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Season 1

Crash in the Jungle
Sheena rescues bush pilot Andy Howard, when his plane crashes in the jungle. Andy was delivering film containing rare footage of a secretive native tribe that had been lensed by Clare Graham, a documentary film maker. Andy is convinced that his plane was sabotaged but Bob Rayburn, investigating on behest of Graham's insurance company, can't find any evidence to back up Howard's assertions. Bob explains the situation to Sheena who realizes that the alleged film never existed because the tribe would never have permitted their images to be captured on film. The jungle ...
Cry Wolf
Roani, an imaginative child who idolizes Sheena discovers that Bob's client, Gonzales, plans to murder a priest at Roani's mission school. Unfortunately, the girl has told so many lies that, like the proverbial boy who cried 'wolf', no one will believe her.
Curse of Voodoo
Bob regrets agreeing to guide a headstrong photographer in the Kenyan bush because the man refuses to accept his instructions. When Bob refuses to take man to a tribe of murderous voodoo worshipers, the photographer takes off on his own, putting himself as well as Bob and Sheena in deadly peril.
21 Sep. 1955
Devil's Mountain
A native tribe is forced to dig for rubies in a dangerous mine when thieves steal their sacred religious relic. The tribesman believe that calamity will befall them if they don't follow the possessor of the relic's every command.
The Elephant God
When an orphan learns that a married couple died in a jungle plane crash, she becomes convinced that these people were her parents. Bob Rayburn agrees to lead the woman and a man she believes to be her uncle on a search for the wrecked fuselage, but the Masai tribe believe that the safari's purpose is to kill a sacred elephant and attack the small group.
Eyes of the Idol
Sheena and Bob investigate wild reports of a mobile idol with huge eyes that are terrorizing the countryside.
Fair Stranger
The sister-in-law of Colonel Deveridge, Diane Russell, plots to take over his prosperous plantation by killing his son and heir, David. She abandons him in the jungle, but Sheena rescues him for a man-eating lion in a nick of time. Falling back to Plan B, Diane incites the local tribesmen to kill the Deveridges and only Sheena and Bob stand between the angry warriors and the Deveridge family.
19 Oct. 1955
Forbidden Cargo
Sheena and Bob race to stop a gang of gunrunners supplying rifles to a violent tribe and simultaneously locate the source of typhoid which threatens to engulf the entire Massai region of Kenya.
6 Oct. 1955
Forbidden Land
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Hot Treasure
Sheena is asked to help find the murderer of an inoffensive native villager whose death seems to make no sense. Meanwhile, Bob Rayburn is robbed and captured while guarding a shipment of radium. Sheena's investigation discloses a link to the two crimes and sets about to recover the radium and bring the criminals to justice.
Jungle Manhunt
Sheena tracks down a defiant teen-aged girl who flees into the jungle after her outlaw father is slain during a bungled robbery. Having taken the youth under her wing, Sheena must protect her when her thuggish uncle escapes from prison in order to find her niece and return her in the family business.
30 Nov. 1955
The Lash
Bull Kendall, a former circus strongman, is determined to possess a valuable cargo of musk oil. He's willing to whip or even kill to get his way.
The Leopard Men
A band of native miners become frightened when one of their number is murdered by what appears to be the work of a giant leopard... or a Leopard Man. When a Swiss miner spots Sheena near the murder victim, he believes that the leopard-skin clad heroine is a member of the cult and tries to kill her.
The Magic Bag
Sheena convinces Bob to take a native youth on his photography trip deep into the African bush. Along the way, Bob rescues a doctor who seeks the boy's native tribe to learn the secret of their native medicine. One night, the boy runs away and when the safari members are captured by the tribe, they are threatened with death for killing the youth.
Mark of the Giant
Sheena tries to help a man and his sister who have hired a shady big-game hunter to lead them on a safari, despite the older man's head injury which is causing him to go slowly blind.
Perilous Journey
When a native chief returns to his village and finds it destroyed and his family abducted, against the advice of Bob and Sheena, he attempts to rescue his wife and son and avenge himself on the perpetrators. Captured by his enemies, he is forced to spy on their behalf or his family will be executed - unless Sheena can free the chief's loved ones.
4 Jan. 1956
The Renegades
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11 Jan. 1956
The Rival Queen
Bull Kendall and his henchmen break out of a jungle prison. Bull has two goals: kill Sheena for putting him in prison and grab a jar full of gems kept in a nearby native village. Turpin, one of Bull's fellow escapees, hypnotizes Helen, Bull's wife, convincing her to visit a friendly fishing village as "The Queen of the Night." When Bull & Co. dump lime into the river and kill all the fish, "The Queen" tells the tribesmen that it is the work of Sheena and natives in a nearby village. When the natives race to attack their neighbors, the bad guys, with Sheena as a ...
Secret of the Temple
A wealthy physician hires a shady guide to lead him to a legendary temple where the priests are said to know the secret of long life. When the doctor's daughter learns that the guide stands to make $50,000 if the old man dies while on the safari, she asks Sheena and Bob to rescue the physician before he his harmed.
The Test
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Jungle Pursuit
A Kenyan tax collector accuses an African tribe of not paying the money owed to the government. When told that the dead chief's son went to Nairobi to pay their taxes, the government agent informs the tribe that the son spent his money lavishly while in the Kenyan capitol and was sentenced to a length prison term for assaulting a police officer. When the youth escapes from the prison camp, he tells Sheena and Bob a completely different story.

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