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General Burkhalter Meets Sach; and loses

Author: jsparacino from Utica, IL United States
12 August 2006

This Bowery boys entry is one where the production code was slightly ignored as the "Mata Hari" character loses a dress and is not wearing a slip; she's wearing a teddy. The Old Production code prohibited showing the female form that revealingly, but that was a crazy idea. Leon Askin was here and playing a version of the middle European villain he always played; whether it was in Hogan's Heroes, What did you do in the War Daddy?, or One,Two, Three. The difference here was he was not facing Bob Crane or James Cagney; he lost to Huntz Hall. It is light hearted fare and should be taken as what it is, a B-movie and the equivalent cinematically of a hot dog.

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Half a Coin

Author: bkoganbing from Buffalo, New York
8 January 2011

The biggest disappointment to me in Spy Chasers was that Bernard Gorcey had an opportunity to play a dual role and it was passed up. I would like to have seen him as his own brother as the plot called for.

But we never see General Dumbrowsky in this Bowery Boys film. But the princess of the eastern European country that Louie Dumbrowsky hails from comes to the fabled eatery on the Bowery and asks for help because some spies are trailing her and she wants the tail removed. Of course Bernard Gorcey and the Bowery Boys comply with her wishes.

Princess Lisa Davis further wishes that the Boys help out her father regain his throne. Louie's brother across the sea is a general in the underground army and the delivery of half a coin, matched with the one she and her father the king played by Sig Ruman has will signify that the king should return to claim his throne.

But he's got a pair of fifth columnists in his own entourage in the persons of Leon Askin and Veola Vonn working real hard to see this doesn't happen. Vonn works her wondrous charms on Huntz Hall and he does some things to sabotage their efforts.

As this is a fictional Eastern European country, we can assume that the people who threw the king out were Communists. In 1955 there were still several monarchs and heirs to the crowns of eastern European countries in exile who probably might have been heartened to see one of them start a successful counterrevolution. But they might have been surprised at the source of the help that Sig Ruman got.

All in all your average Bowery Boy comedy.

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He's in charge of the underground movement! What does he do build sewers?

Author: sol1218 from brooklyn NY
9 January 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

***SPOILERS*** The boys get involved in a Eastern European monarchy when exiled Princess Ann of Trunia goes to Louie's Sweet Shop in the Bowery to get in touch with its owner Louie Dumbrosky. Louie just happens to be the twin brother of Trunian freedom fighter General Felix Dombrowsky who's leading a guerrilla movement to overthrow Trunia's Communist dictatorship that threw her father King Rako out of power.

The "Bowery Boys" headed by Slip & Sach as well as Butch and Chuck go into action in getting King Rako back in power by uncovering a rat, or rats, in the King's royal guard in his right hand man Col. Baxis and Lady in Waiting Lady Zelda. The two are really are working for the traitors who drove the King, Ann's father, from power. With Louie given a half coin from Princess Ann he's to get the second half from a Trunia courier loyal to the King to let the King know that it's safe for him to return back home. The rub is that both Col. Baxis & Lady Zelda are planning to have Louie get a fake half coin and trick King Rako into going back to Trunia prematurely and be shot as soon as he departs from the plane!

***SPOILERS*** The boys go into action in exposing the plan to whack the King by Col. Baxis and Lady Zelda but only after Sach who's both hypnotized by the sexy Lady Zelda's looks as well as her diamond pendent finally gets his head together. Sach as well as the "Bowery Boys", as they say in the Bowery, gets with the program in foiling Zelda and Col. Baxis sinister and back stabbing plan in a movie ending free for all with Princess Ann's fiancées Michael,just off the plane from Trunia, joining in the fighting. Nothing that you haven't seen before as the "Bowery Boys" prevent the King from being shot by putting Col, Baxis and Lady Zelda together with their Trunian Communist Government goons away in their usual fist and cream pie throwing antics. What disappointed me about "Spy Chasers" is what a previous reviewer pointed out in not giving Louie Dumbrosky, or actor Bernard Gorcey, a duel role in the film as himself and his freedom fighting brother Felix! In fact Felix was by far the most important and most talked about person in the movie but we never got a chance to ever see him!

