1980
Kirk and Emily agree that Emily will go to police headquarters to see if Kirk Michaels has any outstanding warrants. Logan and Geraldine realize that Jamey can't be kidnapped back from Raven because it might damage Logan's credibility at the custody trial. Miles and Nicole decide to try to have a baby together. As they prepare to retire for the night, Kirk confesses to Emily that something he can't explain prevents him from being intimate with her. Emily answers a knock at the hotel door, and she finds Calvin standing there, as Kirk hides on the other side.

Season 1, Episode 6262: Episode #1.6262

16 May 1980
Kirk remains hidden as Calvin identifies himself as a police detective and explains the story about Jamey. After learning that Raven and Jamey have left the hotel, Calvin leaves, too. April comforts Logan about the loss of Jamey, and offers to intercede with Raven on his behalf. Kelly likes Mike and Nancy's idea of exposure as an entertainer by giving free puppet shows at the children's ward of Monticello General. When Emily realizes Calvin might have been the officer she spoke with the on phone earlier to see about about Kirk's police record, she calls back and makes an appointment with another cop: Deborah Saxon.

Season 1, Episode 6263: Episode #1.6263

19 May 1980
Using the alias Mrs. Mitchell, Emily keeps her appointment with Deborah. Nicole confides in April that she and Miles are planning to have a baby. Raven demands that Derek protect her from from his own officers and Logan. Molly tries to allay Leo's fears that something bad is happening to Emily and Kirk in Monticello. Kirk leaves the hotel for a walk. Later, Emily phones the hotel room, but there's no answer because Kirk is unconscious after being hit by a car on the street.

Season 1, Episode 6264: Episode #1.6264

20 May 1980
Deborah retrieves Kirk's file and tells Emily that he doesn't have any outstanding warrants, but at the time he vanished, he was wanted for questioning in a planned payroll robbery. Steve admits to Deborah that he may take the undercover job in Tucson. Raven and Elliot quarrel about Derek, and Raven slaps him. Nancy suggests to Nicole that Miles might help Kelly receive permission to entertain at the hospital. Finding Kirk missing from the hotel room, Emily phones Leo, who has another mild attack when she reveals that she questioned the police about Kirk. Later, Emily receives word that Kirk has been taken to the hospital following his accident.

Season 1, Episode 6265: Episode #1.6265

21 May 1980
Emily learns that Kirk received very minor injuries in the accident, but his doctor wants to examine him again before he leaves. Kirk is somewhat relieved to hear from Emily that he isn't wanted for a crime. Molly questions Leo to ascertain why he's so fearful of Kirk and Emily's visit to Monticello. Deborah rejects Steve's marriage proposal, arguing that she cares for him but isn't ready to give up her career. Kirk's doctor sends Miles to examine him, but when he and Nicole stop by the room, they see Emily and Kirk kissing, with Kirk's face obscured.

Season 1, Episode 6266: Episode #1.6266

22 May 1980
April and her real estate agent are at loggerheads over what type of couple should buy the Oakdale house. Steve agrees to go to Tucson, but Derek warns him that the assignment could go on for several months. After Steve breaks the news that he's leaving for Arizona, Deborah tries to stop him from going, but it's to no avail. Geraldine threatens to call Nadine with news of Jamey's kidnapping, but she relents after Raven insists that Nadine is ill. Elliot breaks into the Oakdale house to retrieve the adoption letter .

Season 1, Episode 6267: Episode #1.6267

23 May 1980
Mrs. Peabody, the real estate agent, phones April with news that someone broke into the house, but there was nothing for the thieves to take since everything had been packed up and shipped to her in Monticello. Elliot speculates to Raven that April has the letter safely hidden. Kelly performs his first puppet show at Monticello General. April confesses to Miles that she feels Draper's presence nearby. Emily and Kirk decide to return to the Gault house, but as they're leaving the city, Kirk is drawn down familiar streets. Seeing April's for sale sign in the yard, they decide stop and look at the charming house in Oakdale.

Season 1, Episode 6268: Episode #1.6268

26 May 1980
Mrs. Peabody tells Emily and Kirk the story of April and Draper Scott, and Kirk becomes unnerved by the home he doesn't remember. Raven persuades Cliff to join her for dinner. Kelly dodges Nancy's probing questions about his relationship with Lee and Gerry. Derek assures Deborah that Steve will come back from Arizona, but she isn't convinced. Continuing the drive home, Emily obsesses over the Oakdale house and insists to Kirk that they might feel truly married if they lived as man and wife in a lovely home like the Scotts had.

Season 1, Episode 6269: Episode #1.6269

27 May 1980
Kirk and Emily arrive home and inform a panicked Leo that they plan to move to Monticello permanently. Logan asks April for the letter, but she says she will only hand it over if she's forced to choose between her friendship with him and Raven's motherhood. Mike warns Cliff about meeting with Raven, but Cliff insists that she wants him as man, not as an attorney. April explains to Logan that as a woman who has experienced loss, she feels empathy for Raven. Leo begs Emily to not go back to Monticello, then he stuns Molly with the revelation that Kirk isn't really Kirk Michaels.

Season 1, Episode 6270: Episode #1.6270

28 May 1980
Leo confesses to Molly that Kirk is actually presumed dead Monticello attorney Draper Scott, and he shocks her with how far he went to conceal Draper's identity. Deborah and April search through boxes for the adoption letter. Derek suggests that Raven is seeking a father figure in a man. Charlie opines to Elliot that the failing Unicorn is no different than any other disco. April and Deborah's search proves fruitful. Fearing that Draper will eventually be recognized in Monticello, Leo decides to tell Draper and Emily the truth.

Season 1, Episode 6271: Episode #1.6271

29 May 1980
Molly argues with Leo that it's better to continue the lie about Draper for Emily's sake and admits she's lied to herself about being the mistress of the Gault home. Leo leaves for Springfield to get a copy of the newspaper article about Draper's "death" in the train crash. Emily tells Draper that she thinks destiny drove them to the Scott home, which she feels is enchanted. Draper reminds Emily that they can't afford a home of their own. Deborah brings Logan news that she and April found the adoption letter. Logan reveals to April that he won the proceeding proving his paternity as Jamey's legal father. Deborah laments to Calvin that she might never become "the marrying kind". Raven arrives at the penthouse unannounced, just as April is getting ready to meet Logan and give him the adoption letter. Raven lays a heavy guilt trip on April when April admits she's giving the letter to Logan. Leo returns with a copy of the newspaper article about Draper. Molly begs Leo not to break Emily's heart.

Season 1, Episode 6272: Episode #1.6272

30 May 1980
After arguing with Molly, Leo goes to reveal all to Draper and Emily, but he suddenly clutches his heart and falls down the stairs. Raven swears to April that Jamey is her only future; she would be utterly miserable without him. Logan questions his motives when Cliff admits that he has a dinner engagement with Raven. Elliot realizes instant success is needed at The Unicorn, or it will collapse under the weight of its debt. Kelly meets Elliot and asks for work. Emily and Kirk bring Molly the sad news of Leo's death. Later, Molly vows to Leo's memory that she will protect Emily at all costs, which means Draper Scott will remain dead to the world. At April's, Raven argues with Logan, and while he's distracted, she snatches the adoption letter from April's hand and sails it off the penthouse terrace.

