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Nice Parody

Author: dimadick from Alexandroupolis, Greece
1 March 2002

By 1955 the old recipe of Elmer Fudd hunting Bugs Bunny was getting old.This cartoon parodies the previous shorts with Elmer believing he is a rabbit and Bugs believing he is Elmer the hunter.Watching the real Elmer humiliating the rabbit is hilarius.The psychiatrist who turned Bugs into Elmer is an interesting figure with eyes glowing and mouth grinning and would probably need a psychiatrist himself.By the way the cartoon has a twist at the end that seems to proove Elmer is not that crazy after all.See it if you want to see a nice parody or Elmer Fudd wining for a time.

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An entertaining mind-reversal film. [possible spoilers].

Author: Akbar (rapt0r_claw) from Karachi, Pakistan
24 June 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

One of the better Friz Freleng films, this short is quality entertainment that takes just a few minutes yet provokes laughs a-plenty.

The idea of Elmer as a rabbit is humorous in itself; and his behavior at the meeting provides a bit of a laugh. Elmer apparently keeps a box of carrots at his desk, and the rest of the businessmen are sinister-looking. That adds a good touch.

There are three main sequences in this short besides the introductory opener; when Elmer attracts Bugs's attention with a carrot (which he says Bugs can have - along with many more) is followed by Bugs opening the window, and Elmer making good his escape. Then Bugs characteristically provides some humorous scenes, mainly verbal. He reads the advice on Elmer's medicine, which says "Take one tea-spoon ever hour with water." Bugs thinks it's nuts, but follows the command anyway ... the wrong way, that is. He picks up the tea-spoon, swallows it whole, and drinks the water! Then he adds spiteful remarks about the medicine.

When the psychiatrist comes, he thinks he's Elmer (for he was wearing a wabbit costume) and Bugs provides more humor. Then there is some misunderstanding between the psychiatrist and the bunny, when the doc tells Bugs to repeat after him, Bugs complicates matters. When the doctor tells Bugs HE's Elmer J. Fudd Bugs switches positions and puts the psychiatrist in his chair. Then he takes medicine and is soon hypnotised into thinking he truly IS Elmer J. Fudd. This is a very funny part of the short, providing probably the best humor in the film.

When Bugs goes hunting wabbits (with an Elmer Fudd-ese accent), he meets the runaway Elmer, and attempts to hunt him down. Classical Bugs/Elmer chase gags ensue, including Bugs meeting a bear. When Bugs plays dead to make the bear leave, the bear buries him, only to find Bugs has gone right through the ledge!

When it seems Bugs has finally caught Elmer, some tax-associated guy appears to tell Bugs he owes $300,000 in taxes and drags him away, Elmer reveals he's not COMPLETELY wacko: "I may be a scwewy wabbit, but I'm not going to Alcatraz."

Recommended. A laugh-fest from start to finish (though definitely not of the same quality as the classics or a normal Chuck Jones short) that is well worth your seven minutes. Freleng couldn't make Elmer work as well as Chuck Jones (who can, anyway? Plus, Elmer is a Jones creation) but this is one of his best efforts with him.

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"Brother, you got yourself a preposition."

Author: utgard14 from USA
29 December 2014

This is a weird one but fun. It starts off with Elmer Fudd as the head of his own company with his name on a skyscraper and everything. His board of directors are holding a meeting and we soon find out why: Elmer has gone crazy and believes himself to be a rabbit. Through a series of wacky events, Elmer switches places with Bugs who is hypnotized into thinking he's really Elmer the millionaire and hunter. Crazy stuff and it just gets crazier from there. It's a nice idea to do a role reversal between Bugs and Elmer but man this short gets there strangely. Points for originality, though. Arthur Q. Bryan and Mel Blanc are both great. Nice music and animation. Good short but be prepared for it to be an odd one. The ending is great.

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I bet that lots of CEOs owe that much in back taxes

Author: Lee Eisenberg ( from Portland, Oregon, USA
21 March 2010

Elmer has hunted Bugs many times, but Friz Freleng's "Hare Brush" puts a little spin on it. Elmer is a corporate CEO who believes himself to be a rabbit. His board of directors decides to put him in an institution. When Bugs walks by his window, he summons the wascally wabbit to the room and manages to escape. After the psychiatrist convinces Bugs that HE is Elmer, Bugs goes hunting and meets Elmer. But a twist at the end implies that the events of the cartoon were no accident! At the very least, it was neat to see Elmer and Bugs with their roles reversed, to the point that they even say the other's line. The part about tax evasion brings to mind the corporate scandals of the past few years. No telling how much Ken Lay owed in back taxes.

Anyway, really funny.

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Very interesting role reversal parody between Elmer and Bugs

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
7 February 2010

This is definitely not as good as the Chuck Jones cartoons, this parody cartoon from Fritz Freleng is quite an interesting one. For one thing, while it is funny, it isn't as laugh out loud funny as some of the truly manic Looney Tunes cartoons, and Elmer while effective isn't given that much to do. But the animation is excellent, and so is the music. The script is witty and fun, especially Elmer's end line, and the sight gags are inspired. Mel Blanc and Arthur Q. Bryan both are stellar with the voices, and it was nice to see Elmer no longer the butt of the joke, it somehow brought a different side to him. But even in the Elmer role, Bugs is still humorous. The psychiatrist was a good character as well, and was relevant to the well thought out story. Overall, this is very good, and definitely worth the watch. 8/10 Bethany Cox

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A very clever Bugs Bunny episode.

Author: Mightyzebra from Scotland
7 June 2008

In this Looney Tunes episode, Elmer seems to think he is a rabbit and is sent to an asylum. Elmer Fudd meets Bugs Bunny and without Bug's realising he swaps places. AKA Elmer Fudd is now a rabbit and Bugs Bunny is now Elmer Fudd thinking he's a rabbit. Confusing? Yep, it is confusing all right! After this the proper humour of the short kicks in and is indeed VERY humorous.

This is one of my favourite Bugs Bunny episodes, due to the clever way the plot is laid out, the funny gags and the funny quotes. Bugs Bunny is very entertaining and Elmer receives his best part of the episode in the last fifteen seconds or so.

I recommend this to people who like clever Looney Tunes episodes and Bugs Bunny, as he is the star. Enjoy! :-)

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