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27 Aug. 1955
Ransom Flight
Jim and his brother Frank Warren are the most successful ranchers in the area. Jim is kidnapped and neighbor Abe Miller is killed. The Texas Rangers are called in to investigate the shooting, unaware a kidnapping has occurred. They get a false lead when Abe mumbles Jim's name on his death bed. The Rangers assume Jim is the killer and go to investigate. The Rangers interview Frank who is very aggressive. Jim's wife arrives and lets slip she has been to the bank. The Rangers now realize they are dealing with Jim's kidnapping as well. Frank explains the kidnappers warned...
24 Sep. 1955
Blood Trail
Dr JB Thomas staggers down a street after being attacked and badly injured. He Collapses mutter 'Gaullas' before dying. The Rangers think it is an open and shut case. Karl Gaullas' wife recently died in child birth and Thomas was the doctor involved. Gaullas confirms being at the doctors but only seeking treatment for his arm. Gaullas explains an unknown man was waiting who is later identified as ranch hand Tony Horner. The Rangers visit his employer at the Ford ranch to find Horner has not been seen since last evening. Ranger Person plays a hunch and rather than ...
15 Oct. 1955
The Shooting of Sam Bass
Sam Bass a notorious bank robber sends the Texas Rangers a note about activities of his former gang and their heists. The only problem is, Sam died 20 years ago in a bank robbery
22 Oct. 1955
Home in San Antone
New York City, two men rob an antique store killing the owner in the process. Shortly after the Texas Ranger receive reports of a couple of strangers arriving in the area care of Ned Watkins and old timer who suffers from kleptomania. The criminals settle into a farm and wait for the gang leader arrive and inspect their haul of diamonds. Ned delivering food can't resist and steals the booty. The criminals realize what happened and set off after Ned. The Texas Rangers stop the chase and interview Ned. Suspicion is further aroused by how the criminals acted when the ...

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