Season 1, Episode 6273: Episode #1.6273

2 June 1980
April's disgusted with Raven, who admits she got rid of the letter on purpose. Draper promises Molly that he'll never abandon Emily, and Molly destroys the evidence about his identity. Geraldine arranges an audition for Kelly and his puppets. Logan tells Geraldine that he searched for the letter outside April's apartment and couldn't find it. At the Unicorn, Elliot and Raven laugh about Elliot waiting for the letter to drop, and then he burns it.

Season 1, Episode 6274: Episode #1.6274

3 June 1980
Raven cons Cliff into taking her to The Unicorn instead of having an intimate dinner at her apartment. Logan nixes the suggestion that he could have April testify about the contents of letter now that it has been destroyed. Star suggests that everyone go dancing at The Unicorn, but Calvin worries that Logan and Raven might meet. Later, Raven takes great delight in annoying Logan and Deborah on the dance floor.

Season 1, Episode 6275: Episode #1.6275

4 June 1980
Molly mourns Leo and vows again to make sure that Emily never loses Kirk by learning his true identity. Emily receives a call from Leo's attorney advising her that Leo left a bequest. Kelly avoids Nancy's questions about Lee and Gerry and why Kelly uses his mother's maiden name. After hearing that Leo has left her with a $50,000 life insurance policy, Emily decides she and Kirk should use the money to buy their dream cottage in Oakdale.

Season 1, Episode 6276: Episode #1.6276

5 June 1980
As Kirk and Emily leave for Oakdale, Molly warns them to be careful as they don't know what dangers may lie in Kirk's past. April informs Logan that she wants a young, hopeful couple to buy her house in Oakdale. A job hunting Kelly strikes out with Elliot. Emily gets April's phone number from the real estate agent. April accepts a dinner date with Logan. After Emily phones and tells April that she and Kirk are newlyweds wanting to begin their life together in the cottage, April agrees to meet with them.

Season 1, Episode 6277: Episode #1.6277

6 June 1980
Emily arranges a meeting with April, but Draper is curiously hesitant. Nicole receives the results of her pregnancy test. Deborah overhears Raven asking Derek to meet her for dinner. Emily goes to the penthouse alone, just as Miles is leaving from a visit with April. Emily enchants April with her views on how magical the Oakdale house is.

Season 1, Episode 6278: Episode #1.6278

9 June 1980
April and Emily chat and share their experience of recent losses. Miles comforts Nicole. Deborah and Calvin spy on Derek, and Deborah admits that she can use the relationship to find out where Jamey is. Derek isn't as gullible or as easily manipulated as Raven hopes. Deborah tricks Raven into leading her to Jamey. Talking husbands, Emily decides that Kirk and April's late husband Draper are very much alike.

Season 1, Episode 6279: Episode #1.6279

10 June 1980
Geraldine suggests that Logan reconsider and ask April to testify, since she has now seen the duplicitous side of Raven's nature. Derek warns Raven that he has no intention of being part of a love triangle with Elliot. Raven theorizes that Deborah is sabotaging her relationship with Derek. Deborah and Calvin visit Raven's apartment where they find the place in disarray and the babysitter neglecting Jamey. Charlie goes behind Elliot's back and hires Kelly to manage the light and sound equipment at The Unicorn. Deborah squeals to Elliot about Raven seeing Derek behind his back. A furious Elliot reveals to Raven that he has something he can hold over her.

Season 1, Episode 6280: Episode #1.6280

11 June 1980
Raven panics when Elliot tells her that he switched the original letter with a photocopy. Mike and Nancy are not thrilled with Kelly's new job. Elliot promises to keep the letter safe just as long as Raven cooperates with him. Emily and April agree on very reasonable terms for the sale of the house. Emily phones Kirk with her news, and when he's skeptical about April's offer, Emily hands April the phone so that she can tell him herself.

Season 1, Episode 6281: Episode #1.6281

12 June 1980
April speaks to Kirk over the phone. Derek doesn't appreciate Miles' warnings about Raven and how she treated past loves, but he learns some painful truths. While walking through the house in Oakdale, Draper becomes dazed and admits to Emily that he feels as if he's living in a strange dream. April nervously prepares for her date with Logan. Logan's assurances lead to a romantic moment.

Season 1, Episode 6282: Episode #1.6282

16 June 1980
After kissing April, Logan's happiness is noted by Geraldine. Kirk's knowledge about the legal intricacies of buying property makes Emily wonder if he might have worked in a law practice. Nicole and Miles look forward to their vacation alone at Palace Park. Emily is dejected when Kirk suggests they sleep separately until he's more comfortable with their situation. A young woman in a coffee shop recognizes Nicole on television.

Season 1, Episode 6283: Episode #1.6283

17 June 1980
Logan spoils Raven's night out at the disco. Miles dismisses the young girl following Nicole as a shy television fan. Raven says that she will kill Elliot when he threatens her with the adoption letter. Later, an already angry Elliot takes out his frustration on Kelly, who gives an impromptu floor show. Nicole's young fan turns up at The Unicorn, and Elliot tells her that Nicole is married to Miles, a doctor.

Season 1, Episode 6284: Episode #1.6284

18 June 1980
When April tells her about selling the Oakdale house to Kirk and Emily Michaels, Deborah remembers her meeting with Emily. Later, Calvin advises Deborah about whether or not she should tip off April about Kirk's criminal past. Kirk pays a visit to an employment agency, and April also debates going back to work at the TV station. Miles and Nicole are upset when the young fan is spotted lurking outside their cottage.

Season 1, Episode 6285: Episode #1.6285

19 June 1980
Kirk phones Emily with news about his interview at the employment agency, and Emily worries to April that no one in their household is employed. Mike informs Logan that he and Cliff have been engaged to represent families of the victims in the train crash. Nancy's prying questions about Kelly's plans cause him to become agitated, and he insists that he can't ever go back to Italy. Studying photos of the train wreckage, Mike notices something very alarming about the bodies of Draper and Sgt. Dwyer.

Season 1, Episode 6286: Episode #1.6286

20 June 1980
Raven's sudden aloofness angers Derek. Mike advises Nancy to write to Lee and Gerri about Kelly's strange reluctance to go back to Rome. At Palace Park, Miles and Nicole's romantic getaway is interrupted by Nicole's obsession with the young fan, and what the girl might want from her. Mike points out the discrepancy in the train crash photo to Logan, and the two realize the full implications of what it could mean.

Season 1, Episode 6287: Episode #1.6287

23 June 1980
Mike and Logan review photos of dead bodies from the train crash, and Logan sees the problem with the direction of the handcuffed men. Mike speculates that Draper was freed but probably drowned in the river since he hasn't made contact and would realize that he's no longer wanted for murder. Logan and Mike decide to confirm the identity of Draper's body through dental records. Nicole insists that Miles not call the police about the girl who is following her, because she doesn't perceive her as a threat. Gavin learns more about Jody, who tells him that her father is dead, and she left her mother in Springfield. Gavin agrees to let Jody crash for the night in the dance studio.

Season 1, Episode 6288: Episode #1.6288

24 June 1980
Logan asks Derek to issue an official order to have Draper's body exhumed. Emily and Draper begin the search for new jobs. Derek firmly tells Raven that he knows she lied to him. Jody receives a warning about Elliot, who blackmails Raven into bed. Miles brushes off Nicole when her curiosity is aroused about the important autopsy he has to perform for the police. Miles learns that the autopsy for the body that might or might not be Draper Scott.

