Kiss Me Deadly (1955) Poster

Plot Keywords

mike hammer hospital
secretary cliff
hitchhiker police
murder mechanic
hard boiled cult director
noir drive in classic
tied spread eagle face down on a bed woman sleeping nude
breaking a record crushed by a car
chianti reference to enrico caruso
male opera singer sorting mail
climbing stairs trolley
bare chested male women wearing a one piece swimsuit
punching a speed bag black poodle
woman sweating ballet practice
bird cage carrying a trunk on one's back
woman wearing a bathrobe facial bruise
close up of eye banging someone's head against a wall
tailing a suspect walking alone at night
popcorn stand newsstand
car pushed off a cliff barefoot woman
jack standing in a road
running down a road at night locker key
bribe three word title
violence psychotronic
detective house fire
reference to lot's wife house cat
drawer closed on hand scream off camera
tied spread eagle face down tied to a bed
sodium pentathol pistol whip
drunk driving passed out drunk
blues singer female singer
crushed to death breaking a recording
singing along with a record male singer
singing opera music man in a swimsuit
pokies playing gin
female in a swimsuit pay phone
death threat punching bag
gymnasium pipe bomb
dynamite left for dead
camera shot of feet driving at night
greek american credits rolling down
imperative in title 1950s
talking while driving kissing
macguffin telephone operator
tape recording switch board
surf suitcase
suicide staircase
sports car sleeping pill
face slap shot in the chest
radio poodle
pliers pistol
overdose mustache
limousine kiss
italian american gumshoe
falling down stairs espionage
double cross crime commission
communist plot cat
car wreck cadillac
billboard beach house
ballet dancer answering machine
pacific coast highway kefauver commission
switchblade femme fatale
los angeles california radiation burn
atomic bomb radioactive burn
morgue private detective
truth serum kidnapping
hypodermic needle gangster
roadster doctor
art gallery person on fire
car accident convertible
locker room radioactive material
beach car bomb
auto repair impersonation
torture key
roadblock gas station
hotel cult film
bar angel's flight railway
based on novel

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