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Season 2

18 Aug. 1956
Wichita Is Civilized
The Taylors open a café in Wichita but word that he is a cousin of criminal Mannon Clements causes strife for them and Earp who wants a peaceful town. When Taylor kills a man who threaten him, Earp has to prove Wichita has changed.
4 Sep. 1956
Dodge City Gets a New Marshal
Earp takes the job of Dodge City Marshal. He arrives to find the Sheriff and his deputy under siege and the men on Front Street trying to kill him. He breaks the siege followed by going after the ring leader of the Big T outfit.
11 Sep. 1956
Fight or Run
The Big T outfit is angry with Earp's attempt to tame Dodge City so they decide to ambush him with the help of Jim Kelley. Earp is pushing for four new laws to control the town and he needs Kelley's vote to break the tie on them.
18 Sep. 1956
The Double Life of Dora Hand
The dance hall run by Dora Hand is a constant site of trouble between the buffalo hunters and railroad workers. She is unable to control them drawing Earp and her friend Kelly into while she also is the lead singer in the church choir.
25 Sep. 1956
Clay Allison
Pete Albright tries to hire gunfighter Clay Allison to kill Earp to open up Dodge City. Allison won't take money but is willing to kill Earp. He loads his own ammo to prevent bad loads so Earp plays on his drinking and fear to defeat him.
2 Oct. 1956
Wyatt's Love Affair
The Judge's daughter has fallen for Earp but Earp realizes there is no future for them given his job. Neither Kelly or the Judge think it is wise for them to marry either. She sees what Earp is into when he takes on the top two ranches.
9 Oct. 1956
A Quiet Day in Dodge City
A newspaper man from New York comes to Dodge City to write about it expecting a wild and dangerous town. The town fathers are hoping for a $100,000 loan so Earp is trying to keep the town quiet but minor issues to the town keep occurring.
23 Oct. 1956
The Almost Dead Cowhand
Thad Milburn is fed up with being mistreated and cheated by people in Dodge City causing him to wound two people and take refuge in a warehouse. Earp decides to investigate what happened before he and his deputies take any rash action.
30 Oct. 1956
The Reformation of Jim Kelley
Dora is forcing Kelly to sell his saloon so Albright and McGuire see an opportunity to not only buy it but to get rid of Earp. McGuire buys the saloon with complicated paperwork planning to frame Earp as part owner of the saloon.
13 Nov. 1956
So Long, Dora, So Long
As Jim Kelly and Dora Hand prepare to wed, Jim Rellance from Texas hopes to marry the older Dora. Dora tells him to find a younger girl and Earp tells him to leave Dodge City. However, he returns but not with the impact he hoped for.
20 Nov. 1956
Bat Masterson Wins His Star
Bat returns to Dodge City on the stage with the lovely Nellie Wright hoping to earn a star. He quickly ends up in a gun fight and learns Nellie is part of an outlaw gang but she wants out. Bat soon finds himself a prisoner of the gang.
27 Nov. 1956
The Lonesomest Man in the World
New deputy Bat Masterson mistakenly shoots a drunk with an empty gun in the back to protect Hal. The man is critically wounded forcing Earp to wire for a surgeon from Fort Dodge while the man's family wants revenge by killing Bat.
4 Dec. 1956
Take Back Your Town
The George Morris gang tries to take over Dodge City while Earp and Sheriff Bassett are gone. They succeed but Bat escapes capture to catch Earp. The two decide to return to Dodge City alone but the odds against them are not promising.
11 Dec. 1956
Nineteen Notches on His Gun
The Dutch Henry gang is rustling cattle and killed ranch hands on some of the smaller ranches around Dodge City. Sheriff Bassett is sick and Deputy Tillman is gone so Earp and Bat decide to go undercover into the gang rather take a posse.
18 Dec. 1956
The Hanging Judge
Earp is not happy with Judge Tobin's habit of being liberal with sentencing men to hang. When a dealer he suspects is innocent is given the sentence, Earp concocts a plot to give the Judge a dose of his own medicine hoping to change him.
25 Dec. 1956
Two Cheyennes have been killed, which can start a new Indian war. The Cheyenne chief plans to attack Dodge City for revenge. Wyatt Earp has no other choice but bring the killers who were scratched by the Cheyenne woman to justice.
1 Jan. 1957
Shootin' Woman
Mrs. McGill resorts to guns to save their water and pasture for Hap Dorsett who she hopes will marry her daughter. Earp has warned her to call him instead but the situation becomes worse when people learn she has gold hidden on her farm.
8 Jan. 1957
The Man Who Rode with Custer
Earp is involved in the backlash from Custer's last battle when crooked Indian Agents come to Dodge City to blame the Army and Capt. Benteen for the loss. They hope to use Mr. Brother and Mr. Cousin as witnesses to bolster their
15 Jan. 1957
Wyatt and the Captain
Earp arrests a drunk Sgt. Craig for killing an Indian in a Dodge City store. However, the Captain at Fort Dodge has other ideas about whether it is a crime for a soldier to kill an Indian. Earp finds himself fighting the Army for his man.
22 Jan. 1957
Witness for the Defense
Ben Thompson returns as a dealer at a saloon outside Dodge City. When he is caught cheating, he engages in a gunfight with several hands from the Circle Bar ranch killing the foreman. Earp decides to unofficially help Ben by arresting him.