Season 1, Episode 6289: Episode #1.6289

25 June 1980
Logan's revelation leaves Miles stunned. April has an idea about a new job for Emily, while Emily offers April the perfect housekeeper. Deborah shares her fears with Logan that Kirk and Emily Michaels might be attempting to scam April. Elliot hires Jody. Raven searches for the letter in Elliot's office. After April admits that she's never met Kirk, Logan decides to go to Oakdale and meet him himself.

Season 1, Episode 6290: Episode #1.6290

26 June 1980
Draper has a glimmer of recognition when Emily tells him that she may be working for Dr. Cavanaugh. Deborah and Calvin hear a rumor at police headquarters about Draper's exhumation, and Derek is forced to give them details. When Gloria cancels, Raven's forced to rely on her drunken neighbor Henrietta Cross to babysit Jamey. Mike mentions to Cliff that he saw Judge Lewis, and the custody case will go to trial soon. Raven meets Derek and is worried about being seen. Emily plays the carousel music box tune on her newly delivered piano, and Kirk begins to remember April on the day of their picnic in the park years before.

Season 1, Episode 6291: Episode #1.6291

27 June 1980
Draper wants to hear the carousel music and attempts to remember the blonde woman from his vision. Miles begins the autopsy. Emily grows uncomfortable with the flashes of memory Kirk experiences. Gavin agrees to let a destitute Jody spend a few more nights in the dance studio. Logan realizes that when he and Derek talk, the conversation unfailingly turns to Raven. Miles delivers the news to Logan and Derek that the body isn't Draper's, and they have to consider the possibility that he might still be alive.

Season 1, Episode 6292: Episode #1.6292

30 June 1980
Miles, Derek, and Logan theorize about what really happened to Draper and where he could be if he survived the crash. Draper finds a job and has another memory flash when he's mistakenly called Mike. Molly's relieved to learn from Emily that Kirk is working in Oakdale. Derek and Logan agree to share their secret about Draper with Deborah and Calvin. April interviews Molly for the housekeeping job, and Molly is shocked to see April and Draper's wedding photo.

Season 1, Episode 6293: Episode #1.6293

1 July 1980
Molly tells April that Kirk is very shy around strangers and encourages her to leave Emily and Kirk alone. Miles and Nicole fear that April would never move on with her life if she thought Draper might be alive. Jody confesses to Gavin that her surname is Travis. Kelly is smitten with Jody. April suggests that Miles hire Emily to replace his receptionist, who is leaving to get married. Molly warns Emily that she can never let April and the Cavanaughs meet Kirk.

Season 1, Episode 6294: Episode #1.6294

2 July 1980
Cliff accidentally overhears a secret. Later, Raven invites Cliff over when Elliot pressures her to see him, and her babysitter is drunk. Jody pumps Elliot for information about Nicole and Miles. Cliff informs an annoyed Raven that April has agreed to testify on Logan's behalf. When Raven becomes agitated and begins to argue, Cliff lets his secret slip.

Season 1, Episode 6295: Episode #1.6295

3 July 1980
Raven forces Cliff to tell her everything he knows. Miles arranges an interview with Emily, but Molly suggests that Emily is too inexperienced for a city doctor. Calvin and Deborah speculate that Sam Dwyer willingly released Draper from the handcuffs because he believed in Draper's innocence. Deborah learns that Logan is going on a fact finding mission in Graham County and wants to go with him. Nicole spots Jody at The Unicorn and recognizes her as the girl who's been following her. Emily tells April about Kirk's memory loss, and how the carousel music arouses vague flashes from the past. When Emily realizes that April's memory of a picnic with Draper is similar to Kirk's memory, Molly suddenly drops the tea service in shock.

Season 1, Episode 6296: Episode #1.6296

4 July 1980
Emily and April stop their conversation when Molly drops the tea service. Jody sees Nicole at The Unicorn and flees the room. Kelly nervously awaits a phone call from his parents and later says he wants to be more independent. Nancy confides to Mike that Lee told her about some serious trouble Kelly had in Rome, but she doesn't know the details. Miles and Nicole question Elliot about Jody, and he tells them that her surname is Travis. Nicole confronts Jody and is stunned when Jody reveals her true identity.

Season 1, Episode 6297: Episode #1.6297

7 July 1980
Nicole hears the story of Jody Travis and how they're related, but Jody insists that she doesn't want anything from the Cavanaughs. Raven teases Derek that she knows the secret everyone is trying to keep from April. Elliot becomes jealous when he realizes that Raven has been entertaining men again. Miles warns Nicole that Jody's story could be a lie. Raven makes a date with April and promises to give her the most important news of her life.

Season 1, Episode 6298: Episode #1.6298

8 July 1980
Cliff informs Logan that Judge Lewis plans to hear the custody case as soon as possible. Derek disappoints Logan with news that Raven is in on the secret. Draper's boss Jock DeLuca questions him about his past, and when he admits he can't remember anything, Jock wonders if he might have seen Draper's photo in the newspaper. Miles asks Derek to run a background check on Jody to see if she has a criminal record. Raven wants to know if April and Logan are in love with each other. Just as Raven is about tell April about Draper's body, Logan arrives. Raven privately offers him a deal to keep quiet.

Season 1, Episode 6299: Episode #1.6299

9 July 1980
Raven's offer infuriates Logan, so she makes a counter offer. Emily persuades Kirk to come home for lunch to celebrate her new job. Nicole confides in Geraldine about Jody Travis, and Geraldine chooses to remain quiet when Nicole mentions her father, whom Geraldine knew well. Miles decides to pay a visit to Jody to learn more about her.

Season 1, Episode 6300: Episode #1.6300

10 July 1980
Jock gives Draper free tickets the local amusement park. Logan stops by the cottage to meet Kirk, and Emily realizes that he's there because he distrusts them. Miles and Jody talk about her family, and Miles offers her money. April doesn't believe Deborah's suspicions about Kirk and Emily conning her. Molly overhears Deborah telling April that Logan has gone to Oakdale to meet Kirk. Logan cross examines Emily and during the course of conversation learns that she lived near the crash site in Graham County. Molly phones Emily in a panic and insists that she stop Logan from meeting Kirk. At that moment, Kirk walks up the path to the cottage.

Season 1, Episode 6301: Episode #1.6301

11 July 1980
Emily scrambles to stop Logan from meeting Kirk and to convince him that they intend no harm to April. Kelly admits to Mike and Nancy that he was involved in a scandal that he feared would hurt Lee and Gerry. Monticello disc jockey Bobby Burroughs meets Kelly and wants to give his career a boost. Emily tells Draper about Logan's visit and his suspicions. Draper decides that he and April should meet and clear the air. Molly realizes she that can't stop the truth from coming out and confesses everything to Emily.

Season 1, Episode 6302: Episode #1.6302

14 July 1980
Molly makes a stunning revelation to Emily. April wonders why Logan's attitude toward her has cooled. Deborah's thoughts are with Steve. Logan tells Deborah and Calvin about his agreement with Raven. Jody admits her fondness for Miles. Emily is forced to face the truth about Kirk and realizes April has a right to the truth, too.

Season 1, Episode 6303: Episode #1.6303

15 July 1980
Molly advises Emily to not make any rash decisions about Draper. Draper receives an on the job injury. Jody provides Miles with more proof of her familial ties to Nicole. Emiky fears being alone and unloved. Nicole fills April in on the developments with Jody. Draper makes a declaration to Emily that might change everything.

