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5 Jan. 1960
A Murderer's Return
Convict Dobie Jenner arrives in Tombstone after being released from Yuma prison for murder. When his old mining partner George McKean sees him in town, he goes to Earp telling him to run Jenner out of town saying he is dangerous.
12 Jan. 1960
The Big Fight at Total Wreck
Dick Gird has hired Irish and Welsh miners to work at the Total Wreck mine but the old country feud between the two nationalities creates constant fights. Contary to Earp's advice Nellie Cashman believes she can create peace between them.
19 Jan. 1960
Frontier Surgeon
During the holdup of the stage, the gang leader Tinkham Brown is wounded. Earp wants Doc Goodfellow to tell Earp if the outlaws come after him but Doc Goodfellow refuses. Earp follows him but winds up in a truce with the outlaw gang.
26 Jan. 1960
Let's Hang Curly Bill
After a warning by Earp Marshal Fred White tries to take the pistol from a drunk Curly Bill Brocius. White's actions cause the gun to fire mortally wounding him. Earp a witness is forced to protect Brocius from a city lynch mob.
2 Feb. 1960
Silver Dollar
Earp rescues a new girl called Silver Dollar from an amorous man in front of the Alhambra where she works and takes her to Nellie Cashman for a new job. Doc and Shotgun think Earp is in love but his wire to Pinkerton says otherwise.
9 Feb. 1960
The Case of Senor Huerto
A boy and his mother from Mexico arrive in Tombstone asking Earp to turn over the body of his father who was murdered in Tombstone by a Mr. Granby. Earp has no knowledge of the man or murder but he knows a mild-mannered Granby in
16 Feb. 1960
The Arizona Lottery
A string of murders occur at Tombstone caused by the Tucson Ten Percent Ring stealing the winning Arizona lottery tickets. Earp gathers proof of the ring's involvement hoping to use the testimony of a winning couple to convict the leader.
23 Feb. 1960
Don't Get Tough with a Sailor
Earp must contend with Capt. Rowland, retired naval officer, who runs his own legal system on his property including a jail. When Sheriff Behan releases two horse thieves Rowland turned over to Earp, Rowland decides Behan needs jail time.
1 Mar. 1960
The Scout
An Army scout nicknamed the listener returns to Tombstone finds his Apache wife killed by the Apaches in retribution for his attacks on Apache renegades. He goes on a killing spree forcing Earp to lead an Apache party to try to arrest him.
8 Mar. 1960
The Buntline Special
Billy Clanton arrives home unexpectedly from school in San Antonio. Emma wants Old Man Clanton to send him back to school but Billy and his brothers Phin and Ike have other ideas. Billy adds to the problem by stealing Earp's Buntline.
15 Mar. 1960
China Mary
With several hundred Chinese in Tombstone, resentment brews among them about their treatment. suddenly a rash of beatings and thefts cause problems for Earp when a man is killed by the Chinese Earp turns to their queen China Mary for help.
22 Mar. 1960
His Life in His Hands
Earp has convinced Wells Fargo to use undercover agents to help protect shipments but the job is dangerous. After stopping one of Clanton's robbery attempts, Earp realizes the agent is in danger for his life unless Earp acts to save him.
29 Mar. 1960
Behan's Double Game
Earp learns Old Man Clanton is moving some of his stolen silver. Earp catches two of the gang and silver but in Tombstone Sheriff Behan releases the men saying they escaped. It is time for a showdown between Earp and Behan over the issue.
5 Apr. 1960
The Salvation of Emma Clanton
Old Man Clanton wants Emma t marry vicious outlaw Gringo Hawkby but Emma is against it. She turns to Nellie Cashman and ultimately Earp for help in persuading her father to change his mind putting Earp in a deadly situation.
12 Apr. 1960
John Clum, Fighting Editor
Old Man Clanton gives Sheriff Behan orders to run John P. Clum out of town. Clanton is afraid important people might see Clum's paper and the truth but Clum's hot temper may be his undoing by allowing Behan to sue and bankrupt him.
19 Apr. 1960
The Judge
An elderly man confronts gunfighter Curt Dance in the Alhambra. Once Dance knows who he is, he wants nothing to do with the man who won't leave him alone. The man is Judge Amos Waggoner but when Earp confronts him, he won't talk.
26 Apr. 1960
The Court vs. Doc Holliday
After $40,000 is stolen from the blown Wells Fargo safe, a drunk Doc Holliday rides into Tombstone with $4000 in stolen bonds. Since he was recognized as one of the robbers, Earp is forced to arrest him but Doc refuses to defend himself.
3 May 1960
Roscoe Turns Detective
Army mule and horse remounts are stolen from a Tombstone stable. The owner was severely injured and didn't see the robbers but Roscoe did and was kicked by a stolen mule. Shotgun believes Roscoe can be a detective. Earp has no other clue.
