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6 Apr. 1956
Signals from the Heart
A doctor is blamed for a train wreck that killed two dozen people because he had just certified the engineer, who had suffered a fatal heart attack right before the crash, as fit for duty. To make up for the damage to his reputation, the doctor now hopes to develop a new cardiogram that will detect heart attacks from a distance.
13 Apr. 1956
The Long Sleep
After saving the life of an orangutan by lowering the body temperature, a doctor is asked to do the same to a human child---under force.
20 Apr. 1956
Who Is This Man?
Tommy Cooper's shyness is so crippling, he's failing his college courses. At the request of his sister, Dr. Bentley of the psychology department puts Tommy under hypnosis to find the cause of his fears. Instead, the young man claims to be Jack Welsch, a murderer hanged in 1888.
27 Apr. 1956
The Green Bomb
Using stolen parts, a psychopath builds a nuclear weapon while government agents race to find him before he can detonate it.
4 May 1956
When a Camera Fails
A geophysics professor uses his revolutionary new microscope to make a startling discovery: certain crystals act as photographic film. Examining prehistoric rocks, he's able to see images of dinosaurs; glass formed by an atomic test show him the mushroom cloud.
11 May 1956
Bullet Proof
A bank robber uses a piece of metal salvaged from an alien spacecraft to aid his thefts.
18 May 1956
The Flicker
A man randomly kills a woman and has no memory of the event or anything after he'd left a theatre. Once investigators watch the same film they discover the cause behind his strange course of action and how to stop it happening again.
25 May 1956
The Unguided Missile
A female journalist seems to suddenly have access to secret information about ballistic missile research being conducted at a nearby university. Concern grows over who the leak is and what she plans to do with the information. The truth turns out to be far stranger than anyone ever expected.
1 Jun. 1956
End of Tomorrow
A German scientist appears in Washington 20 years after supposedly being lost in a South American jungle. He's brought with him an antibiotic so powerful that it prevents and cures every known disease in world. Just before mass inoculations are to begin, two government researchers discover it's dangerous side effect.
8 Jun. 1956
The Mind Machine
Elderly Dr. Milton has been developing a computerized device that translates one's brain waves into written text. Following the senior scientist's death, Dr. Cathcart continues his work with the "mind writer," using it to decipher the final thoughts from the late doctor's brain.
15 Jun. 1956
The Missing Waveband
Dr. Vincent Milhurst confesses to some fellow scientists that he did not devise the calculations that make stable satellites possible. Instead, they came from an unknown voice on a newly-found radio frequency. When they finally trace the signal, they discover it's originating 367 million miles away from Earth.
22 Jun. 1956
The Human Experiment
Biochemist Dr. Ellen Ballard has isolated an enzyme from bees that she hopes will help the mentally ill function in society. What she creates at her isolated laboratory is a house full of patients with characteristics of the queen, worker, and soldier bees. A fellow scientist arriving for a visit soon realizes that something is very wrong.
29 Jun. 1956
The Man Who Didn't Know
Six months after an experimental aircraft explodes over the Pacific, a scientist who was on the flight is found in a Singapore hospital. All he can remember is having been rescued by a passing ship. After returning to work on the secret aircraft team, the military learns that an enemy country has recordings of their confidential meetings. The rescued scientist has unwittingly been turned into a human transmitter.
20 Jul. 1956
The Phantom Car
The sheriff ignores an old prospector who claims he was almost run over by a driverless car in the desert. Once a geologist's wife is seriously injured by the same automobile, he takes matters seriously. The lawman determines that the vehicle is radio-controlled, but don't know who's operating it or why it's hitting people.
27 Jul. 1956
Beam of Fire
A scientist developing an energy source allowing interplanetary travel, is killed in his lab after a mysterious phone call. Security is tightened on the surviving scientist on the project, but he also dies after a phone call. An unknown ray had been aimed at both men, possibly coming from an intelligent being discouraging our space travels.
3 Aug. 1956
Legend of Crater Mountain
A teacher at a one room schoolhouse is being tormented by three siblings. The kids possess psychic powers that they use to frighten her. When the a researcher arrives to investigate Mrs. Brown's claims, the students ramp up the attacks.
10 Aug. 1956
Living Lights
A scientist manages to trigger organic growth by replicating the atmosphere of Venus is a small laboratory. As the experiment progresses the results far exceed anyone's expectations.
17 Aug. 1956
Dr. Barlow relates the strange tale of how he and his wife were transported from a foggy beach onto one of the moons of Jupiter. They encountered a long-missing scientist who shared with them the secret of Jupitron: a substance that will solve the Earth's hunger problem.
24 Aug. 1956
The Throwback
A geneticist believes that in addition to physical traits, memories can be passed along through the genes. Examining the family history of an acquaintance, Professor Hughes is amazed by the similarities between a present-day young man and an ancestor from 400 years earlier. He becomes alarmed by the ancestor's cause of death; the professor fears the young man will meet the same fate.