Season 1, Episode 6304: Episode #1.6304

16 July 1980
Draper suggests that he and Emily spend a day together at the amusement park. A smug Raven has news for April about the custody trial. Logan receives a tip about where Draper might have gone if he escaped the crash and drowning in the river. Kelly worries about Jody and his career. Raven misleads April. Emily asks Draper to make love to her.

Season 1, Episode 6305: Episode #1.6305

17 July 1980
Molly insists that Emily and Draper leave Monticello. Raven receives unwelcome news from her mother Nadine. Kelly's popularity suddenly soars at the Unicorn but not at Gavin's dance studio. Investigating the crash in Graham County, Logan and Deborah receive an unexpected tip.

Season 1, Episode 6306: Episode #1.6306

18 July 1980
April speculates to Geraldine about Logan and Deborah's vacation together. Deborah receives heartbreaking news about Steve's undercover job in Arizona. Miles and Nicole get the results of Derek's background check on Jody. Draper and Emily spend the day at Playland, where they're spotted by a former criminal associate of the real Kirk Michaels, and he has a gun.

Season 1, Episode 6307: Episode #1.6307

22 July 1980
Kirk's former criminal associate Larry Watts stalks Draper and Emily at Playland. Kelly laments Gavin's competition for Jody's attention. Jody suffers a medical crisis. Elliot can't deny Kelly's newfound popularity and its effects on the disco. Raven believes Logan's case is sunk without the adoption letter. Larry confronts Emily and refuses to believe that Draper isn't the real Kirk Michaels.

Season 1, Episode 6308: Episode #1.6308

22 July 1980
Convinced that she's lying about Kirk's identity, Larry strong arms Emily who screams for help. Gavin urges Jody to see Miles for a physical. Deborah receives a disheartening confirmation from Derek about Steve. A terrified Emily tells Draper about Larry's threats and begs him to stay away from an obvious enemy. Larry phones his accomplice Frankie and suggests they pay a visit to Kirk and Emily.

Season 1, Episode 6309: Episode #1.6309

23 July 1980
Logan tries to explain to April his motives for not calling her as a witness in the trial. Raven plots to get into Elliot's safe in order to steal the adoption letter back. Jody has another dizzy spell. Miles and Nicole extend an invitation to Jody. Logan and April discuss their romantic feelings, past and present, and Logan makes a surprising declaration.

Season 1, Episode 6310: Episode #1.6310

24 July 1980
Logan presses Molly about anything unusual she might have seen the night of the train crash. Larry calls Draper to arrange a meeting, but a terrified Emily cuts them off and begs Draper to leave town immediately. Miles incites jealousy in one of Jody's admirers. Logan dreams of April, Draper, and the carousel. Emily finds a note from Draper and realizes he's gone to meet Larry.

Season 1, Episode 6311: Episode #1.6311

25 July 1980
Draper meets Larry at Playland after hours. Larry reveals the details of a heist from ten years ago and insists that Kirk owes him and their accomplice Frankie 30,000 dollars each. Emily worries that Draper is in serious danger. Draper tells a disbelieving Larry about his memory loss and protests that he doesn't know anything about the money, but Larry pulls a gun on him and insists he can make Kirk remember.

Season 1, Episode 6312: Episode #1.6312

28 July 1980
Larry threatens to kill Draper and phones Frankie. Deborah seeks comfort from Geraldine about Steve. Logan realizes that he's heard the surname Gault once before and tries to make the connection. Calvin and Deborah make an official visit to the dance studio and meet Gavin. Draper is stunned when Larry's partner Frankie arrives, and she's a woman.

Season 1, Episode 6313: Episode #1.6313

29 July 1980
Frankie rifles through Draper's wallet and gets information about Emily. Jody gazes dreamily at a photo of Miles. April worries that Kirk has gone because missing because of Logan's interference. Emily considers reporting Draper's disappearance to the police, but Molly fears his real identity will be exposed. Frankie forces Draper to call Emily and has sadistic plans to make him talk.

Season 1, Episode 6314: Episode #1.6314

30 July 1980
Cliff presents a plan to Logan that might prove Raven's an unfit mother to Jamey. Raven schemes to use Derek as a beard of respectability when Nadine comes for a visit. Logan finally connects the Gault name to Emily and Kirk Michaels. Jody consents to a physical from Miles. As Emily panics about Draper, Logan pays her a visit and demands to know who she saw the night of the train crash.

Season 1, Episode 6315: Episode #1.6315

31 July 1980
Emily bristles under Logan's persistent questions about the train crash. Frankie starves Draper to get him to reveal where the heist money is stashed. Jody tells Nicole that she's not interested in Kelly romantically. Cliff arranges for a social worker to make a surprise visit at Raven's apartment. Logan doubts Emily's veracity about not seeing a stranger after the accident. Frankie decides to use violence to make Draper talk.

Season 1, Episode 6316: Episode #1.6316

1 August 1980
Frankie tortures Draper with a hot iron. Geraldine hears from Nadine. Logan has nagging doubts about Draper's death. Raven plots to destroy Nadine and Geraldine's friendship. Cliff's plan to ruin Raven backfires. Realizing that Draper will never tell them where the loot is stashed, Frankie grabs a gun and prepares to shoot him.

Season 1, Episode 6317: Episode #1.6317

4 August 1980
Larry has a last minute idea about how to make Draper talk. Logan goes back to Emily to confront her about the train crash, and upset, she accidentally reveals more information about her husband than she intended. Raven phones her mother with lies and insinuations about Geraldine's lack of loyalty. Fearing that Draper will be killed, Emily decides to risk exposure and go to the police, but Larry turns up with a promise to take her to him.

Season 1, Episode 6318: Episode #1.6318

5 August 1980
Larry decides to turn the house inside out when Emily reiterates that Kirk has amnesia and doesn't know where the heist money is. Nancy proposes that Nicole have a physical to determine if there's a medical reason for not becoming pregnant with Miles' baby. Calvin struts his stuff in Gavin's dance studio. Emily confesses the truth to Larry about Draper not being the real Kirk Michaels. Kelly confides in Jody about what happened to him in Rome.

Season 1, Episode 6319: Episode #1.6319

6 August 1980
Frankie wants to kill Draper and dump the body but Larry insists Emily be given time to find their money. Deborah sets April straight about the trip with Logan, and April encourages her to move on from Steve and find another eligible Monticello bachelor. Calvin delivers the results of a background check on Kirk Michaels, stunning both Derek and Logan. Draper regains consciousness and calls out April's name.

Season 1, Episode 6320: Episode #1.6320

7 August 1980
Raven tricks Geraldine into repeating ugly rumors about Ansel. Logan has a shocking revelation for April about the real Kirk Michaels. Raven plays Elliot a tape recording she made of her conversation with Geraldine that has been edited to make Geraldine sound like a gossip. Molly tells Emily that she has to call the police but Emily counters that Draper will be killed if she does. Frankie and Larry decide to torture Emily and make Draper watch.

Season 1, Episode 6321: Episode #1.6321

8 August 1980
Derek gives Deborah the results of Kirk's background check, and she and Calvin head for Oakdale to uncover the identity of the man who has been posing as Kirk. Jody uses Emily's absence to get close to Miles at his medical practice. Deborah and Calvin catch Emily leaving with Larry, and Calvin takes down Larry's license plate number. Larry takes Emily to Playland, and after her tearful reunion with Draper, Larry holds Emily at gunpoint and gives her only a minute to live.

