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6 Sep. 1955
Wyatt Earp Becomes a Marshal
Initially resistant to becoming a lawman, Wyatt Earp has a change of heart after seeing the sheriff of Ellsworth, Kansas murdered in cold blood by the inebriated brother of town scourge Ben Thompson.
13 Sep. 1955
Mr. Earp Meets a Lady
Earp jails Ben Thompson in the hope that his mentally unstable brother Bill will attempt a jailbreak, but the Marshal underestimates the misguided and naive ruthlessness of young Abbie Crandall, who is also determined to help Ben escape.
20 Sep. 1955
Bill Thompson Gives In
Wyatt Earp's insistence on patiently stalking the Thompson brothers with a pair of Indian scouts (rather than a posse) doesn't set well with some influential Ellsworth citizens who demand immediate pursuit and capture of the two fugitives.
27 Sep. 1955
Marshal Earp Meets General Lee
A quick-tempered former Confederate officer with a grudge against Wyatt Earp threatens to assemble a mob and destroy Ellsworth if Wyatt is not immediately stripped of his badge and run out of town.
4 Oct. 1955
Wyatt Earp Comes to Wichita
Wyatt leaves Ellsworth and becomes the Marshall of Wichita. His first challenge is a group of local vigilantes so intent on hanging a local Faro dealer that they are concealing evidence that he was acting in self-defense.
11 Oct. 1955
The Man Who Lied
Bennett hires a gunman to shoot Earp who brags he has faced down Earp before. However, Earp doesn't know him so he suspects there is more to the gunman's story. After trying to determine who the gunman is, Earp decides he must face him.
18 Oct. 1955
The Gambler
Earp is blamed for the back shooting of the saloon owner Bennett after exposing his crooked games. Earp is the only person to use copper jacketed bullets in Wichita which is what was dug out of the wounded Bennett's back.
25 Oct. 1955
The Killer
After Earp kicks Bennett out of Wichita for a crooked Faro game, Bennett hires the killer Manon Clemens to kill Earp and have his cowboys tree the town. Earp uses trickery to defeat Clemens who kills Bennett for deceiving him.
1 Nov. 1955
John Wesley Hardin
Jehn Wesley Hardin comes to Wichita to revenge Earp running his friend Clemens out of Wichita. Hardin has told his wife he is happy to leave and continue to Nebraska but he has several gun tricks one of which he plans to use on Earp.
8 Nov. 1955
The Bank Robbers
Wounded bank robber Clem Parker and his girl Bonnie Dawson want no part of Tarp Anders' brash gang of thieves, but Wyatt isn't sure whether to believe Bonnie's story that the Anders gang plans to rob the Union Bank without Parker.
15 Nov. 1955
King of the Cattle Trails
Texan A.H. 'Shanghai' Pierce tries to use his money and influence to make Wichita an open town again by hiring a well known actress to get to Earp. Next, after a card game he tries offering Earp a partnership in the saloon he bought.
22 Nov. 1955
The Big Baby Contest
Earp is pushed into being chairman of the Wichita baby contest run by the local women. When a broke, hungry woman with a baby arrives in Wichita, the doctor and Earp enter her in the contest but find a hidden rule may ruin their plans.
29 Nov. 1955
Frontier Journalism was Fearless
Local gamblers feeling pressure from Marshall Earp concoct a scheme to force the mayor of Wichita, Kansas to get rid of Marshal Earp. A fearless journalist backs Wyatt despite pressure from gambling interests.
6 Dec. 1955
Trail's End for a Cowboy
An immature rancher's son forced to sell a herd at at a low price tries to make up the difference in a poker game while drunk and loses. Earp refuses to help since no law was broken so the son takes matters into his own hands.
13 Dec. 1955
Rich Man's Son
The young runaway son of a powerful railroad executive wants to become a gun-toting cowhand, but Wyatt manages to teach him some far more important lessons about honor and self-reliance.
20 Dec. 1955
The Buntline Special
A little man with a brash manner and a large gun visits Wichita hoping to interest Marshall Earp in joining a Wild West Show. He provides Earp with a new gun that becomes a Wyatt Earp trademark - his Buntline Special.
27 Dec. 1955
Ben Thompson Returns
Earp has been using sanitary laws to close crooked saloons as Ben Thompson comes to Wichita to open one. Ben feels a debt of gratitude toward Earp but it causes problems as the rest of the saloon operators have men gunning for Earp.

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