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Character error 

When Holland (James Stewart) is sent to Greenland, his wife, Sally (June Allyson) asks him to bring her back a penguin. Penguins only exist in the southern hemisphere, Greenland is in the northern hemisphere.


At one point, Dutch refers to his old aircraft as a B-24, not B-29, as mentioned earlier in the film.
When the full wing of B-47's is taxiing out from MacDill to deploy to Japan, the aircraft have wing tanks installed. During the scenes in flight, the wing tanks are missing.
When getting ready to take off on the practice bombing run in the B47, the tail numbers are large and centered in the tail. In flight, we see small numbers at the top of the wing.

Errors in geography 

When the wing is being briefed about the deployment to Japan, Jimmy Stewart addresses them. Some will fly non-stop, others will refuel in Seattle. The pin on the map representing Seattle is actually placed at Portland.

Factual errors 

When Col. Holland is approaching Kadena Okinawa he is given an approach heading of 180 degrees. The runways at Kadena run 55 degrees and 235 degrees.
While trying to resolve his i.d. problem at the air force base gate, Dutch Holland instructs the cab driver to pull over to a nearby parking lot. He then gets out and takes his bag but doesn't pay the cab driver.
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Revealing mistakes 

When the B-36 taxis to a stop after a long flight, the "socks" or gun covers are already on the front 20mm cannons.
Upon landing at Carswell AFB after the flight to Alaska, the B-36 crosses the runway threshold twice.
Jimmy Stewart was 46 or 47 years old when this movie was made, much too old to have been the major league baseball player he portrays.

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