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Season 2

1 Oct. 1957
White Man's Magic
Cochise and Jeffords are captured and face death when contrary to instructions they trail an army doctor who has gone to treat Geronimo's gunshot wound because the officer's bride to be is held captive.
8 Oct. 1957
A hacienda operator is pressured by his foreman who holds a secret that the mother of the operator's daughter is Apache to not allow Cochise to move and water his cattle on the ranch property.
15 Oct. 1957
Apache Child
A brave exiled from Cochise's stronghold takes as prisoner Jeffords who he falsely believes is responsible for an ambush on his exile group to exchange for his daughter who the brave falsely believes was snatched in the ambush.
22 Oct. 1957
Ghost Sickness
Jeffords convinces a reluctant Cochise to investigate the account of the son of a father and son held to be traitors to their Apache ways costing the lives of ten warriors that actually the brave held to be the hero was the traitor.
29 Oct. 1957
Black Moment
A man who kills an elderly prospector for a valuable locket alleges it is Cochise who committed the murder to his associates who then determine to kill Cochise for the deed.
19 Nov. 1957
The Teacher
The teacher that Cochise gets to instruct enough in the ways of white culture not to be cheated in his off reservation business to his chagrin is not only a woman but a woman who holds fast to cultural values that demean Apache customs.
26 Nov. 1957
The Bounty Hunters
After a Chiricahua brave is scalped on the reservation, Cochise and Jeffords go to Mexico to confront a hacienda owner who pays a bounty for Apache scalps and are caught in the middle of a Coyotero raid.
10 Dec. 1957
Smoke Signal
A hold out group of confederate soldiers come out of Mexico and raid the Chiricahua reservation which event requires Jeffords to go to Washington to ask for help from President Grant to prevent Cochise from breaking the peace.
21 Jan. 1958
Bad Boy
18 Feb. 1958
11 Mar. 1958
18 Mar. 1958
The Duel
A shopkeeper's romance with a Chirikawa girl causes trouble and reminds Tom of his courting days.
25 Mar. 1958
The Iron Maiden
A murderous Modoc woman wanders into Cochise's camp and causes a jurisdictional dispute among a Modoc search party, the Apaches and the U.S. Army.
22 Apr. 1958
The brave Natan who Cochise appoints as interim chief when Cochise is wounded in a Geronimo raid betrays the trust given him by siding with a renegade faction.
29 Apr. 1958
Bear Trap
A young brave who loses his arm while saving Jeffords' life from an attacking bear considered a spirit curse by the Apaches feels shame for his condition while being shunned by the tribe for cheating the bear of its tribute.
6 May 1958
Old Enemy
A prospector whom Cochise fought in his youth defends his claim on Chirikawa land.
13 May 1958
Blood Brother
A US Cavalry general posts troops on the Chirikawa reservation, distrustful of Cochise.

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