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Hooray for feminism!
Coventry23 November 2004
This 'Swamp Women' was one of the very first films Roger Corman directed (he was still in his 20's around the time it got released) but it immediately becomes clear how he built up of the reputation of being the 'King of the B's'. Swamp Women is short, only 67 minutes, and it looks like the whole thing only cost 50$. Still, it's a fun quickie handling about a gang of female cons who break out of prison accompanied by an undercover cop. They flee their way through a filthy swamp where a diamond-loot is hidden. Things get a little more complicated when they take a young couple, of which the male (Mike Connors) is a stud – hostage. The acting is lame and the scenery is weak (rubber crocodiles!!) but you'll still have a good time. It feels like watching a vicious exploitation gem with situations and plot ahead of their time. If the actresses would have been a bit bustier, this easily could have been a Russ Meyer flick.
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Fun exploitation movie
Undead_Master25 October 2002
Swamp women rocks!!! It has a fun cheesy story about fugitive women, some bad acting mixed with some `ok' acting, lots of funny dialogue and of-course, many scenes of attractive women rolling around on the ground trying to kill each other while wearing skimpy clothing.

Corman does a nice job with a limited budget (as is his trademark.) squeezing the most entertainment he can out of limited material. We have some nice visuals (I love the moving shots in the swamp) and the style of the film is much more polished than most movies in this budget range. The pacing is quick with very few wasted scenes. Something is always happening in this film and it's never boring for a moment. Even though the story is pretty bad, I still got interested in it and I was excited to see what happened next which is a testament to Corman's technical skill in handling material. For the most part Corman is able to keep the production values from standing out in such a way that they would hurt the films entertainment value. It comes across as a cheap film, but not in a bad way.

The acting is mostly ok with a few really bad performances here and there, but the dialogue is so bad it makes the acting seem horrible. Some of the characters in this film are so over the top that you can't help but laugh at the hilarious things they do and say. They're all Caricatures, but they're funny and it works.

Overall, This is one of the most enjoyable exploitation movies about fugitive women of all time. Of-course that's a pretty limited sub-genre of films, but this one stands out compared to most others. Don't miss it if you're a fan of this type of cinema.
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Southern Comfort And Prune Juice
ferbs544 December 2007
For me, B-movie fan that I am, a film starring cult actresses Beverly Garland AND Marie Windsor, and directed by the legendary Roger Corman, was too great a lure to resist. And "Swamp Women" (1955) does indeed live up to its potential, at least in part. It tells the story of a trio of tough dames who bust out of jail and hightail it to the Louisiana bayou to recover their cache of stolen diamonds. They are abetted in their jailbreak by an undercover lady cop, who is trying to find the gems, too. In the wild, they bump into Mike Connors and his fiancée, which only leads to more trouble. Anyway, this little B features lots of female fistfights, knife fights and tough talk, with Beverly perhaps being the "baddest" of the bunch. Viewers will enjoy counting how many times she says "shut up" during the course of this short film. And at a mere 73 minutes, the film IS short, but somehow still feels padded with endless Mardi Gras and nature shots. Still, "Swamp Women" is a reasonably fun entertainment. The bad news that I have to report, however, concerns the state of this DVD itself. I have never seen a worse-looking DVD in my life. Not only have all the colors of its source print turned pink, but the image itself is fuzzy and blurry. The promise of crystal-clear DVD images has certainly not been met here, to put it mildly! The folks at Brentwood Communications should hang their heads in shame. If I wanted to see sickening off colors and blurry images, I'd be doing drugs and shots of Southern Comfort and prune juice! This film deserves so much better!
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Entertaining Film
whpratt117 February 2008
This film might be considered awful, but this film was very entertaining and Roger Corman created a very low budget film with some great stars like Mike Connors, (Bob Matthews) and Beverly Garland as Vera. This film takes place in Bayou Lacombe, Louisiana and New Orleans, and deals with a woman named Police Lt. Lee Hampton, (Carole Mathews) who is willing to enter a prison of women and obtain information about stolen diamonds. Vera and Josie, (Marie Windsor) are women prisoners and Lee Hampton is in the same jail cell and cons these two criminals into escaping from jail in order to obtain these diamonds and catch them in a very swampy area in which they are hidden. Bob Matthews has the misfortune of being held prisoner by these very sexy and hot young gals and he has to try and out smart these very cruel and dangerous women. Enjoy.
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Corman, Garland, and Windsor...What Else is Needed?
mrb19805 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This hilariously trashy camp classic from Roger Corman follows the adventures of the notorious "Nardo Gang", an all-female criminal gang. The participants (Windsor, Garland, and Mathews) escape from prison and head for the swamp, where they have hidden a fortune in diamonds among the cypresses and alligators. Along the way they kidnap Mike Connors and his girlfriend.

