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24 Sep. 1956
The Knight with the Red Plume
Sir Lancelot desires to become a Knight of the Round Table, but he has to prove his mettle by going through a series of tough and strenuous tests.
1 Oct. 1956
The Ferocious Fathers
Lancelot helps Urgan the Strong drive off the besieging forces of Sir Melius the Mighty. In gratitude, Urgan offers his daughter Igrane in marriage to Lancelot.
8 Oct. 1956
The Queen's Knight
Sir Mordred, King Arthur's cousin, kidnaps Queen Guenevere. In exchange for her safe return, Mordred and his father, King Pell, demand that Arthur turn over his kingdom to them.
22 Oct. 1956
The Outcast
When Lancelot requests that this squire be given training in order to become a Knight of the Round Table, he is surprised by the strong opposition he meets.
29 Oct. 1956
Winged Victory
Lancelot and his squire Brian are sent by King Arthur to carry a secret battle plan to Prince Boudwin, whose castle is under siege by King Mark. However, the two are soon captured by King Mark, who tries to get them to reveal the plan.
5 Nov. 1956
Sir Bliant
Although King Arthur has managed to arrange a truce between the battling Sir Bliant and Sir Rolf, Bliant's three sons break it by kidnapping Rolf's three daughters. Desperate to get his daughters back, Rolf comes to Arthur for help.
31 Dec. 1956
The Pirates
king Arthur and his forces set out to capture a band of pirates that are said to be hiding out in a town on the coast. In reality the pirates aren't in the town but are not far from the castle, waiting for Arthur to leave so they can sack it.
19 Nov. 1956
The Magic Sword
A knight wants to rescue a lady imprisoned by her brother, but believes he is too cowardly to do so on his own. He comes to King Arthur for help and advice on how to be brave and courageous. Merlin has a trick up his sleeve for giving the youth the confidence he needs to rescue the girl.
3 Dec. 1956
Lancelot's Banishment
King Arthur banishes Lancelot from the kingdom because he believes that Lancelot made a false accusation against King Marhaus. Outside the kingdom, however, Lancelot runs into Marhaus and uncovers an evil plot.
26 Nov. 1956
Roman Wall
At the invitation of King Boltan, who tells then that his daughter, Iolta, has been abducted by ghostly warriors dressed in Roman attire, Lancelot and Brian scale a high boundary wall and discover a sign which says 'Rome - 1,200 miles'.
17 Dec. 1956
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24 Dec. 1956
Shepherd's War
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