31 Aug. 1956
The Miracle of Doctor Dove
After a series of disappearances of important scientists the authorities begin to investigate a doctor. What they discover is a man who may have found a way to stop the aging process.
7 Sep. 1956
One Thousand Eyes
A police researcher, using a newly developed camera, solves the murders of a renowned scientist and the prime suspect in the scientist's death.
14 Sep. 1956
Brain Unlimited
Before blacking out on a test flight during an experiment under increased oxygen storage, a scientist experiences a sudden increase in his brain activity, which he determines to investigate further.
21 Sep. 1956
Death at My Fingertips
Police think they have an open-and-shut case against a professor in the murder of his college's dean, as the man's fingerprints are found all over the lab where the murder occurred. But then more newly made prints of the accused are found at the college, and they could only have been made since he's been imprisoned after his arrest.
28 Sep. 1956
Sound That Kills
A meeting of scientists is disrupted when it is discovered that someone is trying to kill them by using a a beam made up of ultrasonic sound.
12 Oct. 1956
Survival in Box Canyon
A rescue mission is mounted to find the plane carrying a nuclear physicist to an atomic experiment.
26 Oct. 1956
The Voice
An attorney has evidence that could clear a man scheduled to be executed in a few days. But on his way to present the evidence, he is involved in a plane crash that leaves him paralyzed and unable to speak. He finds he must use the only means of communication left to him---mental telepathy, which until now he has not believed in.
9 Nov. 1956
Three Minute Mile
Since becoming Dr. Kendall assistant, college student Britt has gained incredible strength, and can run a mile in about three minutes. A nosy reporter, along with Britt's fiance, begin snooping to find out what kind of "Frankenstein"-type experiments the doctor is conducting.
16 Nov. 1956
The Last Barrier
A top secret rocket is launched from the Pacific to test a new hydrogen ion booster; the target is the moon. Inexplicably, it sets off a rash of flying saucer sightings on the East Coast. The scientists monitoring the flight are also surprised when the rocket is trailed by several unidentified blips on radar as it nears the moon.
23 Nov. 1956
Signals from the Moon
An ambassador is shot by a would-be assassin. To remove the bullet, a surgeon needs to consult a colleague on a cruise ship in the Pacific. Scientists bounce a TV signal off the moon to the ship so he can watch and direct the operation.
30 Nov. 1956
Doctor Robot
Edgar Barnes runs a project called Operation Polyglot, to build an ENIAC/UNIVAC-like computer to translate text to multiple languages. But someone is tampering with the machine in off hours. Is it nefarious, or life-saving?
7 Dec. 1956
The Human Circuit
A nightclub dancers claims that she saw a nuclear blast during a seizure she suffered. Her physician mentions this to a scientist friend who is amazed; she had witnessed a top-secret bomb explosion in the Pacific. Believing her to possess clairvoyance, the two hope to explain her talent scientifically.
14 Dec. 1956
Sun Gold
Radioactive "green glass," formed by the heat of an atomic blast, is said to have been found in the Andes of Peru. A pair of scientists search for the source of the 2000-year-old sample and discover evidence of an Incan civilization with scientific knowledge provided by a "visitor in the sky."
21 Dec. 1956
Three people working in the same laboratory are stricken, on the same day, with three different ailments. Even more shocking is that when doctors operate on them, they appear to be perfectly normal.
28 Dec. 1956
The Miracle Hour
A man is determined to help his fiancée's blind son, even though doctors say the case is hopeless. He and a doctor friend decide to see if the boy can react to items and colors based on cell photosensitivity, which could if successful become a substitute for sight.
4 Jan. 1957
Killer Tree
A scientist investigates claims that a tree kills passersby by emitting a deadly gas.
11 Jan. 1957
Gravity Zero
An absent-minded physics professor and his loyal lab technician work on an anti-gravity device. Despite technical failures, they persist, hoping that the work will contribute to rocket launches, and someday to flying saucers.
25 Jan. 1957
The Magic Suitcase
An old man and his grandson invite a lost hitchhiker to stay the night at their vacation cabin. The stranger disappears, but leaves behind a suitcase that generates huge amounts of electricity. Grandpa turns it over to scientists who are clueless as to how this simple device makes so much power.
1 Feb. 1957
Bolt of Lightning
After an explosion in a research lab, investigators try to find the source of the problem. Many theories abound including the possibility of UFOs. A chance discovery leads investigators to a conclusion no one could believe
8 Feb. 1957
The Strange Lodger
A scientist's new TV ratings device can tell what channel a person's watching just by aiming an antenna at their house. He's perplexed when it registers a channel 84--a channel that doesn't exist--coming from the apartment of an elderly gentleman. A government UFO investigator becomes involved, convinced the old man isn't receiving information, but transmitting it to an alien craft.

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