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9 Apr. 1955
A new rocket fuel is being developed to power the XF, a jet capable of traveling faster Mach 2. During a test, a craft moving faster than the XF is encountered and the pilot ejects. His report of the event is questioned. An inquiry follows.
16 Apr. 1955
Time Is Just a Place
Al and Nell Brown are suspicious of their odd new neighbor. Mr. Heller, who claims to be an inventor, uses a robotic vacuum cleaner and a flashlight that shines X-rays. Even so, he's clueless about current technology. Al becomes convinced the couple is from the future, though Nell says her husband's reading too much science fiction.
30 Apr. 1955
Out of Nowhere
A strange signal is disrupting the sonar used by bats, causing them to slam into a skyscraper. Fearing a foreign country is tying to disrupt our radar systems, the government investigates. They discover a strong microwave beam aimed at the building from directly above. The inspectors figure it must be coming from a space station in orbit before remembering that signals from earth are reflected by the ionosphere.
30 Apr. 1955
The world's leading expert on telepathy, Dr. Lawton, is rushed with his assistant to a military weather station at the North Pole. The men there have suddenly become psychic. The mysterious code they're mentally receiving, Y-O-R-D, turns out to be an SOS call from an alien spaceship in the Earth's orbit.
7 May 1955
Stranger in the Desert
Two uranium prospectors find a rich deposit-and a botanist. The botanist has no interest in riches but may have an unworldly motive instead.
23 Apr. 1955
No Food for Thought
A Nobel Prize-winning doctor working in rural Arizona is visited by the county health officer after the unusual death of one of his assistants. The secretive scientist is developing a synthetic nutrient that, they learned too late, has an unfortunate side effect: creatures using it become highly susceptible to deadly viruses.
21 May 1955
The Brain of John Emerson
A policeman is recovering from brain surgery. His surgeon was a renowned neuroscientist who has died and his IQ has mysteriously increased. He visits the surgeon's laboratory and recognizes the room and equipment. Visiting the doctor's home, he encounters his widow, who is suspicious that he knows so much about the house and the doctor's work.
28 May 1955
Spider Inc.
A scientist thinks he can use a 50 million year old piece of amber with a spider encased within to produce synthetic oil.
4 Jun. 1955
Death at 2 A.M.
Police suspect a scientist and his helper of murder. Problem is, neither man has the strength needed to kill the victim in the manner he was killed.
11 Jun. 1955
Conversation with an Ape
An animal researcher finds that his own wife is terrified of animals, and hopes to cure her by teaching her to communicate with them, but an unexpected and more dramatic event may do the trick even sooner.
18 Jun. 1955
Marked 'Danger'
A man prospecting in the desert finds a sealed experimental container containing two white mice, and brings them home to his wife before calling the authorities. But when the authorities arrive, the two mice are gone, with only a green residue in the container.
25 Jun. 1955
Hour of Nightmare
A husband and wife freelance photography team travels to Mexico to photograph mysterious flying objects in the night sky and stumble upon a dead alien.
2 Jul. 1955
One Hundred Years Young
Though he looks to be in his forties, the man caught breaking into a research laboratory claims he's over 200 years old. He says he learned the secret formula for youth from the medicine man who raised him. The researchers find him to be sad and lonely, afraid to love someone because she will die of old age while he just keeps going.
9 Jul. 1955
The Strange Doctor Lorenz
A physician who is losing the use of his hands due to X-ray radiation seeks out a mysterious beekeeper who is apparently able to cure the most severe burns.
30 Jul. 1955
The Frozen Sound
Government agents attempt to rescue a kidnapped research scientist.
9 Aug. 1955
The Stones Began to Move
A research scientist working on a top secret government project disappears. When he mysterious returns, he acts as if he has been brainwashed.
13 Aug. 1955
The Lost Heartbeat
A young doctor who's been experimenting with heart surgery is visited by his former teacher. Elderly Dr. Crane's time is short due to his bad ticker. Armed with a newly-developed miniature battery, he hopes to convince the surgeon to use the power source to run an artificial heart he wants implanted in his chest.