Connors' girlfriend is unfortunately served as dinner to an alligator, so the gang keeps Connors as their boy toy while going deeper and deeper into the swamp. The digging up of the diamonds and the following action is as campy as possible, producing nonstop and unintentional laughter. The ending of the movie just has to be seen to be believed.

The attraction of this movie has to be the characters played by Garland and Windsor. Garland plays certainly one of the most bitchy and disagreeable female prison escapees ever captured on film, while Windsor's character plays the steady, diplomatic one, all the while lusting after Connors...who is kept tied up most of the time. A very interesting film, worth watching for the three leads, and for the outrageous story.

P.S.: Best line: Connors, after seeing his girlfriend chomped by an alligator: "Poor kid!"
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Ragin' Cajun
crhoads-15 October 2005
Only Roger Corman could get the most out of a rented dinghy, access to a small area of swamp and New Orleans stock footage. Man...these cool chicks are very groovy as they put the "touch" on Conners. Not really a laugh-out-loud-so-bad-it's-good kinda film, but bad enough to keep you with it to the bad-girl end. The "action" is paced well enough and the cast is near-perfect B-movie/drive-in stuff. The 50's style denim hot-pants are "prison issue" and with the tied-shirt halter tops they're all ready to wrestle. Poor Touch (Mike) Conners...he has to spend half the film with his hands tied behind his back. But that only makes it necessary for the girls to do all the heavy lifting as they plod through the swamp and pull the boat through the shallows. It's "African Queen" meets "Gator Girls" complete with diamonds, booze, guns, a homemade spear and an alligator that can't float. Holy cow!
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Good for what it is
Vampenguin17 April 2006
Six years before directing his masterpiece, Pit and the Pendulm, Roger Corman made his directorial debut with a decent little crime flick called Swamp Women. It's about a group of women who break out of jail to search for their hidden diamonds, though the woman that broke them out is an undercover cop. The acting varies, at times they're pretty good and others not so much. They did make you care to some extent about the characters; I know at the very least I didn't want them to get caught. The story was interesting enough, but the ending was really disappointing. The frequent catfights were pretty funny, I must admit. All in all, this is pretty good for what it is.

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Not so bad
ethylester5 June 2003
I actually liked this movie. I thought the police officer character was cool and she did a good job. She was quick thinking and smart and so were the other women. It's nice to see women who can actually be tough and bright without being ugly, ditzy or Lesbian. It seems that most movies (like those "women in prison" ones) always rely on the stereotypical idea that if a woman is tough or smart, she must be a Lesbian. I was happy to see no Lesbian make out scenes in this movie that would just be there to get off horny dudes. There are, however, a lot of physical fights, especially after they turn their jeans into cut-offs.

This film is entertaining and it kept me wondering what was going to happen next. I'd recommend it to people who like "women in prison" movies but can stand it when the characters aren't Lesbians who make out all the time.
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So bad, it's . . . well, not good, but amusing.
silvrdal22 April 2005
When I saw that the two queens of the B-movies, Marie Windsor and Beverly Garland were in one glorious, trashy flick togETHer -- I had to have it. I wasn't disappointed.

This movie is quite bad, but the highlights are so delightful there's no way it can be dismissed or forgotten. One reviewer dubbed it "Catfighting Floosies", and that clinched my purchase. I've called it this ever since, rather than it's actual title.