Season 1, Episode 6322: Episode #1.6322

11 August 1980
Emily buys time with Frankie and Larry by offering a solution to the money problem. Raven plays an incriminating tape for an angry Nadine. After running a check on Larry's license plate, Deborah and Calvin recognize him as one of Kirk's former criminal cohorts. Raven persuades Nadine to change her Monticello accommodations. Emily receives an opportunity to rectify a dangerous situation.

Season 1, Episode 6323: Episode #1.6323

12 August 1980
Emily goes in search of April for help. Geraldine is surprised by Nadine's icy behavior and realizes that Raven has done something to drive a wedge between them. Elliot reaches a realization about Kelly's value at the disco. Kelly confesses more of his past in Rome to Jody. Emily faces April, who demands to know if the man calling himself Kirk Michaels is really Emily's husband.

Season 1, Episode 6324: Episode #1.6324

13 August 1980
Emily promises that she and her husband will get out of Monticello and April's life forever, for a price. Derek sends the fingerprint card Leo faked to Washington for verification of Kirk's real identity. Raven has a very unusual proposal for Derek. Emily returns to Playland with news of help from April Scott. Draper reacts to April's name. Initial results from Washington verify for Derek that the current Kirk Michaels is not the same man as Emily's husband.

Season 1, Episode 6325: Episode #1.6325

14 August 1980
April reluctantly gives Emily what she wants but also issues a warning. Raven scrambles to stop Nadine from talking to Geraldine. Mike and Nancy learn the ugly truth about Kelly. Logan reassures April that Kirk and Emily will be out of danger once Emily pays his gambling debts. After getting the money, Frankie tells Emily that she also wants revenge.

Season 1, Episode 6326: Episode #1.6326

15 August 1980
Frankie and Larry plan to shoot Draper and Emily at sundown and arrange it to look like a murder/suicide. Nicole and Nadine consult with Dr. Stuart about their medical problems. Jody wants to move out, but she and Nicole reach a compromise. Just as Frankie is about to kill Emily and Draper, Emily is forced to admit that they're exacting revenge on the wrong man because Kirk is really the presumed dead Draper Scott.

Season 1, Episode 6327: Episode #1.6327

18 August 1980
Emily confesses everything to Draper, Frankie, and Larry, but Frankie and Larry aren't certain whether or not she's telling the truth. Larry finds a newspaper story with Draper's photo, verifying Emily's claims that she and her father tricked Draper into believing that he's Kirk Michaels, who is really dead. While looking at the newspaper photo, Draper begins to remember the past and identifies April as his wife.

Season 1, Episode 6328: Episode #1.6328

19 August 1980
Draper remembers the murder, the trial, and the train crash, then he recalls that he and April have a daughter named Julia. Larry injuries Draper when he attempts to flee to April. Frankie and Larry panic upon realizing all of Draper's influential friends are associated with the city's criminal justice community. Logan and April quarrel about calling her to testify. Raven threatens April and reveals shocking information.

Season 1, Episode 6329: Episode #1.6329

20 August 1980
After Raven's revelation, Logan has no choice but to admit the truth to April, but they're both bothered by the other unanswered question. Logan has another admission for April. Nicole encourages Geraldine to confront Nadine. Derek accuses Raven of using him at dinner with Nadine. Deborah and Calvin have an idea about how to turn a non-case into a real case if they can find Larry Watts. Draper feigns unconsciousness.

Season 1, Episode 6330: Episode #1.6330

21 August 1980
Calvin and Deborah head to the amusement park to confront Larry. Derek receives the FBI results from the fingerprint comparison he ran on Kirk's prints. Logan admits that he made the deal with Raven because he's in love with April. At Playland Deborah and Calvin question Larry about his knowledge that the real Kirk is dead. Derek arrives at the penthouse to give Logan the fingerprint match results. Draper and Emily escape from a sleeping Frankie but find that they're trapped in the locked amusement park.

Season 1, Episode 6331: Episode #1.6331

22 August 1980
Draper runs for help through the park and has to elude Frankie and Larry who fire shots at him. Discussing the case with Derek, Logan realizes that the pieces of two very different puzzles seem to be coming together to form one picture. Logan promises to tell April the truth about what they suspect has happened to Draper. On the phone with Logan, Deborah and Calvin hear Larry's gunshots in the park. Logan and April head for Playland. Raven wants to know why Nadine doesn't love her. April, Logan, Calvin, and Deborah enter the amusement park. Draper escapes onto a moving roller coaster.

Season 1, Episode 6332: Episode #1.6332

25 August 1980
Draper makes a final dash for freedom. Larry pursues Draper, and shots are fired. Logan and Emily are left alone as Draper and April are finally reunited. Deborah radios Derek with news from the amusement park. April visits Draper in the hospital. Logan brings news of Larry's condition. A distraught Emily climbs out the window onto a narrow ledge at the hospital.

Season 1, Episode 6333: Episode #1.6333

26 August 1980
Calvin and Deborah inform everyone that Emily is ready to jump from the hospital ledge. Draper flashes back to the train crash and explains to April what happened to him. Emily nearly falls off the ledge. Mike and Nancy learn about Draper. When April can't coax Emily back inside, she phones for Molly's help. Molly promises to take care of Emily like she would her own daughter, prompting Emily to regress into a childlike state.

Season 1, Episode 6334: Episode #1.6334

27 August 1980

Season 1, Episode 6335: Episode #1.6335

28 August 1980

Season 1, Episode 6336: Episode #1.6336

29 August 1980

Season 1, Episode 6337: Episode #1.6337

1 September 1980

Season 1, Episode 6338: Episode #1.6338

2 September 1980

Season 1, Episode 6339: Episode #1.6339

3 September 1980

Season 1, Episode 6340: Episode #1.6340

4 September 1980

Season 1, Episode 6341: Episode #1.6341

5 September 1980
Draper reacts angrily against Raven when she makes insinuations about April's relationship with Logan. April insists that she and Draper shouldn't provoke Raven for Logan's sake. Draper confronts April about her feelings for Logan. Molly gives Raven a piece of her mind about Jamey's treatment. Kelly becomes involved in a violent altercation at the disco. Raven and Nadine argue about the death of Raven's father. After Raven insists that she won't ever see Nadine again, Nadine crashes her car.

Season 1, Episode 6342: Episode #1.6342

8 September 1980
Calvin investigates Nadine's car accident. Raven and Derek receive news of Nadine's condition at Monticello General. Logan tells Deborah that he has to put aside his feelings for April. Kelly is annoyed by Elliot's offer to Jody, and Elliot threatens to fire him if he becomes violent again at the disco. A witness to Nadine's accident insists Nadine drove straight into the bridge stanchion. Logan phones Ansel about Nadine. Raven deems Jamey her million dollar baby.

Season 1, Episode 6343: Episode #1.6343

9 September 1980
The police continue to investigate the cause of Nadine's crash, and when Derek wonders if she could've had a heart attack, Deborah insists an autopsy be performed. Geraldine suffers the pain of another loss. Cliff and Logan consider postponing the custody trial since Raven will probably have sympathy from the judge. Miles suspects that Nicole's hiding her illness. Cliff antagonizes Raven. Raven refuses to grant an autopsy, but Deborah's determined to find a way to get one.