27 Aug. 1955
The World Below
On a deep sea dive in a special device, three men swear that they saw an underwater city, but Navy investigators can find no evidence of the city's existence.
3 Sep. 1955
Barrier of Silence
A pilot loses his memory of what happened during a top-secret flight, most likely due to intense sound. Scientists hope to retrieve his memory by subjecting him to intense silence.
10 Sep. 1955
The Negative Man
After an accident in a laboratory, an electrician develops superior intelligence and super-human sensory powers.
17 Sep. 1955
Dead Reckoning
Trouble befalls an Air Force flight crew and their passengers, a meteorologist and his beautiful assistant en route to the Arctic.
24 Sep. 1955
A Visit from Dr. Pliny
Quirky strangers appear at the research institute. They have curious ideas, and unexplained knowledge. Local researchers aren't sure if they are legitimate or if they are dangerous nuts. What will happen if they are allowed into the lab?
1 Oct. 1955
The Strange People at Pecos
A high-strung radar operator is convinced that UFOs are following the test rockets he monitors at a secret facility in Pecos, New Mexico. His kids' new playmate, an odd little girl who feels no pain, causes him to jump to conclusions; he's sure the child and her family are spies from outer space.
8 Oct. 1955
Dead Storage
Arctic workers discover a frozen mammoth, which is quickly transported to a research institute. Upon thawing, and with a little galvanic shock, investigations take an interesting turn.
15 Oct. 1955
The Human Equation
Researchers studying new antibiotics are finding themselves accused of uncharacteristic behaviors, which they can't recall. Could the ergot-derived compound be affecting their brains?
22 Oct. 1955
Target: Hurricane
The Miami Hurricane Bureau leaps into action when a killer storm mysteriously appears offshore. Besides keeping the public informed of the threat, James Tyler is worried about his son who's on a camping trip with his Boy Scout troop.
29 Oct. 1955
The Water Maker
After the strange death of Dr Dunlap, Dr Brookes arrives to see if he can complete the research Dunlap was doing into creating water in the desert. Elements of Dunlap's death don't add up and Brookes wonders if he was a lot closer to success than anyone thought.
5 Nov. 1955
The Unexplored
A Parapsychologist has his funding cut at a college. In a last ditch effort to prove the worth of his research he uses techniques he's developed to try and locate a member of the college staff who has gone missing.
12 Nov. 1955
The Hastings Secret
A team of investigators go to Peru after incomplete notes are sent from Dr Hastings. They know he was working on new insecticides to use against termites, but when they arrive at the research station they discover something frightening and revolutionary.
19 Nov. 1955
Postcard from Barcelona
After the death of Dr Keller, researchers going through his notes discover many of his greatest discoveries came from a third party. As they continue to investigate the truth becomes stranger and stranger.
26 Nov. 1955
Friend of a Raven
A teacher of the deaf and a truant officer visit an apparently deaf-mute boy to determine why he has not been attending school. The teacher finds that the boy has an uncanny ability to communicate with animals, in spite of his disability.
3 Dec. 1955
Beyond Return
A doctor discovers a way to reverse degenerate diseases. He experiments on a young woman who makes a complete recovery. He discovers she is beginning to exhibit extraordinary physical abilities, and he realizes he must reverse the process before it is too late.
10 Dec. 1955
Before the Beginning
A scientist slaves to prove his theory about the origins of life on Earth. In the meantime he is oblivious to the serious and potential fatal illness his wife has developed.
17 Dec. 1955
The Long Day
A group of scientists experiment with a new missile that will produce vast amounts of light at night. The experiment fails and the scientists have to figure how to shut the light off.
24 Dec. 1955
Project 44
A break through in rocket design "Project 44" means a team of 8 astronauts are to be selected to go on a mission to Mars. Those planning the project have to deal with the emotional stress of such a voyage along with the obvious physical needs.
31 Dec. 1955
Are We Invaded?
A journalist sees a UFO and goes on a quest to discover the truth about them. What he finds is far beyond anything either he or anyone else ever suspected.

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