Honestly, someone should put out a heavily-edited version of it, stringing together all the squabbling women bits and deleting all the annoying paddling-through-the-bayou scenes. If it weren't for the latter, I'd have given this ... oh, at least a 6. Huzzah for the Fast Forward button.
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Bezenby12 December 2013
This is a film you'll either love or hate, depending on your tolerance for low budgets and passable acting. It doesn't have any ambitions other to entertain on the cheap, and it does that fine.

A couple decide, during a stock footage Mardis-Gras, to head into the bayou for reasons I've already forgotten. At the same time, a female cop goes undercover and heads into jail to meet a gang of three women who know the location of some diamonds (also in the bayou). Luckily for the cop, all three women are in the same cell. Also luckily for the cop, they believe her story and volunteer almost immediately to escape, promising her a share of the diamonds. No wonder they got caught in the first place! As you could predict, our gang of convicts and our romantic couple meet in the bayou, and that's when the trouble starts. After killing the couple's guide, the girls kidnap the couple and the cop finds it difficult to stay under cover and protect the couple. Much flirting, drinking, and cat fighting ensues.

Also, the couple don't turn out to be so in love either. When one of them gets eating by an alligator, the other is seemingly non-chalant about it. True love.

Like most early Roger Corman films, everything's cheap, the film is short, but it's lots of fun too. All the girls run around in cut off shorts while cat fighting or moaning about stuff, and the story zips along quickly enough. What else do you want from Roger Corman?
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short shorts
kai ringler3 July 2013
what a delight this was by Roger Corman, king of the B movies,, first off you got all these pretty women running around in shorts, so for starters nothing wrong with that,, the movie itself was pretty darn good, you have a plot that goes like this.. female undercover police officer goes to prison as an inmate to break out the three girls who have managed to hide lot's of precious jewels worth millions. question is will the girls trust their "new Partner" as time goes on they do so they all go down into the bayou, swamp whatever you wanna call it, and that's when things really start to heat up,, the girls take a young couple hostage and then things really start to heat up when the girls begin to argue about how things should be done.. very good movie from roger corman.
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Neither the swamp nor the women disappoint, so I think it deserves a "7"
JohnHowardReid22 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Number 8 of the 56 films directed by Roger Corman, this offering from bottom-of-the-barrel Woolner Brothers, certainly holds our interest despite predictable plotting and somewhat confined action. Swamp Women is actually right on target as a title as, after the movie's initial prison scenes finally flicker off, we never seem to get away from that damn swamp. Nevertheless, all the repetitive swamp footage is certainly more interesting that the right-out-of- place, 1930's stock carnival material with which the movie's opening is mercilessly padded out in order to bring it up to a standard "B"- feature length. As for the "women" we are promised by the film's title, I've no complaints at all on this score – especially as the women have all been thoughtful enough to pack of pair of extremely tight, super-short shorts into their escape gear. Marie Windsor is the pick of the bunch, but Carole Mathews is equally charismatic. Whatever happened to her? Ah! As early as 1950 she started to flirt with TV. In all, Swamp Women is definitely one for the boys!
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We got a leaky boat with no motor..We like yours better
sol121822 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
***SPOILERS*** The movie "Swamp Woman" has a storyline very similar to a porno flick with a poor and helpless man Bob Matthews being tied up and held hostage by a gang of sexy man hungry women one of them an undercover policewoman.The gals escaped from prison and are now looking for some $500,000.00 in diamonds from a previous robbery hidden in the Louisiana swamp country. It 's not long that the hungry for male companionship, as well as for love, gals lead by their leader the tomboy like Josie start to get hot and steamed up over Bob instead of the diamonds that their looking for. It's undercover policewoman Let. Lee Hampton who was the organizer of the women convicts escape from prison who also falls for the handsome and well groomed Bob. Who even when he jumps into the swamps and fights off a rubber alligator to unsuccessfully save his girlfriend Marie, who was kidnapped along with him, he didn't have as much as one strand of hair on his head out of place.