Season 1, Episode 6344: Episode #1.6344

10 September 1980
Deborah asks Derek to ignore Raven's wishes and order an autopsy. Molly tells April that Emily can talk now, but she's not aware of reality. An agitated Emily has to be sedated when she becomes upset about Kirk. April wants to know if Draper had sex with Emily during the time he thought he was her husband. Dr. Stuart advises Miles about Nicole's blood tests. Calvin insists that he's never thought Raven was capable of murder. Derek reluctantly signs the autopsy order, but Deborah and Calvin receive a shock when they arrive at the funeral home to take possession of the body.

Season 1, Episode 6345: Episode #1.6345

11 September 1980

Season 1, Episode 6346: Episode #1.6346

12 September 1980
Molly subtly attempts to keep pushing Logan and April back together. Draper admits to Mike something personal about his physical relationship with Emily. Nicole experiences a severe dizzy spell and almost faints. Miles wants to read Gavin's career contract with Jody. Logan has a painful suggestion for April. Draper arrives home unexpectedly and witnesses an intimate moment between April and Logan.

Season 1, Episode 6347: Episode #1.6347

15 September 1980
Draper suggests that he, April, and Logan need to have a talk soon. Molly overhears the conversation and realizes there's tension between them. Miles wants Nicole to go in the hospital for tests. Elliot advises Raven on how to handle Deborah's snooping. Raven warns Elliot when he implies that Raven might have caused Nadine's accident to benefit through Jamey's inheritance. Calvin wonders if Deborah has a vendetta against Raven. Molly visits Emily with good news.

Season 1, Episode 6348: Episode #1.6348

16 September 1980
Miles and Nicole worry that Gavin's contract gives him control over Jody's personal life. Nancy learns that Kelly destroyed Lee's letter, and Mike feels that Kelly hasn't been entirely forthcoming about his legal problems in Italy. Cliff brings news that the custody trial date has been set. Mike instructs Cliff on how to present in court. Raven threatens Calvin and Deborah with a lawsuit for harassment. Elliot hints to Jody that she won't keep her job long if she doesn't become more accommodating to his overtures of friendship. Kelly angrily threatens Elliot to leave Jody alone.

Season 1, Episode 6349: Episode #1.6349

17 September 1980
Elliot threatens to fire Kelly and orders him to mind his own business. Jody reacts unexpectedly to Kelly's chivalry. Raven lies to Elliot so that she can spend her time with another man. Draper visits Emily, and she recognizes him as Kirk. Logan refuses Cliff's suggestion that they use Nadine's mysterious death to their own advantage. Raven visits Derek, demanding that he stop the investigation into Nadine's accident. Draper tells April that Emily didn't say anything during his visit. A weird hospital orderly appears infatuated with Emily and promises they'll be good friends.

Season 1, Episode 6350: Episode #1.6350

19 September 1980
Derek calls Deborah on the carpet for investigating Nadine's death, which has been ruled accidental, but Deborah plans to question Geraldine about Raven and Nadine's relationship right before her death. Nicole fears her condition might be fatal. While listening to a record, Gavin fantasizes about a dancer from his past and accidentally calls Jody the name Martine. Weird orderly Matt Sharkey compliments a catatonic Emily by telling her how beautiful she is in the mornings.

Season 1, Episode 6351: Episode #1.6351

22 September 1980

Season 1, Episode 6352: Episode #1.6352

23 September 1980
Dr. Stuart has grim news for Miles about Nicole's condition. Jody tells Nicole that Gavin occasionally calls her Martine. Nancy interviews Draper about his life as Kirk Michaels. April takes part in a mock custody trial. Molly's arrival scares off Sharkey who tries to sneak into Emily's room. Nicole researches her illness and demands that Miles tell her if her type of anemia is fatal.

Season 1, Episode 6353: Episode #1.6353

24 September 1980
Miles attempts to assuage Nicole's fears about available anemia treatments. Logan admits he'd rather Mike handle the custody case instead of Cliff, but Mike informs him of a problem. Jody stands up to Gavin. Gavin tells Jody about Martine, his former lover in Paris who was also a dancer. Kelly suggests to Jody that Gavin is jealous. A melancholy Gavin continues his daydreams of Martine.

Season 1, Episode 6354: Episode #1.6354

25 September 1980
Raven gets physical with Elliot, who warns her that she's making a mistake. Raven's attorney Jason Rutledge has a reputation for intimidating witnesses. Benita Thomas testifies about her report on Jamey's good welfare. Derek questions Deborah about whether or not she has dropped her harassment of Raven. Raven gives a smug testimony about Logan's preoccupation with his career. Elliot arrives in the courtroom with the custody letter.

Season 1, Episode 6355: Episode #1.6355

26 September 1980
Elliot amusingly taunts a nervous Raven with the letter in open court. Cliff forcefully cross examines Raven on the witness stand. April testifies about the night Raven went to England, dumping Jamey with her and Draper. Later, she suggests that Raven intentionally threw the letter off the penthouse terrace because she knew she'd lose custody of Jamey if it was admitted into court evidence. During Rutledge's tense cross examination, he demands to know if April and Logan are lovers.

Season 1, Episode 6356: Episode #1.6356

30 September 1980
Rutledge is forced to change tactics as April challenges his assertions, while Raven completely loses her cool. Cliff calls Deborah to the stand and appears to make headway, but under Rutledge's cross examination, Deborah begins to look unprofessional and prejudiced. Raven gets a surprise after she manages to steal the letter from Elliot. Deborah gathers information in her pursuit of Raven's guilt. Logan makes a stunning declaration to his friends about his next move if Raven wins custody of Jamey.

Season 1, Episode 6357: Episode #1.6357

1 October 1980
Draper confronts April about Logan's latest declaration, while Molly happily eavesdrops. Molly tells the Scotts that Emily has snapped out of her catatonia, but she isn't as thrilled when April offers to visit Emily in lieu of Draper. Nicole's illness begins to takes its toll. Kelly sees Elliot making a pass at Jody again. Emily accuses April of stealing something that doesn't belong to her. Deborah speaks by phone with Ansel, who tells her about the bequests in Nadine's will.

Season 1, Episode 6358: Episode #1.6358

2 October 1980
Ansel calls Raven wanting to know why Deborah is questioning him about Nadine's will. Elliot is infuriated when he propositions Jody, and she rejects him. Raven's anger turns to passion with Derek. Elliot grills Molly about what she witnessed at Raven's apartment the last day of Nadine's life. After learning from Molly that Raven served Nadine tea immediately before the car crash, Elliot phones Raven and is stunned at who answers. Elliot goes to see Raven and Derek and tells Raven that he can't wait to see her in court again.

Season 1, Episode 6359: Episode #1.6359

3 October 1980
Raven needs time to think about Elliot's remark that he plans to retrieve a document from his safe. Calvin and Gavin talk about Martine. Molly tells Raven about Elliot's visit and the questions he asked. Elliot uses one of Kelly's puppets to lure Jody, who he attacks. Elliot fires Kelly after Kelly stops him from raping Jody, and Jody quits, too. After Elliot refuses to see her, Raven swears that she'll stop him from taking the adoption letter into court tomorrow.

Season 1, Episode 6360: Episode #1.6360

7 October 1980
Elliot vows that Raven won't ever get her hands on Jamey's inheritance. Jody confides to Miles and Nicole that Elliot attacked her, and she feared that Kelly would lose control and kill him. Realizing he left his puppets at the disco, Kelly goes back to get them. April asks Draper to never visit Emily again. Elliot hides the adoption letter in a girlie magazine in his office. Someone wearing Kelly's clown puppet hides behind the stage area.