29 Jan. 1957
The Sharpshooter
George Morris is willing to pay $1500 to Rule Hawes who was a Tennessee sharpshooter to kill Earp. Hawes pays Morris's sister Mrs. Hamble to let him stay in her barn while he tries to kill Earp but Annie May Hamble has a crush on
5 Feb. 1957
Siege at Little Alamo
Wells Fargo asks Earp to help stop holdups by Curly Bill Brocius' gang at the station called the Little Alamo. Earp has a plan to go there alone as a target but a female passenger on the stage does her best to ruin Earp's plan.
12 Feb. 1957
Vengeance Trail
Earp receives word that Fred Colby has been released from prison. Earp has no knowledge of him so he fills in the blanks with info from Hal, others and old city records. Fred may be out for revenge for the killing of his brother Larry.
19 Feb. 1957
Command Performance
Buffalo Bill Cody and Ned Buntline bring a German Prince through Dodge City. They ask Earp to help fake a robbery to provide excitement for the Prince. He agrees but three outlaws unwittingly turn the incident into a real kidnapping.
26 Feb. 1957
They Hired Some Guns
Two stage lines are competing over a single route with the feud turning into a gun battle in Dodge City as each side outbids the other for hired guns. Bat was thinking about joining until Earp points out the fight is turning serious.
5 Mar. 1957
Bat Masterson for Sheriff
Bat is running for sheriff at the urging of Earp but Bat is having trouble controlling his temper as his opponent tries to bait him into fights. Bat's girlfriend and her father, a Senator, push Bat to split with Earp but will Bat listen.
12 Mar. 1957
Hang 'Em High
Bat is forced to hang Dal who he believes is innocent in 24 hours by a Judge in Ford County. Dal's girlfriend asks Earp for help but Dal refuses to defend himself. He has been framed by the White Cap vigilantes and Earp wants to stop them.
19 Mar. 1957
The Vultures
Two bounty hunters arrive in the Dodge City area looking a wanted man who has changed his life. They shoot him for a $1000 reward. Earp agrees to get their money but wants them out of town. However, they find easy pickings in Dodge City.
26 Mar. 1957
Young Gun
Brash eighteen year old Jimmy Craig arrives in Dodge City planning to be a deputy. However, he introduces himself to the town by trying to pick a gunfight with a man in a group teasing him about his age. Earp is insure how to handle him.
2 Apr. 1957
The Nice Ones Always Die First
Bat's brother Ed arrives in Dodge City broke and needing a job. Bat doesn't believe he has the ability to be a good lawman and doesn't want to hire him. Earp takes him on as a city deputy but soon learns Bat is right about Ed.
9 Apr. 1957
Old Jake
Earp spots old buffalo hunter Jake Caster in a saloon. Jake lives with the his wife's tribe, the Cheyenne. He tells Earp his wife is dead as he eyes some soldiers. When one of the soldiers is killed, trouble erupts and Earp suspects Jake.
16 Apr. 1957
The Equalizer
Kelley opens a hardware store with gunsmith Guns McCallum working for him. Guns is a short man with a short temper. When men pick on him, he likes to fight back so Earp and Kelley become worried when a gunfighter has an issue with him.
23 Apr. 1957
Wyatt Meets Doc Holliday
Earp is looking for information on Mike Roarke at Shanssey's Camp where he finds Doc Holliday may be able to help. Doc refuses as he has his own agenda with Roarke. Kate Holliday arrives with news of Roarke and a plan to take Doc away.
30 Apr. 1957
Beautiful Friendship
The Judge, Bat, and Kelley want Earp to run Doc and Kate Holliday out of Dodge City but Earp doesn't want to as Doc saved his life and has committed no crime. After Doc wounds a man, Earp is forced to act as the two men study each other.
7 May 1957
Dull Knife Strikes for Freedom
Major Benteen asks Earp and Masterson to take a posse to cut off Chief Dull Knife and his Cheyenne tribe who left Oklahoma. Mr. Cousin and Mr. Brother ask Earp to try to intercede with Dull Knife putting Earp in a tough position.
The Gold Brick
Doc buys a gold brick stolen from a stagecoach and tries to use it to prove the honest citizens of Dodge City are not so honest. Earp is forced to trace the various hands which have touched the gold but hits a road block recovering it.
21 May 1957
The Wicked Widow
A series of shootings near the home of Myra Malone, a dressmaker, and a warning to a rancher courting Myra forces Earp to investigate. He finds she is harboring a wanted woman who is a member of the Larson gang and dislikes northern law.
28 May 1957
They Think They're Immortal
Morgan Earp, Wyatt's younger brother arrives in Dodge City wanting to be a deputy marshal with Wyatt. Wyatt believes it is too dangerous but pressure from Doc and Morgan proving his strong ability with guns forces Wyatt to reconsider.
4 Jun. 1957
The Time for All Good Men
The owner of the Big T Rance Purcell and his foreman Gus Andrews trap Earp alone at Stony Wells. Earp outnumbered 30 to 1 is running out of water and ammo. Purcell wants Earp to suffer as several famous outlaws come together to help Earp.

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