It soon becomes apparent to Josie that Lee isn't exactly whom she claims to be, a woman convict, as well as her being jealous of her taking the handsome and tied up Bob away from her. By then the local police lead by captain Goodridge got the jump on the girls and were coming in for the kill or arrest. It's then when Bob who seemed to be asleep or high on drugs during the entire movie suddenly comes alive and ends up with his hands tied behind his back kicking butt, especially the firm and shapely butt of Josise, all over the place until the swamp police come to both his and Lee's rescue. As for the diamonds nobody seems to care about them anymore since the script writers,in them being so caught up with the sexy gals many cats fights in the film, seemed to have completely forgot about them.

One of Roger Cormans early ventures that soon was to set him on the road to success as one of the greats in making bad movies that the public loves on cheap and shoe string budgets. It was later when Corman gets the funding to make more or less conventional films that his success started to wane it that his bad movie loving audience wasn't exactly that interested in them.
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Oh Yeah, It's Bad..........
underfire3525 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
SWAMP WOMEN opens and closes with profuse thanks to the city of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana for help in making this film. If any of the people who are mentioned actually saw SWAMP WOMEN they may have insisted that the filmmakers thank Florida instead. The truth is, there seems to be few shots set in New Orleans; the rest of the film takes place in unidentifiable swampland (and various swimming pools). The basic story involves a gang of women, hidden diamonds and, of course, catfights. The woman in this film (after having cut the legs off their jeans) roll around in mud, water, and dirt, often times going from one to the other in the same scene. When their limbs are not entangled in heated female rage, the women sit around and talk, or sometimes dock a boat. It's all about the "bling" for these girls, so when they become stranded ashore they "boat-jack" two young lovers who are out admiring the fettering malaria-infested bayou locales. The girlfriend gets eaten by a shark (or something) along the way, but they keep her hunky boyfriend (Mike "Touch" Conners) tied up as an insurance policy. Considering all four of the girls are sweet on this guy, being a hostage does not seem like such a bad gig. Anyway, the plot of SWAMP WOMEN floats along like a flip-flop caught in the "lazy river" ride at your local waterpark. Towards the end, I just kind of advanced through most of the scenes unless there seemed to be some integral plot revelation (catfight) that could not be overlooked. Some stuff happened, I think, and then the film ended.

SWAMP WOMEN was produced and directed by B-movie maestro Roger Corman, which explains quite a lot. He is of course famous for giving just about everyone in Hollywood their "big break." It is true that he has fostered (or exploited) many young filmmakers and actors; the list would be far reaching and hard to compile. However, as a director, he seems to be only as good as the material he is given. Now this is the same guy who directed THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, which is considered a classic in the "cheapie" genre, but was based on an inventive and outlandishly bizarre screenplay by Charles Griffith. Corman does not seem to be a director who interprets a writer's work, but simply puts to film every page he has in hand. Here, working with a script by David Stern, Corman fashions a no-budget fetish fest. SWAMP WOMEN lacks any style, vision or logic. Yes, I know, the film was a financially anemic early effort by Corman, but c'mon, the integration of different shooting locations and the obvious stock footage is embarrassing at best. I'm also fairly certain that they killed an actual rattlesnake in the making of SWAMP WOMEN. If this is true, then, as viewed through the looking glass of time, that snake's brave and noble sacrifice was ultimately in vain. 1/10
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Where's the vast army of mosquitos when you need them??
icehole422 April 2002
Warning: Spoilers
***Some Spoilers***

