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7 Sep. 1956
The Birth of the Blade
An encounter with an unfriendly she-bear nearly becomes fatal for Jim Bowie when his rifle misfires. Realizing the need for a simpler and more reliable weapon, he approaches master blacksmith Samuel Black with an idea for a new type of knife.
14 Sep. 1956
The Squatter
Jim Bowie persuades Regina Bienbeau, an imperious plantation owner, to allow a squatter and his pregnant wife to remain on her land.
21 Sep. 1956
An Adventure with Audubon
Jim Bowie watches with amusement and then with concern as his friend, John James Audubon, is mistaken for the missing son of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.
28 Sep. 1956
Deputy Sheriff
Jim volunteers to be a temporary deputy sheriff in order to guard a prisoner. However, he soon begins to suspect that the young man may not in fact be guilty of the crime he's been charged with.
5 Oct. 1956
Jim begins to suspect that a fur company is trying to drive him out and is killing any Cajun trapper who does business with him.
12 Oct. 1956
Broomstick Wedding
A horse trade leads an angry farmer to mistakenly believe that Jim is the man who "dishonored" his daughter, and has to right his wrong by marrying her--even if it's at the point of a shotgun.
19 Oct. 1956
Natchez Trace
A group on their way to Natchez ask Jim to protect them against a bandit who preys on travelers headed there.
26 Oct. 1956
Jim Bowie Comes Home
The Bowie family seeks to keep their hometown respectable, however, the local saloonkeeper has other ideas and hires a professional knife fighter to challenge Jim to a fight.
2 Nov. 1956
The Ghost of Jean Battoo
Jim runs into a group of farmers who are paying protection money to an old woman who threatens to unleash the ghost of an infamous Louisiana pirate against them if they don't pay.
9 Nov. 1956
The Secessionist
A friend of Jim's is asked by President Andrew Jackson to dissuade a group of French planters from seceding from the Union.
16 Nov. 1956
Land Jumpers
Jim Bowie is riding along the Mississippi when he is bushwhacked by Manion and Kneeland...two settlers who accuse him of being a land grabber and throwing them off their land. They tell him Jim's brother Rezin has been shot and killed. Jim returns home and finds his brother is still alive but Bowie and Bowie Land Office is in trouble. A Frenchman with an old land grant from King Louis XVI has overturned all of their deals and taken the property back. On top of all this, counterfeit money is being distributed in the region and Jim begins to wonder about the validity of...
23 Nov. 1956
The Select Females
JIm Bowie is in a hurry on his way to New Orleans to take a lady to the Opera Ball when he comes upon two women who are having trouble with their pony cart. They are Angelique Moreau and Miss Peabody of Miss Peabody's Select Female Academy. They are searching for a young girl who has run off from the school to elope. Her father is planning on making a handsome contribution to the school so they are desperate to find her before she can carry out her plans of marriage. He tries to get back on the way to N.O. but is drawn back to the ladies when he discovers they have ...
30 Nov. 1956
Jim Bowie and His Slave
Jim discovers that a former slave he had freed has been captured and enslaved again, and is about to be sold at a slave auction.
7 Dec. 1956
Outlaw Kingdom
Jim sets out after a gang of river pirates who have stolen his cargo.
14 Dec. 1956
The Swordsman
Jim travels to New Orleans to purchase an estate, but he gets himself in trouble when he's distracted by a beautiful woman.
21 Dec. 1956
The Return of the Alcibiade
An expensive gift that Jim bought for his mother for Christmas is stolen, and he sets off after the thief to get it back.
28 Dec. 1956
Monsieur Francois
Bowie assists a French boy who has traveled from France to reunite with his aunt who is living in New Orleans. Unbeknownst to Bowie, the boy represents a threat to the aunt's fiancé who plans to marry her for her money.
4 Jan. 1957
A Horse for Old Hickory
Jim goes to an auction to bid on a racehorse he wants to give as a present to President Jackson, but he finds out that he's up against another bidder who wants the horse--none other than Sam Houston.