10 May 1960
The Posse
The San Berdoo gang is hitting Arizona on their way to Mexico. Earp dislikes posses but the size of the gang mandates one. A young man from the East working as a clerk at the bank is asked to join by Earp finds the experience enlightening.
17 May 1960
The Confidence Man
A young man arrives in Tombstone looking for Evangeline Murphy. He is corresponding with her and engaged to her. A look at her picture tells John Clum she is Evie Marlowe, a saloon singer. There appears to be a con game in Tombstone.
24 May 1960
The Toughest Judge in Arizona
A robbery starts a series of events that lead Johnny Ringo to kidnap Judge Spicer to release his cousin Charlie Parks from jail. Although Parks is innocent, Ringo's actions may make matters worse as Earp pursues the guilty parties.
31 May 1960
My Enemy - John Behan
After Wells Fargo is robbed and an agent killed, Thacker pressures Earp to capture the killers. Earp refuses to take out a posse but Sheriff Behan likes the $10000 reward so he and Ike Clanton frame a local man but Earp learns the truth.
7 Jun. 1960
Wyatt's Bitterest Enemy
The heat on the Ten Percent Ring has reached Washington who is considering a new territorial governor. They pass the word to Old Man Clanton to kill Earp. He plans an ambush for Earp by robbing a stagecoach and waiting for Earp to appear.
27 Sep. 1960
The Truth About Old Man Clanton
On orders from Territorial Governor Gosper Wyatt Earp heads south to make peace when he learns that Old Man Clanton has sent his men into Mexico to rob the silver trains and steal the cattle of wealthy Mexican rancher Don Sebastian.
4 Oct. 1960
The Doctor
During a robbery Doc Goodfellow is shot accidentally by the Hewitt gang. Doc Holliday says a real surgeon is needed to remove the bullet. The closest one is Dr. Mason who is now a prospector. Earp finds Mason is suffering from gold fever.
11 Oct. 1960
Johnny Behind the Deuce
Doc Holliday has a shadow named Johnny O'Rourke who is always at Doc's beck and call. He decides Doc's life is the one he wants which includes ignoring his fiancé Marcia who tells Earp she sees no future with Johnny given his attitude.
18 Oct. 1960
Shoot to Kill
Due to the trouble in Arizona the Governor is fired and the new one has decided on a shoot to kill order and vigilantes to stop the lawlessness. He also appoints Morgan Earp as Wyatt's deputy but Wyatt is not happy with his orders.
25 Oct. 1960
Study of a Crooked Sheriff
Old Man Clanton considers Johnny Behan his sheriff so he threaten Behan with replacement unless he stops Earp from rousting his men in Tombstone. Clanton aims to move back into Tombstone against Behan's warning pushing Behan to want out.
1 Nov. 1960
Big Brother
Morgan Earp has been helping Wyatt for a month but Morgan's interest in drinking, women and hanging with Doc Holliday bother Wyatt. Wyatt decides Morgan marrying a nice girl like Lucy Tedder would help until he learns more about her.
15 Nov. 1960
Woman of Tucson
Ned Buntline returns to Tombstone to interview Amy Jones. Her husband a leader in the Ten Percent Ring was killed. She is after money to get out of Tombstone so when Buntline has no money she tries other means including framing Earp.
22 Nov. 1960
The Fanatic
Odie Cairns learns that a couple who are True Lighters are moving into the Tombstone area. The religious sect is not embraced by everyone given their history. Odie takes it upon himself to drive the couple out of town which Earp must stop.
29 Nov. 1960
He's My Brother
Marshal Pritchard is severely wounded in front of Doc Goodfellow. Doc tells Earp that he believes the shooter may be mentally unstable and not responsible for his actions. Earp has to fight to bring the shooter and his brother in unharmed.
6 Dec. 1960
The Too Perfect Crime
A man is found murdered in a stable but the weapon used is unique. The man was killed by shooting an air bubble into an artery in his neck. The primary suspect appears to be the fiancée of the dead man's daughter who was very popular.
13 Dec. 1960
Johnny Ringo's Girl
Ringo's girlfriend is trying to get him to turn his life around, so he goes to Old Man Clanton and tells him he wants to leave the gang. Clanton doesn't see things that way and decides to do whatever it takes to change Ringo's mind.
20 Dec. 1960
Miss Sadie
The wife of a wounded outlaw takes him to Tombstone for medical attention as he has decided to go straight. Earp learns who he is but doesn't trust him when a member of his gang is caught casing out one of the two Tombstone banks.
27 Dec. 1960
Winning Streak
Morgan Earp has been having a streak of good luck in Tombstone's gambling houses causing him to break with his fiancée Ruthie and have grand ideas. Wyatt wants to get him to quit while he's still ahead and return to his old self.

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