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Typical Tex Avery insanity
Robert Reynolds5 July 2001
This short, nominated for an Oscar, is pretty typical of Avery, with one small difference-where he typically started with a rather mundane normal situation and then twisted it in insane ways, here he starts with an absurdity (the infusion of dog plasma into a man and vice versa) and THEN twists it in insane ways! A hilariously funny cartoon and the ending is perfect. Highly Recommended.
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Simply hilarious
fabulousrice19 May 2000
This is simply the greatest Tex Avery short animated film I know. And I believe to have seen almost all of them. This is as simple as it sounds: blood transfusion goes wrong, man had dog blood and dog has man blood. The dog acts like his owner, patting the woman's head, the man acts like a dog, chasing birds around and bringing the slippers to his dog. If you analyze the film-making, you can easily realize how much efforts Tex Avery was putting in trying to make his audience laugh every 10 seconds or so. I cannot think of a sequence that isn't funny. The animated sequences of each person's face whenever they are bewildered at the occurrences are simply amazing: very often have I felt bewildered and immediately thought about this sequence, expecting my hairpiece to turn on itself, clock-like cuckoos to pop out of my mouth... The rendering of bewilderment has never been equaled after this. Up to its last plot twist , this film is hilarious. According to me, this cartoon is one of Tex's funniest, and also one of his wackiest.
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CRAZY MIXED UP PUP (Tex Avery, 1954) ***1/2
MARIO GAUCI3 March 2008
From its title, I wasn't aware that I had watched this one before – which, despite being a latter-day Avery effort, is every bit a classic cartoon. Again, the premise is simple yet totally insane: a man and his dog are trampled by a car while crossing the road; a cross-eyed male nurse mistakenly applies the wrong kind of plasma to each, with the result that the man takes on the habits of the dog and vice versa. Of course, this sends the wife (and the dog's own 'spouse') up the wall – even if both intermittently revert to their natural states and, obviously, think that it's their respective mates who are nuts! Predictably, then, the ending sees the wife and her pet getting the exact same affliction after being run over themselves by a car – and subsequently revived by the same eager but clueless medical attendant! And they all lived happily ever after…
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One crazy and hilarious mix up
TheLittleSongbird24 October 2017
Love animation, it was a big part of my life as a child, particularly Disney, Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry, and still love it whether it's film, television or cartoons.

Also have much admiration for Tex Avery, an animation genius whose best cartoons are animated masterpieces and some of the best he ever did. 'Crazy Mixed Up Pup' may not be one of his very best, only because his masterpieces were so many, more so than most other animation directors. Occasionally, limitations show in some of the backgrounds (in comparison to his cartoons from the 40s), certainly a long way from awful but lacks the imagination and fluidity of his best cartoons. As said many times, when Avery was not at his best he still fared much better than most other animation directors at their worst, some can only dream of having their best work on the same level as the masterpieces from Avery.

Have not seen all Avery's work, though that's my goal as of now, but as of now have yet to see anything "bad" from him, even if there are perhaps a few very early efforts that are not at his usual top standard.

Some limited backgrounds and some unrefined drawing aside, there are some colourful and expressive moments in the animation. Clarence Wheeler is no Scott Bradley, but his music scoring proves him to be a more than worthy replacement. It's lively, lush and fits very well, if not quite action-enhancing as with Bradley.

'Crazy Mixed Up Pup' is one of those cartoons that is very funny, with plenty of clever, imaginatively timed gags that really deliver on the humour and makes the most of a very clever and brilliantly constructed story that is pure insanity and deliciously so. Nobody does insanity like Tex Avery.

Avery does wonderfully with the direction as always.

In summation, excellent cartoon if not quite one of Avery's very best. 9/10 Bethany Cox
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The term Man Bites Dog never became more literal.
Robert McElwaine24 March 2016
Crazy Mixed Up Pup is a-typical of the sublimely surreal nature of the animated shorts of director Tex Avery. Oddly it's not quite as well known of his other works which is a shame because it's premise although simple is still wonderfully ingenious and totally off the wall. A married dog owner takes his pet pooch out for a walk, only for the two of them to be run over while crossing the street. The cross eyed paramedic who rushes to the scene mixes up the the blood to give them the necessary blood transfusion, the result being that the man begins behaving like his dog and vice versa. The term Man Bites dog never became more literal as ensuing events unfold.

It's a conceit that is brilliantly utilised as his bemused wife and anyone else who comes in to contact with them struggle to cope with their bizarre behaviour. For a six minute short it manages to cram in just enough jokes and crazy visual humour that by the time it's over, you can't help but want to watch it again. One moment where the dog just out of nowhere begins to dance in front of the freaked out wife is so random that you can't help but chuckling at the insanity of it. It all leads to an equally wacky pay off which rounds everything up quite nicely. If there is a flaw however its that while not dreadful the animation Isn't quite up to the higher standard of some of Avery's earlier shorts. However it's a quibble I'm willing to mainly forgive as it's a testament to his genius that nearly 60 years later it still stands the test of time. Not one to miss if you get the chance to see it.
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Of Dog and Men
Warning: Spoilers
"Crazy Mixed Up Pup" is a 6-minute cartoon from roughly 60 years ago and was written and directed by cartoon legend Tex Avery, possibly the most famous cartoon director of its era that did not work for Disney or Warner Bros. on a regular basis. This little film was Oscar-nominated (one of many nominations for Walter Lantz), but lost to the newest "Mr. Magoo" cartoon. Even if this is not among Avery's most famous works and has no Droopy the Dog in it, it still may very well be my favorite work of his. There is nothing too memorable about the animation. It's okay for the 1950s, nothing more, nothing less, but the cartoon is filled with really funny jokes from start to finish. It is all based on the idea of a man and a dog having an accident and the med accidentally giving the two the blood plasma that was intended for the other. When the duo returns home, chaos evolves. It's never repetitive, although it easily could have been, and the ending is exactly what I had hoped would happen. It's not only feel-good, but very smart and very funny. Great cartoon. One of the 1950s finest, especially if you count mostly unknown ones. Highly recommended.
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