Season 1, Episode 6361: Episode #1.6361

9 October 1980
The intruder wearing Kelly's clown puppet gives Elliot his just desserts. Deborah explains her conversation with Ansel to Derek. Nancy confronts a nervous Kelly, who arrives back home without his puppets. Calvin realizes Gavin can't get Martine out of his head. Martine arrives in Monticello and checks into a residential hotel suite. Derek receives a call from Calvin who phones to report a murder at The Unicorn.

Season 1, Episode 6362: Episode #1.6362

13 October 1980

Season 1, Episode 6363: Episode #1.6363

14 October 1980

Season 1, Episode 6364: Episode #1.6364

15 October 1980

Season 1, Episode 6365: Episode #1.6365

16 October 1980

Season 1, Episode 6366: Episode #1.6366

17 October 1980

Season 1, Episode 6367: Episode #1.6367

20 October 1980
Cliff has the adoption letter but doesn't know it and tells Logan that neither he nor Raven could find it. Calvin argues with Deborah who he feels is ruining her police career because she has a vendetta against Raven. April and Draper have a very serious discussion about Logan and saving their marriage. Molly doesn't like what she witnesses on the terrace. Cliff theorizes that Raven resorted to murder to get the adoption letter.

Season 1, Episode 6368: Episode #1.6368

21 October 1980
Mike returns from Capitol City as the custody trial resumes. Jody advises Kelly that he should reveal his past troubles in Italy to the police before they find out from someone else. Martine phones the dance studio but hangs up when Sky arrives. Gavin and Kelly nearly fight over a crack about Elliot's murder. Jason Rutledge presents his final summation to Judge Lewis. Mike notices an envelope lodged between the pages of Cliff's adult magazine.

Season 1, Episode 6369: Episode #1.6369

22 October 1980
Mike opens the envelope and realizes what he's found. Logan's team petitions the court to reopen the case and allow Mike to assume control from Cliff. Mike's clever questioning moves Raven to totally lose her cool on the witness stand. Judge Lewis recesses court to render a decision in the case. Gavin apologizes to Kelly. Jody meets Martine and wonders if she's the woman Gavin can't forget. Raven crashes a celebration party at April and Draper's penthouse.

Season 1, Episode 6370: Episode #1.6370

23 October 1980
Raven becomes hysterical when April attempts to force her out of the penthouse. Raven begs Logan to give her custody of Jamey and offers to be his wife again. Jody and Kelly are curious about Martine. Martine informs Gavin that she's joining a private dance company in Monticello, prompting him to make a remark about Sky. Cliff insinuates to Raven that he knows she murdered Elliot, and she threatens him. Judge Lewis reaches a decision about Jamey's custody. The killer wears the clown puppet again.

Season 1, Episode 6371: Episode #1.6371

24 October 1980
Raven swears she'll run away with Jamey if she loses custody and calls an airline to make reservations to England. Mike interrogates Kelly about the night of the murder, and they realize that the killer might have worn Kelly's missing puppet to avoid leaving fingerprints. Cliff shares his theory with Deborah and Calvin that Raven murdered Elliot because he was blackmailing her with the adoption letter. Deborah warns to Cliff to stay away from Raven. The killer places the clown puppet back into a drawer.

Season 1, Episode 6372: Episode #1.6372

27 October 1980
Derek refuses Raven's request. Cliff admits he's having restless nights over thoughts of what Raven might do. Draper encourages Cliff to give Kelly legal advice. Nicole admits that she isn't feeling well. Jody tells Kelly about her mother. Judge Lewis announces his decision in the custody case. Miles gives Derek his opinion about clues to the killer's identity. Nicole's condition takes a turn for the worse.

Season 1, Episode 6373: Episode #1.6373

28 October 1980
Raven readies herself to skip the country. Jody discovers Nicole. Cliff phones a friend in Rome who may be able to verify Kelly's story about what happened in Italy. Miles receives an update on Nicole's condition. An unexpected visitor interferes with Raven's plans. Cliff learns that everything Kelly has said thus far is true; however, no one can know for sure because the only person who knows the truth is dead.

Season 1, Episode 6374: Episode #1.6374

29 October 1980
Raven has another trick up her sleeve to get what she wants. Dr. Stuart gives Miles confirmation of his devastating diagnosis. Cliff wants more information about Kelly's criminal activities in Italy. Emily phones for Molly but wants to speak with Draper. Cliff agitates Raven with insinuations of kidnapping and murder. The killer removes the clown puppet from a drawer and plans another kill.

Season 1, Episode 6375: Episode #1.6375

30 October 1980
Emily leads Draper to believe she'll commit suicide if he doesn't come to visit her. Molly goes to Draper's office to pick up some important papers. At the hospital, Emily flirts with Matt Sharkey. Cliff calls Kelly, and Kelly becomes agitated when Cliff questions him about a murder in Rome and insists they meet that night. Emily tells Draper that she's in love with him, not Kirk Michaels. Mike calls Cliff to talk about Kelly's legal problems. Outside Cliff's law office, the killer arrives wearing the clown puppet.

Season 1, Episode 6376: Episode #1.6376

31 October 1980
Mike tells Nancy that Kelly's stories about Rome sound rehearsed. The killer enters the law office and stands behind Cliff with a knife. April reassures Logan that Draper isn't jealous any more. Molly bumps into Kelly who is rushing out of Cliff's office. Molly enters the office where Cliff has been stabbed. Martine learns that Sky purchased a theater in Monticello. Sky mentions his Aunt Geraldine and discovers that Martine has been reunited with Gavin. April receives a frantic phone call from Molly about Cliff's stabbing.

Season 1, Episode 6377: Episode #1.6377

3 November 1980
Logan and Mike visit the hospital where Cliff has been taken after being stabbed by the clown puppet killer. Molly gives a statement to the police, but she's too upset to identify the young man she bumped into outside Cliff's office. Kelly admits to Nancy that he had an appointment that night with Cliff, and she reveals that Cliff has been stabbed. Sharkey coaches Emily in how to trick the psychiatrists into releasing her from the mental ward. Cliff awakens and identifies a woman as his assailant.

Season 1, Episode 6378: Episode #1.6378

4 November 1980
Derek realizes that Deborah thinks Elliot's murder and Cliff's attack were related, and Raven was responsible for both. Deborah questions Raven about Cliff. Emily turns elsewhere when her plan to trick Dr. Barnes doesn't go as she planned. Kelly wants Jody to give him an alibi for Cliff's attack. Martine accuses Sky of possessing her. Raven sneaks into Cliff's hospital room and approaches him menacingly with a pillow in her hands.

Season 1, Episode 6379: Episode #1.6379

5 November 1980
Mike and Nancy dismiss Cliff's accusations that Raven wants him dead, but Cliff demands to have a police guard. Dr. Barnes gives Draper very distressing news about Emily. Cliff fills Mike and Nancy in on a murder that occurred in Rome and might involve Kelly. Raven pays Logan a visit, and he's puzzled when she wants to know if he's heard from anyone in England. Arriving home to a dark apartment, April is shocked by an intruder who emerges from the shadows of the penthouse terrace.

