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19 Jan. 2009
Episode #1.13438
Carly accepts Craig's marriage proposal. Josie convinces Paul to sign the divorce papers. Parker and Jack clash. Dusty and Meg secretly record Craig. Janet offers sage advice.
21 Jan. 2009
Episode #1.13439
At Metro, Dusty punches Craig and winds up at the police station. Carly pictures her future life as a scene from The Public Enemy (1931).
22 Jan. 2009
Episode #1.13440
Emma is upset when Paul comes over to visit Meg and the baby. Emily proposes a marriage of convenience to Dusty. Jade learns that Derek is her father.
23 Jan. 2009
Episode #1.13441
Sage goes to live with Jack after she learns Carly is planning to marry Craig. Meg agrees to marry Dusty.
26 Jan. 2009
Episode #1.13442
Parker and Sage have a change of heart about Carly's marriage to Craig. Brad and Katie decide to skip the wedding and conceive a child.
27 Jan. 2009
Episode #1.13443
Two marriages of convenience: one (between Carly and Craig) doesn't happen. The other (between Meg and Dusty) does.
28 Jan. 2009
Episode #1.13444
Emily pays Jade to distract Casey from Alison. Luke's attempt at matchmaking backfires. Paul is furious when Dusty brings over Eliza and tells him he married Meg.
29 Jan. 2009
Episode #1.13445
Dusty is devastated when Craig wins custody of Johnny. Katie and Brad agree to appear in a reality show about the two of them trying to have a baby.
30 Jan. 2009
Episode #1.13446
Dusty grieves losing Johnny to Craig. Jack envies Craig's money. Parker and Liberty find a way to go to a Metallica concert.
2 Feb. 2009
Episode #1.13447
Matt O'Connor returns from prison. Paul kidnaps Eliza. Luke learns of Jade's deception and tries to fix things between Casey and Alison.
3 Feb. 2009
Episode #1.13448
Craig is blamed when Parker and Liberty sneak away to Chicago. Paul, who has kidnapped Eliza, forces Josie to drive him out of town.
4 Feb. 2009
Episode #1.13449
Vienna and Henry disguise themselves as Katie and Brad in order to help the latter pair escape the camera crew. Josie calls Dusty and lets him know that Eliza is with Paul.
5 Feb. 2009
Episode #1.13450
Craig's overprotective-father routine brings him closer to Carly. Katie learns she'll have to postpone getting pregnant. Vienna goes looking for a sperm donor.
6 Feb. 2009
Episode #1.13451
Noah tells Luke it's too soon for them to move in together. Holden blames Dusty for Paul's kidnapping of Eliza. Alison spurns Casey, despite Matt's efforts at matchmaking.
9 Feb. 2009
Episode #1.13452
Carly and Craig invent a new vodka concoction they call "Midnight Sun." Katie tricks Brad into thinking she is using birth control. In Brooklyn, the search is on for baby Eliza.
10 Feb. 2009
Episode #1.13453
Janet bonds with Sage, who is playing Tinkerbell in the school play. Paul's psychic vision leads to finding Eliza. Craig helps Carly secure a lucrative business deal.
11 Feb. 2009
Episode #1.13454
Vienna punctures Henry's condom. Katie pretends to wear her diaphragm. Luke and Noah are devastated when a college friend dies of an overdose. A drunk Casey has sex with Jade.
12 Feb. 2009
Episode #1.13455
Margo investigates the drug-related death of a college student who attended Casey's 21st birthday party. Carly and Craig fly to New York to make a business deal.
13 Feb. 2009
Episode #1.13456
Carly tries to replace Craig with Lily as her business partner. After Josie's pleas on Paul's behalf, Meg visits Paul at the police station.
13 May 2009
Episode #1.13517
Lucy wants to reconcile with her father, and Carly wants to help, but Craig will have none of it. Holden convinces Meg to drop the pretense with Paul and move back out.
13 Jul. 2009
Episode #1.13559
Jack is furious when he learns that Craig took Carly away to a remote cabin instead of forcing her to check into rehab. Hunter learns that Larry is his father.
9 Nov. 2009
Episode #1.13642
Carly goes to Philadelphia to rescue Jack who is in turn rescuing a Ben Franklin impersonator, while Craig and Rosanna go to Philly to rescue Carly. Emily tries to be a real mother to Alison and Hunter.

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