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A masterpiece and in my opinion the best short Tex Avery ever made!

Author: Robert Reynolds ( from Tucson AZ
11 July 2001

Tex Avery was the best director of cartoon shorts, certainly in the Golden Age and probably ever. In my opinion, The Legend of Rockabye Point is his best short in a long, distinguished career. t's nominally a Chilly Willy cartoon, but the primary focus is not Chilly, but a polar bear named Charlie and a bulldog (I think his name is Sam) and the perfect Avery running gag. That this is not currently in-print saddens me beyond belief. It should be. I wish I had this cartoon! Highly recomended.

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Chilly, a polar bear and a bulldog

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
23 July 2017

Chilly Willy's best cartoons were perfect examples of how a potentially one-joke character and concept could end up actually being a perfect mix of the cute and the funny with a lot of colour and good comic timing to go with it.

'The Legend of Rockabye Point' is the second of Tex Avery's two Chilly Willy cartoons after the wonderful 'I'm Cold'. As good as that cartoon was, this is even better, one of the best Avery (an animation genius) ever did and one of his last masterpieces in a long career full of them. As far as Chilly Willy cartoons go, 'The Legend of Rockabye Point' is one of the best, Avery's involvement may have something to do with it.

Animation is the smoothest and most refined yet of the Chilly Willy cartoons in terms of drawing. There are also some lovely colours and handsomely rendered backgrounds, while there are some more imaginative visuals than before. The music is full of lively bounce and character, with luscious orchestration. It not only adds to the action and visuals but enhances them too.

Timing is nigh-on perfect, with Avery on excellent form with the hilarious gags with the funniest moments coming from the polar bear. The best of them are rich in invention and are hilarious, while an idea that is not exactly original is dealt with with so much freshness that that is insignificant.

No denying that Chilly is absolutely adorable without being cloying and has a few amusing moments, but he is more of a supporting character here with the lion's share belonging to the bulldog and particularly the polar bear. Not that that matters, Chilly was one of those characters where just the sight of him was more than enough at times. The chemistry between the three of them is brilliant though, which was essential in the cartoon's success being its driving force.

Overall, exceptional. Avery and Chilly Willy fans shouldn't miss this one. 10/10 Bethany Cox

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Another Laugh Fest From Tex Avery

Author: Seamus2829 from United States
15 August 2008

After Tex Avery was let go from M-G-M, rather than let his talents as a animation director/animation supervisor (take your choice)go down the tubes by retiring,he went to work for Walter Lanz (Woody Woodpecker,Andy Panda,etc.)at Universal. He managed to produce the usual high quality output of funny,funny material. This is just another shining example. This is a Chilly Willy episode,where Chilly & a rather deranged looking polar bear are both eyeballing a ship filled to the nine's with fresh fish. The only thing keeping both from scoring a booty of fish is a rather scary looking bulldog,guarding the ship from theft. What results is a series of gags where the bear trying to pilfer the fish,with Chilly waking the enraged dog,who bites the bear on the ass,where the bear has to sing 'Rock A Bye Baby', over and over again. This is another one of those laugh until you're sick to your stomach shorts (and I wouldn't want it any other way). It's a damned pity that these animated shorts have become neglected over the years. Perhaps,Cartoon Network's off shoot station, Boomerang will one day get the broadcasting rights to air this stuff from Universal.

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Probably the most hilarious cartoons I've ever seen

Author: lucien-8 from Netherlands
19 September 2004

I love cartoons. Especially Woody Woodpecker (and Chilly Willy). Don't ask me for technical details, producers, studio's and so on, but I know a good cartoon when I see one. But to give you an idea of the lasting impression this one has made on me: It is the first (and only) cartoon which name I've ever remembered. It's probably the most hilarious cartoon I've ever seen (and maybe will ever see). I've been searching for it for about ten years now. They don't make them like this anymore

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A Forgotten Classic

Author: Alan Griff ( from Brooklyn, New York
5 February 2000

Tex Avery and Michael Maltese were known to repeat their gags, honing them to perfection.

This cartoon is the epitome of the "sleeping" gag Avery did in several of his Metro cartoons.

This particular cartoon is in my top twenty-five of the best.

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Cradle and All! Number One with a Bullet!!!

Author: jholmstrom-1 from New York
5 November 2005

I have to agree with the user who called this their "favorite Tex Avery cartoon of all time." I agree 1000%. Every single time i watch this cartoon it makes me laugh. The bulldog who bites the polar bear's ass every single time he tries to steal the fish, the strange kinship the two of them develop, the wacky music track (based on "Rockabye Baby")...

It's all too much!

On my personal list of the greatest cartoons of all time, this cartoon would be ranked Number One... With a bullet! Although there are many great cartoons, there's just something about this cartoon... I think it might be the best punchline ever.

And you know what? This is exactly what is wrong with most of the so-called humor of today. Everyone hates Saturday Night Live (finally), the show stinks, but their first sin was ignoring the importance of a PUNCH LINE! This is what all good humor is based on. Otherwise, it's like sex with out a climax, people!!!

Humor is supposed to build a comic situation to a point where there is a release. From Mark Twain to Harold Lloyd to the Marx Brothers to Preston Sturges to every other great humorist, these rules have been followed... Until todays' garbage humor of SNL, Adult Swim (Cartoon Network) and one bad sitcom after another has tried to ignore the basic rules of humor. But shows like King of Queens, Seinfeld, and even Beavis and Butthead prove that the punchline still matters.

So this cartoon IMHO is the best because it has the best punchline of all time. Period.


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