Don't let the other review fool you. Swamp Women has the names Beverly Garland (It Conquered the World, Gunslinger) and Roger Corman (ditto) on it. The whole plot concerns itself with a bunch of bad girls who escape from a county jail in Louisianna. One of them has buried a bunch of diamonds in the swamps, so they go after it. They take two men hostage along the way. In one scene, one of the women is pushed into the water. They show someone splashing in the water from a distance in a swamp. When they do a close-up on her, it's painfully obvious that she's not in a swamp but in the local YWCA pool. Once they find the diamonds, greed naturally takes over and the ladies do a very bad catfight. Bad plot, bad acting, bad directing and the like shoot this one down.
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Swamp Women
Scarecrow-889 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Roger Corman quickie, seemingly made specifically for the drive-in crowd, shot in Louisiana Bayou swamp country features statuesque Carole Mathews as Lt. Lee Hampton, undercover in a prison, hoping to secure hidden diamonds buried by con Marie Windsor's Josie Nardo. Josie's prison gang includes Vera (the sexy Beverly Garland as you've never seen her before, full of pent up rage and seething bitterness) and the sensual Marie (Susan Cummings). So Josie and her girls successfully escape prison forming a reluctant partnership with Hampton because she has a getaway car stashed nearby. The four confiscate a boat from someone who owes Josie a favor (this event is never shown) and ride into the swamp on a journey to locate the diamonds worth practically half a million dollars. Oil man Bob Matthews (Mike Connors; Mannix) and a potential fiancé (with a wealthy daddy)are also boat riding through the bayou as he is looking for land to rape (okay, maybe I'm a bit harsh), having the misfortune of coming across Josie and company when their flimsy boat takes water after a leak leaves them stranded. Taking Bob and his whimpering lady hostage, Josie and her gang decide to take them along until they find the diamonds. Corman's predecessor to the (in)famous WIP exploitation pictures Jack Hill and others would bring to life a decade later, is a hoot if you love watching tough-talking ladies who use their fists to pummel each other when the anger sets up in their bones. Seeing the girls ogle the very handsome Connors, particularly Cummings, is also a treat. But nothing compares to seeing Garland all bent out of shape her entire time on screen, often picking fights with everyone, especially Matthews, when they draw her ire. She's a spitfire, full of heated emotions and venom, and it takes very little to boil over her kettle. Windsor commands her troops, even when things get out of hand and her girls start catfighting, and remains in control until the diamonds begin to take root in the very greedy minds of Cummings and Garland who want the cache all to themselves. Meanwhile, Matthews and Connors fall in love while she tries to keep him alive as long as possible while keeping an eye on the con-women. I just love seeing sexy women, in daisy dukes (they cut their prison pants into short-shorts, obviously titillating for the more reserved 50s drive-in movie audience Corman was catering to), always at each others throats, talking trash and engaging in fisticuffs at the drop of a hat. Sure SWAMP WOMEN has its lulls (there's a hell of a lot of boat riding down the bayou, for sure and extensive footage of Mardi Gras at the beginning of the film) and relies on a ton of stock footage of Louisiana nature to give the film an authenticity, but I think fans of the aforementioned Jack Hill WIP films (and SWITCHBLADE SISTERS) will find it entertaining. And there's a lengthy fight between Matthews and Windsor at the conclusion that should be exciting if you enjoy that sort of thing (of course, I sop this up with a biscuit). You get pulling hair, Mannix fighting an alligator with only a knife, Garland up in a tree waiting to gun down the other girls, Windsor hurling a spear, and the girls taking to rolling around in the dirt when tempers flair--is this movie deserving of its poor reputation? I certainly had fun with it.
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Swamp Sleaze
Hullumaja Puffet10 August 2017
First, I give you a warning (not for spoilers, don't worry, there's nothing to spoil) before you watch that particular film - wait the day with right mood for cheap entertaining exploitation. Don't force yourself to watch it because you're doing some Roger Corman retrospect or something. First time I saw 'Swamp Women' years ago, I hated it, I thought it was one of the worst film ever made (what it exactly is), second time I watched to see if I was correct about it, and I loved it.

Early Roger Corman cheesy exploitation girl power flick definitely doesn't belong among his best works. In this adventure crime thriller, a police officer Lee Hampton (Carole Mathews) is sent to prison undercover to infiltrate into a gang of criminals who know where the stolen diamonds are hidden. She helps them escape from prison and four women start journey in their cut short jeans through swamps of Louisiana with loving couple (Mike Connors and Susan Cummings) as hostages. The trip is filled with girls nagging on each other and constantly falling into catfights.