11 Jan. 1957
The Beggar of New Orleans
Jim set out to help a former champion fencer who has fallen on hard times and is reduced to begging in the streets.
18 Jan. 1957
When the army attempts to move the Seminole Indians from their own lands to a tract that is much less desirable, Jim steps in on their behalf.
25 Jan. 1957
Master at Arms
Bowie buys a lottery ticket from Jean Dubois a former champion swordsman who is trying to raise money for his daughter's dowry. Dubois notices that Bowie is carrying a large sum of money and unsuccessfully tries to take it from him when Bowie leaves the tavern. Bowie, Houston and Lafitte decide to help Dubois, however, Dubois' future in-laws have other plans for his daughter's dowry.
1 Feb. 1957
Convoy Gold
Jim has to get a gold shipment through safely to New Orleans.
8 Feb. 1957
Spanish Intrigue
Bowie agrees to sell supplies to Don Carlos Miro. He later discovers that Miro is acting as a purchasing agent for supporters of Simon Bolivar and that opposing supporters of the Spanish king will stop at nothing to block the sale.
15 Feb. 1957
Bayou Tontine
Jim is asked by famous naturalist James Audubon to protect a young girl who has just inherited a fortune.
22 Feb. 1957
German George
Jim's friend and partner is cheated out of money by a gambler, who then kills him. Jim sets out after the killer.
1 Mar. 1957
An Eye for an Eye
In order to head off an Indian uprising, Jim tells a Cherokee princess the tale of John Smith and Pocahontas. Unfortunately his story doesn't have the desired effect, and in fact winds up getting him in even more trouble.
8 Mar. 1957
The Captain's Chimp
When Captain Paolo is kidnapped from his hotel room, his frightened chimpanzee ends up in Bowie's room. After a mate from the captain's ship, and later Lafitte, try to buy the chimp, Bowie enlists reporter Tebbs and the captain's daughter in a plan to expose the kidnappers.
15 Mar. 1957
Jackson's Assassination
Jim is tricked into aiding a plot to assassinate President Jackson.
22 Mar. 1957
Rezin Bowie, Gambler
Jim's brother, unaware that he is being set up, wins big gambling and gets it into his head that he's good enough to go professional.
29 Mar. 1957
Thieves' Market
Jim takes a young French friend on a tour of New Orleans' infamous "Thieves Market", where they are attacked and robbed--by thieves.
5 Apr. 1957
The Pearl and the Crown
A newspaper publishes a poem about Jim. Irritated, he confronts the editor. Unfortunately for Jim the editor is soon found murdered, and suspicion falls on him.
12 Apr. 1957
The General's Disgrace
A rash of holdups leads Jim to suspect that they may be the work of an army general's son who has recently sustained heavy gambling losses.
19 Apr. 1957
The Lottery
In order to help an orphanage raise money, Jim organized a lottery. What he doesn't know is that the men he hired to run it have schemed to rig the drawing so that they will win.
26 Apr. 1957
The Intruder
A young man is caught burglarizing the home of Jim's friend Francois. However, instead of turning him over to the authorities, Jim decides to help the youth.
3 May 1957
Country Cousin
Jim winds up in trouble with his family when he lets his visiting cousin in on a deal that turns out to be a scam.
10 May 1957
The Bound Girl
An indentured young servant girl from Ireland has been "purchased" by a nasty widower, and Jim sets out to help her out of that potentially dangerous situation.
17 May 1957
The Bounty Hunter
Jim and his newspaper friend unknowingly help a fugitive escape. A bounty hunter, figuring that they're all in on it, goes after them all for the reward--dead or alive.
24 May 1957
Gone to Texas
Hoping to buy land in the Mexican state of Texas, Jim Bowie visits Nacogdoches where he's arrested as a spy, flogged, and sentenced to death.

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