Season 1, Episode 6380: Episode #1.6380

6 November 1980
Emily snatches the phone from a terrified April and threatens her, but later says she wants to be friends. Mike believes that Kelly could need legal representation in the very near future. Kelly reacts nervously when he sees a TV promo that features his clown puppet. Later, Kelly denies being involved in the Italian murder case. Martine settles her bill with Gavin, who's annoyed when he realizes that Sky Whitney has ordered Martine to keep away from him. Draper has a private meeting with Emily at the penthouse, and she makes a stunning announcement.

Season 1, Episode 6392: Episode #1.6392

November 1980

Season 1, Episode 6410: Episode #1.6410


Season 1, Episode 7180: Episode #1.7180


Season 1, Episode 7420: The Edge of Night's Final

28 December 1984

Unknown Season


December 1979

David Bickford ... Dick Entwhistle

Margaret Colin ... Paige Madison

Lisa Dalton ... Police recruit

James Rosin ... Hunter

Episode dated 17 August 1961

17 August 1961

Janet Margolin ... Betty Morrissey

Episode dated 15 April 1966

15 April 1966

Laurence Hugo ... Mike Karr
Ann Flood ... Nancy Karr
Mary K. Wells ... Louise Capice
Ray MacDonnell ... Philip Capice
Walter Greaza ... Winston Grimsley
Teri Keane ... Martha Marceau
Mandel Kramer ... Bill Marceau

Barry Newman ... John Barnes
Nancy Pinkerton ... Beth Anderson
John Gibson ... Joe Pollock
Fran Sharon ... Elaine 'Cookie' Pollock Thomas Christopher
Kay Campbell ... Rose Pollock
Keith Charles ... Rick Oliver
Val Dufour ... Andre Lazar
Alan Manson ... Ken Emerson
Antony Ponzini ... Tony Wyatt

Tony Roberts ... Lee Pollock (as Anthony Roberts)
Heidi Vaughn ... Phoebe Smith
Patricia Allison ... Abby Cameron
Bernard Barrow ... Guard
Doris Belack ... Carol
Robert Burr ... Lt. Driscoll
Peter Carew ... Agent
Freddi Chandler ... Nurse
Ludi Claire ... Liz McGrath
Robert Dahdah ... Doorman

Hector Elizondo ... Vincento
Alberta Grant ... Liz Hillyer
Mitchell Gregg ... Leon Gavril
Joseph Julian ... Agent

Bill Macy ... Cab Driver

John Randolph ... Sgt. Kendrick
Joe Silver ... Danny Fenton
Bill Smillie ... Cab Driver
Lewis J. Stadlen ... Newsboy (as Lewis Stadlen)
Jerry Strickler ... Lonnie Winters
Millee Taggart ... Geraldine 'Geri' McGrath Pollock
Theodore Theoharous ... Intern (as Ted Theoharous)
Kate Wilkinson ... Mrs. Perkins
Harry Kramer ... Announcer

Episode dated 9 January 1978

9 January 1978

Denny Albee ... Steve Guthrie
Joel Crothers ... Dr. Miles Cavanaugh
Herb Davis ... Lt. Luke Chandler

Terry Davis ... April Cavanaugh

Frances Fisher ... Deborah Saxon
Sharon Gabet ... Raven Jamison
Lois Kibbee ... Geraldine Saxon
Joe Lambie ... Logan Swift

Episode dated 6 June 1979

6 June 1979

Marvin Beck ... Truck Driver

Frances Fisher ... Deborah Saxon
Kurt Garfield ... Maxwell Smith

Episode dated 13 August 1981

13 August 1981

Mark Arnold ... Gavin Wylie
Patricia DeRosa ... Julia Scott
George Ede ... Dr. Jeremy Stuart
Sharon Gabet ... Charlotte 'Raven' Alexander Jameson Swift Whitney
Lois Kibbee ... Geraldine Weldon Whitney Saxon
Joe Lambie ... Assistant District Attorney Logan 'Swifty' Swift #1

Larkin Malloy ... Schuyler 'Sky' Whitney

Episode dated 14 August 1981

14 August 1981

Mark Arnold ... Gavin Wylie
Patricia DeRosa ... Julia Scott
George Ede ... Dr. Jeremy Stuart
Sharon Gabet ... Charlotte 'Raven' Alexander Jameson Swift Whitney
Lois Kibbee ... Geraldine Weldon Whitney Saxon
Joe Lambie ... Assistant District Attorney Logan 'Swifty' Swift #1

Larkin Malloy ... Schuyler 'Sky' Whitney
James Noseworthy ... Jamie Swift

Episode dated 10 October 1983

10 October 1983

Mark Arnold ... Gavin Wylie
Sharon Gabet ... Charlotte 'Raven' Alexander Jameson Swift Whitney
Lois Kibbee ... Geraldine Weldon Whitney Saxon

Larkin Malloy ... Schuyler 'Sky' Whitney
John Vickery ... Constantine / Richard Scanlon

Episode dated 3 November 1983

3 November 1983

Mark Arnold ... Gavin Wylie

Ralph Byers ... Donald Hext
Forrest Compton ... Dist. Atty. Mike Karr #3
Ann Flood ... Nancy Pollock Karr
David Froman ... Gunther Wagner
Sharon Gabet ... Charlotte 'Raven' Alexander Jameson Swift Whitney
Charles Grant ... Preacher Emerson (as Charles Flohe)
Lois Kibbee ... Geraldine Whitney Saxon

Carrie Klein ... Elaine Wittman

Lori Loughlin ... Jody Travis

Larkin Malloy ... Schuyler Whitney
Wade Nichols ... Police Chief Derek Mallory (as Dennis Parker)
Jerry Zaks ... Louis Van Dine

Episode dated 4 November 1983

4 November 1983

Mark Arnold ... Gavin Wylie

Ralph Byers ... Donald Hext
Joel Crothers ... Dr. Miles Cavanaugh
David Froman ... Gunther Wagner
Sharon Gabet ... Charlotte 'Raven' Alexander Jameson Swift Whitney
Charles Grant ... Preacher Emerson (as Charles Flohe)
Lela Ivey ... Mitzi Martin

Carrie Klein ... Elaine Wittman

Lori Loughlin ... Jody Travis

Larkin Malloy ... Schuyler Whitney
Wade Nichols ... Derek Mallory (as Dennis Parker)
Jerry Zaks ... Louis Van Dine

Episode dated 7 November 1983

7 November 1983

Mark Arnold ... Gavin Wylie
Joel Crothers ... Dr. Miles Cavanaugh
David Froman ... Gunther Wagner
Sharon Gabet ... Raven Whitney
Charles Grant ... Preacher Emerson (as Charles Flohe)
Lela Ivey ... Mitzi Martin

Carrie Klein ... Elaine Wittman

Lori Loughlin ... Jody Travis

Larkin Malloy ... Schuyler Whitney
Wade Nichols ... Derek Mallory (as Dennis Parker)
Ernie Pysher ... Cliff Nelson (as Ernie Townsend)

Chris Weatherhead ... Alica Van Dine
Jerry Zaks ... Louis Van Dine

Episode dated 12 March 1984

12 March 1984

Sharon Gabet ... Raven Whitney
Lois Kibbee ... Geraldine Saxon

Larkin Malloy ... Sky Whitney
Frédéric Norbert ... The waiter
Paul Savior ... Vincent Kayle

Martin Thompson ... Gate Attendant

Episode dated 13 December 1984

13 December 1984

James Douglas ... Desmond Aldrich
Sharon Gabet ... Raven Whitney
Lois Kibbee ... Geraldine Saxon

Larkin Malloy ... Sky Whitney

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