The film is cliché ridden and screenplay is thinner than the paper it was printed on. The prison break is as easy as climbing over the fence (practically that was all that it was in the movie) and infiltrating into a gang of women of hardened criminals is easier than gaining friends in school yard. Thanks to the real setting of bayou and passable acting (except the police captain who was more wooden than a log), the film is quite entertaining. The characters seemed interesting and motivated enough to keep the film alive.

'Swamp Woman' is good testament to Roger Cormans directing abilities to churn out such (cheap) entertainment out of so dull script. Don't expect too much action or thrills or suspense. But B-movie and exploitation genre aficionados might find 'Swamp Women' quite fun (boat) ride (through swam). At least, I did.
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Much Better Than What the Critics Have Said About It
Uriah4322 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Regardless of what anybody else has to say, I thought this movie was much better than what the critics have said about it. Yes, it has its faults. But people should remember that this was a low-budget film made in 1956. As such, it doesn't have the advantage of the modern special effects that are now available and I've certainly seen worse movies that were much more expensive to produce. In that regard, I thought the director (Roger Corman) did an excellent job with what he had. While the acting was slightly below average overall, I thought Marie Windsor played a decent role as "Josie Nardo" who was essentially the leader of the group of escaped female convicts. Likewise, Carole Matthews (Police Lt. Lee Hampton) and Mike Connors (Bob Matthews) played their parts pretty well too. I thought both Beverly Garland (Vera) and Susan Cummings (Marie) were nice-looking but their acting didn't really impress me. On the other hand, Jil Jarmyn (Billie) stood out as the sexiest of the five females (in my opinion) even if her acting was only average. As for some other faults, I thought the women wearing cutoffs in an insect-infested swamp was rather absurd. Another was the scene where the rattlesnake advanced to attack Bob Matthews. In real life the rattlesnake would slither as fast as it could to get away and only attacks a person when it feels cornered and has no choice. But that's Hollywood for you. All things considered though, while some critics might consider it among the "50 worst" films in history, I regard it as more deserving than that. While it's definitely a "B-Movie", I think it was entertaining enough to rate a solid score.
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"On my way in I planned a way out."
classicsoncall4 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
On the trail of the once stolen and now missing "Nardo Diamonds", police woman Lee Hamilton (Carole Mathews) infiltrates the female members of said gang behind prison walls. Planning a jail break, she accompanies Beverly Garland, Marie Windsor and Jil Jarmyn into the swamps of Louisiana's bayou country where the gems are hidden. Along the way, the quartet runs into Mike Connors and his little bayou baby Marie (Susan Cummings) by way of the Mardi Gras. Marie earns her status as a gold digging, whiny opportunist, so that by the time she's attacked by an alligator, you wind up rooting for the reptile.

"Swamp Women" doesn't appear to be much more than an opportunity for director Roger Corman to put shapely women in cut off shorts on display in a lush tropical setting. It doesn't take long for the jailbirds to ditch their prison garb and land some eye candy duds for their swamp journey. You know it's only a matter of time before the obligatory cat fights and wet blouse tussles take center stage. Eventually, redhead Vera (Windsor) with visions of the entire fortune to call her own turns renegade. She ditches the group and attempts to escape with the gems, so why she climbs a tree instead of taking the boat is a mystery.

Mike Connors is credited in the cast as "Touch" Connors, and doesn't have much more to do in the film other than ogle the ladies. I'm not sure, but I bet when he auditioned for the part he said he could do it with his hands tied behind his back.

