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Season 1

5 Oct. 1955
Meet the Governor
A backwoods lawyer's race for the governor's office is thwarted by mainstream opponents who dig up dirt from his past.
12 Oct. 1955
Day Is Done
During the 1951 rout of the American army in Korea, a battle-hardened sergeant tries to reinvigorate his men with a bugle picked up by the side of the road.
19 Oct. 1955
A Midsummer Daydream
A man meets the girl of his dreams in a marriage license bureau, but his love life is derailed when his beloved falls for a slick gambler instead.
26 Oct. 1955
A sleepy Western town is shocked when a young woman staggers into town claiming her wagon train was destroyed by Indians.
2 Nov. 1955
Want Ad Wedding
A stranger in a large city places a newspaper advertisement requesting guests at his wedding.
9 Nov. 1955
Life of Vernon Hathaway
A daydreaming man discovers that his imagined adventures are happening in real life.
16 Nov. 1955
The Final Tribute
The town's new cold-hearted doctor's demeanor is the complete reversal of their beloved old physician and his nurse attempts to teach the new man proper bedside manners.
23 Nov. 1955
The Brush Roper
An old man, a spinner of tall western tales of his former daring-do, decides to capture a dangerous bull single handed.
30 Nov. 1955
Tom and Jerry
A priest tries to save a marriage that appears to be headed for the rocks in time for Christmas.
7 Dec. 1955
Rookie of the Year
A small town sportswriter attending the World Series recognizes a young ballplayer as the son of former baseball hero who was banned for throwing a game.
14 Dec. 1955
Lincoln's Doctor's Dog
During the dark days of the Civil War, a doctor gives President Lincoln a puppy to buoy his spirits.
21 Dec. 1955
The Silent Partner
When a great film star accepts an academy award, he reflects on a comedian he worked with in the early film days, owing his success to him, not realizing that man is now destitute, watching the show on TV from a barstool.
28 Dec. 1955
The Titanic Incident
A gambler tries to fleece an wealthy traveler while sailing on the Titanic's fateful cruise.
4 Jan. 1956
Hot Cargo
After marrying the captain of a tramp steamer, a chorus girl falls in love with a harbor policeman.
11 Jan. 1956
It's Always Sunday
A pair of drifters are befriended by a minister.
18 Jan. 1956
No. 5 Checked Out
A young deaf women confronts desperate crooks who are using one of her remote resort cabins for a hideout.
1 Feb. 1956
Prima Donna
A teenager with outstanding vocal talent would rather play baseball than develop his singing skills.
15 Feb. 1956
Cry Justice
Rather than allow his partner to marry the woman he loves, a man fakes his own murder and frames his partner for the supposed crime. When the partner is released from prison ten years later, he plots revenge.
22 Feb. 1956
Affair in Sumatra
A woman of mixed parentage must choose between her people and the man she loves.
7 Mar. 1956
One Against Many
A scientist is faced with a difficult decision. A man devoted to saving lives, he may be forced to kill in order to prevent a state-wide livestock epidemic.
14 Mar. 1956
It's a Most Unusual Day
A married couple take in a night club show starring Jimmy McHugh, and are prompted by his melodies to relive their past.
4 Apr. 1956
The Sword of Villon
Dashing French adventurer Francois Villon learns of a plot to assassinate the king, and gathers his followers to stop the plot and save the king's life.
11 Apr. 1956
Late on Christmas Day, a man coaxes an antiques shopkeeper to let him in under the pretense of needing a gift for his fiancée, but it is soon clear he wants something else. To his surprise, what he gets is a battle with his own conscience.
25 Apr. 1956
A doctor's second wife is tormented by the presence of his pet cat, which reminds her of the fact that she was involved in her husband's first wife's drowning.
9 May 1956
A Ticket for Thaddeus
A Polish refugee and new citizen gets involved in a slight car accident, but he doesn't fully understand American life, and believes he will be sent to a concentration camp.
16 May 1956
The Dream
In 1887 France, a mother is starting to become worried about her young son. He has a recurring dream in which he looks for his dead father. His mother gets worried even more when he tells her that he has met a wealthy nobleman who wants to take him aboard ship for a trip to the West Indies.
6 Jun. 1956
What Day Is It?
A husband-and-wife dance team works smoothly onstage, but backstage it's one long fight because the wife is observing a "special date", and the husband can't remember what it is.
3 Jun. 1956
Every Man Has Two Wives
In the spring, when one gentleman's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of a former love, his wife decides to take drastic action. She and hubby make a trip back to the old home town, determined to come face to face with his childhood sweetheart.
4 Jul. 1956
A young orphan boy who has always wanted to be a rodeo rider meets and befriends his idol, world champion rodeo rider Casey Tibbs.
11 Jul. 1956
White Corridors
As her friend suffers from a violent appendicitis attack, Ellen takes her to a London hospital in the dead of night. Despite the night nurse's reticence, her friend is taken into care. Two surgeons are on call this night and one of them performs the operation. But Ellen's relief is short-lived for, while leaving the hospital, she surprises an alarming conversation about what the hospital's real activities are. Feeling threatened, she takes refuge in the room of a patient and to her horror she realizes the man is dead! Worse, he has just been operated on by one of the ...
18 Jul. 1956
The Carroll Formula
A college professor accidentally comes across a formula that can reduce the size of anything.
25 Jul. 1956
Apples on the Lilac Tree
A married couple's living arrangement has the town abuzz--he prefers to stay at home and do the housework, while she's out spending the day at her job.
1 Aug. 1956
The Bitter Waters
At the beginning of the 20th century, a rich American boy touring Europe with his uncle stops at a trendy German resort and meets a pretty young girl who is there with her mother, a widow. The young couple fall for each other, until the young girl's mother's past begins to have an effect on their relationship.
5 Sep. 1956
The Day I Met Caruso
A ten-year-old girl meets famed opera singer Enrico Caruso on a train between Boston and New York. She admonishes him for his extravagant lifestyle, but she is softened up somewhat when Caruso begins to sing arias from her favorite operas.
12 Sep. 1956
High Air
A father and his estranged son, both tunnel workers in New York City, are forced to deal with each other during a dangerous collapse.

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