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26 Sep. 1955
Man Killer
An inexperienced hunter shoots, but fails to kill a lion. When the wounded animal goes on a killing rampage, it's up to Jungle Jim to find and kill the big cat.
3 Oct. 1955
Land of Terror
Jungle Jim attempts to rescue a scientist who is lost in rugged country inhabited by man-eating lizards.
10 Oct. 1955
Treasure of the Amazon
Jungle Jim is tricked into assisting a pair of criminals masquerading as archaeologists find a lost Inca city.
17 Oct. 1955
Lagoon of Death
Thieves force Jungle Jim to guide them to an island where cannibals keep a treasure of black pearls.
24 Oct. 1955
A Fortune in Ivory
Skipper and his tutor are captured when they accidentally discover a cache of ivory which a crook was preparing for shipment.
31 Oct. 1955
Jungle Justice
When Kaseem's friend Niron is falsely accused of stealing, he turns to Jungle Jim for help in capturing the real crook.
7 Nov. 1955
The Eyes of Manora
Commissioner Morrison asks Jungle Jim to prevent the Basuto tribe from starting a war with the Wazuries. The Basutos are convinced that their enemies have stolen the eyes of their idol, each one a gem of enormous value.
14 Nov. 1955
The King's Ghost
An explorer requests the assistance of Jungle Jim and friends when she goes to explore the New Guinea jungle.
21 Nov. 1955
White Magic
A native who attended medical school through Jungle Jim's assistance returns to his village only have the tribes witch doctor plot against him.
28 Nov. 1955
The Deadly Idol
Jungle Jim agrees to guide Commissioner Morrison's new assistant to a meeting with the Maku tribe.
5 Dec. 1955
The Leopard's Paw
A native youth who must kill a leopard to prove he is ready to be a warrior, requires the help of Jungle Jim in order to pass his test.
12 Dec. 1955
Man from Zanzibar
A jewel thief posing as an insurance investigator plots to retrieve a cache of pearls before Jungle Jim and friends learn his true identity.
19 Dec. 1955
Precious Cargo
Jungle Jim and Skipper find a baby floating alone in a raft. There efforts to find the child's parents lead them to a pair of adventurers who are holding the child's millionaire parents for ransom.
26 Dec. 1955
The Golden Parasol
King Otumfo accuses Skipper's pet chimpanzee of stealing his golden parasol and orders him executed if Jungle Jim can't find the parasol by sundown. In order to save Tamba's life, Jim must locate the two escaped convicts who actually committed the crime.

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