This is another mid 1950's film utilizing a color film process known as Pathe. My copy was heavy on the reds and browns including the swamp scenes, making it all look a bit unnatural. The entire business was filmed in and around New Orleans and Lacombe County. What's surprising is how many name actors wound up in this effort, with one on the way up (Connors), one on the way down (Windsor) and one still going strong (Garland). After watching the movie, there's only one thing that I'm still left wondering about - what prison cell in the country has a window?
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Corman bombs again. *ONE SPOILER*
icehole427 April 2002
Warning: Spoilers
The film's basic philosophy is "We have three good looking women in shorts, so who needs things like plot, character development, and anything to endear them to you." The obviously staged catfights are delplorable at best. In the scene where the woman gets thrown into the water, watch the water go back and forth from being in the swamp (when shown from a distance) and the local YWCA pool (when close up.)
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Catfight in the bayou with Mannix
ace-15023 February 2007
In this cautionary tale of greed and Roux rinses, three gun molls, one intersexual police decoy and Mike (Touch) Connors go on a boat trip. Desperately hoping to avoid the police in their rite of passage through an existential mobius strip of bayou, the women don hot pants and traffic-cone-orange shirts. In the case of Beverly Garland, also traffic-cone-orange hair. The erotic tension between the women, the intersexual and Mike Connors (and this reviewer) clearly trumps the need for camouflage as the floozies compete with the intersexual for the chance to caress Mike's big, hairy arms. And then slap him upside the head. Which brings me to the problem with this film. Mike gets wet, but Mike never takes off his shirt. Mike Connors with his hands tied behind his back is good. Mike Connors, shirtless and tied up would be better. Roger Corman really missed his chance to ramp up the subtext in this one.

If you're watching MST3K, Joel and the bots are a little limp on this one, but the movie is fantastic. The short "What to do on a date" is a bit upsetting as it seems to feature two actors with affective disorders, perhaps Asperger's Syndrome. Tom's disastrous date with Gypsy doesn't fare much better.
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drystyx3 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Four women stage a jailbreak to get diamonds out of a swamp. One of them is undercover, however. Good thing, since the other three are very deadly.

One of the women is a homicidal maniac, but not nearly the cliché that we usually see for this character. She doesn't have many dimensions, but clearly more than the modern horror movie homicidal maniac has.

Another woman gets kidnapped, along with a hunky guy. The kidnapped girl is by far the most gorgeous of the women, but she is "film fatally flawed" in every detail, so her early exit is no spoiler.

The other two cute girls have the big catfight at the end, but there are many catfights along the way. I'm not big on blocking fights, but these catfights looked very well done, maybe the most authentic looking ones you'll see on film.

Gators, swamp boats, and mud add to the spectacle.

Since this is movie where mostly women get killed, it isn't much of a "guy movie", but more of a "chick flick", the sort that girls like to see in order to cuddle close to a guy at a theater. That's probably about the only use for this movie. Still, it isn't what you would call a poor movie. If you don't expect a lot, you'll be happy enough.
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A cinematic pleasure!
Steven-1027 November 2000
"Swamp Diamonds" is the absorbing new (well, new in 1955) thriller from Roger Corman concerning the often razor thin boundaries that separate feminism from, well, anything that makes sense. But hey, if you like chases, escapes, fencing, magic, giants, revenge, and true love, go watch "The Princess Bride". It's a great film! But right after that catch "Swamp Diamonds"... and only if you have nothing else to do. Why not, right?

Oh, and make sure it's the MST3K version.
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A Horror Movie???
Hitchcoc17 March 2006
I watched this because it is part of a collection of 50 horror movies. This package is a hodgepodge of B movies and old classics. The only horror about this film is the fact that it went into distribution. I saw that Roger Corman's name was above the title, so I figured some silly spook show. It's a women's prison movie. How did it get into the collection? Let's see. There is some plot about diamonds that have been hidden away in the Bayou. There are a group of women, some pretty famous actresses. There's Mike Connors (Mannix), and then a lot of gun pointing, and, pardon my sexism, cat fights. Connors' girl friend gets eaten by an alligator. The undercover cop is the hero but she allows innocent people to be killed. She's also not particularly attractive. There's Beverly Garland, the last wife on "My Three Sons." There's more fights. Connors sits with his hands tied behind his back for most of the movie. I don't mind bad movies. Sometimes they have something redeeming. This just pushes the button of stupidity.
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