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Season 2

31 Oct. 1955
The Archer-Shee Case
A young cadet at Royal Navel College is accused of theft and dismissed.
28 Nov. 1955
If I Were Rich
Longing to move up in the world and escape their ordinary lives, the Johnson family pin all their hopes on a sweepstakes ticket. When their ticket becomes one of twenty finalists, temptation to sell it before the prize is selected wears on them, but they win it. Afterward, what looked like a life of ease turns into problems and heartache.
20 Feb. 1956
Return from Oblivion
A businessman develops a persecution complex.
23 Apr. 1956
Uncle Sam's C Men
Agents from the U.S. Commerce Department get a tip that a manufacturer is illegally shipping aircraft parts to Communist East Europe.
14 May 1956
Britain's Most Baffling Murder Case
When the wife of a mild-mannered insurance salesman is murdered, the police immediately suspect the husband, William Herbert Wallace.
21 May 1956
Down on the Tennessee
A young Northerner gets a job as first mate on a Tennessee River cargo boat, but discovers that the pilot is deaf, the fireman is a drunk and the cook is up to something shady.
18 Jun. 1956
Go Fight City Hall
An angry taxpayer in a suburban New York town finally gets fed up with the crooked and incompetent politicians running the local government and sets out to do something about it. However, the political machine doesn't scare so easily and they begin to make life miserable for the man and his family.
9 Jul. 1956
The Smuggler
A young Norwegian sailor on a ship bound for San Francisco runs afoul of a gang smuggling opium from Asia, which threatens to kill him if he doesn't smuggle drugs into the country for them when he lands in San Francisco.

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