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An enjoyable Bowery Boys outing

Author: Paularoc from United States
26 May 2012

Princess Ann (Lisa Davis), daughter of a deposed European king (Sig Ruman) asks Louie Dumbrowsky (Bernard Gorcey) for help because spies from her home country are following her. It seems that Louie's brother Felix is a General in Truania working underground to restore the king. The princess gives a half coin to Louis which, when joined with the other half, signals that the king can return to Truania. But there is treachery and skulduggery afoot and it takes the Bowery Boys to sort it all out. A highlight scene is when a little tomboy (Linda Bennett) accidentally ends up with the half coin. It often happens that in B movies one can see both actors on their way down and actors on their way up. Sig Ruman was such a talented actor that this role must have been a let down for him. On the other hand, as a fan of both The Naked City and Twelve O'Clock High television shows, it was fun seeing Paul Burke early in his career in an uncredited bit part as a messenger from Truania. This is a pleasant and enjoyable Bowery Boys outing.

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Typical by the number Bowery Boy nonsense

Author: dbborroughs from Glen Cove, New York
27 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This Bowery Boys adventure has the Royal family of of Truania asking Louie DOmbrowski for help in getting back on the throne. It seems Louies brother is a general the resistance for the exiled royal family. Since Louie is involved Sach and Slip get involved as well.

Enjoyable but utterly mindless comedy survives purely on the good will the characters engender. If you've seen one Bowery Boys film you've seen most of them, all thats left really is the details. Here the details are kind of half way thought out which makes things kind of disposable.

Worth a look if you run across it but I wouldn't go out of my way to see it.

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The Spy Who Snagged Me

Author: wes-connors from Los Angeles
14 January 2011

Beautiful brown-eyed Lisa Davis (as Princess Ann) follows Huntz Hall (as as Horace Debussy "Sach" Jones) into the "Sweet Shop" and asks to see proprietor Bernard Gorcey (as Louie Dumbrowsky). Ms. Davis reveals she is a blue-blood from Louie's home country, the "Kingdom of Truania". We learn Louie has a brother named "Felix" who is a loyal subject (unfortunately, this Dumbrowsky does not appear). Davis' father, a heavily German-accented Sig Ruman (as King Rako), has been deposed.

Naturally, "The Bowery Boys" are enlisted to help restore King Ruman to his throne. Leo Gorcey (as Terence Aloysius "Slip" Mahoney) begins drilling Mr. Hall, David "Condon" Gorcey (as Chuck) and Benny "Bennie" Bartlett (as Butch) in military maneuvers. The "Spy Chasers" must guard half a coin from Truania, and defeat revolutionaries led by Leon Askin (as Alex Baxis) and his busty moll Veola Vonn (as Zelda). Her underwear, and a diner scene with Hall and Gorcey, are highlights.

**** Spy Chasers (7/31/55) Edward Bernds ~ Huntz Hall, Leo Gorcey, Bernard Gorcey, Veola Vonn

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Bowery Boys #38

Author: Michael_Elliott from Louisville, KY
15 January 2011

Spy Chasers (1955)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

Number thirty-eight is certainly a step up in the series has a King and Princess from a fake European country find themselves hiding in the Bowery after being kicked out of the country. It turns out Louie (Bernard Gorcey) is the brother of a rebel who is fighting to bring the King back but in the meantime Slip (Leo Gorcey) and Sach (Huntz Hall) must fight the bad guys who plan on double-crossing the King. Considering how fair to poor the previous few films were I really wasn't expecting too much out of SPY CHASERS but it actually turned out to be pretty good and in the end it delivered more laughs than many in the series. The plot is certainly a very stupid one with one big hole after another but then again it's doubtful anyone expected anything better. The film does a nice job with the humor as it comes in a variety of ways but the highlights are when the boys are making fun of Col. Alex Baxis (Leon Askin) who happens to be a bad guy. The stuff that happens when Slip and Sach first meet him is priceless and gets plenty of laughs. Another terrific sequence is a later scene when Slip and Sach come up with a plan to get the Princess back after she's been kidnapped. This includes going into a restaurant where the owner is played by Roger Corman regular Mel Welles. The insults start flying and contain some of the best jokes in the series and Sach's "act" is without question one of the funniest bits you'll see in any of the films. Both Gorcey and Hall seem re-energized as both of them are working at a very fast pace and both deliver what they do best. Gorcey has some very funny lines this time out and Hall plays dumb as well as he can. Daddy Gorcey also does a pretty good job in his role but it's a shame the screenplay didn't include a scene of his brother, the General in battle as it would have been great seeing this "brave" brother. Askin is fun as the bad guy as is Veola Davis in the role of the vixen who uses Sach to carry out her orders. SPY CHASERS certainly isn't a masterpiece but it's a decent enough of an entry and I'm sure fans of the series will have a good time with it.

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